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Cinco De Mayo

by Aleeza Guzman
A big misconception of Cinco de Mayo is that it is Mexico Independence Day, which is entirely false. Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16 and was declared more than 50 years before. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over France on May 5, 1862. In
In Mexico, it is a minor holiday and not recognized as a federal holiday. It is mainly celebrated in Puebla, where the victory occurred. It is widely celebrated in the United States, particularly in areas with a significant population of Mexican Americans. In the 1960s, Chicano activists raised awareness as they identified with the victory of Mexicans over European invaders. At the time when Benito Juarez, who was a layer and a member of the Indigenous Zapotec
tribe, was elected as president, The country was struggling financially. It failed to pay debts to European countries. Demanding repayments France, Britain, and Spain sent forces to Veracruz, Mexico, but Britain and Spain quickly withdrew them after negotiating. However, France saw it
as an opportunity to make an empire out of Mexico’s territory. Well-armed French stormed Veracruz, which caused President Juarez and the government to retreat. The French had 6,000 troops and went to attack Puebla de Los Angeles. So, Mexico rounded up 2,000 men to prepare for the French attack. Even though France vastly outnumbered Mexico, they later withdrew, giving Mexico the victory.

Deming MESA Quiz Bowl
Gavin Grattan
The Deming High School MESA team had made it to the state competition for the Quiz Bowl. The members included Adam Jaquez, Mia Solis, Marisol Valerio, Marcos Ramirez, Gavin Grattan, and Bitia.
Mar, Desiree Richmond, Victoria Baca, Gemma Montes, and Pedro Garcia. The team qualified for the state competition by winning second place in their district competition. The competition occurred over three days, from April 23rd to April 25th. The first day was an introductory day for the students to see how the match would look so they could get into their hotel. The next day was a day of
entertainment for the students as they got to participate in a scavenger hunt at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, they went to Main Event, which has laser tag, arcade games,
bowling, and to end off their day they got to go to a nice dinner, and they participated in a silent disco. The final day was the official day of a competition where the teams competed in flash
trivia, and the winning team would go on to the tournament round of 4 to play for the state championship. The Deming team, unfortunately, did not make it into the tournament round. Still, they did fantastic nonetheless, and it is a significant accomplishment to make it to the state competition!

Fox News – Lawsuit

Esmereldav Fuentes 
Fox News Media and its top-rated host Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways, less than a week after
parent company Fox Corp for $787.5 million in a defamation lawsuit in which Carlson played a starring role. The outspoken Carlson embraced conservative issues and delivered his views with a style that made his prime-time show, "Tucker Carlson Tonight," the highest-rated cable news program in the key 25-to-54 age demographic on the most-watched U.S. cable news network. Shares of Fox closed 2.9% lower on the
news, which the company announced on Monday. Dominion Voting Systems alleged in its lawsuit that Carlson allowed debunked election-fraud claims about the voting technology firm to air on his show while casting doubts on the plausibility of those claims in private messages that emerged in legal filings. Carlson is also critical to other legal battles facing Fox, including a lawsuit filed by his former head of
booking, Abby Grossberg, who said Fox coerced her testimony in the Dominion case. Grossberg last month accused network lawyers of pressuring her to provide misleading testimony and said Fox exposed her and others to rampant sexism and misogyny. Fox fired Grossberg, saying her legal claims were"riddled with false allegations against Fox and our employees." Fox News said in a statement. While the departure leaves Fox without one of its biggest stars, advertisers have fled Carlson's show as he has embraced controversy.

History Of Graduation

Angel F
The history of graduation has a very all-over-the-place history, with certain parts of it starting here and there over hundreds of years. The diploma began years ago with no exact date recorded but was initially made from sheepskin. They were given to students who completed their education, but later people found it much easier to use paper instead of ultrathin sheepskin. The Tradition of the cap and gown began in the 12th & 13th centuries when students, teachers, or scholars would wear them in the much more severe ceremony graduations. The tassels for years have been around, but no specific date was ever mentioned. It signified the ending of your education and the entrance into the future. The actual tossing of the cap came a little after when it became another way for students to celebrate their accomplishments. At the end of the school year, that is what graduation is about, celebrating your

