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Review of 1917 teaser & more.

 Written By: Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

The upcoming movie 1917 has made a lot of excitement due to a very intriguing teaser. As expectations arise, here is a brief overview of the movie and its teaser. The movie is set to be released in Christmas of 2019; directed by Sam Mendes and starred by George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman and Benedict Cumberbatch. The teaser narrates the story of two friends, Blake and Schofield, who are from the British Royal Army during WWI. These two friends are given orders from their superiors to inform the second battalion of 1600 British soldiers that they are walking into a trap held by the Germans. The issue is that one of the protagonist’s brother is in that battalion and they have barely one day to deliver this message. Along the way, they will face countless challenges that will test these young soldiers’ determination and will. The teaser is very dramatic and curiously, gives a very concise section of the movie’s plot. What many expect from this movie is a very realistic adaptation of the environment and emotions felt during the “Great War.” So far, it seems like it, the cast is superb and the appreciation for detail, and the will to portray a true and powerful movie are core ingredients for what seems to be, will be an excellent movie.

Here is a link so that you can see the teaser.

Universal Pictures. "1917 - Official Trailer [HD]" Youtube, 3 Oct. 2019,

What can Star Wars fans expect out of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker?
Written By: Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

Finally, the last of episode of the modern sequel of Star Wars is upon us. Amid the release of two teasers during the last months, the expectations for the movie are as high as it had ever seen. Star Wars fans are intrigued, for the previous movie Episode VIII: The Last Jedi received mixed opinions from the fanbase and are counting on director J.J. Abrams, director of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, to return the Star Wars franchise to the direction the fans expect to. The release of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker comes as Disney’s second main course after the hyper-successful Avengers: Endgame. In relation to Star Wars, Disney plans to release the series Mandalorian, Season 7 of the Clone Wars: animated series, and an Obi-wan series on its new streaming service: Disney +, set to be launched on November 12. The two Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker released teasers have awakened the fans’ curiosity with new main details. The teasers show Rey, the protagonist, in a more mature and prepared phase of her Jedi training because Rey seems to have grown in strength and force abilities in Jakku, place where Episode VII: The Force Awakens occurred. The movie will also show Kylo Ren, the main antagonist, return to its darker version as a Sith as seen in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It seems that the plot will turn around Rey along with her allies, Finn and Poe Dameron, travel thru the galaxy in search for new allies to rebuild the new resistance to impose Kylo Ren’s regime known as the First Order. The teaser also shows the character Lando, performed by Billy Dee Williams, as a mentor for the new resistance; the re-appearance of this character seems to be a main point of attraction for fans as well as the possible death of Princess Leia, the last member of the original lineage of the Skywalker. As we can see, the new movie will have a plot turnaround to close this process of the modern sequel of Star Wars. The teasers gained a lot of excitement form Star Wars fans, but not from the general public, in comparison to Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Hopefully, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker lives to the expectations of the fans. The movie is set to be released worldwide on December 20.





Star Wars. "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer" Youtube, 21 Oct. 2019, 

The Shadow Brothers Review: The value of family

Written by Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

The Shadow Brothers is a book written by American author A.E. Cannon in 1990. The story of the book is centered around the lives of two teenager brothers: Henry and Marcus. Henry is a Navajo teenager who is adopted by Marcus’s Mormon family. Henry and Marcus have lived together since age 7, since then, Henry and Marcus have been best friends. Despite their differences, Marcus always refers to Henry as his Brother, always forgetting that to the rest, they look different.

A.E. Cannon writes in the perspective of Marcus, a White, traditionally raised teen who as many teenagers; struggles at school, is insecure, and is confused about how he feels about Diana, his neighbor and friend. To make matters worse, Henry is dating the school’s most popular girl, and is confused by his Navajo origin due to Frank, a new Hopi student that is unfriendly to Henry. Marcus and Henry must learn to cope with their problems and remain united in their struggles. Is in this environment that A.E. Cannon writes about the strength of family and how despite adversity, trust and affection between brothers is stronger than any issue. A.E. Cannon portrays teenagers’ struggles in an honest and clever way, using first perspective in her narration and focusing on vocabulary to identify the characters’ feelings. The book is very fluid and full of emotional volatility, inviting readers to appreciate the story. These strategies really help Cannon in her message, helping the audience feel comfortable and engaged. The book is not very famous, but it’s one of those unknown books that have a lot of value. Even when it’s not very famous, this is one Cannon’s best books, along with Amazing Grace and The loser’s guide to life and love. I recommend you read it, especially if you feel that you’re struggling in your life. I

assure you that this book will give you a lot of humor and a positive time. Reading this marvelous book will hopefully help you appreciate family and its meaning

