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Student Council


Eating Contest

Meme Monday

Broadcaster LIVE

Broadcaster LIVE


Dodge Ball


Broadcaster LIVE



Students were judged on Participation, Creativity, Audience Reaction, Execution and Theme. Seniors pulled off the win by one point due to the large Senior turn out. 


All class meetings are held on Tuesdays during lunch (4A for freshmen and 4B for the upper classmen)


Freshman class meeting:

Location: Room 723

Sponsor: Mr. Libby


Sophomore class meeting:

Location: Room 703

Sponsor: Mrs. Sanchez


Junior class meeting: 

Location: Room 905

Sponsor: Mrs. Simmons


Senior class meeting:

Location: New campus gym

Sponsor: Mrs. Munoz

Class Meetings 

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Class officers

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Summer Leadership Conference

student council.jpg

By Colton Villegas


Summer conference was a ton of fun! The these was Road trip to Leadership. Every day was a journey and we had a non-stop learning experience. A'rick Jackson was one of the main public speakers that lead us though our road trip. We met so many new people (leaders) and within days we had created a family.  We were put in to groups none of Deming High School had the same group. So we were put to compete against each other. So everybody in their group learned how to work with people who were once complete strangers. There were several competitions like, Creating a Banner, a Mascot, Skits, Spirit Competitions, Ect..


> What We Learned. 


How to be 110%  which means be yourself .


6 Human needs

> Love 


How to show positive body language ( and how to read body language) 


How people put up walls.


Learn to be more social. 


How to work outside our comfort zone.


People who attended.


Gabriel Reza 


Ferno Milo 


Ahmad Alshekih 


Shannah Rudiger


Chloe Johnson 

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