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Valentine’s day makeup ideas
By Dee Padron

Valentine’s day is a very romantic holiday filled with gifts and dates. The pressure of making February 14th unforgettable until the very last detail, like your makeup, may come with stress, which can cause stress pimples (nobody wants those). To eliminate some of that stress, we’ve researched some cute Valentine’s Day makeup to help with your planning this year. Say goodbye to running late this year. The first makeup look is by Tina Halada. This is a pink smoky halo eye to romanticize your date with your partner. The lip is a very neutral pink shade so it doesn’t overpower the eye look. This pink based makeup look brings out the true colors for Valentine’s Day if you are the traditional type.

Great Valentines Gift Ideas
By Kaitlyn Warczinski


Valentine’s day is a tradition for people to exchange cards, candy, or flowers with their special “valentine”. Most of the time couples exchange gifts with each other to show how much they mean to them. Getting the perfect gift for your partner is…difficult, so here are some ideas that might help you for picking out the right gift. Every woman likes roses a dozen of roses are nice but 50 long stem roses really make a statement. Chocolate and strawberries go with everything, you can gift delicious chocolate strawberries alone or pair them with them with any gift. If your partner starts or ends the day with a good run, their probably in the need of new shoes, show that you support them and their health goals by getting them some new shoes. If your partner starts the morning with coffee, try getting them new mugs or even matching mugs a perfect way to enjoy your morning. If your girl wears jewelry getting her some earrings or even cute necklaces. Just to show you care, cook a romantic dinner it will end in the perfect night. If your partner is really into taking pictures but doesn’t have a camera, get them a camera it’s meaningful and will capture moments that will later on will mean a lot. Get your partner smelly things like perfume, cologne if there into that and it will show that you pay attention.

IPSY Bag Review




By Lizbeth Gutierrez


A Glam Bag is a cosmetics bag filled with 5 deluxe, sample, or full-sized beauty products (including makeup, skincare, hair care, and nail care) personalized just for you. The Glam Bag is only $10 a month, or $110 for an annual membership*.


EYEKO Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner

You’ll be shocked at how stress-free and simple a cat-eye can be with this EYEKO pen. It’s easy to hold, with a precisely-shaped tip, and an opaque, smudge-free formula to help you ace dramatic wings every time. Though touch-ups are a cinch, there’s no need to re-apply—this formula stays put. I really liked this eyeliner like I said easy to use and is rich and has a good color.

ELLA EDEN Eyeshadow

This shadow goes on like butter, blends like a dream, and lasts for hours without fading which for a night out is amazing. I like to apply it with a wet brush so it gives it that extra pop of color. Like all of ELLA EDEN’s products, this shadow is never tested on animals.

ILLAMASQUA Colouring Pencil Lip Crayon in Lust

This creamy lip liner is so good, I don’t personally use lip liners but this is good. This long-wearing wonder prevents lip colors from bleeding, smudging, and smearing. The your-lips-but-better rose shade works with literally all your lip colors. ILLAMASQUA’s gorgeous products, this one isn’t tested on animals.

PURE BRAZILIAN Leave-In Conditioner

This keratin-infused treatment will give your hair life. Keratin (aka the protein that makes up your skin, hair, and nails) smooths and strengthens your hair shaft while improving elasticity to minimize breakage and split ends. When I used it, my hair was soft, bouncy, shiny (and healthy!).


This shader brush is fab for smudging liner or shadow along your lower lash line, or blending deep shadow shades into your crease to make your eyes pop. Creams? Powders? These synthetic bristles pick up all kinds of pigments and blend them seamlessly. How pretty will this sparkly handle look in your makeup bag? We get compliments every time we take it out for a touch up. I personally just love brushes so if you are like me , you will love this brush.

IPSY Bag to Boxycharm

By Lizbeth Gutierrez

Recently you know how we have been talking about ipsy bag, and all the amazing products that come with a cute little bad that is only $10 a month with 5 samples. I decided that we are putting an end to this ipsy reviews and start Boxycharm reviews, that are not samples and FULLSIZE! more information about the products and costs is going to be posted in the next article. Also we will be adding another section, that involves things that are trendy not only makeup, but skincare, hair trends, and others.