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Tips and Tricks for High School

By Angel Jara

I'll admit high school is hard. You’re not going to pass your four years of high school education by doing nothing. A couple of times here and there we get lazy and don’t do our work, but here are some tips and tricks to help you get through high school and to keep you motivated. This informative article will be broken up into groups.

Study Tips-Studying for academics can take some time, so here are some tips and tricks to manage your study time.

· Keep your shoes on when you’re at home studying or working on your schoolwork. Keeping your shoes tricks your brain that the day isn’t over and your busy. When we usually get home, we take off our shoes and kick back and relax, so our brain associates no shoes with relaxation.

· Another way to trick your brain to work more productively at home is to not work on a bed or something that is asking for sleep. This reason is that our brain associates our bed with sleep. Your bed will tempt you to stop working and sleep.

· Here is a trick to read faster. If you want to read faster, then try chewing some gum. Chewing gum occupies your vocal cords and stops you from pronouncing words. Your brain will begin to focus in on the words.

· Don’t try to study for ten hours straight. Instead, break up your study session into 25-minute increments and in between each 25-minute increment take a 5-minute break. Take these 5- minutes to grab a snack or to use your phone.

Organization-Being a high school student can be very stressful and overwhelming. Organization can help dial down these overwhelming and stressful feelings. Here is some advice to stay organize or how to be organized.

· Have a planner or agenda. Having a planner or agenda can help you manage and keep track of all your class assignments. I wouldn’t recommend using your calendar or planner app on your phone because our phone tends to distract. A planner is very useful because a planner isn’t just a calendar it has note pages, check/to-do lists, password pages, and contact pages.

· Don’t forget to organize your afterschool schedule. This will ensure that you have time for everything in your day and that you take care of your schoolwork.

Health-Your health plays a big part in school. Here are some tips to improve your health.

· Sleep is very important. If we don’t get enough sleep then, of course, we will be very tired throughout the day. If you are not sleeping, identify the reason why you’re not sleeping. If this reason were to be your phone, then maybe before bed put your phone on airplane or do not disturb mode. This will eliminate social media as a distraction.

· Try waking up early. Waking up early can benefit your health extremely because you’ll have time to eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it is what gives us energy for the morning. You can even take this extra time in the morning to finish up your schoolwork. You even have time to pick out that perfect outfit for the day. Did you know waking up early can help your skin?

Motivation-How are you going to push yourself throughout the school year? Here is some guidance to help you push through the school year.

· Ask yourself from being here at school what will benefit my future? All the classes you have served a purpose. Your electives should be like your hobbies or your interests.

· If you don’t know how the school will benefit your future, then maybe think of who you are trying to make proud by giving it your all. Is it yourself, mother, father, maybe your girlfriend or boyfriend?

· If you don’t really like a class, then try interpreting all your favorite things into that class. For example, if my favorite color is purple then I will try to get some purple notebooks for that class because purple is one of my favorite things, but that class isn’t so I made it a little bit better by adding something I love.

Stress Relieving Tricks-School can be very stressful. Here are some tricks to get rid of all that stress.

· Try taking a relaxing warm bath. A warm bath will soothe you. Try adding a bath bomb for maximum relaxation mode.

· It won’t hurt to lay in bed and watch a little bit of Netflix. Just don’t get too lazy.

· Try hanging out with friends. You’ll be too busy catching up on the gossip that all that stress won’t be on your mind.

· Don’t be a drama llama. Save you the headache.


Here are some tips and tricks to improve your high school experience. I recommend that you apply at least one of these tips/tricks to better prepare yourself for high school. Thank you for reading this article, I hope these tips will help you out.