Picture by Goodreads

SB 1.jpg

A Prince for Christmas: Sequels

Netflix is always launching new series and movies and throughout the years there has been a series of movies named A Christmas Prince. The first movie was A Christmas Prince which was about Amber a young reporter who infiltrated into the royal palace of Aldovia to get insights of the casanova prince. She gets rattled up into the royal family’s issues and decides to stay to learn more about them. After a while Amber begins to fall for the prince who is also falling for her but not long before her undercover work gets blown. For the second movie its name is A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding. Amber comes back to Aldovia a year later to make things official and plan her wedding with Prince Richard. They have a conflict or two when Amber begins to second guess because she is unsure whether she is going to be a good queen or not. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, Amber is expecting a baby, and everything is great. It’s Christmas time and the time has come to renew a sacred treaty that has been in the family for generations. Richard and Amber have discussed about having Amber also sign that treaty to set a new tradition, but things take a quick turn when the treaty disappears, and a spell will be released upon the family if it is not found. They are all great movies therefore, grab some snacks and get to watching, enjoy.






I absolutely love Pop Culture. There are so many characters, plots, ideas, narratives and twists.  

Don’t know what Pop Culture is…? Well it’s characters from video games, comics, movies, books… There’s Ash Williams, Spongebob, Darth Vader, Miles Prower, Trevor Phillips, Max Caulfield, William “Bill” Overbeck, B.J Blazkowicz, Peter Venkman, TMNT, and a major etc…  

I’m quite a the fanatic of it all, are you? Enlightened? Remember when Kanye West was in the Cleveland Show? Mario is a plumber, but also a doctor, on shrooms, killing wildlife, and saving the damsel in distress. Ever heard of Comic Con? I always wanted to go. See many other Pop Culturist. Ready Player One (Director: Steven Spielberg) elaborated on the culture, derived from the book written by Ernest Cline. All 80’s, 90’s references like The Iron Giant.  

Life isn’t boring if you know so many characters and plots.  

What is Shifu? Is he like a mouse/cat? Chowder is something mixed. Seen Escape Room; it’s like Saw but more creative and not as violent and graphic.  

For Halloween, I been wanting to wear an authentic as possible Doom outfit, complete with the weapon, chainsaw sheathed, helmet and suit head-to-toe. Maybe instead wear the Nazi outfit from Wolfenstein, but that one will have to be much more handmade, which makes things hard, then again, most authentic is homemade.  

Cosplay is such an interesting thing, except when it’s furries. That is such a dweeb thing.  

The Green Eggs and Ham series on Netflix was kind of lame, I’ll just assume his mum died.  

Many people of this generation don’t understand complete pop culture. They are focused on drugs, rappers, latest movies and certain latest series. They also can’t like all of the above in culture and just declare if there isn’t something relatable, or it’s not rap, screw it; by that I mean old school music and tv series like the show Everybody hates Chris or the Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Those 90’s tv series you’d watch every morning. Tbh, I feel insulted. I feel like you’re not anyone to judge if you only like one genre, coming from a future authour.  

Did you know Walt Disney never got to see Disney World, but he did envision it and help with the blueprints.  

Have you seen Hazbin Hotel yet? It’s this latest show on YouTube but two major things. One, mature content, and two, it’s kind of a thing for dweebs.  

Man, Kill La Kill was such a good show, and I’m still down to play the game. I talked about it in my first article.  

