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The Knife of Never Putting Down

By Shannah Rudiger

Dystopian future books that fully immerse you to where you never want to put it down can be hard to come by. You always want a story that will keep you wanting more and more. A story that makes you wonder what will happen on the next chapter or page. The futuristic novel The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness tells an amazing story you won’t want to put down. It tells an entrancing story and does something unique that I’ve never seen before in a book. The plot of this book is one that is not easy to summarize without giving away too much, but I’ll give it my best shot.

The science fiction novel by Patrick Ness tells the story of Todd Hewitt, a 12-year-old boy who is about to become a man with in his small town, Prentisstown. He is the only boy in his town where all of the men have already turned 13 and so on, now Prentisstown and the world Todd lives on is known as the New World. As Todd has grown up in this town with is adoptive parents, Ben and Cillian, his entire town has told of the tales of the Spackle. The Spackle are the reason their town is so small, the Spackle are the ones Todd has always heard about, they are the ones who released the germ. The germ that killed all the women and more than half of the men, the same germ that made the Noise. The Noise is something you can’t get away from since the Noise makes you hear the thoughts of everyone. It is when Todd finds a hole in the Noise that things in his small town take a turn. Ben and Cillian fore Todd to leave with only a backpack filled with supplies and the dog he never wanted Manchee. There is something greater that Todd doesn’t know and it is up to him to figure it out before the town of Prentisstown get to him. He encounters many struggles and even something that shouldn’t exist, a girl. A girl named Viola, together they have to face the confusion of what really Prentisstown is and all the mysteries that lye in their way.

This book is brilliant, it does so many things that make you love it. It does and amazing job developing characters that you either hate or love. The character interaction doesn’t seem forced it is natural, it allows the characters to be real and someone you can relate to. In most books it sometimes feels like the characters are forced to be likeable and while reading this I didn’t feel that, they felt like normal even through their crazy adventure.

One of the best things this book does is through the Noise, the Noise that allows you to hear everyone’s thoughts. This is one of the most unique things I’ve seen in a book since the book is told through Todd’s eyes, you can be able to hear everyone’s thoughts. It is amazing since the Noise goes as far as hearing animal’s thoughts. Manchee, Todd’s loyal dog is one of the best characters since you can hear him something that I have not seen in a book. It makes it so much better. Overall this book is one I definitely recommend, it tells an amazing story that you won’t want to put down.

Happily Ever After 

By Shaelynn Plasters 


Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine; sometimes it is dark and stormy. During these times, you are being shaped into becoming a stronger person. You learn to survive. You learn your strengths and weaknesses. And when the storm passes and the sun comes out, you are a better you. The two girls in the picture were born into a storm with no say but they survived and soon enough the storm was over.

Shaelynn and Kiera, the two young girls in the image aside, did not find sunshine until they were adopted. In fact, their lives started rather different. As young children, they listened to their parent’s screams and fights on a daily basis. They remember being locked into their bedrooms and only coming out with their parents’ permission. If their parents felt like it, they would feed them but almost more than half the time if they were not locked in their room, it was Shaelynn who had to cook something. Cook? She cooked? Yes, Shaelynn started cooking at the age of five and of course it probably wasn’t good but food was food when you rarely got it. They never really met any of their family members as their parents would not allow it. Their parents weren’t really parents but they managed to survive.

After all that these two girls had gone through, in a sense, was actually preparing them for what was about to happen next. It almost prepared them to survive one of their worst days of their live. The day that they can both explain to you perfectly, if they were comfortable enough with you. The day their biological mother passed away. The day their birth father was taken to prison. The day the police took Shaelynn and Kiera to their aunt’s house. The day that their lives changed forever. However, with this life changing event, they did not understand that they would never see their mother again. She was gone and as 5 and 6-year old’s, they did not understand that so they waited and they waited. In that time, they were taken to foster care, where their lives changed once again.

A new city, a new family whom they have never met, a new school; it was scary. They were scared and confused. Everything was so different. They weren’t living in the city. They were now living on the outskirts of town on a farm. There were rules. They were fed food. They weren’t locked in their bedrooms. They had siblings and no neighbors. They were loved and they were cared for. For three years, they were in foster care with their loving parents who are also are in the picture above. In those three years, they learned to love and to be loved. They learned discipline and everything else a child should learn from their parents. They finally past the biggest storm of their live. They found their sunshine and their lives weren’t finished yet. It was soon to get even brighter; full of more sunshine. Full of more love and happiness. They were about to experience their happily ever after.

