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The Sunburst is a collection of short stories, vignettes, poems, and creative expression.

I Will Come Again My Love

It was like the sun was kissing the earth goodbye

As the night dawned on

“I will come again my love”

The moon pushing the day away

The clouds changing color to show their sorrow

“I will come again my love”

As the last light touches the edge of the mountains

Then it is gone


 Then all at once

“I will come again my love”

The night cares just as much for the earth

But it knows that the earth cannot be without the sun

So it leaves

And lets the sun come back

“I am here my love”

-by Katelyn Seats

The Dance

By Crystal Penix


Write a story

Sing the song

Dance the dance

But something’s wrong


Sing when happy

Laugh when mad

Dance the dance

Smile though your sad


Laugh with me

Sing the song

Dance the dance

Still something’s wrong


Look at me

Do I smile?

Dance the dance

Can you stay awhile?


World’s gone dark

My voice’s gone

Dance the dance

Where’s the song?


Where’s my song?

Where’s the story?

Dance the dance

I’m sorry


My song’s gone

Yet music plays

Dance the dance

Please stay


I can’t sing

Inside I die

Dance the dance

Why can’t I cry?


Forget the song

Forget the story

Dance the dance

Now there is no story


Look at me

See my mask?

Dance the dance

Fix what’s wrong


Together we write

Together we sing

Dance the dance

Watch as I fade away



17 Poems by Milinda Wertz


Why do I always fall so fast?

While my heart’s still in a cast?

My head starts spinning,

My heart, you’re winning,

Until someone reveals your past.



How can I tell a secret?

When I know you’ll never keep it?

I know I’ll talk anyway

And you will spread away

Knowing my trust will only deepen


“Those Days”

Thinking back to those days,

Of how you must always have your way

I’d just sit back and smile

And I’d blush for a while

When you look I would turn away


Chills crawl up my spine of how I will miss,

my name coming from your lips

 even if those days are gone,

 My memoires still add on,

Of how my heart is in a twist


Words I wish would go down the drain

Are forever stuck inside my brain

I know deep down you care,

And since then, I am aware,

Of my heart that remains 


My love – you can of course dodge

You might even use camouflage

But I’ve made up my mind

Your love I shall find

Even if this might be a mirage


“You’re in my mind”

Someone warm and strong and kind

So long, I held this in my mind

I’d almost forgone…

But you’re the one

The one I thought, I’d never find. 

“My heart beats”

My heart beats, like an ticking bomb,

I know one day I’ll explode and be gone

because you glanced at me

With that gosh darn smile

And I’ll end up right in your palms.

“Flushing Red”

I remember when I first saw you

Your goofy smile, you were laughing

The sun kissing your skin

I remember how I felt to begin,

My cheeks flushing and heart pounding


I don’t regret feeling this way about you

I regret feeling this way now

Since now that you love,

some other dove,

I fear to tell you what I know.

“I love You”

So many ways I can say ‘I love you’

Ik hou van jou,

Tá grá agam duit

Yet to you I can’t say it

In fear that you would bid me adieu


“The very start”

I’ve known since the very start,

That you’ve captured my heart,

I’d made room for some

But now you’ve become,

Someone that I cannot part.


“First Dance”

It was a glance, you caught my heart

We danced, together then apart

holding my hand, I pulled away

I had to go with no delay

Even though I did wish not to part 

“Will I see you again?”

My heart longed to go

To step forward and say hello

my mind prevents me

and I’m never free

to tell you what I really know


My heart begged for its master,

to ask the question and get the answer

I would love to reveal

That what I feel is real

But my cowardice is still stronger.


I wonder if, another day

 I would travel this same lane

Would I still be able,

to step up to the table,

and break my cowardly chain?


My love for you will stay the same

Never will I forget your name.

I know you’re there

But my world is so bare

Yet I still back away in shame


“Miles apart"

I loved you then and I love you now

It’s always when and never how

Even though we are miles apart

You are never far from my heart

Because you set my mind aglow



No action or feat could express

That without you, my life is a mess

No words could ever tell

Of how my love will swell,

when I see you, I would stress




You’re a hurricane, that shook my life,

And tore my walls down with a knife

But I welcomed you

With open arms, true.

And when I’m with you, I feel alive.

Limericks of Love 

♥competition winners♥

First Place

Unrequited Love

His eyes sparkle in the light.

This feeling I cannot fight.

My heart beats fast;

He leaves me aghast.

He is my light.


I fear we are not meant to be;

My love he does not see.

He is with another;

I think he loves her.

I wish he loved me.


I have loved him for many a year;

As friends we have been near.

He knows me

 And I know he,

Grown as friends over the years.


Together we have laughed;

Together we’ve cried.

Love never old,

But I’ve never told.

Why haven’t I tried?


Even if it’s not meant to be,

Even if he doesn’t love me,

I won’t despair.

If he doesn’t care,

I’ll be there if he needs me.

~Crystal Penix

Second Place


Early morning shining light,

Her smile widened, ever bright.

Everlasting bliss,

Never can be missed,

In the eyes of love’s delight.

~Antoni Varela

Fourth Place


The Joy of Love

They say love is a beautiful thing,

Because of the joy it can bring.

It brings you to me

And together we’ll be

Two hearts forever rejoicing…

~Anabel Franco

Third Place


My head grew heavy and hot.

I searched for words and found naught.

To say “I love you, too”

Was the right thing to do,

But, in my dumbfounded state, I could not.


I stared at the hurt on his face.

My steps, I wished I could retrace!

But as he turned to go,

I caught him just so –

And a kiss on his lips I did place!


Honorable Mention:


When I look at you I see the sun.

Let me be your moon, let me be your one.

I’m addicted to your light;

Come let’s get lost in the night,

Can’t you see that you are my loved one?

~Ximena Marquez

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