Alabama Party Shooting
Lauren Yousif
During a teenage birthday party in Alabama, 28 were injured, and four dead due to a shooting. The shooting occurred at a dance studio in downtown Dadeville. One of the deceased victims was the brother of the teenage girl's birthday party. Alabama law enforcement officers Sunday
were imploring people to come forward with information about the shooting. During two news conferences Sunday, Sgt. Jeremy Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency did not take questions. The dead victim's grandmother came with a statement saying, “Phil was just
celebrating his sister's birthday before being shot to death.” The child’s mother was hurt in the shooting as well. The officer said the shooting occurred about 10:30 p.m. Saturday. There were four lives tragically lost in this incident. The shootings rocked the city of 3,200 residents, about 57 miles northeast of Montgomery, Alabama. The DJ at the party was one of the witnesses left standing. He mentioned how rumors of someone having a gun spread, and people were asked to leave. Everyone denied it, and no one left the party; minutes later, gunshots were fired. “Some people took shelter under the tables while others ran off,” said the DJ. Investigators on Sunday continued filing in and out of the Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio, denoted by a banner hanging on the outside of a one-story brick building just off the square. At least five bullet holes were visible in the studio’s front windows. Less than a block away, the American and Alabama flags were lowered to half-staff outside the Tallapoosa County Courthouse. Dadeville Mayor Frank Goodman said he was asleep when a council member called him just before 11 p.m. Saturday. He said he went to Lake Martin Community Hospital in Dadeville, where some of the people who had been shot were taken. The mayor says this is one of the most chaotic scenes he has seen. Everyone was looking for their loved ones; cops and ambulances were everywhere. There is no specific reason
for this shooting, but we all know that much love and support is going around to help the victims and their families, hoping they all recover well.

New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said Sunday that she is worried about the United States heading towards a national ban on abortion due to state legislators and courts moving to squeeze
abortion access across the country. The democratic governor of New Mexico, Michelle, recently signed two bills into law protecting abortion providers and guaranteeing access to reproductive and gender-affirming care just as a judge in Texas moves to suspend the FDA's approval of “Mifepristone” Which is one of the two drugs that is used to cause an abortion. Lujan Grisham signed which puts no restrictions on when during a pregnancy a woman can get an abortion because she states, “We should not be interfering with a woman's right medical situation on her decision about that life-threatening potential

How does recycling help the environment?

By Trinity Ruebush

Recycling helps the environment by preventing emissions of greenhouse gases and water pollutants and saves energy. Using recovered material generates less solid waste. Recycling helps the environment in so many ways by conserving natural resources, creating jobs, and producing economic benefits. We can help the earth by recycling and following the other two rs of the environment: reduce and reuse. Several things you can recycle that you may not know about are paper, metals, glass, and plastic. Recycling these things helps to save our environment, animals, and all species who live here. Keeping the earth clean and picking up after ourselves is essential. It is our job to protect the planet we live on.

Mass Shooting in Alabama Leaves 4 Dead
By Lizbeth Rodriguez
On April 15, at a Sweet 16 party in Dadeville, Alabama, a mass shooting occurred, killing four people and injuring at least thirty-two. Of those wounded, fifteen teenagers were shot and hospitalized, and while ages have not been released to the public, some of those injured are in critical condition. The shooting occurred around 10:34 p.m. at the Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio though Kennan Cooper, a DJ at the party, stated he did not notice anything suspicious before the shooting. Police have currently arrested five people suspected to be
responsible for the shooting, and all are facing four counts of reckless murder. On Tuesday 17- year-old Ty Reik McCullough and his brother, 16-year-old Travis McCullough, were arrested, and the following day, 20-year-old Wilson LaMar Hill Jr. was also arrested. Early Thursday, 20-year-old Johnny Letron Brown was arrested, and later that same day, 19-year-old Willie George Brown Jr. The day after the tragedy, Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey addressed the shooting and
stated, "Violent crime has no place in our state, and we are staying closely updated by law enforcement as details emerge.” In response to this shooting, President Joe Biden has called Congress again to pass better gun control legislation. “What has our nation come to when children cannot attend a birthday party without fear?” Biden said in a statement. On Monday, April 17, the Tallapoosa County Coroner identified the four victims in the shooting as 23-year-
old Corbin Dahmontrey Holston, 19-year-old Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, 18-year-old Philstavious Dowdell, and 17-year-old Shaunkivia (KeKe) Nicole Smith. Philstavious Dowdell was the brother of the birthday girl, Alexis Dowdell, and was set to graduate from Dadeville High School this year and had a scholarship from Jacksonville State University. Shaunkivia (KeKe) Nicole Smith was also selected to graduate this summer. On Thursday, a candlelight vigil was held for all of the victims involved in the mass shooting

