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Pumpkin Roll

By:Maria Nunez

There are many things that we enjoy to bake during fall time but one of my favorites is a pumpkin roll. In many families, some customs have become traditions over the years. The recipe for the bread is as follows.


Ø ¾ cup all-purpose flour

Ø ½ teaspoon baking powder

Ø ½ teaspoon baking soda

Ø 1 ½ teaspoons of ground cinnamon

Ø ½ teaspoon ground cloves

Ø ½ teaspoon salt

Ø 3 eggs

Ø ¾ cup granulated sugar

Ø 2/3 cup pure pumpkin

Ø 1 cup of walnuts chopped (optional)


Ø Bar of cream cheese

Ø ¼ cup of powdered sugar

Ø ½ teaspoon of vanilla

Ø 6 tablespoons of butter or margarine (softened)

Directions (cake)

Ø Preheat oven 375 o F. Prepare tray with wax paper, grease with margarine or butter.

Ø Prepare a towel by dumping it in cold water and rinsing it.

Ø Combine flour, cloves, salt, cinnamon, baking powder, granulated sugar, and baking soda. Beat eggs in a separate bowl then beat in pumpkin. Mix both substances and stir until ready. Spread into prepared pan make sure it is spread out evenly. Sprinkle with walnuts. (optional)

Ø Bake for 13 to 15 minutes or check by using a skewer to check if any crumbs stick to it. When cooked thoroughly take out of oven and flip onto prepared towel. Carefully remove wax paper from the cake and begin to roll the cake in the towel. Let it sit until cool.

For filling

Ø Beat cream cheese, vanilla extract, and butter, when cheese has softened add in powdered sugar. To apply the filling to the cake carefully unroll the cake and spread the mixture onto the cake once this is done re-roll the cake. Add leftover mixture to the ends, if desired.

Brought to you by:             Cool Man

                                Thrills of Autumn


Third season of the year. Leaves rot, atmosphere is bleak, and there’s that one distinctive day, end of the month, that permits you to experience tooth-decaying nourishment through creative and tremendous fashion.

Rather than departing out onward forth the ‘Tricks and Treats,’ what else is  neat?

There’s plenty:

Tend a pumpkin. Carve, sculpt, engrave; Undergo the guts. After piercing, add some radiance. Then sufficiently amongst you, is a Jack O’ Lantern.

In a diminish elderly tone: Knit a sweater, purchase scented candles, lounge to thematic spooky films while the kettle boils.

Attend to some grand attractions. Ever been in a cornfield? There’s a great corn maze out of town east. How about haunted houses? Instead, maybe, be the host of one’s so.

Decorate: Attach webs, plant tombstones, use blood, limbs, fog machines, eerie audios, skeletons, the undead, spirits, demons, witches, ghouls, scarecrows, arachnids, felines, dolls, life-like figures from flicks. Construct a bloodcurdling setting by manufacturing an astounding ambience of horrific amenities.

Prepare festive desserts. Bake cupcakes by using the colours of the season as the frostings, such as orange, purple, black, perhaps also even green.

Roast marshmallows. Compose S’mores.


Consume apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, or spiced cinnamon tea.


Eat candy apples. Maybe not just the traditional flavor (caramel,) but spice it up and add more. Use candy upon the apple, Rice Krispies Treats, cereal, chocolate, or different kinds of apples: red, green, yellow.

Bake or buy pumpkin pie. Not traditional or fond of so? There’s also cream pie, pecan, apple, key lime, lemon meringue, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, peach, potato, and just cheesecake.

How’s your fashion sense? Express yourself on Halloween. Wear the scariest thing or use things around the house if you can’t purchase a costume. Not into that lifestyle; Dress Fall-like.

 For Men:                                                               For Women:

 Long Sleeved T-Shirts                                        Sweaters

 Henleys                                                            Long Brown Boots

 Button Shirts                                                     Tight Blue Jeans

 Waistcoats                                                          Ankle Boots

  Flannels                                                               Buckle Boots

 Sweaters                                                                 Cashmere




Binge the acclaimed festive film Halloween. If it's not your cup-of-tea, then check-out these family-friendly films…

Fall Movies:

Hocus Pocus

It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Nightmare before Christmas


The Addams Family

Monster House

Fun Size (PG-13)


Home Alone

Charlotte’s Web

Scary Movies to watch on Netflix

1. Veronica -During a solar eclipse Veronica and her friends try to summon her father with a Quija board. When things go wrong and Veronica becomes unconscious, she and her friends are aware that they have summoned evil spirits.

2. Hush -A deaf writer who moved into the woods to live a solitary life is unaware of the person creeping in her window, finally when she discovers him creeping, she has to fight for her life when she struggles to call the authorities.

3. The Conjuring -Two paranormal specialist is sent the home of Carolyn and Roger Peron after they reportedly are dealing with demonic/paranormal activity. When the specialist go down the Peron household they discover they are dealing with a very strong evil.

4. Insidious -Two parents are terrified when it seems like their new home is haunted. When they think they are just imagining things their son goes into a coma, but his mother and grandmother think it has to deal with the demonic events they have been having. They fight to get their son back.

