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things that make you go


"accepting something as a matter of fact is 

understanding what you truly see"


What does it mean to have friends?

Does it mean you are very sociable?

Or that you are very approachable?

Do you have a lot of fun friends?

Or do you have just a few close ones?

Are you good at making friends?

Are you good at keeping friends?

Can you name your closest friend?

Can you name the friend that makes you laugh most?

What friend makes you want to dance?

Can your friends have a party with no music?

Can your friend land any joke?

Who is your best friend?

Do you have a best friend?

Are all your friends good people?

Do they look out for you as you do them?

Can you trust your friends?

Do they trust you?

Is it hard to make friends?

Is it hard to keep fiends?

Do you feel left out by your friends?

Do your friends forget about you?

Do your friends take advantage of you?

Are you not very approachable?

Is it hard to be social?

Are your friends always very distant?

Are your friends concerned with your emotions?

Do they see what you feel?

Can they see pain in your eyes even behind sunglasses? 

Do they understand that you are being torn apart from the inside out?

Do they see that no matter what you do you’re never happy?

Can they see your life crumbling g around you?

Do they see no way out?

What does it mean to have friends?

Have a Salad

What is wrong with the melting pot theory? Why shouldn’t America be all these different ethnicities mixed together into one solid mass. All the same shape, size, and color. A giant pot of cheese fondue that calls your name, only to fill you with a feeling of regret when your waistband becomes a corset by the end of the meal. The answer to these questions can be found in healthy eating. Let me explain, the melting pot theory should have never had to work. This idea that many different races can assimilate themselves into one singular mold is moronic and even discriminatory. The physicality and physiology of a black person, often times differs from say a white person, based on genealogy of course. There is no getting around the fact that people of Asian origin look different than people of Hispanic origin. Mannerisms between cultures differ as well. A Germanic family celebrates important events different than a Middle Eastern family. Considering that the United States, by international reputation, is comprised of many different ethnicities, would it not be fair to claim that all Americans in some way are different based on respective races? And could one then claim that the citizens of the United States should not mix together, but rather recognize the differences of those around them? So why compare all of this to eating healthy? Because the USA should claim itself a salad rather than a giant fondue pot. Because in a salad all ingredients are expected to maintain their own color and flavor. Working together to develop both a dish that is visually appealing and great tasting. A melting pot is by definition, a device of identity destruction. No matter which way you slice the pie *no food pun intended* a salad will always be better for you than a pot of cheese fondue.

State of the Union Address


Was the State of the Union Address a publicity stunt, filled with over dramatized personal stories? Was our president in it for the standing ovations? Did he address the state of our union? 


Why were the democrats reluctant to stand along side the republicans in ovation to Trump’s message? Was it their haste towards the opposing party? Or possibly their abrasion against his current and future policies? Should all parties stand in support of our national leaders? 


What’s the personal aspect of the Address warranted? Did praising military and local heroes bring a positive and more appreciative atmosphere to a tense chamber?


Can we trust Trump? Will he deliver on his promises? Is he too radical with his public views and expression? Does America need a Chief Executive who sees no boundaries in political conversation? Will someone who capitalizes on self glorification in turn glorify the United States of America? Will he bring greatness back to our name?

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