Fishermen Rescued After Six Days
A group of fishermen was out in the deep part of the Indian Ocean when one of the strongest storms to hit Australia in over a decade happened; the strong winds had a significant impact on the movement of the ocean, causing many harsh waves and destroying the two fishermen's boats. Ten of the members swam their way to Bedwell Island. The
eleventh member made it after 30 hours and was rescued a day later. However, nine of the other crewmates were said to have drowned in the heavy seas; the men remained
on the deserted island for almost a week, with no food or water, until an Australian Border Force detected the crew. The rescue helicopter took the men to Broome and provided them with care and medical support through the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. They’ll be returning to Indonesia after they’re more stable, as they were found in “well conditions” and primarily healthy, besides the fact that they went a week without eating. This incident should be a warning to anybody who takes small boats in the rough seas, the weather can change at any moment, and it could also be very unpredictable.

by Benjamin Lira 

On April 4, 2023, a song was released under “Heart on my sleeve,” The artist who made this song was a producer by the name.
“Ghostwriter,” Ghostwriter developed the track by using AI technology. In the path made, two major label artists were included in the song. The two artists who were in the music were Drake and The
Weekend, but none of the two artists ever recorded the song. It was made by AI technology.

Discord Intelligence Leak

by aleeza guzman 

The justice department has been trying to determine how classified national defense information got online. Potentially leaking intelligence information about Russian
efforts in Ukraine and spying on U.S allies. They have been posted on Discord, which might not have been the first place they were shared. 21-year-old Jack Teixeria shared the documents. He is a Massachusetts air national guard member who worked in the intelligence wing and enlisted three years ago. They are saying it was a deliberate criminal act. He is facing two charges unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material. Alex Teixeria can face up to 15 years or more in prison. President Biden spoke out and said he was not concerned about the leakage. He was concerned that it happened.

Columbus Man Shot and Suspect Still at Large
By: Estrella Galicia
On April 18th, Eduardo Nuñez, 29, was shot at his home in front of family members by Erasmo Granillo Jr., 26. A warrant had been put out for Granillo's arrest by Luna County Sheriff's deputies over the wounding of village resident Eduardo Nuñez, 29. According to the report made to the sheriff's office, Granillo allegedly visited Nuñez's home a little after 4 p.m. on Saturday in a silver or gray Lincoln Navigator. After the two exchanged words, the LCSO says Granillo produced a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol and fired at least two rounds, wounding Nuñez twice below the knees. Nuñez was flown to El Paso for medical treatment. No updates have been given about his current state. An arrest warrant has been issued for Granillo, who remains at large Monday afternoon, on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, negligent use of a deadly weapon, and possession of a firearm after being convicted of previous felonies. Law enforcement encourages you to contact the Luna County Sheriff's Office at (575) 546-2655 or Crime Stoppers at (575) 546-7800. You can also go to and leave an anonymous tip. Erasmo Granillo should be considered armed and dangerous."

