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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Review - By Anyssa Maese

What if all the crushes you’ve ever had found out how you felt about them…all at once? In Netflix Original, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, that is exactly what happens. Lara Jean Song Covey, the movie’s main female lead, is a 16-year-old high school student that has never had a relationship, instead, she has an active fantasy life thanks to the many romance novels she has read. She has written five love letters: one each for the five boys she has ever has a crush on. Lara Jean’s life flips upside down when her little sister gets ahold of these letters and mails them out to each boy. Her two most dangerous letters? One to her older sister Margot’s recent ex-boyfriend, and Peter Kavinsky. After Lara Jean, realizes the letters were out, and Peter confronts her, they both make a deal: they’ll pretend to date so Josh will think she doesn’t like him and Peter’s ex will get jealous. The downfall to this movie? Typical love fest, unrealistic portrayal of teenage romance, and an ending we all pretty much expected.  

It’s a pretty standard plot for a teen film, but the details are what sets this sweet and funny drama apart from other recent movies such as The Kissing Booth. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is compiled with well-developed characters and relationships. The connections between Lara Jean and her family and friends is something that many of us can relate to in our personal lives. The movie touches on inner-family deaths as well as friend feuds, and mean girls, once again making this movie relatable to many teenagers going through the same thing. The emotional complexity makes this movie so much better than recently released Netflix original, The Kissing Booth. To All The Boys, isn’t another film that you watch once and forget about the following weekend, but instead, a movie that you will be watching for months to come by fans of all ages. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I recommend you see it ASAP! 

 Oh, and Peter Kavinsky, played by Noah Centineo, won over all our hearts with that compassionate boyfriend role, and that beautiful face.  

Your "GO To" Songs

when you don't know what you want to listen to.

rainbow six siege

Rainbow is a pvp type of game and it’s all about close quarters combat and its cop vs robbers type of way. This game has no campaign and is only meant for online, so if you don’t have internet there’s no point of getting the game.  Besides of terrorist hunt there is no point to get the game if you don’t have internet. This game is all about team work and it’s a 5 v 5 and each player has a special ability on police and terrorist side. But before I get into details about that let me go into depth about the game this isn’t a game for little kids. This game requires skill and basically about problem solving and playing smart this game is realistic pvp. There certain situations that those skills go into effect and if there is one bad player on your team he is a liability to your team, and may be the cause of you guys losing. For this game there’s only two fame modes multiplayer and terrorist hunt, multiplayer is against other people around the world and you could play with random people. If not bring in a squad or a group of friends you all can play together as a team. Also for multiplayer you can make your own game called “custom games” and you can have a lobby with you and whoever you invite to play with you and you could play against your friend. Terrorist hunt is good for only if you’re a new player and you need training this would be the place to go and it gives you a feel for the game. Now going into depth about “operators” they have different ability’s such as twitch she has a drone that destroys electronics such as cameras and other electronics. Valkery is another operator she sets down portable cameras anywhere she wants and her and the team could use those cameras against the other team to find their location. That’s all there is to say about this game its really fun and I hope if you do get it to enjoy!

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Madden ’19 Review

By Austin Brookhouser

Maddens Next title in the long series is one of the best titles I’ve ever played with its new gameplay and great graphics ran by EA’s frostbite system. With new realistic player moves and motions, this is not the same old Madden just with a updated roster.


The visuals are the best they have ever been and the players look as if you were watching a NFL football game on TV. Madden is trying to cash in on what the NBA 2k series has been doing for years by adding a create a draft class option. Available on PS4 (tested on), Xbox on and PC. Cost $60.00 Rate 8/10

The life of mac miller

When I first started to write article, it was an album review for Mac Millers fifth studio album Swimming.

But due to the news on Friday I decided to turn this into a tribute for the late Mac Miller. Mac always

loved rap music. He started making music when he was fifteen years old that was 2007. He didn’t blow

up until 2010. He continued to grow bigger after he was part of the 2011 XXL freshmen freestyle with

rappers like YG and Kendrick Lamar. When he passed away I saw many people around me I asked one of

my classmates how it made him feel and he stated, “It made me feel light headed and dizzy.” I saw

around me that a bunch of people were sad to see about his passing. Mac was a once in a lifetime

rapper it seemed to not only effect fans, his peers around him also seeming saddened by the news

Chance the Rapper and J Cole just to name a few now will be my review on Mac’s fifth and last Album


On Mac Millers fifth studio album Swimming is a huge change up from what people are used to coming

from Mac. Instead of his usual party music he showed that he could change his flows. After his DUI crash

charge, he had a lot on his mind resulting in a new type of album. The track Jet fuel proved that he can

attack. In his song Self Care he talks the crash saying, “That Mercedes drove me crazy, I was speeding”.

