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Media Club
By Aleeza & Itza Guzman
Media club is an after-school program where students create different types of art. It is made up of three different programs Broadcaster, Wildcat Productions, and Art Club. They are currently working on 2 different podcasts (English and Spanish), a talk show, and are already planning for next year’s films. Wildcat productions are putting together 3 different short films to enter in the New Mexico Film Prize competition. Last year they won Best Documentary, Audience Choice, and the overall Grand Prize.


   Wildcat Productions Interviews

Doña Nena
What is your short film about?
Armando: Its about my grandma, it shows her taking us through what she does to prepare for a spiritual cleaning.
What inspired you to make this?
Armando: Honestly, I was inspired by growing up with her and I just feel like it should be documented.


The Night has Opened my Eyes
What is your short film about?

Zeke: It’s about a guy who is lonely because he went through a breakup (its based on my own experience) and how he copes with it through photography.

This is your first time make a movie: what are some challenges you have faced?
Zeke: There has been lots of delays and I’m not good at handling small changes I need to stick to a plan. That part has been stressful for me.

Holy Cross
What is your short film about?
Joaquin & Santana: It’s about 3 high school students that discover the holy cross exhibit in a museum. They take a necklace, and they get haunted by an entity when they go to explore the holy cross.
Since you are making a horror film, what is your guy’s favorite scary movie?
Joaquin & Santana: We both like Michael Myers.

Deming High School Robotics

By: Gavin Grattan
Deming High School’s robotics team is sponsored by Mr. Wertz and the team currently has 8 members. With 7 of the members being seniors and 1 being a freshman. The team recently competed in the BEST Robotics Competition where they placed 3rd overall in their district and made it to state in Frisco, Texas. In Frisco, the team won second in the competition of teams from their region and won second place overall in t-shirt design. The team is now preparing for their next competition, FIRST Robotics competition. This competition is called “Charged Up” and the members will be heading to Amarillo, Texas for it.

Sadie Hawkins: 2023
This year’s Sadie Hawkins will take place February 4th in the Den located in the cafeteria. This school dance isn’t like your typical prom or homecoming. Sadie Hawkins is all about the girl asking the guy to the dance. With that being said don’t be afraid to get out there and ask someone! The theme this year is denim and diamonds so dress in your favorite western outfit. The dance will be from 8:00 PM to 12:00 PM. Concession will be available at the dance and the the tickets will be available in the school store for $10 each.

Its almost end of the school year for all seniors and if you are looking for after High School resources. If you haven't applied to any colleges or not even look at any, here are some to look in to...




The University of New Mexico-


Western Tech College


Dona Anna Community College


Western New Mexico University


University of Phoenix


University of California, Davis


University of Texas at Dallas


This college Links will help you find what your looking for, hope this really helps all of you.

Senior Resources

Paci Nevarez
There was recently a buyers dinner. FFA collected all the invites for all the guest and big companies that attended. The dinner was held to raise money for trips. Our local FFA have sales like this in order to be able to go to competitions. Currently, they are trying to make the top 5.


By Angel Fraere 

The comic strip that started Sadie Hawkins.

As we all know the date of the Sadie Hawkins dance is getting very close, but what we don’t know is the history behind it. Surprisingly the dance’s story comes from a comic strip from the 1900’s. The comic was set in the southwest in the imaginary town of Dogpatch, Kentucky. The story depicts a rich man’s daughter who, at the age of 35, was still unmarried. Her name was Sadie Hawkins. Her father, being worried that she would be alone, gathered all the bachelors of the town and set up a “sort of race” with all of them. The first man Sadie would catch would have to marry her. To the cartoonists’ surprise it gained a lot of attention from people and with some editing of the original story in November of 1938 many American college students began to honor the idea of gender role reversal by holding what we know today as Sadie Hawkins dances.

