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Jeannette Cox 

Assistant Principal

Deming High School 

Interview by: Amber Peacock

Mrs. Cox graduated Deming High School in 1993. 

When/where were you born?  Deming, NM. She didn't want to disclose the date, but she said she was born on her dad's birthday. 

What extra curricular activities did you participate in high school? Basketball, Volleyball, Track ( one year), Baseball manager, Junior Class/Senior Class Executive Committee and Student Council

How long have you worked for Deming Public Schools?

I started working for DPS in 1998. I was a substitute teacher and a Foster Grandparent. In high school during the summer program, I was a custodian at Martin Elementary School. When I received my degree, I became a history teacher in 2004. I worked at a school in Colorado but then I got hired at a job fair. I have been a Department Head, Instructional Coach, and an Assistant Principal. This is my 14th year. 

Sweet or savory? Salty

What is your favorite Sonic drink? Sweet tea with lime

What is your favorite pizza topping? sausage and mushroom

Favorite animal: grizzly bear. My spirit animal is an owl

iphone or android? iphone. What is an android?

Summer or winter? Fall 

If you could have any super power, what would it be? healing

Moana or Frozen: Star Wars - Han Solo

Day or night: evening

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about life right now? "On a Friday afternoon at 2:35am, I mean PM, I'm a 6. Actually, I am an 8. I am excited to decorate for Halloween."

What advice would you give to high school kids today? Get involved!


President: Bill Clinton


Song of the Year: "Tears in Heaven," Eric Clapton, songwriter

Nirvana performed for Saturday Night Live's fall premiere with Charles Barkley

Jurassic Park was the summer's blockbuster hit.

90210 was the show everyone was watching. Hello?1 Brenda and Dylan

What was happening in 1993?


1993 Music Hits

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