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Homecoming Dresses and Hairstyles 

I would like to share homecoming dresses and hairstyles because we all know homecoming is right around the corner. These are some of the trendy dresses according to Dillard’s and they have cute and affordable dresses. There not too expensive and they look great! For hairstyles I know girls like to make their hair all fancy and nice. I chose to put some hair styles in buns and some down and curled because that’s the trendy look for homecoming.

IPSY Glam Bag Review

By Lizbeth Gutierrez

Ipsy is a monthly subscription that sends you samples and full size items that are beauty related. Each month your items come in a cute little bag! This subscription is $10 a month and well worth it. This month I got this next items.

Pixi by Petra Blush in Beach Rose.

I love the color soft, this brand has beautiful makeup and skincare products that I totally recommend it. It is affordable that you can find at drugstores. This blush is made with vitamin E to keep your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. It’s bendable and buildable one swipe gave us a subtle flush for the day. Beach rose is a soft, rosy shade that instantly warms up your complexion.


Good cleanser didn’t like it at first but good for when you are just tired and you just want to take off your makeup easily you just wash your face and its gone it leaves your face clean and smooth. Gentle and soap-free, this formula cleanses, moisturizes, and fights acne without stripping your skin or making it feel dry.

BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional: Pearl Primer

I liked this primer A LOT!! Silky-smooth and satiny, primer also has a hint of pearly pink to instantly brighten your skin and make you look more awake and glowy. The smallest size is $10 and the biggest size is $45. This new formula does all the amazing priming, pore-shrinking, mattifying, and smoothing as the classic POREfessional.

SLMISSGLAM Rose Gold Blusher Blush

It’s not just for blush! The brush head shape makes it great for blending your highlighter, bronzer, and contour products, I personally use it for powder in the undereye are it works perfectly it takes the perfect amount of product that you need. The synthetic bristles are so soft and light, yet pick up powder pigments with ease.

LAB FOR YOU Juice Up Sheet Masks in Kale and Blackberry

This mask helps the serum penetrate way deep into your skin so you get *maximum* results from your masking time. I liked them I use the kale sheet masks Want to de-stress and reduce redness? The vitamin-packed kale mask is your jam. Plus it leaves your skin really smooth and moisturized skin.

Men Skincare

    By Lizbeth Gutierrez

   Tips for the best skincare regiment for guys. 

  1. Cleanse twice daily When you wash your face, you remove the dirt, grime, and excess oil that has settled inside your pores and atop your skin. This will prevent clogged pores, breakouts, and will minimize shine. It’s also imperative to cleanse before using any other products, otherwise you’ll limit the effectiveness of a moisturizer, exfoliant, or mask. Think of it this way: You need a clean canvas before you start putting anything on it, and cleanser cleans the canvas. Do it when you wake up—to clean the grime you accumulated while you slept (since your pillowcase it a hotbed of bacteria). And then once again before bed, to flush away the day’s buildup.

  2. Exfoliate twice weekly After you cleanse, you should scrub away any dead skin cells that would clog pores and otherwise lead to breakouts. This exfoliation also allows the healthier skin cells to live on the surface of the skin, giving you a “brighter” complexion while also minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. You should only exfoliate twice a week, to avoid too much abrasion. (Plus, your dead surface cells don’t pile up that fast.) Pick a gentle scrub—some also double as cleansers—to put into rotation every few days, and you’re a few weeks away from a smoother complexion with fewer blemishes.

  3. Moisturize twice daily Once you’ve cleansed and buffed the skin, it’s time to hydrate and protect your face. Thus, the final product in the standard “three-step regimen” is moisturizer. It delivers soothing vitamins and nutrients to the skin, while also creating a barrier atop the skin so as to shield you from complexion-compromising toxins. Apply it in the morning to recover from lost moisture during sleep, as well as before bed to maximize the potency of the skin-strengthening nutrients while your body’s cells regenerate. You can even substitute a night cream for the bedtime, for a denser, ore protective and corrective barrier on the skin.

  4. Additional tip: Always use SPF Ultraviolet rays from the sun mutate the cells in your skin—on cloudy and cold days, too. These UV rays lead to sun spots, wrinkles, sun burns, dry patches, moles, and even cancer. It’s important to shield your skin from these rays with SPF, whether it’s packed inside your daily moisturizer or added as an additional layer atop the hydrator.

       If you’re only outside during the commute or a quick lunch, then a lightweight SPF should suffice, but if you hit the beach or are outside in direct light for extended periods of time (an hour or more), then you should consider something higher—SPF 30 is a safe bet.

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What is trending in Homecoming Dresses this fall?

According to Teen Vogue, the little black dress is the perfect Homecoming dress. The best part is it can be found available in all sizes and prices. Pair it with some fun accessories. 



For style inspo click here. 

Homecoming Make-up tutorial

Trending in hairstyles

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