Accused shooter in Kansas City
By: Esmeralda Fuentes
Shooting Black teen who went to the wrong house in Kansas City will face two felony charges, officially announced.
A white 84-year-old homeowner who allegedly shot and wounded Ralph Yarl, a black teen, after the 16- year-old went to the wrong home to pick up his siblings, will face two felony charges, Clay Country prosecuting attorney Zachary Thompson announced early Monday evening. Andrew Lester will face charges of assault in the first degree and armed criminal action. Authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest and are not in custody. A probable cause document released Monday evening similarly does not shine any light on why authorities believe race played a role in this case. Lester turned himself in at a detention center Tuesday and was released on bail hours later. The conditions of his $200,000 bond prohibit him from having any weapon, He cannot have direct or indirect contact with Yarl or his family, according to Clay County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sarah Boyd. Ralph, 16, was shot in the head and arm after he went to the wrong address to pick up his siblings. He has been released from a hospital but faces an arduous road to recovery, his family said. Lester had told police he and the teen did not exchange words before he fired at him through a locked glass door. Kansas City Police Department detention unit previously, the suspect was taken into custody on April 13 just before midnight but was released less than two hours later, at 1:24 a.m. on April 14. He was held for

several hours after he was initially detained because police recognized right away that more investigative work needed to be done

Deming High School Mock Trial

Angel F. 4/17/23
With the school year ending, two of Mrs. Kriegel's classes will have a mock trial for their finale. A mock test is a competition where students try to recreate or act out a problem as if it were in real life. Two of her classes will do a court case about freedom of speech and expression. Vocabulary and words are guaranteed rights in the Constitution, but what if
those rights were challenged by a student who felt that his first amendment rights were violated and taken away by the school's principal? Randy Cullen, a student at Forks High
The school is suing the principal and school district for what he believes to be a violation of his first amendment rights. Randy and his club, the Fantastic, are a drama group that puts
on vampire-themed plays for the school and the public. The principal, however, believes Randy Cullen to be the leader of what he thinks is a "dangerous cult." Both sides have good arguments, but
whose is better, Randy Cullen's or Principle Skinner's? I guess we will see soon.
2nd Hour Student Mock Trial Roles
On the Defense, we have Charlie Hofacket, Desiree Richmond, And Anett Perez as attorneys defending Alex Alfaro and Cesar Ramirez.
On the Plaintiff, we have Alyssa Olivas Moniqua Enciso and Vyncent Chavez as the attorneys to Joaquin Kreigal and Victoria Baca.


5th Hour Student Mock Trial Roles

On the Defense, we have Savanna Noriega and Ivan Shultz as attorneys for Shawn Galloway and Armando Pacheco.
On the Plaintiff, we have Mia Solis and Daniela Flores as the attorneys for Angel Fraere and Atlai Manriquez.
The official mock trial day will be on 4/26,4/27, and 5/1

Holy Cross Interview

Utility Audit Update
By: Estrella Galicia
News finally arrived after Deming's council held their annual,
monthly meeting about the special audit into metered utilities. Plans to conduct the audit had happened in November 2022, after the former Community Services Director accused the city of fraudulently
overbilling residents for municipal water. In February, State Auditor
Joseph Maestas ordered the special audit, saying the process of getting an approved audit contract through his office had stalled. The city disputed this, saying it had submitted the required documentation. The estimated cost of the audit was $35,000 to $45,000, not to exceed
$60,000. The meeting ended with Holguin saying "that a final report
would be expected by June 30 and that the city would hold a special
meeting to present the results publicly".

History Of April Fools

Angel Fraere 

April Fools has been around for hundreds of years, but many do not know the actual origins of the mischievous holiday. April 1st is known by many as the day to play pranks, tell jokes, and yell out April Fools! The history of April Fools isn’t exact, but most historians believe that the “joke” started back in 1582 in France. All this began when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, so instead of the year starting on April 1st, it began on January 1st. Many people didn’t get the news of the change or refused to acknowledge it; they began to make fun of these “April fools.” Some people even used paper fish on their backs to represent being “easily caught and gullible.” Though I did enjoy this view of the story, their also other theories on how it started.

A Deadly Fungus in Senior Homes!

ByJacqueline Leyva

A deadly fungus is spreading at an alarming rate in U.S. health facilities.
1 in 31 hospital patients and 1 in 43 nursing homes are affected with this deadly fungus known as Candida Auris. The residents with this fungus are now seeking medical care. The fungus spreading primarily in long-term care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities is considered a serious global public health threat because detecting and resisting some antifungal drugs and disinfectants can be challenging. Candid Auris is a dangerous yeast infection that resists many common antibiotics. This resistance makes it easier to spread and harder to fight and eliminate from a patient.

