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            Anime Video Game?!

           Written By: Cool Man

There was this Anime show (Kill La Kill) produced by this one company called Trigger. The show came out October 3rd, 2013 and ended March 27th, 2014. The show is about a punk girl trying to avenge her father and attempts to take on the head of the school (Honnouji Academy) in which she, the ‘boss,’ rules the school and district.

The school’s student council and clubs have super suits that grant them powers. They’re called Goku suits. A lot of peril occurs throughout the season.

The show is also rated MA, due to the violence, language, and some brief moments of nudity. But besides that, it’s a great show, I liked it and will recommend it to the certain viewers. I watched it on Netflix for the summer. It’s also available on Hulu I believe.

Barely I found out they’re making a video game of it. First, I was skeptical, as in,

“Are they really making a video game of my favorite show?”

Then after looking into it, it turns out it’s legit. But sadly though, it’s not on Xbox.

Release Date: July 25th, 2019

Platforms are: PS4, The Switch, and PC.

The game looked kind of wonky, like a PS2 game, but not so entirely. The action seems good. I would’ve bought it right away, made it my obsession fore-say, because of how much I loved the show. I never played an anime game before, unless you count Street Fighter as one. 


     The Lion King (2019) review

          Written By: Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

The relaunch of the beloved movie “The Lion King” aroused a wave of excitement and curiosity among fans. Many questioned if bringing the classic back into a hyper-realistic format like Disney has done with other movies, could bring the same magic into the film; as the previous realistic versions of Disney’s animated classics have had mixed reactions. Nonetheless, Disney fans were excited as ever to see the movie.

What really stands out from this movie is the visual effects and image, the quality of the image is impeccable and pure, the amount of detail and care set into the CGI image is out of this world, sometimes the animal animations seem to come out of the screen. This makes the spectator feel inside the story and it help the audience connect more with the movie, as if they went for a safari in Africa. In that regard, the movie’s image quality is the best of all Disney’s recent classic spinoffs, as director John Favreau have had a lot of experience with visual effects as he worked in “The Jungle Book” and “Iron Man.” The voices quality in the movie are mixed, as Disney chose to keep some recognizable voices such as that of Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and Rafiki (John Kani), keeping these voices adds a sense of nostalgy and presence to the film, however there are some voice choices like that of adult Simba (Donald Glover) and Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor) that makes the characters too silly and empty. The music chosen for the movie is a big success for the movie as they kept Elton John for the record, and he kept the same classic and powerful songs but added new rhythms and tones that make this score different but very delightful. The music adds a sense of emotion and versatility that keeps the story as a romantic, new adventure.

Even though the movie has a lot of care and heart, the movie struggles in its dialogue and story. The story is mainly the one of the versions of 1994, however there are some scenes and dialogues that are changed to fit a realistic arc; however, these new scenes are majorly dull and worthless. While the movie is not boring nor predictable, it sometimes seems forced and inorganic. The dialogue suffers a blow in its charming humor that made the animated version so magical. The people in charge of the dialogue should have put more imagination and rhythm into these scenes, for the main story is so good, its shame it did not reach its full potential.

Even though the film has been brutalized by other Review sites, I would say that the movie is beautiful and friendly, even though it’s not perfect. Most fans feel satisfied by this version, especially those attracted in the music and image, categories in which the movie is a triumph. The movie was enjoyable, for kids and adults as well.

Grade: (4/5 stars)

The Shadow Brothers Review: The value of family

Written by Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

The Shadow Brothers is a book written by American author A.E. Cannon in 1990. The story of the book is centered around the lives of two teenager brothers: Henry and Marcus. Henry is a Navajo teenager who is adopted by Marcus’s Mormon family. Henry and Marcus have lived together since age 7, since then, Henry and Marcus have been best friends. Despite their differences, Marcus always refers to Henry as his Brother, always forgetting that to the rest, they look different.