5. As Above So Below -An archeologist has devoted her whole life to continue her fathers work to find Flamel's Philosopher's Stone. When she finds a break in her career, she drags friends into an underground tunnel. Just when they think they have found the stone her friends get greedy and attempt to take historical treasure they get trapped and are in an evil parallel universe to the tunnel. Their only goal is to escape.

6. Cult of Chucky -Just when Nica think she has escaped Chucky because she is in an asylum, she discovers that her niece is now deceased and her nieces “caretaker” comes to visit Nica and leaves a special gift, Chucky. As Chucky kills and adds to his cult Nica’s goal is to escape him once more.

7. Bird Box -Although Bird Box isn’t really a scary movie it should be added to the list for all those people who aren’t big fans of scary movies. Bird Box is about a mysterious force that causes the population to decrease. This strange force forces people to commit suicide. A mother and a few others try to find sanctuary to escape the strange force, the only problem is they can’t look or else they strange force will infect them also.

FALL Face Mask

Pumpkin-Sweet Potato Mask

1. 1 tbsp of pumpkin (Canned pumpkin is perfectly fine just make sure that it is 100% pumpkin and NOT pumpkin filling)

2. 1 tbsp of MASHED sweet potatoes

3. 1 tsp honey

4. 1 tsp of Greek yogurt (full fat)

5. A pinch of Turmeric

Instructions: First mix all the ingredients into a bowl. Then, if desired, you can put mask in the fridge to make your skin feel refreshed. Next apply mask to your face and neck with your fingers over sink. Now let the mask sit for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and then finally, immediately, follow up with moisturizer.

Pomegranate-Clay Mask

1. 1 tbsp of clay

2. 1 tsp of honey

3. 1-2 tbsp of pomegranate juice

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients into a bowl. Next apply the mask using your fingers or a brush (Do NOT apply the mask using a metal spoon. The metal will affect the clay mixture). Let sit for 10-15 minutes, or until clay is dry. Rinse with warm water and then immediately follow up with moisturizer.

Side Note: If you have dry or sensitive skin, or simply don’t have clay, you can substitute with Greek yogurt.

Cranberry-Sugar Body Scrub

1. ½ cup whole fresh or frozen cranberries

2. 1 cup brown sugar

3. ¼ cup coconut or jojoba oil

4. For scent add 5-7 of your choice of essential oils

Instructions: BLEND all of the cranberries. Next transfer to a bowl. Then mix in sugar and oil until paste like consistency. Finally use on your body in shower/bath

Deming High School Supports



Top 5 Apps for School

Occasionally here and there, there is a situation when we’ll need a little bit of help. We have technology so why not use it to our advantage, so here are my top 5 apps for school.


1. Microsoft Outlook – This app can be connected to your school email to ensure that you receive important details for your class or that your wright your peers or educators back. As soon as someone emails you the app will send you a notification. The app also has a calendar to keep track of assignment and important dates.


2. Campus Student – Campus Student is an app that will give you updates on your grades. When a teacher inputs grades the app will inform you of what the teacher has just inputted. With this app you can also access your school schedule and you can even look at when a certain assignment will be due.



3. Forest – Forest is an app that makes sure you stay on task when you studying or working on schoolwork. You input the amount of time you would like to study or work for, and forest will plant a tree as soon as you start the time. If you try to leave the app and get off task, then forest will notify you to go back to the app before your tree dies. If you ignore the notification then, of course, your tree will die. This app will inspire you to study and grow as many trees as possible.


4. Microsoft Office Lens – This app is a document scanner. The app will scan your paper and turn it into a pdf. This app helps organize school papers and ensures that you don’t lose them. You can easily access all your scanned papers with the app or gallery.


5. Quizlet – Want to be prepared for that exam that’s coming up? Then this app is right for you. This app will find flashcards about any topic. Let’s say you have a Math exam next week and you need to study. Quizlet will find a math flashcard set based on what you need to study. All you must do is search for your specific topic in the app. Quizlet even has practice tests. I promise you that you’ll ace that exam.

We’re all getting to that age or are already to the age where Trick or Treating is a child holiday. So, here are some ways to spend the day instead of Trick or Treating and still enjoy yourself (Maybe gain a few pounds cause of the candy)

1. Here’s the truth, all of these people spend all kinds of dollars on Halloween costumes when all they are going to do is go door to door asking for candy, but instead of spending all of these dollar bills on a costume you could really just buy a large bag of candy that only cost $ 5-10 dollars and have it all to yourself. ENJOY!

2. Something you could do with your large bag of candy is have a scary movie night with you and your friends. Even without the candy you could buy popcorn and drinks for you and your friends to enjoy while your watching a scary movie. There are plenty of movie providers to watch that skin chilling movie like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, or Vudu. Most of the movie providers aren’t free so to solve your problem there is a website called This website will let you watch any movie for free. If you already have Netflix here in the Lifestyle section, there is a Netflix scary movie recommendation.