Adoption day! Shaelynn and Kiera are being adopted by their foster parents, Elaine and Brian. It was the best day of all four of their lives. The girls experienced true love as they watched their parents give up their retirement for them. They got to experience their second chance in life. Two girls that have wanted a family for so long, finally had that. A married couple that wanted two more kids, finally had that. All they have ever wanted, was here. The storm was over and their happily ever after had come at last.

I swear

I love

My Somalian Queens

they made it

out the mud


are exquisite like scenes.

They went thru so much you see

  A war in 92

.Swept most of them clean .

They escaped hard labor


wanted a clean slate .

So their kids

can appreciate hot food

on a clean plate

That’s when They decided

to come to the STATES


made it CLEAR

They wanted to stay the same .




they went through more pain,

Then their kids were learning different ways .



You’re moma keeps crying

“Ya Allah I Raised them without their dad”

She busts in the kitchen

spending the money she has

but you prefer mcdonalds and wendy wraps . She starts to lose her cool

when she sees her baby boy coming from jail and not school .




CAN you please pray to god,

bc you never know when your going to die

it can happen out the blue .


that’s strange ,

but she’s tryna keep you away from the shaytan;

THey’ll lead you astray .

shes just your moma

She just wants you

successful with commas.

-Safiya Sharif

I Will Come Again My Love

By Katelyn Seats

It was like the sun was kissing the earth goodbye

As the night dawned on

“I will come again my love”

The moon pushing the day away

The clouds changing color to show their sorrow

“I will come again my love”

As the last light touches the edge of the mountains

It was like the sun was kissing the earth goodbye

As the night dawned on

“I will come again my love”

The moon pushing the day away

The clouds changing color to show their sorrow

“I will come again my love”

As the last light touches the edge of the mountains

Then it is gone


Then all at once

“I will come again my love”

The night cares just as much for the earth

But it knows that the earth cannot be without the sun

So it leaves

And lets the sun come back

“I am here my love”


Then it is gone


Then all at once

“I will come again my love”

The night cares just as much for the earth

But it knows that the earth cannot be without the sun

So it leaves

And lets the sun come back

“I am here my love”

Dark Eyes Wide Open

By Lizbeth Gutierrez

I was driving, the lights of the cars blinding me the night darker than usual. The trees of the forest whispering my journey. I drive all night long looking for him, the only thing in my mind and what mattered for me the most. I felt sad, mad that I couldn’t help him. His past as dark as his eyes, full of violence, drugs his family left him when he was a kid. You can see all those things in the way he acts, how he talks, friendships, relationships. When I got the call, my heart dropped I wanted to scream, break everything I couldn’t handle this emotion they were too much for me. I drove for hours just to get where he was, his mother the same person was there crying like she cared about him. I rolled my teary eyes at her. When I finally saw him in that hospital bed all asleep, bruised, connected to all those machines to help him survive. I was used to seeing him smiling even in the worst times. I touched the glass, that was the closest that I was of him. I stayed all night, the doctors told me that they were doing everything they could, and I knew that they were but I needed him here with me smiling laughing like the old times.

A month past by I was still there I went to see him every day even though I couldn’t touch him. His mother left like the first time. A couple weeks passed by and I was finally able to be with him, touch him, I did his hair like when we were younger, he didn’t like to have his hair messy. I read books to him, he hated them but I thought if he could hear that someone was with him would wake up faster. I took care of him as well I could, I loved him even when he hurt me I was still loving him. I slept besides him when I felt a light tap in my shoulder. When I opened my eyes, I saw him his dark eyes open and smiling like he always was. I couldn’t believe it, he whispered me name and thanked me for being there with him. I wanted to hug him, but I was afraid of hurting him.

I woke up all the sudden and realized it was a dream, I was still there curled up in my chair with tears on my eyes wishing this whole dream was true, wishing he was still here. His brother called me, I went with him when I looked down it was him in that horrible casket, my heart was broken the love of my life there, I couldn’t believe that I was not able to tell him how I felt. I fell to the ground crying trying to wake up from this nightmare, I was dying inside I felt empty, broken, I was dead. Nothing was going to be the same again. My first love, the only true love that I had was gone.

~My Love For You~


If they were to ask

how much you mean to me,

I’d say the world

As I take a walk out in nature

The trees see me swaying and saying

I love you more than I love blueberries

And more than I love chocolate covered Strawberries

I can say we go together like the moon and stars

If this doesn’t tell you how much

Meaning you have in my life, then I don’t know

What will, if you happen

To pass by those trees at the park

By a pink bench, they will let you

Know, your meaning towards me.


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