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Half of your face is going to be spooky and the other half can either be a glam or everyday look. 

1. You sketch out where you want the two to be separated and then you start on the “pretty” side. 

2. After you do the “pretty” side then you can start on the “spooky” side, the first thing you use is latex. 

3. You put the latex on the line you used to sketch out to separate the two sides. 

4. As the latex is drying (make sure you add layers on the latex so you are able to cut it in the middle so it looks like a scab) 

5.  I start to put red face paint on and kinda packed it on because there was some parts that still looked patchy and then I used black and just splotched it all around. 

6. After the latex is dry I cut it down the middle so it’s in half then I put the red face paint in the middle and used the black also

7. Then you do the final touches and use blood and put it wherever you want it.


Spooky Make-Up Tutorial

Ipsy Bag Review

by Lizbeth Gutierrez















THEBALM COSMETICS Take Home the Bronze in Oliver.

I really like this bronzer it may be one of my favorites is a good bronzer that only leaves a sun kissed glow, is highly-pigmented, and matte-finished. Some bronzers leave an orange tone but not this one. We love it as a bronzer, but it works great as a contour powder too. Animal-lovers, it’s cruelty-free and vegan. I will be being purchasing this item again.

KVOSSNYC Lip Balm in Strawberry Peppermint

This lip balm smells amazing I like that but the thing that I don’t like is that is very thick on the lips and it doesn’t have that pop of color that it said it was going to have. It has a super hydrating formula and healthy ingredients, it does it all smooths, softens, and heals chapped lips.

NAKED COSMETICS Loose Pigment Rain Forest RF-05

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PIGMENT!! These loose powder pigment is finely milled making them super-blendable and easy to apply. Rain Forest is a gorgeous, shimmery olive green. I personally thought that I was not going to like the shade but, is shade that I don’t have and is beautiful.

GRACE & STELLA BlackHead Removal Mask

I had problems with black heads in the past, but this blackhead removal mask has saved my life and my skin is AMAZING! This mask destroys blackheads, dead skin, and dirt, leaving you with a clearer, more radiant complexion. It feels refreshing and cooling when you apply it and that’s what I look for in a good face mask. Also cruelty-free and vegan.

TARTE Double Duty Beauty™ Shape Tape Contour Concealer in 12N Fair Neutral

I love this concealer. I don’t really have bad undereye bags, but we definitely have stayed up late binge-watching Netflix. I had problems with other concealer’s that crease under my eyes not this one. I love it to brighten up our under-eye area, but this baby can be used create a killer contour and highlight, too according to

ipsy. The matte-finish formula is blendable, buildable, and goes on smooth. Also cruelty-free. 

Let's not look dead today

by Deaton Padron

Do you know how hard it is to wake up and look like you got 8 hours of beauty sleep? Maybe you were up writing a paper, being a procrastinator, until 3 in the morning but had to wake up for school at 7. Or maybe you went out and had a little TOO much fun on a school night. But, not today, sisters! *James Charles voice*. Here are some tips and tricks on how NOT to look so dead throughout the day.



Splash the puff away:

Did you wake up with puffy under eyes and dark circles? All you have to do is splash cold water on your face. For the best results, use an ice cube under each eye for 15 minutes and watch them de-puff. The best part; you don’t have to go out and buy anything!


Conceal all of the imperfections:

When you’re trying to look your best when you’re feeling your worst, concealer is your bestfriend. Works amazing for blemishes, dark under eyes, and any discoloration on your face. That big red zit you woke up with will not ruin your day! No one can see all of the lack of sleep you get anymore, now they’ll just realize that in your hair.


Yes, I washed my hair:

This brings me to the next tip. Doing a little something with your hair makes you look so much more put together. If you know you’re not going to be able to do anything with your hair in the morning dampen all of your hair a bit and put it into either two or one French/dutch braids. All you’ll have to do when you wake up is take out the rubber band(s) and you’ll have a perfectly crimped hairstyle.


Literally running out the door:

It’s all up to what you wear that shows how you were feeling this morning. You don’t want to portray that you were running around your room trying to throw something on to wear. Maybe you didn’t shave your legs so your cant just throw on a dress, so you start freaking out even more. The easiest outfit you can put together is jeans, a simple t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers. Now you look casual, not like a pile of laundry.


Halloween Costumes

Then and Now

By Kaitlyn Warczinski

                Back then costumes had plastic masks that you could barely see or breathe in. Patterns for kid’s costumes sold in the 80’s and early 90’s. “Princesses” wore long dresses back then; cats wore full body suits. People competed for the scariest or silliest costumes. A lot of times people made homemade costumes. Nowadays costumes have a lot of glitter and accessories. This generation competes for the sexiest costumes, like skimpy, and a lot of makeup. A lot of people will paint their faces or do scary makeup for Halloween. But this generation does spend a lot more money on unique store-bought looks.

Fall Scrubs

By Lizbeth Gutierrez

Hello!! I’m back with another article this is 3 DIY face scrubs for you, like I said in past articles

scrubs are essential for your skincare and I’m going to teach you how to do your own and Fall Scrub.




1/2 cup pumpkin puree (bonus points if it’s fresh and its fall theme!)

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup coffee grounds, used or fresh (product will last longer if they’re fresh)

1/2 cup coconut oil


Combine dry ingredients and stir in coconut oil until entire product has an even glisten



1/2 cup organic raw shea butter

1/3 cup carrier oil. I used coconut oil, but you can use almond, jojoba, etc.

1/2 cup light brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon (make sure it’s fresh! If it doesn’t smell cinnamon-y, use 1 full teaspoon)

1/2 teaspoon cornstarch or arrowroot powered (optional, but will help the scrub feel less oily)


I used my stand mixer to make this whipped sugar scrub, but you can also use a hand mixer. If you’re on

the fence about purchasing a stand mixer, get one! I’ve used mine at least once a week for three years

and am so glad I have it. I used the balloon whisk attachment to make this recipe, but just use the

regular beaters (not whisk attachments) if you’re using a hand mixer.

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