A.E. Cannon writes in the perspective of Marcus, a White, traditionally raised teen who as many teenagers; struggles at school, is insecure, and is confused about how he feels about Diana, his neighbor and friend. To make matters worse, Henry is dating the school’s most popular girl, and is confused by his Navajo origin due to Frank, a new Hopi student that is unfriendly to Henry. Marcus and Henry must learn to cope with their problems and remain united in their struggles. Is in this environment that A.E. Cannon writes about the strength of family and how despite adversity, trust and affection between brothers is stronger than any issue. A.E. Cannon portrays teenagers’ struggles in an honest and clever way, using first perspective in her narration and focusing on vocabulary to identify the characters’ feelings. The book is very fluid and full of emotional volatility, inviting readers to appreciate the story. These strategies really help Cannon in her message, helping the audience feel comfortable and engaged. The book is not very famous, but it’s one of those unknown books that have a lot of value. Even when it’s not very famous, this is one Cannon’s best books, along with Amazing Grace and The loser’s guide to life and love. I recommend you read it, especially if you feel that you’re struggling in your life. I

assure you that this book will give you a lot of humor and a positive time. Reading this marvelous book will hopefully help you appreciate family and its meaning

Picture by Goodreads

SB 1.jpg
Bocanada (1999); Magic and Elegance.
Written By: Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

Have you ever heard of the musical genre "Sampling"? The genre known as sampling is defined as the use of fragments of recordings of different songs or musical compositions in order to form a single song. This genre was born in the late eighties, with the invention of machines that mixed sound samples. Incredibly, the best album of this genre in the Spanish language was made by a rock artist. His name was Gustavo Cerati; Cerati was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1959. From a young age, Cerati showed talent for music, Cerati was often seen playing in pubs and discos as part of the group Stress, among other small rock bands. In 1984, along with Charly Alberti and Zeta Bosio, Cerati founded the band Soda Stereo, a band that would become the most important rock band in Latin America. From then on, Cerati would be known as the most famous rock artist in Spanish, becoming a symbol of the golden generation of this genre. In 1997, the band would dissolve, and Cerati would take a two-year break from music.


In 1999, Cerati would return, this time as a soloist with the premier of Bocanada. However, Bocanada would not be a rock album, but a Sampling album. Cerati created this album with the intention of making a material that included all the ideas he had and did not materialize during his time as a member of Soda Stereo. The truth is that the result was magnificent, because the disc is extremely refined and elegant. Although it sounds homemade, Bocanada is a very sophisticated album, which enjoys details in each piece. The songs have references to rock, dream-pop, electronic, jazz, folklore and Andean music. All mixtures were composed by Cerati, giving consistency and presence to the disc. The lyrics of the songs are some of Cerati’s best, with titles such as "Beautiful" and "Puente", both being very deep songs full of feeling. At the time, the album was not very famous, although it was acclaimed by the press. With this album, Cerati would maintain a successful solo career, which would continue until his death in 2009. Bocanada is an essential record if you like "Sampling", music that explores different perspectives or, if you like songs that enjoy a magical aura. I recommend that you hear it, and I assure you that you will want to hear it again and again. (Below is the internet link to the album).

Rating: 5/5

Matias Soto. "Gustavo Cerati - Bocanada (Full album)" Youtube, 1 Aug. 2016, 



                           News written by: Cool Man

The story of Doom is you get to play as an elite super soldier in a super suit, slaying off Demons. Relative to Wolfenstein in the intense sense, except, you’re Hell bound.











I played the 2016 version and it was fun as is. The original came out in ’93. Forth the classic was made to represent the perception of 3-D gameplay, like how Duke Nukem did.


The game’s thrilling if you’re into an action genre, and there’ll be an awesome upcoming campaign with the title.

The game itself comes out November this year, the 22nd. Available on all next gen platforms

(i.e. Switch, Xb1, PS4, PC.)

They’re introducing a battle mode into the construct, which wasn’t in the first release. There isn’t co-op, you fight the player-controlled demons alone instead. There will be upgrades, various maps, and asymmetrical gameplay.


And personally,

I have to say the ending to the 2016 release was very lame.

I really wish it was an option to punch Satan in the face.


The Good Son

This movie was a great movie. It’s about this kid that moved with his other family, with his sister, while his dad, I think, went for his trip. Little did he know, the kid he was with was respected by his parents but took a serious advantage in that. It’s an old movie released in 1993. The film was produced in Massachusetts, because the house took place on a hillside, near the ocean. The town was very down, as in a ghetto way.

So, the boy, the troublemaker, takes the other kid who came to visit around the town, commits bad actions. No matter what he did, who couldn’t rat him out. I would be scared if I was in that position as well. There is a lot of depth and psychology within the movie. I don’t want to spoil it, for how good of a movie I feel it was.

