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DHS Teachers and Staff  remember their experience on September 11, 2001.

DHS Skills USA

DHS SkillsUSA will be hosting a SkillsUSA National Officer (Lorena Geisbrecht) who will tour the school, talk with our local State Officers and have a small presentation with Deming Rotary Club on September 12th & 13th.

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Do you need assistance printing? 

Here are some easy steps to follow: 

A. Upload to OneDrive:

 Navigate to school e-mail

 In the upper left hand corner, click on the "9 stacked boxes" icon.

 From the drop-down menu, select "OneDrive"

 From the top margin, click on "NEW" to create a new folder.

 Add a folder for each class.

 Select the appropriate class folder.

 From the top margin, click on "Upload". Select "File".

 Navigate to the document that is desired and click on it.

 The document will be uploaded to that folder.

B. E-mail to Self:

 Navigate to school e-mail.

 From the upper margin, select "New" to generate a new e-mail.

 Type your own e-mail address in the "To" line.

 Type PRINT in the subject line.

 Select the PAPER CLIP attachment icon from the bottom margin.

 Select “computer”.

 Navigate to the desired document and click on it. The document will be attached to the e-mail.

 Click "Send" from the bottom margin.

Go to InformationNation! 1. Select a desk-top computer 2. Log in the same way as logging into the laptop. 3. Locate desired document from cloud A, or B

A. OneDrive:  Navigate to school e-mail  In the upper left hand corner, click on the "9 stacked boxes" icon.  From the drop-down menu, select "OneDrive"  Select the appropriate class folder.  Select the desired document. Click on it.  Print

B. E-mail to Self:  Navigate to school e-mail.  Select the e-mail that you sent to yourself.  Open the attached document.  Print.


For information on registering to vote in New Mexico, please click here. 

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For information on candidates and elections 

For information on bills, issues, or to contact your Representatives 

Deming High School's CTE Program Equips Students with Career Skills


September 15th - Rockhound concert from 6:00-7:00pm




The Seal of Bi-literacy is a prestigious award given by Deming High School in recognition of students who demonstrate high levels of bilingual proficiency and grade level achievement in English and Spanish. Through rigorous requirements based on state standards and summative assessments, students will develop the skills to compete in a global society. Along the way, students will maintain and build relationships through culture and the value of bilingualism.

For more information contact Mr. Reyes

Drama Auditions

Mr. Hand's drama club held auditions for their upcoming play, The Miracle Worker on August 30th. Students in his Drama class will be performing Montague's Revenge, the second part to Capulet's mask this fall semester. 

Officers for this semester are: 

President - Mariana Molina

Vice President - Jessica Leyva

Secretary - Taylor Benavidez

Historian - Shanna Rudiger For more information on Drama, see mr. Hand in Rm. 902




Band has been very busy this August. They performed in the Deming Duck Race Parade and showed off their skills at the Deming Intermediate Pep Rally. The Drum line is considering performing at lunch. 


They will also be fundraising at our first home football game selling donuts! Support the band and buy some yummy donuts. 

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A message from Coach Holguin - Fall baseball has started for anyone interested in joining the Wildcat Baseball team for the upcoming 2019 season.  The baseball practice consists of lifting weights and practicing throughout the week till the start of the regular season at the end of January.  Working on getting stronger and basic skills and strategies. See Coach Holguin for more information. 

Softball Practice

Preseason softball starts Sept. 10 at 4:00 pm at the city softball fields.  Girls will need their gloves and shoes for practice. A physical is also needed to participate. See Coach Nunez for more information. 

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Choir Summer 2018

Pro Start

Students interested in competing in culinary arts competitions, please see Mrs. Genevieve Wertz.

Students from last year's group competed at the National level last spring. 

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