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Recently this year, there has been a groundbreaking number of women that have entered Congress. Further, there are 34 women of color, 18 African American women, 7 Asian Pacific Islanders, and 9 Latinas. With the results of this election, Americans can officially say that women, people of color and varying sexual orientation are being represented in government. The United States has always been known as the melting pot of the world because it has various nationalities and religions. Finally, our government is representative of that as well.

There were very many women elected in this years election cycle. It’s a big deal, the women have overcome many obstacles to be able to represent their state and the people in it. 


* First Native American Congresswoman

* First Latina Congresswoman From Texas

* First Muslim Woman In Congress

* Youngest Woman Elected To Congress

* First Openly Gay Sheriff In The Midwest

* First Muslim Woman In Congress

* First Black Woman To Represent Massachusetts

* First Female Governor Of South Dakota

* First Openly Gay Man Elected Governor

* First Native American Congresswoman - NM

* First Black Woman Representing SW Pa.

* First Latina Congresswoman From Texas

Women in the House

By Katelyn Seats

The broadcastHER section aims to provide a feministic point of view on social and political issues. To be a feminist is not to think women are better, but rather an attempt to transcend from stereotypical gender roles. Intersecional Feminism accepts and fights for other social issues many other such as people of color and the LGBTQIA community. We must "lift as we climb", as explained by Angela Davis

Follow newly elected Governor, New Mexico Senators and Representatives to stay up to date on issues affecting New Mexicans!


Michelle Lujan Grisham

Governor Elect of New Mexico



Tom Udall

NM Senator


Martin Heinrich

NM Senator


Xochitl Torres Small

Congresswoman-Elect, New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District


Laptop & Coffee

Why it’s Important to Have Male Advocates

By Amber Peacock

Feminism is a term most people don’t understand. So, what does being a feminist actually mean? Most people think to be a feminist you must be a woman. YOU DON’T! Let’s break it down. If you believe that a MAN and a WOMAN should have equal rights and opportunities, then you’re a feminist, it’s simple.

It doesn’t matter what gender or sexuality you are. It just matters what your beliefs are. Most males tend to think they can’t be labeled a feminist because it makes them look less masculine to others. It is actually so important to have male advocates for the feminine community because it shows society that you can be a man and believe in women’s rights. Some examples of advocates would be Daniel Radcliffe who did an interview and talked about “friend zoning” and in his interview, he states “I definitely think the idea of friend zone is just men going, ‘This woman won’t have sex with me.’” Another Male advocate is Ian Somerhalder who took part in the UK Women’s Aid “Real Men” Campaign and at this event Somerhalder stated “Men have an important role to play in sending out the message that real men do not hurt or abuse their partners.” Having advocates are super important because, it’s having support on things that actually matter to people. Making sure we have equal rights, helping us convey messages about ideas and concerns we have and how we can make change possible. Any society, community, or organization needs advocates to help and support them in what they believe. In conclusion, feminism is not just women.

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