I rate it, five popcorns, out of five. I am very fond of the concept, the plot, setting, ending. I get weird but cool vibes about it.

Backstreet Boys DNA album –Bitia Maciel

My favorite boy band is the Backstreet Boys. One of their albums that I heard is called “DNA”. Some songs from them are Chances, I want it that way, As long as you love and Don’t go breaking my heart. Their names are Brian, Nick, Kevin, Aj, and Howie. This like this album. They also have other albums but I haven’t heard them yet.

The 10 best Rom Coms on Netflix

By: Katelyn Diharce

1. The Kissing booth-2018

2. The World We Make-2019

3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before-2018

4. About Time-2013

5. Set it up-2018

6. The Princess Switch-2018

7. Kiss and Cry-2017

8. Irreplaceable you-2018

9. Mamma Mia-2008

10. Someone Great- 2019

 All about 21 Savage and 69

By: Ty Brookhouser

Will 21 Savage is one of the best rappers of all time. 21 Savage is a blood and so is 69, but 21 Savage said that he still likes 69 but he is a fake blood and 69 said to the cops that he has nothing to do with the bloods at all. 69 and 21 Savage are friends but 21 Savage said no they weren't friends, however 69 went to prison but  is no longer prison. 69 is to never rap again when 21 Savage is still rapping. It sucks will for 69 and 69 fans I like them both but I like 21 Savage more.

What can Star Wars fans expect out of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker?

Written by Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

Finally, the last of episode of the modern sequel of Star Wars is upon us. Amid the release of two teasers during the last months, the expectations for the movie are as high as it had ever seen. Star Wars fans are intrigued, for the previous movie Episode VIII: The Last Jedi received mixed opinions from the fanbase and are counting on director J.J. Abrams, director of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, to return the Star Wars franchise to the direction the fans expect to. The release of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker comes as Disney’s second main course after the hyper-successful Avengers: Endgame. In relation to Star Wars, Disney plans to release the series Mandalorian, Season 7 of the Clone Wars: animated series, and an Obi-wan series on its new streaming service: Disney +, set to be launched on November 12. The two Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker released teasers have awakened the fans’ curiosity with new main details. The teasers show Rey, the protagonist, in a more mature and prepared phase of her Jedi training because Rey seems to have grown in strength and force abilities in Jakku, place where Episode VII: The Force Awakens occurred. The movie will also show Kylo Ren, the main antagonist, return to its darker version as a Sith as seen in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It seems that the plot will turn around Rey along with her allies, Finn and Poe Dameron, travel thru the galaxy in search for new allies to rebuild the new resistance to impose Kylo Ren’s regime known as the First Order. The teaser also shows the character Lando, performed by Billy Dee Williams, as a mentor for the new resistance; the re-appearance of this character seems to be a main point of attraction for fans as well as the possible death of Princess Leia, the last member of the original lineage of the Skywalker. As we can see, the new movie will have a plot turnaround to close this process of the modern sequel of Star Wars. The teasers gained a lot of excitement form Star Wars fans, but not from the general public, in comparison to Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Hopefully, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker lives to the expectations of the fans. The movie is set to be released worldwide on December 20.

Maximum Overdrive

(Review Written By: Cool Man) (Minimum Spoilers)

Right off the back, great movie. I loved it. Hard to believe it came out in 19th Century (‘Eighty-Six.)

Feels like a more modern movie. The movie has the urban lifestyle vibe to it.

It is a Stephen King motion picture, literally. He directed the movie himself and done the screenplay.

The movie is about automotive and electronics that develop intelligence with intentions to massacre. (E.G; A Pop dispenser, lawn mower, Semi.)

The main setting is north-east, at a truck-stop, and the trucks themselves are forcing the people to fill them up. Diesel.

They also had this truck with a turret upon it with its own control, like a guard un-personified.

The movie isn’t appropriate for younger viewers. There was a few gruesome scenes and vulgar language.

Rate 8.5/10

Cool Man’s Movie Review on:

The Dead Don’t Die

(Warning: Spoilers)

What a movie. I watched it with my dad. We both had high hopes for it. He made it sound like Bill Murray was going be like Rick Grimes, or Bill from Left 4 Dead. It wasn’t entirely like that. At the end he did, but throughout the movie, he hardly did, even though he was the main protagonist. Speaking of which, there was other stories of other people, like Selena Gomez. Humor and peril were apart, I wouldn’t say it so much was a thriller. I enjoyed the movie to an extent. There was just that bland element missing. If you’re family isn’t that sensitive to some gore and vulgar language, I’d say you could watch it with them. It seemed family enough, even though it’s rated R.

