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Halloween Spider

Anyssa, Katelyn and Omars’ Halloween Horror Hotlist 


Netflix and Chills 

The Haunting of Hill House  -4/5

The Nightmare Before Christmas – 4/5 

Coraline – 4/5 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 2/58 

The Conjuring – 4/5 

Beetle Juice – 5/5 

Sleepy Hollow – 4/5  

The Corpse Bride – 4/5 

Paranormal Activity – 3/5 

American Horror Story – 5/5 

Stranger Things – 5/5 

Black Mirror – 5/5 


Anyssa’s Top 3 

  1. Coraline 

  1. You’re Next 

  1. Don’t Breathe  


Katelyn’s Top 3 

  1. Labyrinth  

  1. A Quite Place 

  1. Monster House 



The Silence of the Lambs – 3/5 

The Sixth Sense – 3/5 

The Human Centipede – 2/5 

Saw – 3/5 

Get Out – 4/5 

The Blair Witch Project – 4/5 

Children of The Corn – 4/5 

Child’s Play – 4/5 

American Psycho – 5/5 

Gremlins -5/5 


Tyler the Creator

By Claritza Rangel


    Tyler Gregory Okonma mainly known as Tyler the Creator is a rapper and a fashion icon. At just 27, Tyler has made a huge impact on both the music and fashion industry. With a unique style he is an inspiration to many. Tyler is a young entrepreneur with a network, record and clothing company. Tyler’s influence on music along with fashion in today’s culture has been very significant. Okonma has changed the music industry with his distinctive style of music.


Starting in 2011 with his first album Goblin, one of the singles in it put him on the map to increase approval from the rap audience. From his popular single “Yonkers” it was clear what kind of music Tyler was putting out, his music has a unique style of lyricism and expression. In his recent album Flower Boy, Okonma has begun to talk about widely popular issues such as mental health, civil rights, and LGBQT rights. His unapologetic lyrics are directed to progressive audiences.


Aside from his unique genre of music Tyler also has a very distinctive since of style perhaps this is an attribute that catches most fans attention. His wardrove is filled with pastels and prints that we don’t typically see on males. His has grazed many articles for high end magazines and even has his own clothing brand Golf Wang. Tyler’s brand is mainly known for being colorful and outgoing even making its way to the fashion week in NYC. Since the creation of the brand Golf Wang has made partnerships with Converse, Vans and other popular culture brands. Tyler the Creator has become a brand name at his young age and many look up to him because he has unique style of expression. His individualism has reached out too many to show them that being one of a kind and adding a pop of color to one’s world can open many doors to a one that is dull, making it your own.

Resources Stereogum Tyler the Creator Noisey Tyler the Creator Kulturehub Tyler Fashion

mac miller.jpg

The life of mac miller


When I first started to write article, it was an album review for Mac Millers fifth studio album Swimming.

But due to the news on Friday I decided to turn this into a tribute for the late Mac Miller. Mac always

loved rap music. He started making music when he was fifteen years old that was 2007. He didn’t blow

up until 2010. He continued to grow bigger after he was part of the 2011 XXL freshmen freestyle with

rappers like YG and Kendrick Lamar. When he passed away I saw many people around me I asked one of

my classmates how it made him feel and he stated, “It made me feel light headed and dizzy.” I saw

around me that a bunch of people were sad to see about his passing. Mac was a once in a lifetime

rapper it seemed to not only effect fans, his peers around him also seeming saddened by the news

Chance the Rapper and J Cole just to name a few now will be my review on Mac’s fifth and last Album


On Mac Millers fifth studio album Swimming is a huge change up from what people are used to coming

from Mac. Instead of his usual party music he showed that he could change his flows. After his DUI crash

charge, he had a lot on his mind resulting in a new type of album. The track Jet fuel proved that he can

attack. In his song Self Care he talks the crash saying, “That Mercedes drove me crazy, I was speeding”.

