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Myka Trevizo

“I get my outfit ideas from pinterest!”—Myka Trevizo

Alizae Gonzales

“I don’t really have a “fashion inspiration” I see girls on social media and get ideas for outfits from there, but I usually just go with my own style and whatever i feel looks good on me.”—Alizae Gonzales

Mattilyn Wiseman

“Ive been watching the Marvelous Mrs Maisel and I cant get over her style. I felt 50s inspired today.” —Mattilyn Wiseman

Gabrielle Cardenas

“Jessie James Decker has been my fashion inspiration! She’s the one that inspires most of my outfits and to even dying my hair blonde! I have always looked up to her!”—Gabrielle Cardenas

Valerie Lopez

Inspired by comfort and her big sis at UNM.


New age Hip Hop Rap mash up.

Brianna Cunningham

“When i go shopping i get light colored clothes to kinda match my personality. It sounds weird but to see a very cheerful and peppy person wearing all black would be weird.”—Brianna Cunningham

Kiara Gomez

“My fashion Inspo would be Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid.”—Kiara Cardoza

James Jimenez_edited

“The influence for my outfit today is G Eazy.”—James Jimenez

Aly Esmeralda

“Mi inspiración es mi propio estilo.”—Aly Esmeralda

Garrett Borden

“I was going for 80s breakfast club but i kinda got 50s biker gang.”—Garrett Borden

Landri Zumwalt

“My fashion inspo would have to be my sister. Me and her always help each other choose our outfits.”—Landri Zumwalt

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