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By: Maria Nunez

There is a lot of controversy in the beauty industry especially when new products launch. Earlier this year, influencer Jaclyn Hill launched her lipsticks and there appeared to be problems with the product. YouTuber and influencer Jaclyn Hill became involved in the makeup industry back in 2011 and since then has been growing and expanding her brand. Recently she launched a set of lipsticks that set her back. There were fuzzies,black holes, melting and breaking of the products. Many people replied to the issues and attacked Hill which she responded to in a very timely manner.


She responded to all the comments with a video and explained what happened. Hill said that her company did not go into mass production until that same month that her products launched. All the products she has launched have been of great quality and she even delayed one of her palette launches because there was a mistake in it so she decided to not launch. Jaclyn has showed her consumers that her products are of good quality and when this happened everyone was left in shock. One explanation for the fuzzies in the lipsticks caused by the type of gloves they work using in the labs and fibers from these getting on them. Another issue was the black dots which everyone assumed that was mold which Hill said it was not possible because she had gone into mass production up until the same month her products launched. Another issue that people were concerned about was the melting and breaking of the lipsticks because they would get there package delivered and would be melted or would break as soon as they used them they would break. Jaclyn Hill has been very open about the whole issue and told all her followers in the video to contact them if they had any issues with their product and they would get a new product. Most makeup industries try to make the best products for the market, but Jaclyn Hill tried to make the best products for her supporters and her followers. Not everything comes in perfection, but it comes close to it.

Makeup, Yes Please

By:Katelyn Diharce

In 2017 Colourpop came out with a collection of eyeshadow palettes. One of them being called “Yes, Please”. This palette has warm shades perfect for fall and summer looks, and a perfect look for golden hour. Like most eyeshadow palettes from Colourpop they have 12 different shades. I have this palette at home and let me tell you, I rarely use makeup, but when I do I want to you these colors they make you pop so you stand out in the crowd. When you wear this palette, you will be getting complaints from left to right. If not, don’t worry about what others think, as long as you like how you look.

Gurrl,let me give it to you straight

By:Katelyn Diharce

In the 2018 collection of Colourpop they came out with a variety of palettes. The “Give It To Me Straight” palette is one of my favorites to work with from their collections. It is usually 16 dollars but as of right now it is only 12 dollars, so I recommended you get it while its hot. It has 12 different eyeshadow shades, six of them are shimmer and the other six are matte. The colors are warm shades, perfect for fall and summer eye looks. I personally use this look at least twice a week. Not to toot my own horn, but every time I wear this palette, I get compliments. It makes you feel good and does not feel heavy on the eye unlike some others. This palette blends well with the other colors or any other palette. By the end of the day instead of it fading away or looking bad, the eyeshadow stays on and you would still be looking fresh

What I Wish I Knew Before Getting into                                Makeup: Tips and Tricks

By Alexis Bennett

When you start a new thing, more often than not you have almost no idea what you’re doing. That’s exactly how I was when I began to develop my love for makeup. I had absolutely no clue what I was even supposed to do first. Learning was one of the most trying, but still fun things I’ve ever done. I’ve been doing my own makeup (fairly heavily, I might add) for about six years now. Since then, my entire routine has changed; from the numbers of steps and products, to the products themselves. Although it depends on the person, there are a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way that have improved the way my makeup looks and lasts. Below is a list of the most helpful ones.

                                                      The Tips

1. Before putting on complexion products, it is good to make sure your skin is clean and moisturized with a light-weight moisturizer. This will give you the best starting point possible for beautiful makeup.

2. Primer can make the LARGEST difference in the wear, and even initial application of your makeup. Choosing the correct one for your foundation and skin type is the most important thing.

3. Primers can do so many different things, depending on what they are. Primers can pore-fill, smooth, mattify, moisturize, and improve the longevity of your makeup. 

4. Before you apply your foundation, let your primer sink in for at least a minute. This way it will have time to do what it’s supposed to do and won’t mess up the application of your face products.