Rating 4/5 Release date 8/3/18


It's October! Get into all things spooky with some real life crime stories.

> My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

> Case File True Crime

> Misconduct; a true crime podcast

> Unsolved Murders

> …These are their stories

> Mysterious Radio

> S’laughter

> Murder Mile

> Who Killed Theresa?

> Hollywood and Crime



Resources: Podcast App on Apple


Halloween Party


Circus Clown



By Ivan Duran

1990 It- the movie, adapted from the novel by Stephen King, is about how this small little town begins to experience disappearance of people. But for this small little town it isn’t anything new for them and they know there’s something wrong with the town. People know the town is cursed but they don’t bring it up or try to solve it or talk about it. But one day this kid named Bill is really sick and in bed and he has a little brother. He had made a boat made out of paper for his little brother and it was raining outside, so the little boy takes his boat for a sail. And as he does it falls into the drain and a clown appears and takes the little boy and he disappears. His big brother always wonders what happened to his little brother and figures it out.

The latest IT version, premiered in 2017. The main difference from the original film is it begins a little bit differently. The latest version begins with a disappearance of a person. At the scene there was a picture of the little boy that disappeared years ago the man who picked up recognized it. It was Bill's little brother who had disappeared a long time ago. In the 1990 version they fight the monster twice. Once when they were younger and again when they are older. The newer version of It,  they only fight the clown once. After that the movie it ends,  they defeat IT as kids but vow to return if  IT returns.


The older movie is longer and less interesting. I prefer to watch the newer one cause the old one is very drawn out and is three hours. The question remains for both films, What is IT? Why does it plague this town?

Playing Videogames

Fortnite   v Pub G

By Robert Regalado

Fortnite is a first person shooters game just like Pub G. You can compete with your friends or other online people. You can explore new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. The only thing you can do different in Fortnite is you can build buildings and objects.

Considering 2017 may have been the year of battle royal and the genres popularity is showing no sign of slowing down in 2018. My honest opinion is that Pub G is better but there both very interesting and challenging.

Would you like to submit a video game, album, or movie review?

Thanks! Message sent.

Eminem Kamikaze Review

by Austin Brookhouser

When Eminem released this surprise album last month it kind of sent the Hip Hop world in a crazy daze he called everybody out from the rappers he doesn’t like also critics he felt like went like they went too hard on his last album revival he called out a lot of names from people like Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Lil Yachty. Right when Kamikaze dropped it went to the top of the charts. He called out Machine Gun Kelly on the track called “not alike”

Rating 9/10

The diss tracks

The beef started way back in 2011 when MGK who was 22 at the time he called Eminem’s daughter Hallie 16 at the time Hot. But was really started when MGK went on a song with Tech Nine and was throwing sneak disses at Eminem. So, he returned with his song not alike where he calls Kelly out. Then Kelly returned with his diss song named Rap Devil. Where he called Eminem a bully that couldn’t even take a joke. He once again brought up Eminem’s daughter Hallie and his Ex-wife Kim. Then two weeks later Eminem released his response called killshot. Where he uses a style a lot like What style MGK was using. Machine Gun Kelly said in a interview with the breakfast club in New York saying he wasn’t going to respond to killshot because it made Eminem so mad. When it comes to this back and forth between these two rappers I think Eminem won with just the one verse aimed at MGK in “not alike” I feel like Rap Devil was full of more playground insults and praises then really disses.

The Nun - Movie Review

By Austin Brookhouser

In the fifth entry in the Conjuring series the nun didn’t do anything well for the series that I feel like has been falling since the first one and I don’t see them getting better anytime soon. In this movie I found very few moments actually scary. They were more jump scares then actual built up scary moments. I think they rushed to finish and resulted in a lazier wrote script.  The story shows the origin of the nun in an old church they build a way to contact beings from beyond the grave they come in contact with a demon they are able to hide it until one of the nuns kill themselves and takes over her body. In my opinion the story made no sense. Rating 2/5

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