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Eye on the Pie

I like pizza in the night.

I like pizza cause it’s alright.

I’d die for the cheesy bread inside.

For the grease I do abide

For this pizza I would fight


Oh there’s my pizza, it’s arrived!

This is all for I have strived

I hand the money to the guy

The only reason I’ve survived


If I didn’t have it I would die

To you I could not lie

For this pizza the sun has shone

I do not want to live alone

My dearest pizza guy!


Your eyes gleam in the light

This pizza is more than just alright!

I’d die for more than just this bread

For something in my revelations, I just have shed!

All I have is him in my sight!

-Guadalupe Sanchez

Although our love is forbidden.

Deep in my heart it is written.

Two birds in cages.

We are courageous.

Our love will never be hidden.

Jose Gandarilla

Perfect Plum Love

You act like such a turd

These words are so absurd

Is this thing called romance?

Oh boy give me a chance

My heart you have conquered


You are my favorite

Nothing could ever change it

This is no one night stand

Together hand in hand

I hope we never split


We don’t talk as much

I think this is a crush

I don’t need no gold

Just your hand to hold

With such a loving touch


Friends we have become

At times you act dumb

“I love you” I said

A love soon was led

A love so plum

-Pilar Sanchez

A girl thought she had fallen in love.

Her heart felt as light as a dove.

She gave him her heart.

But he tore it apart.

So, he went down a cliff with a shove.

Jessalyn Olivas

Stop Disregarding My feelings, because it is Rude.

I am at lost for words.

The way you leave me feeling is absurd.

Is its okay to feel this way?

When we speak you take my breath away.

Every aspect I think of you is adored.


Why must I continue to complicate my emotions

I suppose I must stop my frantic notions.

I cannot prevent my commitment for you.

If I could I’d look at things in a different view.

I apologize if I have caused such a love-sick commotion.


When I see you, it is like I’m dreaming.

I am a just sea of feelings.

An emocean.

I wish I had two ibuprofens.

So, I can begin emotionally healing.

Amy Aguilar

He is always so far,

That’s why in the night we focus on one star,

I just cannot wait to hear voice.

When I do my eyes rejoice.

He left my heart with a scar.

Adriana Darrow

Your smile is beautiful to me.

I would cross many great big seas.

Just to be with you.

And if you feel blue.

I’ll be there for you with your tea.

Alicia Peña

Smell of coffee in The Morning

Always will I wake up with you.

Making the morning a plus two.

Making memories.

Living centuries.

And you are as a dew.

Raven Mesa

Their love was as pure as a dove.

The love made them both rise above.

They did not lust.

That is not just.

They got married but out of love.

Ayelen Moreno

Dazzling Eyes

Those bright eyes caught my eyes tonight.

They were sparkling in the moonlight.

Wishing you were mine.

Felling on cloud nine.

This is not right, I’m sensing fright.

Jasmine Caballero

There is this girl we all know.

More beautiful than fresh fallen snow.

She is loving and kind,

Much better than fine.

She is one in a trillion or so.

Jesse Varela

When my sad heart still had faith.

It found its warmth in a mate.

But her heart rushed away.

Our paths parted that day.

And how I infer it too late.

Carlos Hultsch

What I’m trying to say not very clearly.

Darling, I do love you dearly.

Will you be mine,

For the rest of time.

I mean all of this quite sincerely.

Jesse Varela

Your love was fake

My heart you break

Your smiles lie

I say goodbye

At night I lay awake


You don’t reply

You think I spy

Your hugs were warm

In my mind you storm

Just slide, my DMs are dry


I watch you go

My dreams of a rose

You made me feel happy

Now empty inside

My love you lost


My heart you stole

I need to let you go

My heart you upset

But I guess love hurts

And I will learn

-Pilar Sanchez

A love that’s true

I love you with my stone-cold heart.

I’ve known I loved you from the start.

Long drives and late nights.

Make ups and dumb fights.

We won’t be apart.

Danielle Rodriguez

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