Netflix Show Review

By Angel Jara

“You” is a show on Netflix about a bookstore manager named Joe. Joe seems like a normal guy in New York until a customer walks in. This customers name is Beck. While Beck is looking at books, she catches Joe’s eye and he begins to talk to her. When she leaves the store, the thought of her cannot leave Joe’s mind. So, he begins to look at her social media to try and find out what type of person she is. What seemed like a little crush turned into an obsession. Joe found where she lived and began to follow her every move. He even went as far as to getting her phone so he can monitor all her messages, calls, DM’s, and emails. He finds out that Beck has a boyfriend. The question is what will he do to gain Beck’s love?

This show gives good perspective on what a toxic relationship can lead to. The movie falls into a romantic thriller genre. There are two seasons to the show at the moment and season 3 comes out 2021. The show also shows what its like to live with past trauma and domestic violence. Overall this show deserves 5 popcorns ratings. Season 2 review coming Next.

Taylor Swift Netflix- Miss Americana


By Katelyn Diharce

This documentary follows Taylor Swift who is a American singer-songwriter and goes through her life and her career. As I’m watching this documentary, I realized that Taylor just like other stars is expected to have music better than the last, and if they don’t they are considered a failure. This documentary came out January 31,2020 and can be watched on Netflix. Taylor says it’s a lot of pressure to be in the public eye and make everyone like her, she showed that even stars are humans and have insecurities just like the rest of the population. Taylor went from being a country singer to a pop artist. During her 15 years of performing and being a star, one time when she was nineteen and won a VMA award Kanye west came onto stage and was disrespectful and interrupt her speech saying Beyoncé had the best videos of all time. Even before that she was insecure and what people said affected her self-confidence and after that incident, she lost more confidence. Even though she went through hard times during her career she did have a lot of accomplishments. At just at 16 years old she released her debut country music album and then became the youngest person to write and perform a number one country song. Taylor wanted this documentary to show people how her how life is and wanted to show her struggles and accomplishments.

Aladdin’s Genie (1992), a Character Review

By Gavin Hatch


With the live action remake of the original 1992 Aladdin having made its way on and off the silver screen, stirring up conversation and controversy among critics and fans alike, it’s about time we went back to the one character made the animated version resonate so firmly with viewers that almost forty years later it provides a master class in animation—The Genie.

Robin Williams was a comic that made his debut in the mid to late 1970’s, where he went from tending a San Francisco bar to preforming in it after his magnetic personality and hilarious impressions drew the eyes of patrons and coworkers. By the time he made his first appearance on television, he was already a well-known and respected comic. His thousand-mile-a-minute wit and off-the-cuff humor provided him the reputation to make a full career off his talents. Williams’ TV appearances took him to greater heights, and he was soon being offered acting jobs by large-scale Hollywood production offices. He was Popeye in 1980, then took a starring role in Good Morning Vietnam, where he was first nominated for an Oscar, before nailing another performance as Peter in Hook and being nominated for another Oscar for his role in Dead Poet’s Society. By the time Aladdin hit theaters, Williams wasn’t just a comedian with a knack for voices; he was a star—and stars didn’t do animated films in the 80’s. That kind of work was often left to lesser known voice actors who specialized in their craft and rarely had their real faces on the big screen. That is, until Williams hit the animation scene as the Genie.

The Genie is a fascinating study of a character, namely because of how remarkably the blue wish-maker parallels his voice actor—a man that can turn into anything, with the comedic speed of a formula one race car. The Genie is a culmination of dozens of different characters and impressions of real-life stars, all coming together into one wacky blue cartoon—and that was not because of the writers. The script for every character was made before casting was done to see who would play them. The Genie was no exception; however, the script was written specifically to match Williams’ comedy. In fact, in order to get him to take the job, the team animated one of Williams’ routines using the first draft of the Genie character, utilizing what would end up being the Genie’s classic mind-bending and cartoonish shape-shifting. So, there was a basic script going into the job, but Williams changed it. Robin went into the recording booth treating the script as a reference point with which he could remember setting and basic plot,

then adlibbed from there, adding his own impressions, jokes, and overall his own character to the studio’s original ideas. He would spend hours improv-ing line after line, and when it wasn’t funny enough, he did it again. Soon, celebrity impressions that were never in the script started to seep their way into Robbin’s recordings, and instead of dropping them on the cutting room floor the writers went back and changed the script just to put them in. These impressions became one of the defining elements of the Genie’s character. In fact, including the impersonations, The Genie is made up of sixty distinct characters all dreamt up by Williams. And these characters were really what allowed the animators to do what they did best—animate. Robin’s Genie was eccentric and quick, and it allowed animators to match that eccentricity in their own drawings. From a purely visual perspective, The Genie was inventive; the Animators were able to play with a single character in hundreds of ways that never would have been palpable with any other character, which was pretty unique for that era of animation.

