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     "Our aim is to provide the school with a source of student and teacher input, an outlet for media and expression in poetry, creative writing, photography, and more. See our email below and feel free to send submissions!"

The Voice of Deming High


 Who We Are Editorial 



Liz Kriegel 

Mattilyn Wiseman

Antoni Varela

Ruby Williams

Jerrod Parten

David Velez

Jesse Kriegel


Mattilyn Wiseman is the president of Science Olympiad and active member of NHS. She has a large collection of old man shoes and spends her time commenting on angry feminist blogs.


Mrs. Liz Kriegel teaches Government, Politics, and MockTrial.  She enjoys traveling, admiring female renaissance artists, and peeping on her weird neighbors. 

Merchandise/Media Productions

David Velez is the Senior Class President and an active member of Mesa and Robotics. He spends his free time eating orange peels and preparing his US Presidency Inauguration speech.

Web Designer

Jerrod Parten is the captain of the tennis team and an ambitious artist. He has an impressive taxidermy bird collection  and spends his nights gazing at the stars.

Web Master

Antoni Varela is the proud Mesa President and future UNM Lobo. His goal is to be on every page in the year book. He enjoys singing in the shower and impersonating Santa Claus.

Copy Editor

Ruby Williams is an active player of dungeons and dragons and a math wiz. She spends her free time making origami in class and petting other peoples dogs.

Copy Editor

Victor Solano is a member of Junior Humane Society, an avid nature enthusiast, and a hard working student. He spends his free time laminating his notes and befriending squirrels at parks

Adrian Luna

Victor Solano

Art Advisor

Mr. Jesse Kriegel is a fine arts teacher who spends time encouraging students in their creative endeavors. He enjoys braiding his beard and exploring conspiracy theories on reddit. 

Web Designer

Adrian Luna is Pres- I mean member of Art club. His most valued achievement has been howling at the full moon for 30 minutes straight. Find him at the local team Jacob rally.

Darbi Harrington

Gabbie Stager

Alyssa Lane

Aryann Fiero

Myka Treviso

Ahmed Alsheik

Antoni Varela

Daniela Devora


Adrian Luna

Shannah Rudiger

Almednra Melendez

Alexander Gardea

Jerrod Parten

Adylene Lopez

Carlos Hultsch

Garrett Borden


Brianna Cunningham

Crystal Penix

Katelyn Seats

Milinda Wertz

Adriana Quintana

Mattilyn Wiseman

Victor Solano

Queenie Esguerra



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