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News Stories

By: Autyana Bollier
A Texas school district just voted to ban the talking about trans and Lgbtq+ topics. Some of their new policies banned transgender students from using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender and forbid them to be on sport teams. This has also given the staff and teachers no sort of punishment if they misgender a student or be openly against them. They now must treat the kids as the gender they were assigned at birth instead of the correct one. The staff and teachers can not talk or teach to group
topics like gender identity and sexual orientation until they are the “Proper age group” To learn about these topics. They have also voted to defund their public libraries after it included LGBTQ+ books even banning them in the schools. Students in Grapevine-Colleyville school district in Texas did a walk out in protest of the anti-trans policy passed by the school district. This school district has passed one of the worst anti-trans policy people have ever seen. As the students walked out wearing pride flags and signs showing their support for the transgender students and even facility in their school district. “PROTECT TRANS RIGHTS” Is what they have chanted out school that day. These students are standing up for what is right, and people have said that they are brave for stepping out of school.

Texas Schools Walkout

California Fires
By Sadiyo Musse

A serious issue that needs attention is the fire in California and the thousand homes it has destroyed. The oak fire caused destruction to 14,000 acres. The oak fire was caused by twelve lighting identified on
August 5th and thunderstorms that moved across the forest. This fire destroyed everything in its path causing more than 6,000 people to evacuate in the Rural community of mariposa. It got so bad that the governor had to declare state of emergency according to NBC news. There are 2,000 firefighters working to stop the fire. Families lost everything they ever owned from cars to houses. A victim of the fire, “Sckwander” lost everything in the fire, and she clutches to a small purse that has Couple of hundred dollars that she saved from breeding puppies a couple of years ago. “I knew this was good for
something, it's not leaving my side, not a lot, but enough to get me through a couple months.” She claims. Climate change is a big issue in todays’ society that needs attention.

Crop Engineering with Purslane

Yale University was researching two different types of photosynthesis, C4 and CAM. C4 photosynthesis allows for plants to remain productive while being in high temperatures like corn or sugarcane. CAM photosynthesis allows plants to survive in desserts and other areas with little water like succulents and cacti. In August researcher discovered the plant Purslane or Portulaca Oleracea, native all around the United States and Mexico, uses both types of photosynthesis operating independently. This could be detrimental to the advancement of crops around the world.
According to Yale News professor and senior author on the study says, “This is a very rare combination of traits and has created a kind of ‘super plant’ — one that could be potentially useful in endeavors such as crop engineering.” The study allows us to understand metabolic flux between C4 and CAM that paves the way for bioengineering crops that are completely drought resistant. This could pave the way for understanding and expanding on the knowledge we have on photosynthesis, while also positively impacting the world in times of crisis.

Discovering the USS Jacob Jones
By Keira Block

Recently, the USS Jacob Jones, a war vessel torpedoed in World War 1 in 1917, was discovered 40 miles of the coast of Scilly. It was discovered because the UK Hydrographic office and Dark Star Divers teamed together to locate different recks around the coast that they have records of. Dark star spends weeks looking at different GPS locations of wrecks. One of teams Divers Dominic Robinson says, “On the day, five of us went into the water, and the ship was about 115 meters to the seabed and 110 meters to the top of the wreck.” The vessel discovered had been missing for more than 100 years. The USS Jacob Jones was the first American war vessel to be sunk by enemy fire during World War 1.
On December 6th, 1917, the ship and 66 members of the crew were subjected to a gruesome end. The
boat sank in eight minutes without even calling for help. In 100 years, the ship was still easy to identify,
Robinson says “It was very clear that it was Jacob Jones immediately you can see its name.” He also says,
“No human remains were found or personal artifacts.” The divers, the UK, and the US will get together
to decide what to do with it, but one thing is for sure the boat is a symbol of heroism and honor

News about Vanessa Bryant

By Esmeralda Fuentes
At Aug 24, 2022, 6:55 PM MDT, Vanessa Bryant awarded $16 million in trial over Kobe Bryant crash photos. A federal jury awarded the widow of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant $16 million in damages over leaked photographs of the site of the helicopter crash that killed her husband and one of their daughters in 2020, which first responders snapped and shared with members of the public. Vanessa Bryant and her attorneys that deputies and firefighters who took and shared photos of the remains of Kobe Bryant and their 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, court don’t know how many photos where taken may be about 30 were sent out. Also states that photos haven been taking down.