A general consensus for the animation/voice actor industry is that the best actors become their characters, and the animation reflects the character the actor has become. All too often today, we see the reverse—where a character becomes the actor. Will Smith did a fantastic job, but the new Aladdin more heavily features The Genie as Will Smith than Will Smith as The Genie, and that is partly due to the fact that Will, as great of an actor he is, has a tendency to be… well… just Will. Robins had a talent that is extremely rare in actors, but one that was probably his greatest asset, and that was his ability to act elastically. His vocal tracks were able to stretch and pull in so many different directions without ever breaking out of character that said character became defined by his ability to change and warp into whatever the actor dreamt, giving the animators liberty to do the same. Williams’ voice could range from happy and fast paced to angry, remorseful, or downright sad, allowing for an all at once comfortable, sympathetic, and hilarious character. Many people seem to overlook the fact that if funny characters were only funny, they would quickly become an annoyance to the viewer, as one might see with the Minions, Scrappy Doo, or even Jar Jar Binks, while if a comedic relief supporting character were to be nothing but sad all the time, it would take away from the main protagonist’s own journey and wouldn’t fulfill its very purpose. What made Robin Williams such a talented actor was his ability to walk the line between those two extremes, creating a hilarious character with his own heartfelt moments.

And this is where we come back to parallels between the two—actor and character, all rolled into one. Williams knew funniness, he knew how to make

people laugh, and he also knew sadness. This is shown in all of his work—his ability to draw from the inside to make a funny, heartfelt character. Genie is dramatic, he’s happy, he’s sad, and he very much so is Robin Williams.

What Are You Binging?

We asked random DHS students, what are you currently binging? We received a wide range of answers.

  • The Ranch

  • Supernatural

  • the Punisher Season 2

  • You

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • Hannah Montana

  • Euphoria

  • The Circle

  • The Bachelor - Chloe and Mona

  • The Boys

  • The Irishman

  • Last Chance U

  • Daredevil 

  • Good Girls

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • The Lion King

  • Sex Education

  • Sabrina

  • Elite

  • Gossip Girl

  • Breaking Bad

  • Inside Out

  • Mojack ( review coming soon)

  • Anime -

    • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

    • Crunchy Ball ​

    • Black Clover

    • Devilman Cry Baby

    • My Hero Academia

Top Rated Video games

Deming High School seniors Pablo Camacho, Justin Morgan and Victor Mota rated their favorite video games.

Mortal Kombat II - 

Call of Duty -

Modern Warfare


MineCraft -  "You can never go wrong with Minecraft." - Pablo Camacho 

Love the DLC Character add ons

2020 Grammy Winners

“Don’t F**k with Cats” Documentary Review

By Angel Jara

“Don’t F**k with Cats” is a new Netflix docuseries that’s was recently added to Netflix. The docuseries is about a man who uploaded very gruesome videos on YouTube. The videos consisted of this man murdering cats in a very horrid way. A Facebook group brought the man’s videos to their attention and created a group on Facebook. The whole purpose of the group was to try to catch the man who was killing the cats. They tried to breakdown the cat killers’ videos to discover where he lived but discovered that the cat killer was trying to purposely throw the group off and make them think he lived in Russia. Finally, the cat killer revealed who he was, the Facebook group went to the authorities, but the authorities didn’t listen, but it didn’t end there. After the cat killer revealed himself as Luka Magnotta, he posted a video on the internet of himself brutally murdering a man and a dog. Again, the authorities were contacted by the Facebook group but didn't listen but when the authorities find the body that was murdered by Luka Magnotta, they start to believe in the group. Finally, both the Facebook group and the authorities put in the effort to try to find this killer. The documentary mainly focuses on the Facebook group members' perspective. The documentary explains how Luka Magnotta was radiating a killer behavior from the very start when he was making the videos of himself killing cats and the authorities didn’t want to listen and pay attention to this cat killer. This documentary gives you a perspective on how to detect killer behavior. This documentary is for matured audiences only but would very much so recommend this documentary and rate the Netflix docuseries 4.5 stars.

Frozen 2 Review

By Katelyn Diharce

The first movie of Frozen came out in 2013 and 6 years later they came out with Frozen 2. The new movie continues from where the last one left off, but it also talks about the past and finding out the truth of their family. Elsa the Snow Queen and Queen of Arendelle finds herself unsettled even when she has surrounded herself by people who love and accept her. After hearing a mysterious voice, she decided to travel to where the voice is which happens to be near through the enchanted forest and dark sea. Elsa an Anna must decide what is best for their kingdom and their people. I personally liked Frozen 2 more than the first frozen. I found Olaf the funniest character on this movie and would rate it a 9 out of 10.