{Christmas time is coming around, festive cheer, eggnog, movies, temperature drops, presents, but above all, melodies. Also, New Years. There can be nothing more romantic/intimate/sentimental than starting the new year with a loved one.} 

I’ve been meaning to check out Duck Man. Animals can be quite to beloved characters, like Mickey Mouse, Curious George, Abu, Diddy Kong, Boots, Arlo from Good Dinosaur (movie wasn’t good because of foot design,) Ren and Stimpy… etc.  

You got to be peculiar to like the Emoji Movie. Krampus is such an awesome character. I like that one movie when Santa fights him after battling through elves. I wish some old shows could come back like SuperJail. When Hellboy came back, it wasn't that good. It didn't follow the original plot, same thing with Child's Play. Out of whack. 

    Pop Culture

 Written by: Cool Man

Maximum Overdrive

(Review Written By: Cool Man) (Minimum Spoilers)

Right off the back, great movie. I loved it. Hard to believe it came out in 19th Century (‘Eighty-Six.)

Feels like a more modern movie. The movie has the urban lifestyle vibe to it.

It is a Stephen King motion picture, literally. He directed the movie himself and done the screenplay.

The movie is about automotive and electronics that develop intelligence with intentions to massacre. (E.G; A Pop dispenser, lawn mower, Semi.)

The main setting is north-east, at a truck-stop, and the trucks themselves are forcing the people to fill them up. Diesel.

They also had this truck with a turret upon it with its own control, like a guard un-personified.

The movie isn’t appropriate for younger viewers. There was a few gruesome scenes and vulgar language.

Rate 8.5/10

Why You Must Listen to the New Lana Del Rey Album

By: Alexis Bennett
This year, so much music has been coming out that it has been almost impossible to keep up with. There has been astounding releases from movie soundtracks, to albums, to EPs, and even hot new singles. It can be difficult to find time to listen to all of it, but the first thing you should listen to is the new Lana Del Rey Album “Norman F*****g Rockwell”. It is a mix of slow, somber songs with a message and upbeat party songs. The album is perfect for any occasion, no matter who you are.
The album altogether is only slightly over an hour long and comprised of 14 killer songs. Lana Del Rey talks about losing lovers, moving across the country, partying, and overall just being sad while trying to live life. Aligning with her past albums, this album also has a unique sound that is recognizable as her style. My personal favorites off the album are “Happiness is a butterfly”, “Love song”, “Venice B***h”, and “F**k it I love you”. These songs are a part of the slower ones, but deliver a great message of falling in love and having it all ruined, and reminiscing afterwards.
Additionally, “Doin’ Time” was released as a single to promote the album. It is an upbeat song about partying in the summer and having a good time. It differs, in my opinion, from the vibe of the rest of the album. However, it offers a balance of happiness and sadness and makes the album overall more relatable. Life is full of ups and downs, similarly to the album. The rest of the songs included are more downbeat and serious, but are still amazing songs. Overall, this album is a great listen for anybody at any time. It is definitely my favorite album that has come out this year, as well as my favorite one of her albums that she has released to date. I would give it a 10/10 and greatly recommend it.

Friends Review

FRIENDS is an iconic show that has been around since the 1990’s. The show has real life problems implemented with humor and friendship. If you are having the worst day ever it will always cheer you up and make you laugh. The show is about a group 6 friends, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross. They like to hang out at the coffeehouse and Monica’s apartment. Each of the characters have a unique story. Monica is a chef and likes to have everything done a certain way and ended up marrying Chandler. Joey is an aspiring actor who likes to impress the chicas. Chandler likes to make jokes and loves to spend time with Monica. Ross is a geek type who has been in love with Rachel since the 9th grade but has been to scare to say anything. Rachel is Monica’s best friend and found her way into the group after she ran out on her wedding day. Phoebe is the spirit of the group she does things for others without expecting anything and has had a traumatic past since her mom killed herself. It’s all a love story Monica and Chandler end up married Joey confesses his feelings for Rachel but that doesn’t work because they don’t want Ross to get upset and Ross and Rachel end up having a baby girl named Emma. All their catch phrases stick to you and their actions start to reflect on you. If you are looking for a show that to binge watch I totally recommend FRIENDS. A show that has it all romance, comedy and most important friendship, it has it all.

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