Canada Stabbings
-By Autyana Bollier

The stabbings took place Sunday morning in 13 locations across the James Smith Cree Nation and the nearby town of Weldon. No motive had been found for these stabbings, but the police said they believe some of the victims were attacked at random, while others were targeted.
Suspect Myles Sanderson suffered from a “medical distress” shortly after he was contained and was
announced dead in a hospital in saskatoon. After he had stolen a vehicle and was in a high speed
chased, he soon was forced off the road into a ditch. So far 10 victims are dead and 19 were in critical
condition. Myles Sanderson was the suspect in the series of stabbings that had killed 10 people in the
indigenous community of Saskatchewan. His death comes 2 days after his brother Damien Sanderson
was found dead with wounds that was not self-inflicted, according to the police. Before this many
people in these locations were scared of who would be stabbed next. Before they had died the 2
Sanderson brothers were charged with 4 counts of 1st degree murder,2 counts of attempted murder and
2 counts of breaking and entering.
“This evening, our province is breathing a collective sigh of relief.”

The History of Labor Day

By Angel Fraere



As the first week of September is coming fast upon
us so is Labor Day weekend. Many Americans this
weekend will enjoy their three-day long weekend,
but most do not know the history and reason we
have that day off. In the year of 1894 the work
force was incredibly grim with children and adults
working 12 hours a day seven days a week in
horrible conditions. The people of America were
tired of this and were calling for shorter work
hours and better conditions in their place of work.
On September 5th, of 1882 thousands of New
Yorkers rallied together and took unpaid leave to
walk the streets of New York with their peers and
local workers. The day consisted of dancing,
fireworks, speeches all done in celebration of the
day. After that many but not all states took that
day as a holiday, it wasn’t until 1894 that the
holiday was recognized as a federal holiday giving
everyone in the U.S the first week-day of
September off.

Image by Tim Mossholder


By Lizbeth Rodriguez


What is ICWA? And why is it important we support the continuation of this act. ICWA, or the Indian Child Welfare Act is an act established in 1978 which gives tribal government the control over what will happen to Indigenous children in the event of their parent’s death. Now this act is being sued and reviewed by the Supreme Court in fall of 2022 because of the “discriminatory” nature of the act. However, this is not true because although the act was made to ensure native children aren’t taken from their parent without reason non-native people can still adopt native children under this act. All the act does is ensure that in the situation where a native child losses their parent that the child is first handed to a relative and if there are none then to a member of the tribe. If this act is taken away, then native children could be taken from their home without reason. It is important that we petition for ICWA and the rights of Indigenous peoples.

New Mexico County
Commissioner Banished from
Office - By Angel Fraere

On September 6th of 2022 A New Mexico Judge
disqualified Otero County commissioner from any
form of local or federal public office for taking
part in the insurrection of the U.S capitol on
January 6th of 2021, although Mr. Couy Griffin did
not invade the capitol or involve himself in the
violence he did aid in the insurrection and was on
the premises without legal permission. It also
invoked the 14th amendment that was placed in
the civil war to make sure anyone who had taken
an oath to uphold the constitution is barred from
office if they are involved in an insurrection or
rebellion, this has only ever been used in a few
rare cases but other then that had laid dormant
until now when New Mexico County commissioner
decided to involve himself in the insurrection of
the U.S capitol.

The British Queen has Fallen

By Angel Fraere

Britain’s longest reigning queen of 70 years Elizabeth Alexandra Mary the second has passed away at Balmoral castle on September 8th of 2022 at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1952 and has lived threw the presidencies of 14 U.S presidents. Not only was she a queen but she was also a mother, sister, wife, grandmother, and beloved by many of her nation. Having had four children prince Charles
her eldest son following her death will become Britain’s next king once he is crowned.
Info from:


Space News

NASABlack Hole News

By Lizbeth Rodriguez

Big fan of the galaxy and all things space? Then this is the article for you. NASA has recently released a recording of the sound from a black hole. The sound is from a cluster of galaxies 250 million light years away from Earth called the Perseus cluster. Now, you may be
asking how we can hear a sound from a black hole when everything in a black hole disappears.
Shouldn’t there be nothing in the black hole for us to hear sounds from? The answer is yes, there should be nothing in a black hole we hear sounds from which is why the sound from the black hole isn’t from something inside. When a black hole eats things from space it also spits things
out. The actual sound is coming from the sound waves the black hole makes when it spits things out although the sound waves are far too deep for us to hear.
This is where visual scientist, Kimberly Arcand, plays apart. Kimberly is the scientist assigned to a space telescope called Chandra which is focused on the Perseus cluster. The visual scientist decided to use mathematical work and sound editing to raise the previously too deep sound waves into a frequency humans could hear. Kimberly got the idea from a blind astrophysicist who developed a program to convert sunlight to sound in 2017.

Nasa Hubble Telescope

- By Adam DeCrescente

This is an article about the record-breaking experiment that shows amazing and new things of the galaxy. The Hubble telescope costs around $10billion. It also took 8 months to make the telescope and the images they got from this telescope are amazing and unreal. This telescope will reveal parts of the galaxy we cannot even dream of.
This will change the way space is viewed forever before this telescope, the galaxy, was an empty 
vacuum of darkness but now actually seeing what space looks unbelievable and the best part of
everything is these are some of the first pictures that this telescope has ever taken so imagine what this thing will recover in 2 years of nonstop discovery.