The Party of Five Review

By Katelyn Diharce

A TV show that premiered on September 12,1994 and lasted 6 seasons it ended on May 3, 2000. This show that deals with five siblings must live with each other when their parents die from, a car crash. The oldest of the five was appointed guardian of his younger siblings. 20 years after the end of the show the creators decided to come up with this show which focuses on five children losing their parents because they are being deported. Like the older show the oldest brother Emilio who is 24 must take care of his younger siblings, but also the younger siblings must grow up faster and be mature without their parents by their side. The 5 siblings will go though many obstacles and challenges to overcome just how much they love each other or get separated. This show has a good timing because it relates to a lot of families going through that same situation. I recommend this tv show it shows what can happen in real life and it currently happening. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the show is, you can watch and catch up with this show on Hulu.


Review of 1917 teaser & more

 Written By: Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

The upcoming movie 1917 has made a lot of excitement due to a very intriguing teaser. As expectations arise, here is a brief overview of the movie and its teaser. The movie is set to be released in Christmas of 2019; directed by Sam Mendes and starred by George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman and Benedict Cumberbatch. The teaser narrates the story of two friends, Blake and Schofield, who are from the British Royal Army during WWI. These two friends are given orders from their superiors to inform the second battalion of 1600 British soldiers that they are walking into a trap held by the Germans. The issue is that one of the protagonist’s brother is in that battalion and they have barely one day to deliver this message. Along the way, they will face countless challenges that will test these young soldiers’ determination and will. The teaser is very dramatic and curiously, gives a very concise section of the movie’s plot. What many expect from this movie is a very realistic adaptation of the environment and emotions felt during the “Great War.” So far, it seems like it, the cast is superb and the appreciation for detail, and the will to portray a true and powerful movie are core ingredients for what seems to be, will be an excellent movie.

Here is a link so that you can see the teaser.

Universal Pictures. "1917 - Official Trailer [HD]" Youtube, 3 Oct. 2019, https://youtu.be/YqNYrYUiMfg

Friends Review

By Maria Nunez

FRIENDS is an iconic show that has been around since the 1990’s. The show has real life problems implemented with humor and friendship. If you are having the worst day ever it will always cheer you up and make you laugh. The show is about a group 6 friends, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross. They like to hang out at the coffeehouse and Monica’s apartment. Each of the characters have a unique story. Monica is a chef and likes to have everything done a certain way and ended up marrying Chandler. Joey is an aspiring actor who likes to impress the chicas. Chandler likes to make jokes and loves to spend time with Monica. Ross is a geek type who has been in love with Rachel since the 9th grade but has been to scare to say anything. Rachel is Monica’s best friend and found her way into the group after she ran out on her wedding day. Phoebe is the spirit of the group she does things for others without expecting anything and has had a traumatic past since her mom killed herself. It’s all a love story Monica and Chandler end up married Joey confesses his feelings for Rachel but that doesn’t work because they don’t want Ross to get upset and Ross and Rachel end up having a baby girl named Emma. All their catch phrases stick to you and their actions start to reflect on you. If you are looking for a show that to binge watch I totally recommend FRIENDS. A show that has it all romance, comedy and most important friendship, it has it all.

Life is Strange

Review written by: Cool Man

(No spoilers)

Life is Strange is an episodic video game released in January 2015. Published by Square Enix, DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT is the game’s developer. They’re a French studio founded in 2008. Their work on this game resolved their financial situation because of how much of a hit it was. The plot is about a future photographer in the setting of a school by the name of Blackwell Academy. There is a lot of drama with the other students and treacherous mysteries foretold. The concept is revealed in episode one where Max (the protagonist) finds out she has a “gift” that helps her throughout the narrative. For my thoughts, I absolutely loved the game: the characters, theme, concept, location, history, creativity, art style, and soundtrack. I’d play it again. (I also ordered a photograph; same one from the game. It was awesome as heck.)

The game is available on all platforms including your phone, excluding the Nintendo Switch.

There is also a prequel and a sequel I have yet to get to. If I oh-so had to rate it, personally… 10/10

YouTube’s New Policy 

By Christopher Montano

Are you a binge watcher on YouTube? Watch gaming videos, jam out to music, watch those inefficient lifehacks, or are you old school and still watch cat videos? Whatever the case the content has been updated for the younger audience.

Introducing COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act,) brought up by the FTC.

Monetization is big on YouTube. People who mislabel are subject to a large fine, inferring COPPA. Advertising is basically everything, and they altered the amount. YouTube is a Google company.

Children under thirteen is the audience YouTube updated rules for.

To sum this all up, stricter content towards minorities and revenue fixation.


(If you use a computer and binge YouTube from there, install the free ad blocking browser Brave. The logo is of an orange lion. It’s very simple, I use it all the time and get to enjoy YT ad free.)

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