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Anyssa and Katelyn 's Christmas Movie Hitlist

Guaranteed to sleigh your next movie night! 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Classic): 4/5 

The Nightmare Before Christmas: 5/5 

The Polar Express: 5/5 

Elf : 5/5 

Home Alone: 3/5 

A Christmas Carol: 4/5 

Arthur Christmas: 3/5 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: 4/5 

Christmas with the Kranks: 4/5 

A Christmas Story: 5/5 

Santa Buddies: 5/5 

Die Hard: 5/5 

Frosty the Snowman: 4/5 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: 4/5  


Katelyn’s Top 3 

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas  

2. The Polar Express 

3. Die Hard  


Anyssa’s Top 3 

1. A Christmas Story  

2. Elf 

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Red Dead

Redemption Review

By Austin Brookhouser

Game Controller

In the second part of this series made by Rockstar games shows the story 15 years before the telling of the first game. It follows Arthur Morgan and his gang. I have not actually had the time to finish. From everything I have seen from this game the graphics are amazing. At the beginning of the game you start of in snowy mountains and have to eventually you make your way down and you get to see spring on the map and everything looks good with a pretty good story so far. Rate 10/10

Is it the Holidays yet?

Is it the Holidays yet?



By Austin Brookhouser

Last month Marvels newest movie Venom came out it shows the origin of the anti-hero Venom. It shows the struggle the main character Eddie Brock lose his Job and his girlfriend for going to deep into a news story. I think it was well acted. The story line wasn’t the best I have seen from a marvel movie but it was still overall pretty good. My overall biggest complaint is that they don’t have Spider-Man. But in the end I think it still ended up being a pretty good movie.



By Brianna Harvey

Imagine dropping out of high school thinking you were going to live your best life, but everything goes south. That’s exactly what happened in this movie.

Teddy (Kevin Hart) is a high school dropout who was living the high life until it all went downhill and he had to go back to school to get his GED. He had to get job as a salesman but later the building burned down and he was in search for a new job. He isn’t the only one in need of a GED. They take him back to his old high school where they offer a night school program full of high school dropouts. Teddy soon realizes that he has many learning disabilities and his night school teacher must come up with creative ways to help him. Sadly, it took him many times to finally pass the test to earn his GED. But eventually he succeeded.

Overall, I would recommend this movie if you’re into comedy and love Kevin Hart. I have watched this movie twice and it never fails to make me laugh and those watching it around me laugh as well. This is a good family movie as I saw a mixture of adults and kids getting a good laugh out of it.

The Grinch Review

By Brianna Harvey

Christmastime is coming quickly and what better way to start off the season than with the new Grinch Movie!

Whoville tries their hardest to get the Grinch in the Christmas spirit. In his past he didn’t have a good Christmas history. So he tries to take everyone’s Christmas away with the help of his dog Max and some friends along the way. does he succeed? you got to watch the movie to find out!

I would think of this if the perfect family Christmas movie. I got a good laugh out of it almost throughout the whole movie. and I really encourage others to watch it. it got me into the Christmas Spirit a little more!



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