5. The tools you use to apply your foundation will usually change the coverage and sometimes the finish as well. You can use either a brush or sponge.

6. The foundation you choose is based on your skin type and the finish you’re wanting to achieve. There are three main skin types: oily, combination/normal, and dry.

7. Matching your foundation color is fairly easy, if you know your undertone. There are five basic undertones: pink (cool), neutral, yellow/golden (warm), olive, and peach. 

8. There are also three main finishes of foundations. There’s matte, natural/demi-matte, and radiant/dewy. 

9. When applying concealer, it is helpful to have a slightly lighter shade under your eyes and on the high points to add more definition to the face. However, for any blemishes, it would be better to find a shade closer to your skin tone.

10. To get more coverage out your concealer, you can let it sit until it dries down a little bit, and then blend. If you’re using a matte concealer, beware! You don’t want to leave it on too long and then not be able to blend it. However, an easy fix for this (should it happen) is to spray a setting spray on your face and blend it out then.

11. Applying loose powder with a slightly damp beauty sponge is referred to as “baking”. It can be used to clean up contour and brighten areas. This way, the powder is pushed into the skin, rather than just sitting on top of it. Be sure to wipe the excess powder off.

12. With bronzer or contour, apply it in a three; on the forehead, the hollows of the cheeks, and the jawline. Bronzer and contour will give more definition to the face and bring back color.

13. When applying blush, place it on the apples of the cheeks and blend it back for the most natural look. To look sun-kissed, you can also apply it on the nose.

14. Highlighter can make or break a look, in my opinion. It can bring back a healthy glow to the face, depending on the highlighter you use. Highlighter goes on the highest points of the face.

15. To make your eyebrows sharper, you can “carve” them out by putting concealer under and on top of your eyebrow. This will give you more control of the shape.

16. To make a clean base for eyeshadow, you can use concealer or eye primer. Setting it with powder will make the shadows blend better, similar to the face products.

17. To begin an eye look, it helps to start with a light brown shade, or a transition color, then build up from there.

18. If a shimmer eyeshadow isn’t showing up as pigmented as you would like it to, spray the brush after picking up the shade and then apply it. This will enhance the shimmer and make it stand out much more.

19. If mascara gets on your skin, wait for it to dry and then gently scratch it off with a spoolie (eyebrow brush). The makeup underneath will be safe, and the mascara will flake right off.

20. Before applying false lashes, make sure the glue has around 30 seconds to become tacky. Otherwise, it won’t stick to your eye correctly. Additionally, using tweezers can help you have more control of where you’re placing it. The goal is to get the lash band as close to your lash line as possible.

21. Lip liner is very useful when using bolder colors, or even nudes. It’ll make it easier to define your lip shape as well as keep the color from bleeding throughout the day.

22. After all your makeup is done, setting it again with a setting spray will help your makeup sink into your skin and feel more comfortable.

Do’s and Dont’s for Homecoming

By: Katelyn Diharce

· Pick an outfit that enhances your beauty

· Proper hygiene

· Practice your makeup do not look like a clown

· Don’t be dumb wear the right size mum

· Don’t arrive to early but not too late or you’ll lose your date

· Take your date out to eat, don’t let them starve

· Be safe

· Work it don’t twerk it

· Wear shoes that don’t bruise

· Don’t be a bum, have some fun

In September 21, Adidas made official that they were launching the Adidas Harden Vol.4, the 4th collection of James Harden’s shoe collection. Just in case you didn’t know, James Harden is an NBA professional basketball player (aka: Superstar) for the Houston Rockets. According to Spin. Ph Harden said, commenting on the premier of the collection that “The process to create the Vol. 4 was a true collaboration with the adidas design team that allowed me to voice my creativity and to blend different ideas into one shoe that would showcase both my style of play on the court and my sense of style walking out of the tunnel.” This new collection of shoes stands out for the kicks’ brilliant and explosive color as well as a new feature “a new feathery midsole that offers a mix of lightweight cushioning and on-court responsiveness,” according to Let’s take a look at each pair.










