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Heart with Wings

Student Council Visits the State Capitol

Student Council officers from Deming High School and Early College High School visited Santa Fe this past January. Students attended a Speaker's Academy where they spoke before a panel of Representatives. Students discussed a bill that dealt with ex-felon's voting rights. 

Students were also able to speak to Governor Lujan-Grisham about priorities they think the Governor should focus on concerning education. 


Photos by David Monjaras

State Leadership Conference

Student Council leaders will attend the Explore Your Leadership Conference in Farmington on February 13th -16th.

Junior, Ahmed Alsheikh will run for a State leadership position. 

Children's Project

Student Council members spent a day at Bell Elementary School mentoring students. They watched a movie, made crafts and goodie bags. 


Sadie's Proposals

Freshman class hosted the annual Sadie Hawkins dance at the Fairgrounds. As per tradition, girls have the opportunity to ask boys to the western themed dance. Check out some of our favorite proposals.

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