Spongebob Horoscopes

By Gabriel Franco

Taurus-Gary; stubborn, passive, practical, responsible

Gemini-Paramedic Twins; gentle, shy, smart, hate being alone

Cancer-Mr. Krabs; persuasive, manipulative, moody, hates criticism

Leo-Flying Dutchman; arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, blunt

Virgo-Fred; sympathetic, picky, anti-social, hates asking for help

Libra- Mrs. Puff; cooperative, diplomatic, social, self-pity

Aquarius-Sandy; independent, progressive, innovated, stubborn

Pisces-Kelpy G; compassionate, artistic, hates reality, musical

Aries-SpongeBob; determined, confident, impulsive, hates being held back

Sagittarius-Patrick; childish, blunt, impatient, social

Capricorn-Plankton; self-centered, stubborn, emotional, jealous

Scorpio-Karen; creative, loves attention, independent, great with technology


Top 5 Apps for School

By: Angel Jara

Occasionally here and there, there is a situation when we’ll need a little bit of help. We have technology so why not use it to our advantage, so here are my top 5 apps for school.


1. Microsoft Outlook – This app can be connected to your school email to ensure that you receive important details for your class or that your wright your peers or educators back. As soon as someone emails you the app will send you a notification. The app also has a calendar to keep track of assignment and important dates.


2. Campus Student – Campus Student is an app that will give you updates on your grades. When a teacher inputs grades the app will inform you of what the teacher has just inputted. With this app you can also access your school schedule and you can even look at when a certain assignment will be due.



3. Forest – Forest is an app that makes sure you stay on task when you studying or working on schoolwork. You input the amount of time you would like to study or work for, and forest will plant a tree as soon as you start the time. If you try to leave the app and get off task, then forest will notify you to go back to the app before your tree dies. If you ignore the notification then, of course, your tree will die. This app will inspire you to study and grow as many trees as possible.


4. Microsoft Office Lens – This app is a document scanner. The app will scan your paper and turn it into a pdf. This app helps organize school papers and ensures that you don’t lose them. You can easily access all your scanned papers with the app or gallery.


5. Quizlet – Want to be prepared for that exam that’s coming up? Then this app is right for you. This app will find flashcards about any topic. Let’s say you have a Math exam next week and you need to study. Quizlet will find a math flashcard set based on what you need to study. All you must do is search for your specific topic in the app. Quizlet even has practice tests. I promise you that you’ll ace that exam.


Everywhere we look we see people with stickers on their laptop or hydro flask, but you’re probably wondering, where did they get their stickers? We’ll it's not hard to find stickers online but you may also struggle with price. Usually, stickers can be overpriced, I mean it’s just a sticky piece of paper, so listed below are some funny and stylish stickers that are at a reasonable price.

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The NBA’s “Kicks’ King” PJ Tucker agrees to multi-year shoe deal with the famous sports fashion company Nike.

Written by Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

Many speculated during the 2019 summer whether PJ Tucker was going to renew his shoe deal with the brand Nike or would agree with another main brand. PJ Tucker, a 35 year-old NBA player who currently plays Power Forward for the Houston Rockets, knowns as the “Sneaker King” among NBA players, was one of the most intriguing shoe deal free agents. On November the 26th 2019, PJ Tucker made his shoe deal with the famous American shoe company Nike. PJ Tucker joins a brand that features many of the NBA’s premier players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Paul George among others.

According to Sports reporter Jarrel Harris from Sports Illustrated, who was one of the first to report the news after Tucker announced the Deal on Uninterrupted, “Tucker tole The Crossover earlier this month the factors that would go into his decision: “More than anything, it is just the fit. Something that makes sense. I want to be able to be me but at the same time, I want to create some fun stuff that I want to wear and be with a company that is with me and pushes me to do that as well. There is a lot of different things that goes into that.”

He also dived into every brand he was considering from Nike, Puma, Adidas to Reebok:

“Everybody honestly. Everybody is doing a great job at trying to get their brands going and they all have different ways of getting that across. With all of the collaborations people are doing with the different models people are coming out with like Puma where they only had one basketball shoe last year and now they have three or four. They have bunch of stuff in the pipelines and they do a bunch of stuff with their clothes. Everyone got so much going on, it’s so crazy. Honestly like literally every one of them” (Harris).

Nike’s shoe extension just got better with Tucker’s acquisition. It will be very interesting to see PJ Tucker’s new signature line, especially after being known for his impeccable sense of shoes fashion and that can bring the best out of the up-and-coming shoe market.


Harris, J. (2019, Nov 27). Sports Illustarted Online Magazine. Retrieved Dec 7, 2019, from Sports

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