Picture by Adidas

The first pair is known as “Pink Lemonade.” This shoe is very bold because it opts for a smooth and exotic Pastel pink tonality that is intended to make a trend among NBA and WNBA athletes and fans. I think this shoe is very placid, right in accordance with the light design and features of the shoe. This is the most inclusive pair of the collection, and although its bold, I don’t feel like the color makes the shoe seem weird, especially with the combination the purple sole is made with the top.









Picture by Adidas

The second pair is called “Barbershop.” This is my favorite pair; its very elegant, classic, fluid and has a superb combination of colors. Those colors are black, blue, white and orange. The colors really stand out and it seems that it could be a hit among people who like shoes in general. This may be the most discreet pair, but I really like the dynamic of the shoe.








Picture by Adidas

The third pair is called “Candy Paint.” This pair reminded me of a soccer shoe “Puma Evopower 3” by Puma released 5 years ago. “Candy Paint” though, plays more with the pink and blue dynamic, incorporating a unique design in the laces that is very attractive. I also like the balance between the two colors, it is very balanced and clearly incorporates both colors and makes the shoe see funky and casual. The white clearly sets a visual design that makes the pair stand out. This shoe has the most “Basketball” seal, which makes it very sporty and active.










Picture by Adidas

The last pair is known as “Cookies and Cream.” This pair is intended for the kids and youth. I totally agree, the pair’s colors make a relaxing impression, the combination of black and white is very modern, similar to a contemporary painting. I think this is very assertive for the youth. I also will like to underline the khaki section of the sole, this part is my favorite of the shoe, making the design more stabilized and blossoming.

Overall, this collection is one of Harden’s best and honestly, one of the best basketball kicks collections in general. I really think that these shoes are very unique and reassemble Harden’s personality and experiences. I hope you like these kicks as much as I.

Grade: 5/5












Bleacher Report. “B/R Kicks Unboxed with James Harden: Adidas Harden Vol. 4” Youtube, 18 Sep. 2019,


  • References

Sacamos, Karlo. “James Harden Shows Creativity on and off Court thru Latest Signature Shoe.”,, 20 Sept. 2019,

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Adidas Harden Vol.4 Review: The Kicks are Rockets!!

Written by Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez

BoxyCharm Review

BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription service that sends 4-5 full-size brand name beauty products to your door for $21 a month. BoxyCharm boxes are valued at over $100 per box and include free shipping for U.S. subscribers. Unlike other subscription services that offer mini or deluxe samples, BoxyCharm offers 4-5 full-size products every month. You can expect a variety of products from prestigious beauty companies as well as products from emerging labels.



This weightless powder sets and refreshes makeup for a silky smooth, invisible finish. This powder became one of my favorites I use it every day! this powder creates a mist-like sensation on the skin, for a seamless finish and comfortable feel.



Tarte Big Ego Mascara: An ultra-black, vegan mascara that lifts your lashes and delivers a fully loaded flutter for up to 16 hours. I personally don’t like non waterproof mascaras but this one works wonders and makes your eyelashes looks amazing.



Beauty lovers put your best face forward with this Brightening Peel Off Mask that was curated in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Barbie™! Formulated to help deep clean pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and deliver immediate radiance for a healthy-looking glow that lasts, this mask will help you unwind from a busy day or prep skin for an eventful night.



These 100% vegan falsies made from premium silk fibers gives your lashes dimension, natural-looking length and volume. I’ve used them a couple of times and they make any eye look amazing.


This skincare essential is a multitasking beauty elixir that instantly hydrates and absorbs into the skin revealing a bouncy, youthful complexion, no matter your skin type. This lightweight, yet powerful blend, is formulated to deeply nourish and prime the skin before makeup and to refresh while on-the-go. The innovative spill-proof Wander Dropper is always travel-ready, giving you total control one drop at a time. Our blend of age-defying oils helps to restore skin’s moisture barrier while giving you a youthful glow.


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