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Interview with DHS Alumni & Librarian Teresa Ortiz

Teresa Ortiz was once a student at Deming High who wrote for the Broadcaster! See below an article Ortiz submitted on her trip to Brazil!

Top left, Teresa Ortiz pictured in an early edition.

Bottom right, Teresa Ortiz poses for our current feature.

Did You Know.... 

… Mrs. Cox was Prom Queen?

… Mr. Lozano stargazed on the roof of the Hofacket building?

… Miss Villescas won district all 4 years as a member of the Ladycat Basketball Team.

… Mr. Sepulveda was the editor of the Broadcaster?

…Ms. Ortiz visited Brazil when she was in high school?

… Mr. D. Wertz was called the “Sprite King” in high school? Ask him why.

… Mr. G. Wertz and Mrs. G. Wertz met while dissecting a pig in high school.

… Mrs. Zuniga was Homecoming Queen?

…Coach Simmons studied ballet and was a cheerleader at DHS?  Ask him about it.

…Mrs. Self set Mr. and Mrs. Kriegel up in high school?

… Mr. Allison was #73 on the Wildcat football team for 3 years?

…Mrs. Perales was a cheerleader in high school and can still do the splits?

…Mrs. Zumwalt was the president of the Spanish Club in high school?

…Mr. Trejo won district as a member of the Wildcat Football Team?

…Coach Perales was a State Finisher in wrestler?

…Coach Holguin was Homecoming King, Winter Ball King, and Prom King?

…Mrs. Tharp placed first in CPR when she was a member of VICA (Skills USA)?

…Mr. Kriegel was All-School Favorite?

Former Editor-In-Chief, John Sepulvida writes an article...

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