The Willow Project
By: Ban Nabeel
Many are unfamiliar with what the Willow Project is, and a lot don’t understand the seriousness of it. Despite the name seeming innocent, this project is one of the most controversial topic. ConocoPhillips created the idea, and it will take place in Alaska. This consists of opening 629 million barrels of oil and producing 287 million metric tons of CO2, causing the Earth irreversible damage, global warming, animals going extinct, aggression in young men, and changing of sex from male to female in the womb. This will also affect Nuiqsut, a village 35 miles away from the site, home to the Indigenous who rely primarily on fish and moose to survive, but this Willow Project could wipe them out. They are trying to silence people by stating there will be many new jobs, but the Indigenous people know these jobs will go to outsiders, white and powerful men, not to them, even though it’s their land. The ConocoPhillips project plans to refreeze the Artic WHEN the planet gets warmer and continue drilling oil. This is all solely for money. This project will be 30 years long, which is plenty of time for our Earth to be destroyed, an Earth that we were supposed to protect, animals we were supposed to watch, and humankind. A petition was also signed against this project and protests, but people’s voices weren’t heard. President Biden, along with Trump, agreed to it. In Bidens 2020 presidential campaign, he vowed to end new oil and gas drilling on public lands and waters but broke his promise by opening multiple areas for further drilling; the media is outraged, saying it’s hypocritical, this isn’t their land, and their oil profits don’t matter. But because this project will take place in 2027, we can still vote for a new president who won’t agree with this project. Many people seem to support Brent Peterson, who is running for the election and reassuring people that he won’t move forward with this project if he gets elected. We must vote for somebody good to us, human beings, and nature. ONE person can control all OUR lives.

A Pedestrian Ran over and Killed on I-10
By: Estrella Galicia
On Friday, Mar. 17, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a car in Luna County. The incident occurred around 9:20 p.m. on I-10 eastbound, east of Deming. The incident victim was 72-year-old Marcos Jaime Recarte-Osorio of Pasadena, California. According to the investigation, Recarte-Osorio was in the middle of the interstate when he was hit by a passing vehicle. As of now, no further evidence has been released or given about the driver who hit the pedestrian.
Although police say, there was no evidence of alcohol causing the wreck.

Black History Month 

Langston Hughes 

Langston Hughes_edited.jpg

James Mercer Langston Hughes was an American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist who was born in Joplin, Missouri February 1st 1901. He was also one of the earliest innovators to invent jazz poetry. One of his most famous poems is "Harlem" which explains what can happen to dreams if you defer them and put them on hold. Another Poem was "Let America be America Again" which explains the harsh reality of the American life compared to their dreams. "Thank you Ma'am" is his most popular short story, he is also one of the most listened to poets ever. He promoted equality for everyone, and he condemned racism and injustice. He celebrated African American culture, humor, and spirituality. He fought against racism because he was a descendant of enslaved African American women and white slave owners. He believed everybody should be able to have a dream and that it is unfair that just because of somebody’s skin color that they should be judged differently.

Bob Marley


By Ariana Torresdey
Robert Nesta Marley was his name. He was born in Nine Mile, Jamaica, to Norval
Sinclair Marley and Cedilla Malcolm. In 1955, when Bob Marley was 10 years old, his
father died of a heart attack at the age of 70. Marley’s mom later went on to marry
someone new giving Marley a stepdad and two half-brothers. Bob Marley and Neville
Livingston had been childhood friends in Nine Mile. Marley and his mother moved to
trench town, Kingston when he was 12. She and Neville’s dad had a daughter together
which caused Neville and Marley to live in the same house. Marley formed a vocal group
with Neville and another friend named Peter. The lineup was known variously as the
teenagers, the wailing rude boys. From there, he knew he wanted to become a musician
and grow the musical career he planned to have in the future. He began his professional
music career in 1963, he was a Jamaican singer, musician, and songwriter. He was
considered one of the pioneers of Reggae, his musical career was marked by fusing
elements of Reggae, Ska, and Rocksteady as well as his distinctive vocal and songwriting
style. Marley’s contributions to music increased the visibility of Jamaican music
worldwide and made him a global figure in popular culture to this day. Over the course of
his career, Marley became known as a Rastafari icon, and he infused his music with a
sense of spirituality. Marley survived an assassination attempt in his home, which was
thought to be politically motivated. He also supported legislation for marijuana and
advocated for Pan- Africanism.