3. If you like Trick or Treating because of the costumes and because you get to dress up, then you can always wear your costume to school. If not I’m sure you have social media, no one is stopping you from posting that impressive costume.

4. You’ve been Trick or Treating for years yeah, your getting old. So why not give to this little kid and make a haunted house. Sure, it will take a lot of time and effort, but it will all be worth it when you see those little faces scared.

Here are my recommendations on what to do on Halloween besides Trick or Treating. Hope you enjoyed, don’t scar yourself with all of those scary movies and don’t get crash from all that candy.


When in Doubt Think it Out

Doubt is a mental state in which the mind remains suspended between two or more contradictory propositions, unable to assent to any of them. Doubt on an emotional level is indecision between belief and disbelief. It may involve uncertainty, distrust or lack of conviction on certain facts, actions, motives, or decisions. Doubt can result in delaying or rejecting relevant action out of concern for mistakes or missed opportunities.

The concept of doubt as a suspense between two contradictory propositions covers a range of phenomena: on a level of the mind it involves reasoning, examination of facts and evidence and on an emotional level believing and disbelieving

In premodern theology doubt was "the voice of an uncertain conscience" and important to realize, because when in doubt "the safer way is not to act at all".

Doubt sometimes tends to call on reason. Doubt may encourage people to hesitate before acting, and/or to apply more rigorous methods. Doubt may have particular-importance as leading towards disbelief or non-acceptance.

Politics, ethics and law, with decisions that often determine the course of individual life, place great importance on doubt, and often foster elaborate adversarial processes to carefully sort through all available evidence.

Societally, doubt creates an atmosphere of distrust, being accusatory in nature and de facto alleging either foolishness or deceit on the part of another. Such a stance has been fostered in Western European society since the Enlightenment, in opposition to tradition and authority.

How To De-Stress

Did you know stress kills brain cells and reduce the size of your brain? Yes, its true. Chronic stress reduces the size of the frontal cortex, the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and learning. We’ve all experienced stress at some point. Sometimes its from school or our personal life, but the stressors have the same effect on our mind and body, so here are some ways to destress.

1. Avoid Caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant found in tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and coffee. High doses of caffeine can increase anxiety.

2. Can’t focus because to much is on your mind? Then write it down. I guarantee, you’ll feel relieved and not overwhelmed. I would suggest you keep a journal on your nightstand that way every night you could write down your thoughts and you’ll be able to sleep without worrying about anything.

3. Chew gum. Chewing gum has scientifically been proven to cause similar brain waves to those who are relaxed and chewing gum promotes flow to the brain.

4. Most stressors are in your control, take control over the parts of your life that stress you out. Its okay to say no especially if you usually take on more than you can handle.

5. Don’t Procrastinate. Procrastination can be very stressful especially when you’re up at 3 a.m. working on an assignment that’s due the next day. Stay on top of your priorities and it will save you the headache.

6. Cuddle. Cuddling and kissing can help release oxytocin and lower cortisol. Positive physical contact can help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

7. Use soothing essential oils to help you relax and be stress free. Here are some of the most soothing and stress reliving oils:

a. Lavender

b. Rose

c. Vetiver

d. Bergamot

e. Roman chamomile

f. Neroli

g. Frankincense

h. Sandalwood

i. Orange

j. Eucalyptus

k. Tea Tree

8. Spend time with friends and family. One study found that women in particular, spending time with friends and children helps release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. Another study found that men and women with fewest social connections were more likely to be depressed or suffer from anxiety.

9. Finally, don’t forget to laugh. It’s very hard to feel stressed and anxious when smiling. A study among cancer patients found that the laughter intervention group experienced more stress relief than those who were simply distracted.

                                             Dia  De Los Muertos 

                                             By: Cool Man 

This holiday. I decided to write about it to learn more about such.  

It’s a Mexican holiday, first off, for an expanded three days starting the thirty-first. Location typically is in Central and South regions of Mexico. The heritage can be found anywhere. The significance is prayer and remembrance of those families who passed away. There are private altars called Ofrendas, used as a type of shrine to honor the relative. In the  Ofrendas, there is a picture, candles, decor, gifts, knickknacks and all such as part of the ritual. Used to welcome them spiritually. Commemoration.  

Its date was the ninth month in an Aztec calendar. It originates from pre-Columbian cultures. There’s this corresponding festivity called La Calavera Catrina.   Something about Lady of the Dead. 

If you believe hard enough, you can sense the presence of spirits of the dead. Deceased children,  angelitos, arrive on the first day. Second day the adults come. It’s called All Saints’ Day. Third is All Souls’ Day in which families go to decorate. The fiesta involves flower, bread, sugar skulls, fruits ‘n such.  

There’re movies that partake with this. The hippies with the talking dog were apart at some time, supposedly. The movie Coco. The Book of Life. (Neat films.) 

I love the Spanish snacks and drinks at these events. Such  as  pan   dulce,  tamales,  pupusa,  empanadas,  gorditas, enchiladas, calabacitas,  pan de muerto, champurrado, atole,  and horchata.    

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