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Limericks of Love Winners

1st place

Star of the Night


When I saw you there that dark night

Your eyes, like the stars, were so bright

They couldn’t compare

To the stars up there

And I fell in love at first sight


~ Valerie Munoz

3rd place

The Nature of Love

A feeling that roams through the air It wanders like it’s everywhere Not like a cold breeze On a summer’s eve But a gentle wind through your hair


~Valerie Munoz

2nd place

Beautiful Chaos


This chaos you caused in my head

So confusing its left unread

This poem is to you

Is all I can do

Still, there is so much more unsaid


~Melody Ruebush

4th Place

She’s just a friend

I want her to be my best friend

But this may be a dead end

She may not be mine

And I am out of time

So maybe I’ll just say, the end


~ Raven Mesa

Honorable Mentions


Immature Love

You are my most favorite thing

So come and we’ll rock like a swing

We’re so immature

Yet our love is pure

So let’s see what this love will bring

~ Mia Tuitice

My love you are a dream come true

With you my gray skies turn to blue

You brought me sunshine

I thank god you’re mine

It’s us forever through and through

~ Tatumn O’Toole

Forever & Whenever

Our friendship will last forever

I will support you whenever

No one can replace

The bright, special place

You hold my heart forever

~ Brianna Almanza



Like you, there could not exist two

No words could express

You make me feel blessed

How I love and appreciate you

~ Brianna Almanza

Lost Love

Since the last day the sky cried

My dear heart has crumbled and dried

My love is now gone

And through the dawn

You said things but you only lied

~ Emily Montes


Love can be a beautiful thing

Might even make you want to sing

My love is too strong

Let it not go wrong

I will love you all through spring

~ Mia Tuitice

Love Notes

Flowers and silly love notes

Goofy cards and cute quotes

Our love is worthwhile

He cracks a smile

Chocolates and telling jokes


~ Danielle Rodriguez

Ella mi màs grande inspiraciòn

Que dibujo con mi crayon

Es tan precisa

Siempre con una sonnsa

Finalmente mi major ilustralciòn


~ Karen Castillo


I love you from head to toe,

I love how your skin can shine and glow,

I love how your eyes shine,

With your personality so sweet and kind,

I love your hair so soft and nice,

And your eyes as blue as ice,

You’re nice and cool and smart,

And you are like a work of art


~ Sophie Gallegos (5th Grader)


Eyes brown like the mud in his swamp

Yellow teeth that he eats with, chomp

Beautiful body

Look, what a hottie

Shrek the ogre is all I want


~ Anonymous (Acey Hokit)

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