Robert Smalls
Lauren Yousif

Born on April 15, 1839, in South Carolina. Robert Smalls was an American politician, publisher, businessman, and maritime pilot. Known for his actions and great deeds, Smalls played a big role in the Civil War as well. Born to an enslaved mother, Smalls was born into slavery. Smalls worked many jobs in Charleston, but every money he made went to his master. Smalls was also great for working on ships. During the American Civil War, Smalls was put to work on a ship called the planter. This ship carried many guns and weapons for the Confederate army. While working the ship, Smalls commanded
it to escape from the south, later becoming the first black captain of a Vessel in the U.S. service. On the ship were Smalls's family and many other enslaved African Americans. Smalls and the other men boldly took control of the ship. They steered it safely past Confederate checkpoints. Finally, Smalls surrendered the Planter and its cargo to a Union ship. He was later granted prize money for returning the ship with guns to block many duties. Smalls had gained freedom for himself and for the many who were aboard with him. After the war, Smalls decided to get into politics. Smalls went into business with Richard Gleaves, and they opened a store for Freedmen. Smalls became an advocate for public education, including for himself. In 1868, he served as a delegate to the South Carolina state convention that wrote a new state constitution. From 1870-1874, Robert worked in the House of Representatives. He was then elected to serve in the U.S. House Of Representatives, serving for six years. In 1877, Smalls fell into his own troubles. He was sentenced to three years of prison for having taken a bribe while in the Senate State. He was then pardoned by South Carolina’s governor. Robert Smalls made sure his voice was heard in public schools and public education. Smalls was among the first generation of black politicians to hold office in the South following emancipation, and he was the dominant figure in Beaufort politics for some 21 years starting in 1867. After all his years of many accomplishments, Smalls died on February 23, 1915, in his hometown of Beaufort South Carolina. Until this day many remember Robert Smalls for the brave hero is.

Nationals Women’s Month

Angel Fraere
Women’s history month was not originally always 
a whole month. In 1981, it was declared by 
Congress and the president that starting March 
7th, 1982. It would be “women’s history week”. 
Throughout the next 5 years, congress began to 
pass more and more, by 1987 congress named 
march entirely to be officially women’s history 
month. The month itself highlights the amazing 
contributions and achievements women in the 
United States has achieved throughout American 
history. Over the course of time, women have 
accomplished many extraordinary achievements 
from Amelia Boynton Robinson, on the front 
lines of the civil rights movement, to our first 
the female of color madam Vice President Kamala 
Harris. Throughout the years there have been 
hundreds to thousands of amazing 
accomplishments women all over the world have 
achieved and this month is meant to highlight 
them and all women.

St Patrick’s Day
By Aleeza Guzman
The patron saint of Ireland Saint Patrick was born in Roman
Britain during the 5th century. He was kidnapped at 16 years old and taken to
Ireland to be a slave. He escaped and was credited with bringing Christianity
to Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 the anniversary of his
death. This is a religious holiday in Ireland, it also falls during the season of
Lent. Families traditionally attend church in the morning followed by a
celebration in the afternoon by eating bacon and cabbage. St Patrick’s Day came to America during the Great Potato Famine. Where 1 million Irish escaped to America because of starvation. They had trouble finding jobs because of their unfamiliar accents and religious beliefs. At first, when they celebrated St Patrick’s Day the newspapers portrayed them as drunk violent monkeys. Because of this, they organized a “green machine” which became an important swing vote for political hopefuls. Even though this holiday originated in Ireland we have many celebrations in America including over 100 parades and a tradition where they dye the Chicago River green.