Rating 4/5 Release date 8/3/18



By Isaiah Chavez

How Astroworld was the most "overhyped" album of the summer...

For one Travis Scott postponed the album about 3 or 4 times, which already made the listeners aggravated. Even with his features such as Drake, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, and two-thirds of Migos the album was nothing to be compared to the work of art that we as the listeners expected. The amount of work he put into the album  is immeasurable. But the fact that he kept postponing it made his fans want it more, which is why when it finally did come out expectations were so high. Every time he was about to drop it, then didn't, he left his fans yearning for more. While the album was good he still had a lot of room for improvement, after all he had been working on the album for two years. Which leads his fans to think  it was going to be some type of masterpiece. We all know how much Travis Scott puts into his music, and we appreciate it. On the other hand his top songs did make the top 100 Billboard with "SICKO MODE" at the 9th spot and "STARGAZING" at 35th.

Overlooking the album as a whole, you can say ASTROWORLD was awesome with his moving away from trap beats and lyrics, which is so common in rap. He switches beats in "SICKO MODE" and you can hear a sample of Swae Lee making the song the best on the album. Travis Scott's flow is something no other rapper has,  for example he needed no help on his verse in "5% TINT". ASTROWORLD will be looked at as "overhyped"  but that can be overlooked by his hard work. Travis will be looked at as "different" but different is better. 

Do you think the album is "overhyped"?


Would you like to submit a video game, album, or movie review?

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Imagine Dragons: A Moving Music Group

By Shannah Rudiger

Music has a way of moving us and letting us feel emotionally connected with the artist. The band Imagine Dragon’s music does a great job of connecting to music to the people. The band has many songs that resonate with so many others. Songs that make them more people being able to relate to them and like their music. They keep finding new things to write songs about and more people can relate to them.

Imagine Dragons was formed in 2008 when members Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee and Andrew Tolman met in college at Brigham Young University. Later that year their first EP titled Speak to Me came out and that was the start of their musical career. They had a several EP’s come out in later years. Hell and Silence (2010), It’s Time (2011), Continued Silence (2012), and The Archive (2013) are their list of EP’s with It’s Time have the song It’s Time being one of their most known songs. It’s Time was a song that Dan Reynolds wrote when he was dealing with depression and anxiety which is something many people unfortunately have to deal with. This song is so amazing that it addresses the issues and how you can still be you and its now the time to begin to take the steps to change that part of you but not change who you are. The song is beautiful give it a listen and you’ll feel inspired after listening to it.

After the success of It’s Time in 2012 Imagine Dragons released their first studio album Night Visions. Night Visions provides some of the groups most popular songs such as Radioactive, Demons, and On Top of the World. This album is what got people onto Imagine Dragons, their song Radioactive and On Top of the World were songs everyone can get up and dance and have fun with. While Demons was another song that was on the more serious side.

The song speaks about how we all have inner demons and how we all fight them and while we always fight sometimes we don’t always succeed and that’s okay because we keep trying.

Night Visons is what made the band into what they are today. They have made two more studio albums with Smoke & Mirrors coming out in 2015 and Evolve being their most recent coming out in 2017. Each of their new albums they have multiple songs that become popular. With the additions of their latest album they have just recently released a new single titled Natural. The song came out just this year and is all about finding out about yourself and who you are.

3 Teachers

3 Book Recommendations

Mr. Reyes

La viajera del tiempo by Lorena Franco 


Morir en el intento by Jorge Ramos. Rayo


La cabaña by William Paul Young

The Bible

Anything by C.S. Lewis

Anything about American History

Mr. Baker
Mrs. Flores

How to be a Bawse

Lilly Singh

Grapes of Wrath

John Steinbeck

The Slight Edge

Jeff Olson

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