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• What year did you graduate from Deming High School?
In May of 2010.
• What were your favorite classes?
Hard to say, I enjoyed them all equally. Of course I loved all my science and math classes. The first science classes I took were Astronomy and Anatomy, regardless of my language barrier it did not discourage me from wanting to continue learning about space and other sciences. However, art class was one that I always anxiously waited for. 
• What extra-curricular activities did you participate in high school?
Many and maybe more than I should have, haha . Here goes my list:

Best Robotics
First Robotics
Supercomputing challenge
Science Olympiad
Youth council
Student council
At some point I did basketball but wasn’t good at it.
I know there where others but I cannot recall them all. 
• Where did you go to college?
New Mexico State University
• What was your college major?
Started as a major in Aerospace engineering but changed it to Mechanical engineering to broaden my job opportunities. 
• What has your career path been like?
So far quite smooth and am thankful for it. A semester before graduating college I took an internship with NASA White Sands Test Facility as a propulsion intern. After graduating I received a job offer from them as a full time propulsion engineer. While I had the opportunity to also work with NavAir in California and with MITLabs, my situation at the time guided me to stay home and choose the NASA job. I don’t regret my choice at all. 
• What jobs have you had post college?
I worked at NASA White Sands Test facility as a Propulsion engineer for almost 4 years. Now I am a Propulsion Quality Engineer for the ORION project with Airbus Defense and Space of Bremen Germany
• Where do you live now?
I live in Bremen, Germany .
• On a typical day (or week) in your current position, what do you do?
If I told you I would have to ... jk 
Normally I am in charge of the flight hardware that goes into the spacecraft with destination to Mars. My job consist of verifying that all equipment is in accordance to standards and approve it for space flight. Equipment like rocket engines, valves, electronic systems,etc. In Summary I am one of the individuals that give the “Go/NoGo” to each piece of the space craft before it is integrated into the rocket the astronauts will be flying in. 
• What are the toughest problems you have to deal with?
Career wise: Learning new material in a foreign language. But I don’t count them as problems rather the next challenge to conquest!
Personally: Being away from family. 
• What is the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is being part of the bigger picture that is space exploration and forming part of this great adventure while taking pride in the quality of my job to keep people safe (astronauts) which depend on our good judgement and skills. There are so many things that space exploration has provided us and I am proud to be part of it. 
• If things develop as you would like, what does the future hold for your career?
I would like to later on be the head of one of the space industries I have work. Perhaps be the head of technical propulsion department for space flight or perhaps mission control. I still have quite a long ways to go. 
• What are your hobbies?
I have many but my favorites are to dance (latin and ballroom), go hiking, rock climbing, biking, swimming, drawing, traveling, and eating (I really mean it)! Ha ha 
• What could Deming High have offered to assist you in your current career?
I think DHS was very helpful in all of the assistance I received, all of my professors and administrative personnel always went above and beyond. If there was anything I would have liked to be told was about the college classes that I could have taken instead of high school ones that could have counted for both institutions. 
• Please tell us anything else you would like to share.
Nothing other than thank you, I had a wonderful experience being part of DHS. I thank mostly all of my teachers because everyone of them was so dedicated to their subject and always helped me when I needed it . I think teachers don’t get enough credit for the wonderful job they do and how much they impact students’ lives. 

Gabriela Anguiano - Class of 2010

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