State Auditor Maestas Orders an Investigation of Deming Utilities
By: Estrella Galicia
In November
2022, claims that the city was engaged in widespread overbilling for municipal water services that caused New Mexico State Auditor Joseph Maestas to order a special audit examining metered utilities in the city of Deming. Maestas said he was ordering the special audit now because the process had stalled even as state lawmakers and Deming citizens continued to call his office seeking an investigation. Maestas had also made a statement saying “It’s my understanding that the City of Deming was going to request a special audit in response to allegations of mismanagement in their utility enterprises which my office has been monitoring,” he now says that he decided to act because the submissions did not arrive despite public interest in examining the allegations. Maestas added that his office was issuing a written order to the city, saying it would need to issue a request for proposals for an independent public accountant that would conduct the probe under the OSA’s supervision and with the participation of the office’s Special Investigations Division. The spike in the utilities has not only affected the residence of Deming but also the schools. Deming High School’s main building, for instance, received a jaw-dropping $30,000 bill in January, although the city’s emergency relief program, which absorbed most of the unit cost, brought that down to a little over $11,000. The school board asked for a review of gas bills comparing usage and costs going back three years, and Superintendent Vicki Chavez provided her report at the board’s Feb. 16 meeting. The investigation is ongoing and due to the huge cost many residences is being refunded more about this investigation will hopefully be released.

Respect for Marriage Act

By Lizbeth Rodriguez
On December 13, 2022, President Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act, which is a law working in favor of LGBTQ+ people. The act requires all states to federally recognize same-sex marriages which repeals the Defense of Marriage Act. The Defense of Marriage Act allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed anywhere else. The Respect for Marriage also repeals the Full Faith and Credit portion of the Defense of Marriage Act. The act passed the senate on November 28th and gained republic support along with 51 house votes and Senate Republic votes which are the most votes any pro-LGBTQ+ equality legislation has gotten before. It only passed after nonprofit religious groups were told they were not required to perform same-sex marriages. Although according to Gallup, 71% of Americans support same-sex marriages with 55% of Republicans, 83% of Democrats, and 73% independent. While this is an act that LGBTQ+ people and supporters should celebrate, many still feel the government could do more for LQBTQ+ equality. For all the good this act does it also hinges on Obergefell v. Hodges, a court case first brought up in 2015 which decides whether states are required to allow same-sex marriage to be performed. If it is overruled, then it would depend on the states whether same-sex marriages can be performed or not and  the likelihood is that most states would not allow it. In this case, people would most likely have to travel to a different state that allows same-sex marriage to be performed and with this new act the states would have to recognize the couple’s marriage. Some people have pointed out that although the act is progress for the LGBTQ+ community, it is not addressing the issues LQTBQ+ people are having right now. Others have said the only assures same-sex marriages will be federally recognized which should be the bare minimum and that there are still many other things to be done before LGBTQ+ starts to see change.

Powerful Earthquake in Syria and Turkey
Early Monday morning, Syria and turkey were hit with one of the most powerful earthquakes in over 100 years. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter Scale.
A multiple aftershocks measuring up to a magnitude of 7.5. At least 5000 buildings have been destroyed. More than 15000 people have been killed and tens of thousands have been injured. There are still many people stuck under debris but at least thousands have been rescued. Several governments are sending aid and rescue teams including U.S., Mexico, Israel, the European Union, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization. According to the USGS three tectonic plates are sliding past each other along an existing fault zone in south-central Turkey. Below-freezing weather had endangered survivors and complicated rescue efforts. If you want to support families impacted, you can donate to different charities.

