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Prom 2019
Masked Ball

Ticket Prices: $25.00 if you purchase the tickets early and $30 at the door

GPA: 2.0 or higher. If you have lower than a 2.0 go see Mr. Chavez for more information.

Info: There is no V.I.P section

Out of Town Guests: April 10th deadline to get approval from Mr. Chavez

You will need your student I.D. to enter. 

Masks may not be worn until after you enter the Learning Center.

April 13th

Learning Center


Buzz Free Prom

Who: All Juniors and Seniors are invited. Only sophomores attending or working prom may enter. You will get your wrist band at prom for entry. Freshmen cannot attend.

       Juniors and Seniors who do not attend prom are invited, you must have a student I.D. to enter.

            Where: Starmax. Doors open at 11:00 p.m. at back entrance. Doors close at 12:30 a.m. Event ends at 3:00 a.m.

            What: Enjoy free bowling, karaoke, movies and food. Prizes begin at 2:30 a.m. $4,000 worth of computers, tablets, T.V.’s, etc.! You may not re-enter if you leave.

Prom Proposal Ideas -By Dee Padron

As soon as school dances are coming up, the proposals start popping up on social media. As cute as they are, it’s always more stressful for prom. It may be your senior year and the last time you’re asking someone to a high school dance. Or you might be asking a senior and you’re worried their last prom proposal isn’t going to be good enough for them. Here are some ideas for you to help with your planning. Have a safe and amazing prom 😊.

Here’s an idea for you if you’re stuck in the friend zone with your crush. You never know if that slow dance will change your relationship status.




Remember, girls like sweets!




In case you and your partner have tons of memories together that will make a perfect outline for the question.

What a great way to POP the question 😉.

(I know that was bad)




I mean, I guess, if you want to be cute about it.









If you’re girl likes makeup, this promposal is the way to her heart.


Student Council State Report


By Colton Villegas

Deming High School’s Student Council went to the New Mexico Association of Student Councils (NMASC) 2019 State Conference in Farmington, New Mexico. The first day before we started to Explore are leadership we decide to explore the Aztec ruins. Then at State where we boosted our leadership skills, elected new state officers, had a chance to win different awards, and showed off our school spirt. It was an amazing year for our council in all aspects.

One of our students, Ahmad Alsheikh, ran for the NMASC 2nd Vice President. He had 3 days of campaigning and getting to know people before we voted for the candidates. In these 3 day he had to do a 3-minute speech in front of over 60 different councils from different schools across the state. On our last day, after much anticipation, it was announced that Ahmad won and will now represent DHS and the southwest district at State-level events. We are so proud!

We also had a chance to earn different awards for different events and projects we conducted. We submitted a state project board that focused on children, a Student Council of the Year binder, and a Scrapbook that we worked on year-round. Although we did not place for our Children’s Project and Scrapbook, we were still proud of the effort we put forth. However, we placed for the Student Council of the Year award and won the Gold plaque.

We met up with our Southwest district and volunteered to host the 2019-2020 District Conference in October at Deming High School.

Unfortunately, our adventure had to end on February 16th and we came back to Deming High School ready to make a change and continue exploring our leadership.

Student Council Visits the State Capitol

Student Council officers from Deming High School and Early College High School visited Santa Fe this past January. Students attended a Speaker's Academy where they spoke before a panel of Representatives. Students discussed a bill that dealt with ex-felon's voting rights. 

Students were also able to speak to Governor Lujan-Grisham about priorities they think the Governor should focus on concerning education. 


Photos by David Monjaras

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