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Pointed Witch Hat

The History of Halloween 

by Chloe Martinez

Halloween is a holiday observed annually on October 31, it is mostly commemorated by western nations. Some believe Halloween has pagan origins. It is most commonly linked to the Celtic festival of Soin, which marked the end of autumn and the start of harvest season. During this period the people of the Gaelic world held feasts in honor of the departed souls that entered our realm. Alongside the souls of the deceased it was believed that every supernatural being made their way to us as well, but not all of them where good as such people started carrying carved turnips and wearing costumes in a possible attempt to discourage evil spirits, other customs included going from home to home to gather food, fuel and offerings for the roman festival. Halloween is also associated with Christianity because of all hallows or all saint’s day on November 1st and all soul’s day following on November 2nd. Halloween has been linked to paranormal imagery and horror figures. Today instead of traveling to a neighbor’s home for soul cakes or other offerings the custom involves a request for sweets if not given sweets, pulling pranks has been historically associated with Halloween.


Recently one of my guilty pleasures has been watching Shane Dawson’s videos. Shane’s Dawson is a youtuber with more than 17 million followers. He started his career in 2008 and since his channel has been growing and growing into a bigger platform. Some of the videos that caught my attention where the ‘Scary Series’ he’s been doing. The first video that I watched was centered in the Stanley Hotel. You can find this spooky hotel in Estes Peak, Colorado. This hotel is famously known to be the inspiration behind Stephen King’s, The Shinning. Shane recently stayed the night at the hotel with his boyfriend, sister-in-law and his mother-in-law. During the video they encountered strange presences and manifestations.

During his stay at the Stanley Hotel, Stephen King experienced a series of bizarre events. Stephen and his family stayed in room 217 which in the film is later changed to 237. Room 217 is one of the most requested rooms but there is a yearlong wait list and can be high in price. In his sleep King experienced a series of nightmares in which he dreamt his son was being followed and possessed by a malignant figure. In this same room it is said that a woman by the name of Elizabeth Wilson who was electrocuted by a thunderstorm in 1911 and used to be a maid tidies up your room while you are gone. Another spot in which strange things happen is said to be floor 4. It is reported that children laughter and running in the hallway is heard throughout the night. Although these are paranormal activities these seem to be friendly spirits that are among the guest at the hotel, even though King’s portrayal of the beings seems more terrifying.


Another video in the Shane Dawson series was focused on “The Queen Mary” ship stationed in Long Beach, California. This ship was constructed by the British government in 1936 and had been sailing until 1967. The ship was later retired and stationed at the Long Beach Bay. It not serves as a floating hotel. Many paranormal things are set to happen on this ship. The ship might be haunted by the approximately 600 people that died during the years some died of sickness while the ship was sailing and some died falling off until the ocean. It is said the captain’s suite is haunted by Captain Treasure Jones, and he likes the company of young girls and cigars often it is said cigar smell is all over the room. There are also accounts by the guests and workers of one of the lower rooms in the deck that tell of a worker that killed his whole family and there are screams of a man lamenting the death of his family.

The story that interested me the most was the one of the lower deck of the ship where crew and guest where quarantined when sick then died that part is said to be the most haunted place in all the ship, where souls are still agonizing. In Shane’s video on The Queen Mary he is left alone in the lower deck with an audio recorder in which steps are heard around the room and a distressed voice is heard saying “stay.” Shane Dawson videos on both the Stanley Hotel and The Queen Mary are videos that leave you with the interest of learning more and leave you asking if you really believe the abnormal events happen in your life.

Spooky Places Worldwide

by claritza Rangel

Fall Date Ideas

by Alexis Mejia

Fall is just around the corner and as we know we all need help for some dates. Impress your girlfriend or boyfriend with the following date ideas:

  • Go to a hunted location: Get into the Halloween spirit! Learn about the history of the area and maybe you'll even see a ghost!!!!

  • Have a campfire: Snuggle up, and enjoy some delicious smores with each other.

  • Stargaze: Enjoy a beautiful night together starting at the stars.

  • Watch a scary movie: Snuggle up! with your partner when a scary part comes out.

  • Go camping: Spend the night outside with your date!

  • Carve pumpkin’s: Carve pumpkin’s and have some fun! make silly faces and have a good time.


Graveyard Cake Cups


by Gabrielle Cardenas

Are you looking for a spooky Halloween dessert? Graveyard Dirt Cake Cups are a quick, no bake dessert with layers of chocolate pudding and oreo cookies. These pudding cups would be great for your Halloween party!


· 2 (3.9oz) packages of instant chocolate pudding mix

· 3 1/2 cups of milk

· 8 oz. cream cheese, softened

· 8 oz. container of frozen whipped topping, thawed

· 1 lb. 3 oz. family sized of chocolate cream –filled cookies

· Edible Tombstones and bones



1.) In a bowl, whisk together the pudding mix and milk for 5 minutes until soft set. Stir in the cool whip.

2.) In a large bowl, cream together the butter and cream cheese. Mix in the pudding mixture.

3.) Chop cookies finely in a blender or food processor until they resemble dirt.

4.) In serving cups, larger cookie crumbs and pudding mixture

5.) Store in refrigerator.

6.) Decorate with tombstones and bones when ready to serve!


Recipe found on Pinterest. 

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October Horoscopes


Aries: You seem like a documentary/ serial killer enthusiast. You have a energetic and confident character. The Silence of the Lambs is an interesting oldie for you to enjoy.