The movie came out earlier this year. Good actors.

Then, here comes spoilers, the movie took a very bad twist. The movie just took a spill. The Irish chick was an alien, UFO, fourth-wall break, main people died too easily.

Did they just spend the rest of the budget on drugs?

Did they want a unique ending?

Time constraint?

I wanted it to end by an escape, military arrives, or they at least die in glory. Besides a kind-of-whacked- out ending, the movie was good. Just, could use some improvements. But racist wise, I bet the studio is Canadian. (Terrance and Phillip)


6.5/10 Rating


Chapter: 2 (Review) By: Cool Man

The movie was great. I enjoyed it, though there I seen it alone. (Minor Spoilers)

It’s about the kids all grown up, 27 years later. Pennywise arises and torments them, goes on his killing spree. For me, it was wicked, gruesome, twisted. There was also some comedy, from the funny guy of the movie. (I related to one of the characters.)

They must go back to there town to stop it, and there they relive the torment and free themselves from the curse.

I’d say if you’re sensitive to jump-scares, violence, horrific scenes, don’t watch it. The movie is also rated R.

I’d rate it 5/5

All About j Boog

by: Matthew Del Valle

Jerry Afemata also know as J boog was born and raised in Compton CA August 11,1985. He is the son of A Samoan chief and his large family has a huge impact on his career. J boog is the youngest of seven brothers and one sister. His sister is mainly the biggest impact on him because when they were young, she would play the piano and he would start to sing along and that’s where it all began. Whenever she came home with a Bob Marley songbook his siblings and him were exposed to the genres of music. The peaceful and calm sound was embraced by the whole Afemata family after that j boog was set on creating his own unique reggae sound. Some recommend songs are Sunshine Girl, Lonely Days and Lets do it again.

All about NBA young boy

By: Matthew Del Valle

His actual name is Kentrell Desean Gaulden, born on October 20,1999.

NBA young boy is still a young artist, he is 19 with two sons.

He has an older sister and a younger brother.

In his music he talks about everything that he has witnessed through his career also he was born and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Whenever he was in his youth young boy broke his neck at the age of four. He has three scars on his forehead for remembrance of what happened. The grandmother of Kentrell aka young boy raised him till he was in the 9th grade and dropped out. Not much longer after he dropped out he was sentenced to six moths in the Tallulah juvenile detention center for robbery. All through his life young boy was troubled. In 2016 he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder then he was involved in multiple drive by shootings. In the year of 2018 he was arrested for kidnapping but was bailed out for $75,000. Some recommended songs that are good is valuable pain, drawings symbols, and Genie.

Lucifer Review

By: Maria Nunez

Even though there is many options on what to watch and many genres I have always been a mystery type of person which if you also are you might be interested in watching the Netflix series Lucifer. This series is not like any other criminalistic tv show, in this series there is always more than one conflict which keeps the viewer interested. Lucifer the main character left hell to live life without having to be where his father sent him, but he did not expect to meet detective Decker and never expected to care so much for her. His issues were not only that he was slowly falling in love with the detective but when his brother then mother paid him a visit that’s when his real conflicts began. At the end of the day if you are looking for something to watch that has a bit of everything, I recommend the series Lucifer. At the end of a long day I look forward to going home to be able to this show because it makes me laugh and has many things that hook the viewer. This show is a must watch for any crime show fans and anyone who likes romcoms. I recommend this show and would give it a 5 out of 5 rating.

Everything you Should Know about American Horror Story:1984

By: Angel Jara

The new season of American Horror Story will be set to premiere on Wednesday September 18, 2019. You’re probably wondering, what is this new season going to be about? Well, the creators and directors are throwing this new season back to 1980s. The season will recreate or be based on the slasher films of the 1980s like Friday the 13th. American Horror Story has released many teaser trailers. They also released their official trailer.

Two of the actors form the previous seasons have been reported to not be in American Horror Story: 1984. Two of the actors are Even Peters and Billy Eicher, who starred in American Horror Story Cult and Apocalypse. Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, and Mathew Morrison are starring in this new season.

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