Cheer Competition

By: Trinity Ruebush
The Cheerleaders have their first competitions on January 28th. After this they have one on February 18 and another on March 11th before their State Competition which is in Albuquerque on March 17th. They work hard to push through the obstacles they have during competition. The limited amounts of practice with still having to cheer basketball games. In cheer you have to have compassion, hard work ethic,
durability, consistency and motivation to push through the season. You need to just remember why you do it. One cheerleader says “competition season is the hardest time of the year with full out practices, getting hit repetitively and having to get back up and go through it again and again until we get it the best we can.” They have to learn two different routines one being Game Day which places you on the  sideline and includes a band dance, a defense or offense cheer that the announcer calls, a regular crowd involvement cheer, and the fight song. The second routine is cheer, with music, which is a full out routine with an opening stunt sequence, standing tumbling, jump formation and jump with tumbling, another stunt sequence, crowd involvement cheer, pyramid stunting, and a dance at the end.


By: Lauren Yousif
JROTC, standing for Juniors Reserve Officers Training Corps is a great and well accomplished leadership
program at Deming High. Many people preserve it as a military program but it is way more than that.
Run by Sergeant Ray and Colonel Moultrie, students learn and understand the skills in having to survive
as an adult. JROTC gives students multiple opportunities, from learning the history of JROTC, to applying to colleges, opening bank accounts, learning how to cope through everyday life and become a better citizen. Many teens attending Deming High School do not make school their top priority. Many of the students are ok with just being average and are not pushing themselves to be their best. On top of that, these children are not getting the discipline they need. In the JROTC program, students develop self reliance and responsiveness to all authority. Throughout the years, JROTC members are able to develop citizenship and patriotism, improve their ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing, be better at their physical fitness, increase respect for the US military, get stronger in their team building
skills, as well as gaining scholarships for colleges and ranking higher in any military career they choose.
Despite the fact that JROTC is a military program, students do not have to pursue the military career
after high school. JROTC is a great leadership program that will have students ready for their everyday
life after high school. JROTC consists of many activities for their cadets as well. The JROTC program at
Deming High performs 2 parades a year, competes twice a year as well for PT for physical training, and
are involved in a academic program that competes against 30 different schools. Our JROTC program has
had many accomplishments throughout the years. The cadets competed with 7 schools, getting in first
place 5 of those times. When competing, the end of school year course consists of training with other
students from other schools, getting ready for competition for physical fitness in Arizona, and in April
JROTC competes against other schools for drill competitions. JROTC is one of the most successful and
significantly impactful youth oriented program in American History. Studies have shown that there are
several positive academic and non-academic benefits of participation in JROTC. A Rand report showed
that there were positive associations between GPA and JROTC participation. Students who were part of
a JROTC unit were less likely to drop out of high school and attended classes more frequently. JROTC
cadets have a stronger sense of community and pursued military careers through ROTC scholarships
and service academies. JROTC is also seen in a favorable light by college admissions counselors. Getting
intake from one of the JROTC instructors, Sergeant Ray thinks getting support from the school to keep
kids focused is one of the main struggles. Students lacking and not taking education serious may get in
the way of the great accomplishments they can make. Enrolling in this program helps keep students on
track and bettering themselves. All lessons are designed using a four part model to motivate the Cadet,
allow the Cadet to learn new information, practice competency, and apply the competency to a real-life
situation. Moreover, the four part model requires Cadets to collaborate, reflect, develop critical thinking
skills, and integrate content with other disciplines. JROTC curriculum includes lessons in leadership,
health and wellness, physical fitness, first-aid, geography, American history and government,
communications, and emotional intelligence. Students joining the program are able to experience the
skills in being successful in joining the military. JROTC programs are funded by the Department of
Defense (DOD) and taught by retired service members. Course content includes branch-specific military

history and customs. You will wear a uniform that corresponds to the uniforms worn by military
personnel in their respective branch. You’ll wear your uniform once a week and at JROTC sponsored
events. You’ll also take part in physical fitness training and drill (marching) instruction. Drill is a way to
help you learn discipline and learn how the military operated as a group. As a JROTC cadet, you’re
assigned ranks comparable to the chain of command of the military branch that your JROTC unit. To be
promoted, you must gain military knowledge as you progress through the program and demonstrate
practical skills and leadership. Like the military, as you are promoted in rank, you are expected to help
teach and lead cadets who are of a lower rank. If you want to explore ways to make yourself a better
citizen and think that the military may be in your future, then you may want to explore joining a High
School JROTC program. As Sergeant Ray himself said, “Any student who does not join JROTC is missing an opportunity to better themselves.” JROTC may make you a better person and be a benefit to your
community and your country.


