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The History Behind Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day also known as St. Valentine. Valentine’s day is on February 14th to celebrate romantic love, friendship, and admiration. People express their love by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family and friends. The amount of money spent on this day is an average of $136.57 per person. Only 54 percent of Americans celebrate Valentine’s day. Some people do not believe or like Valentines because of it stands for, especially if they do not have someone to celebrate with.

Gift ideas for friends

By Katelyn Diharce

· Matching necklaces

· A mug

· Food basket

· Chocolate covered strawberries

· Gift cards

· DIY gifts

Gift ideas for relationships:

· I love you with all my SENSES:

o Touch-stuffed animal, socks

o Taste-candy, chocolate

o Sight-movie tickets, picture

o Smell-lotion, candles, perfume/cologne

o Sound- headphones, playlist

· Balloons

· Stuff Animals

· Jewelry

· Flowers(roses)

· Dinner

How to Cope with a Breakup

By Maria Nunez

No one likes to go through a breakup especially not when Valentines is right around the corner. When February arrives, everyone begins shopping for their loved ones but unfortunately some have other plans like gifting a breakup. If you would like to learn how to cope with a breakup keep reading and if you are the one breaking up with someone read this twice, now let’s begin. Don’t lose yourself trying to keep someone who doesn’t want to stay. Cry it out don’t let anyone tell you crying is bad, sometimes all we need is to let go some tears, DOESN’T HURT TO CRY. Try to talk to someone about how you are feeling don’t keep all that in. Treat yourself, I mean if you had already bought something for them return it and get something of your liking or keep it for yourself you deserve it. I am going to give you the best advice to forget someone in five steps. First cry it out like I said before it doesn’t hurt anyone. Second clean your room or do something to destress. Third go on a shopping spree it will help trust me especially boys, shopping is your friend, buy that hat or truck part you’ve been wanting. Fourth go out with friends have fun, enjoy your free time every way possible. Last but not least be happy with yourself and don’t try to make your happiness depend on someone else because I can assure you that feeling good by yourself is way better than depending on someone else for it. You might’ve thought that I was finished, wrong, if you are the one leaving the relationship be honest even if you know it might hurt the other person, they won’t wonder what they did wrong.

The Unsung Heroes of Black History Month

By Maria Nunez

Everyone knows February as the month of Valentine’s and love but there is so much more to it than just that. In February we celebrate Black Heritage and it should be more widely known. African Americans have had a rough patch, and, in this month, we celebrate all their fights and accomplishments. Many known activists, artists and actors are Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou and many more. However, there is many that we know about, there is many whose accomplishments are not acknowledged. One person who should be discussed more would be, James Baldwin, he was a poet, novelist and activist among other things. Baldwin was a man who shared the racial, sexual and class indifference in his novels. He tried to help everyone achieve equality, which among that was African Americans, women and lower-class people. This allowed for people to see the indifference that was going on and opened everyone’s eyes. Another person who fought for rights was Cecil J. Williams, a photographer, publisher and author who helped show the people civil rights movements and what was going on. William’s purpose was to help people see the true nature of these movements, it allowed for more to be involved and make it right. There is many more people who should be acknowledged for their movements, this month should be more about celebrating the people who have fought for their rights.


By Gabriel Franco


Aries-always on top of things you feel like you need to be the best at everything its time to take a chill pill boo, relax for a bit

Taurus-maybe losing an argument for once will do you some good, stop being so stubborn

Gemini-it’s okay to be yourself, stop with that other you you’re trying to be

Cancer-don’t try to keep all your feelings pent up, its okay to be something other than happy

Leo-you don’t need someone’s attention constantly, you’ll be fine on your own for a while

Virgo-stop overthinking it, just do, be more spontaneous… live a little

Libra-c’mon stop with that depressed stuff just smile boo it makes everything so much better

Scorpio-you really need to open up more, don’t be afraid to let people in, show us who you really are

Sagittarius-lets just try playing nicer yeah… stop being so grouchy

Capricorn-just because you don’t succeed doesn’t mean you’re a failure just keep trying

Aquarius-its okay to show a little expression… so stop being so emotionless

Pisces-lets dial back those emotions you don’t have to be so moody all the time

How to Love YOURSELF This Valentine’s Day

By Alexis Bennet

The time for Valentine’s Day has come again, leaving all those who are single in despair. Watching all the couples getting each other gifts can make you feel pretty bad if you don’t have a boo to get you anything. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can do something for yourself that will make you feel just as good. That still counts as love, right? Self-love is one of the best kinds of love. When you feel good, everything is just a little bit easier. So if you don’t have any plans this Valentine’s Day, grab the bubble bath and face masks, and just take the day to yourself.

There are so many extra things you can do to take care of yourself and make yourself feel the best possible. On a day that is dedicated to being in a relationship, this can be one of the most important things to do. There are many options to go with, that can suit whatever your personal needs are. Doing a face mask, taking a nice bubble bath, perhaps reading a book; whichever option suits your needs. Even if you want to buy yourself a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal, do whatever you need!

