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Red Ribbon Week


Wednesday October 24

            Wear RED today to show your pledge for a healthy lifestyle!


Thursday October 25

Don’t get “tied” up in bad choices. Wear a TIE today pledging to make good choices for a healthy lifestyle.


Friday October 26

Be a leader who gives drugs the “boot.” Wear BOOTS today showing that you’ll kick peer pressure to the curb!


Monday October 29

Make good choices and “sock” it to drugs and toxicity! Wear CRAZY SOCKS showing that you aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself.


Tuesday October 30

Shade out drugs and peer pressure. Wear SUNGLASSES today to shade out the negative and focus on positive choices for a bright future.

·        Sunglasses should not be worn during instructional hours as per dress code.


Wednesday October 31 – HALLOWEEN!

            Wear your Halloween costume to BOO the haters away! Costume contest at lunch!!!

Homecoming Court





Eating Contest

Meme Monday

Broadcaster LIVE


Dodge Ball


Broadcaster LIVE



Students were judged on Participation, Creativity, Audience Reaction, Execution and Theme. Seniors pulled off the win by one point due to the large Senior turn out. 

All class meetings are held on Tuesdays during lunch (4A for freshmen and 4B for the upper classmen)


Freshman class meeting:

Location: Room 723

Sponsor: Mr. Libby


Sophomore class meeting:

Location: Room 703

Sponsor: Mrs. Sanchez


Junior class meeting: 

Location: Room 905

Sponsor: Mrs. Simmons


Senior class meeting:

Location: New campus gym

Sponsor: Mrs. Munoz