George Santos
George Santos of 34 years old who was the U.S representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district is currently being investigated by Long Island prosecutors since Wednesday due to lying about his heritage, education and professional pedigree as was campaigned for office. Currently Santos has shown no signs of stepping down after admitting publicly to a long list of lies. Although earlier some time this week he did publicly apologize in an interview with the “New York Post”. In the middle of the
apology, he did soften his words and calling it “sins” but stating in other words we all make mistakes.

California Flooding

On Tuesday morning, the biggest rain occurred turning into flooding in California all the way from north to south. Very bad news, where a lot of people have lost lives in the downpours. This rain has occurred since last year, the end of 2022 and beginning the new year with a lot more rain. There has been a lot of evacuation orders, warnings and more than half the city is without power. The last thing we have heard is schools have been shutting down for the safety of everyone. City officials have been trying to clear the roads but at the end of the day, weather gets worse and it looks like nothing was cleaned or helped.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Angel Fraere 1/12/23

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” A quote from one of the most remembered civil rights activists, Martin Luther King Junior. Mr. King is best known for his civil rights movement protests within the 1950’s up until his assassination of 1968. His protests stemmed from the injustices against the African American people of the United States. They fought for basic human rights through the process of peaceful protests such as the “Montgomery bus boycott “and the “march on Washington”. These protests along with other civil rights activists lead to landmark legislation being created and passed. These acts are known as the “civil rights act” and “voting rights act” which ensured that discrimination and segregation of any kind was banned along with secured voting rights for all African Americans. Mr. King was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1964 for his nonviolent protests against racial prejudice. His work for equal representation for all African Americans is honored every year on the third Monday in January and is labeled as Martin Luther King Day.

Shooting Near the University of NM

By: Estrella Galicia
On January 9th a shooting occurred late at night having hospitalized two boys. Both boys didn't have life threatening injuries. Police were dispatched around 7:29 p.m. Sunday to the area of University and Central. There they discovered the boys who had been shot. A suspect has been found. One of the boy told police that someone in a black sedan started firing at them while they were walking in an alley near the M&M Smoke Shop in the area. Police say one of them admitted to carrying a gun but denied shooting it. While looking around the area detectives found a gun and bullet casings, reportedly from two different types of firearms. No further evidence has been given and the case is still ongoing hopefully we receive more news on this unfortunate incident.

Trivia Question 1

How Many presidents did the U.S go through during the Vietnam war

Club and Activities Directory

Robotics - Mr. Wertz

FFA - Mr. Polk

Science Olympiad - Mr. Belen

Skills USA- Mrs. Anderson

National Honor Society- Mrs. Kriegel/Mrs. Odell

Mariachi - Mr. Flores 

Band - Mr. Lang

Choir - Miss Ketoff

JROTC - Col. Moultrie/Sgt. Ray

Media Club - Ms. Gomez /Mrs. Kriegel

Pro Start - Mrs. Gen Wertz

After School Programs - Mr. Castaneda

Class Meetings

Tuesdays at lunch - Check with your class sponsor for meeting information

Freshman Class - Ms. Ortiz - Library
Sophomore Class - Mrs. Simmons- Rm. 905
Junior Class - Ms. Lopez - Rm. 921
Senior Class - Mr. and Mrs. Kriegel - Art -H405
Student Council - Mrs. Ramirez

Wildcat Band

Pictures courtesy of the yearbook staff.