You can even take yourself out to dinner, or grab something and take it home. Whatever you do to make yourself feel good, that’s what the goal of this is! You’ll definitely feel much better than you would’ve if you just sat at home being sad about not having someone. If it doesn’t matter if you have someone for the rest of the year, why is it important on just one day? At the end of the day, the only person you really have is you, so take care of yourself!

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Deming High School Supports

black history month.png

Black Heritage Month

When in Doubt Think it Out

Doubt is a mental state in which the mind remains suspended between two or more contradictory propositions, unable to assent to any of them. Doubt on an emotional level is indecision between belief and disbelief. It may involve uncertainty, distrust or lack of conviction on certain facts, actions, motives, or decisions. Doubt can result in delaying or rejecting relevant action out of concern for mistakes or missed opportunities.

The concept of doubt as a suspense between two contradictory propositions covers a range of phenomena: on a level of the mind it involves reasoning, examination of facts and evidence and on an emotional level believing and disbelieving

In premodern theology doubt was "the voice of an uncertain conscience" and important to realize, because when in doubt "the safer way is not to act at all".

Doubt sometimes tends to call on reason. Doubt may encourage people to hesitate before acting, and/or to apply more rigorous methods. Doubt may have particular-importance as leading towards disbelief or non-acceptance.

Politics, ethics and law, with decisions that often determine the course of individual life, place great importance on doubt, and often foster elaborate adversarial processes to carefully sort through all available evidence.

Societally, doubt creates an atmosphere of distrust, being accusatory in nature and de facto alleging either foolishness or deceit on the part of another. Such a stance has been fostered in Western European society since the Enlightenment, in opposition to tradition and authority.

How To De-Stress

Did you know stress kills brain cells and reduce the size of your brain? Yes, its true. Chronic stress reduces the size of the frontal cortex, the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and learning. We’ve all experienced stress at some point. Sometimes its from school or our personal life, but the stressors have the same effect on our mind and body, so here are some ways to destress.

1. Avoid Caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant found in tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and coffee. High doses of caffeine can increase anxiety.

2. Can’t focus because to much is on your mind? Then write it down. I guarantee, you’ll feel relieved and not overwhelmed. I would suggest you keep a journal on your nightstand that way every night you could write down your thoughts and you’ll be able to sleep without worrying about anything.

3. Chew gum. Chewing gum has scientifically been proven to cause similar brain waves to those who are relaxed and chewing gum promotes flow to the brain.

4. Most stressors are in your control, take control over the parts of your life that stress you out. Its okay to say no especially if you usually take on more than you can handle.

5. Don’t Procrastinate. Procrastination can be very stressful especially when you’re up at 3 a.m. working on an assignment that’s due the next day. Stay on top of your priorities and it will save you the headache.

6. Cuddle. Cuddling and kissing can help release oxytocin and lower cortisol. Positive physical contact can help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

7. Use soothing essential oils to help you relax and be stress free. Here are some of the most soothing and stress reliving oils:

a. Lavender

b. Rose

c. Vetiver

d. Bergamot

e. Roman chamomile

f. Neroli

g. Frankincense

h. Sandalwood

i. Orange

j. Eucalyptus

k. Tea Tree

8. Spend time with friends and family. One study found that women in particular, spending time with friends and children helps release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. Another study found that men and women with fewest social connections were more likely to be depressed or suffer from anxiety.

9. Finally, don’t forget to laugh. It’s very hard to feel stressed and anxious when smiling. A study among cancer patients found that the laughter intervention group experienced more stress relief than those who were simply distracted.

How to Improve Handwriting

Do you hate your handwriting? Is your handwriting just straight up ugly, like ugly up to the point where not even yourself can read it? Well lucky for you your reading the right article. This article will give you some tips to improve your handwriting.

To improve your handwriting, you’ll need a bit of motivation. What is motivating you to change/improve your handwriting? Is it because you need it to be legible or maybe because you just want to switch things up and have those aesthetically pleasing notes? If you need help looking for inspiration/motivation you can follow an Instagram page that has beautiful and inspiring handwriting.

Next, you’ll need to write down your old handwriting, for example write your ABC’s both uppercase and lowercase and then a short sentence. Then Look at the font you wish to write similar to and practice writing your ABC’s and that same short sentence. This will help you see what the difference is between both handwriting. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable writing in your knew handwriting.

Spice it up. Add some color or cute little drawing to your notes to make them aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for stationary to spice up your notes, I would recommend Zebras Mildliners (creative double-ended markers), Muji gel pens, and Muji pencils. This is only a small list of stationary, but you could search on amazon note taking stationary and you’ll find a lot more options.

Lastly, enjoy seeing your new and improved handwriting. Your teachers will be so happy when they can finally read your handwriting