Taurus:  Taurus are  all about family. In this thriller Lee Abbott  ( John Karsinski ) goes endures everything to protect his family from some creatures that threaten to end the human race. Ps. If you’re a fan of The Office you may see a familiar face ;)


Gemini: You are very lively and you might seem arrogant to some people but that’s you and you should embrace it. Just like Norman Bates in Physco embrace your weirdness.


Cancer: You are very emotional. Moody you can say your attitude changes uncontrollably. Just like the family in Hereditary you are always discovering new things about yourself.


Leo: Leo’s are generous and kind hearted. Scream might just be the movie for you to watch because it is not only suspenseful but also somehow incorporates humor to the horror.

Virgo:  You are intelligent and you seem to be able to get our of  rough situations. With the help of your friends you are able to get away with anything so Slenderman is just the movie for you and your friends to watch.


Libra: You are a romantic. So scary movies might not be your thing.   The Sixth Sense is a must watch for your. It is very suspenseful and centered in the issues of a man and his wife. 


Scorpio: You are determined and very passionate about things. The Orphanage seems like a good fit for you because you might be able to relate to some of the characters this film has.


Sagittarius: You are optimistic and carefree. You are a little kid at heart and sometime like to mess around with others for a good laugh. Something like The Boy is suitable  for you.


Capricorn: You are adventurus, ambitious and reserved.  Nobody knows what is going on in your mind and what is your next move. You should definitely watch Jigsaw.

Aquarius: You are friendly and loyal to those around you . Your are also very devoted and leave your all into anything you do. The Nun seems like a good movie for you.


Pieces: You are creative and have a side others wouldn't want to see. Texas Chainsaw Massacre can be a good movie that represents your character. 


The Crunchy Killers

by isaiah Chavez 

Out of 18 people surveyed 13 of those chose a spicy snack over anything else. More and more people are being hospitalized from these crunchy snacks. Eating hot Cheetos can cause abdominal pain, ulcers, erosions, peptic ulcer disease, and gastritis. Doctor Martha Rivera says she sees at least 5-6 kids with gastritis DAILY!! Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were even banned in some schools. From the words of the man himself Chester the cheetah “dangerously cheesy”, maybe the cheetah was right. Rapper Lil Xan was hospitalized after eating hot cheetos he says, “it ripped something in my stomach open.” He also called hot cheetos “one hell of a drug”. Frito lay says the chips meet all safety regulations as well as quality standards. Personally, I have been eating about three big bags a week for as long as I can remember and haven’t experienced any stomach pains. Maybe some people are just more sensitive to spicy foods then others.

local spooky places

by claritza rangel

Our small town of Deming seems like the picture-perfect town in which nothing out of the place ever happens to those that drive by along their way. Although it might be a great place to live with a wonderful community and beautiful surroundings there is always something dark that comes along with it and Deming is no exception. The town of Deming, NM was founded in 1881 and is named after the wife of one of the founders of the railroads here her name Mary Ann Deming Crocker. Deming is a typical old town in which there is nothing much to do only a cinema and the countryside being the only forms of entertainment and recreation. At the time of its’ founding Deming became a camping ground (Camp Cody) for soldiers during World War 1 and later became a center for tuberculosis patients (Holy Cross Sanitorium) so there is coincidence this town might be hiding the spirits of old wandering souls. This area which is located at the northwest side of town is said to hold a strange feel. Currently there are only ruins left which are believed have served as satanic cults and rituals. The notorious serial killer Charles Manson, and his cult partook in such rituals in the ruins. Manson claimed Deming was “the gates of hell” and “the devil’s playground” in interviews. He also came to say that if he ever escaped or was released from prison he would retire here.

It is often said that objects sometimes carry the spirits of its’ past owners and where would we find a collection of old items? The Deming Luna Mimbres Museum previously an Armory is home to many objects from this towns past. There has been reported by workers that many objects in the museum like the dolls in the display room move around. In the upper level where the old Holy Cross old equipment is at it is reported the old spirits of some of the

tuberculosis victims haunts the upper floor not to mention all the objects that are haunted by the old owners. Another event that I found during my search of paranormal activities in Deming I found the story of a women that claimed that her grandparents’ house was haunted. She said that the house had a strange feeling and a mad presence, the house was them sold but many friends she encountered along her life talked about the same house in the town of Deming, NM. Our town of Deming is full of mysteries and strange happenings. What looks like a small friendly town is hiding spirits but I would say more friendly spirits are roaming in between us.



by Gabby Perez

You should not workout more than twice a day. Yes you want to workout and you feel energized but you can cause your body to shut down. I always have a day where I rest.  

I workout Monday-Friday and rest Saturday and Sunday. While working out I keep a good nutrition so that if I want to workout twice a day I have fed my body to be ready for the second workout.  


Eating properly

As an athlete you should always think of your eating. Without eating proper you can cause damage not only to you but your body. It can cause your body to shut down. Also remember water is very important!!

Meal prepping is one way you can keep control of how you eat. Some meals that help me are:

  • Breakfast is important, I eat a couple almonds, raspberries, grapes, blueberries and cucumber. And egg sandwich and a handful of granola

  • 8 oz. chicken with 1 cup of rice & 1 cup of any green veggies

  • A good portioned salad with chicken breast on top and a side of sweet potatoes

  • Chicken stir-fry with 1 cup of rice

 Good Form

Having good form can prevent injury. Knowing what your doing while working out will help you become more safe and healthier

The main workouts of needing to have good form is squats, bench press, and deadlifts.

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