Chinese Balloons

By Lizbeth Rodriguez
American’s have caused an uproar on many different social media sites on the supposed
Chinese balloon loitering over Montana. Many Americans have speculated on the mysterious
balloon with the popular opinion being that it is a Chinese spy balloon. The balloon was first
gained popularity in the beginning of February and its ominous present was the cause of
Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to China. When questioned however China has denied
all accusations of it being a spy balloon stating it was a weather balloon that got off course.
When questioned on the balloon intended path State Department spokesperson Ned Price stated
it did not matter and that “It's completely immaterial. It's immaterial because this was a high-
altitude surveillance balloon that did violate our airspace. It did violate international law.”
On January 28th, the balloon was spotted near Alaska moving towards Canada and later in the
continental U.S. Five days later, on February 2nd, the U.S Defense Department began tracking
the balloon and when it was officially announced that the balloon was in Montana the balloon
moved to the Eastern Coast U.S. On February 4th, a U.S fighter jet shot down the balloon off the
coast of South Carolina and the balloon was said to have equipment that was that weas “clearly
for intelligence surveillance” according to a statement by a senior State Department official.
Later on, February 5th, the U.S Navy and FBI sent out dive teams to try and recover the balloon
debris for examination. From February 10-12 there was three more unidentified objects spotted,
one in Alaska, another in the Great Lake region, and finally one in the Canadian airspace. It was
later said that the objects were not a threat and were mostly likely for commercial or research
purposes but were too close to sensitive government area and were since shot down. Finally on
February 16th, President Joe Biden addressed the unidentified objects as not apart of the China
spy balloon program and Pentagon officials have stated that the Navy should be finished with
recovering all the remnants of the spy balloons. So, what do you think? Is the balloon really a
Chinese spy balloon or just a weather balloon gone off course?

Train Derailment in The United States
By: Ban Nabeel
Train Derailment has been happening a lot recently here in the United
States, however, it has not made headlines or mainstream news. In Ohio, a tr
ain that was carrying hazardous materials derailed on February 3rd,
2023. Many aren’t taking this as seriously as they should, and this caused
hundreds of people to evacuate for a few days, however, after returning,
people complained about the smell, the headaches, feeling nausea, and
other ailments. The chemical they’re being exposed to is called “vinyl
chloride”, which has been linked to the central nervous system affects liver damage and even a rare form of liver cancer. Another incident happened in Houston Texas when a man driving an 18-wheeler involved in a crash with the train died, and the 18-wheeler was dragged half a mile down the tracks, police said there are no guard arms or lights at this train crossing where the accident happened, but they also stated that the driver of the truck should have had a clear line of sight to see the train coming. Apart from this crash, 21 train cars were derailed in the collision, and an estimated 100 gallons of diesel fuel was released by the truck involved in the crash. On February 16th, 2023, a train derailment also happened in Michigan. It is no answer as to why these derailments do not have any media coverage, as people are getting affected by the chemicals. However, you should know how to protect yourself when this happens, even if there isn’t any news about it, first, make sure you evacuate until it is safe to go back, as the hazardous materials can kill pets, and even affect children as well as adults. Cover your face with a face mask, wear sungl
asses, or anything to protect your skin and prevent you from inhaling anything you wouldn’t want to. Self-Monitor at most twice a day by taking your temperature and logging any symptoms you may feel. Make sure you protect yourself and go the extra lengths to stay safe.

More Train Derailments...

By: Ban Nabeel
Many might have heard about all the train derailments going on around the United States,
although it hasn’t made national headlines, social media platforms, such as TikTok, are making
some coverage about it. After the Ohio incident, more has happened after it. More than two
dozen Union Pacific train cars that were carrying coal derailed Tuesday morning in Nebraska,
not much information about the derailment was released, but it’s also said there were no toxic
chemicals leaked, and nobody was injured, however, can we be too sure about the “no toxic
chemicals”? Another incident went down in Michigan, thirty empty cars derailed around 30
miles west of downtown Detroit, but it was also stated, the car that was carrying the harmful
chemicals was not derailed or spilled, again, there is very little information known about the
derailment. Though, more Ohio derailment victims are coming forward. One said the water isn’t
safe to drink, others stated how they have burning eyes from the dust and powder, and even
after relocating, it doesn’t seem to get better. A woman by the name of “Barbara Whitehead
Georgescu”, told the reporters she has nothing now, and rebuilding her life would cost a lot, a
GoFundMe account was created by her sister, where it was written in the description, “when
she tried to return there was a horrible smell in the air inside and outside the home--in the
whole neighborhood. After only a few minutes inside and despite wearing a respirator, her eyes
started to burn and water, and she developed a debilitating headache.” People have nowhere
to go, a lot don’t know what they’re supposed to do, and the government isn’t helping or
providing as much information as it can, their insurance also isn’t covering the expenses of
anything. It’s very important to share this news with others around you, people's lives are being
affected, and not much is being done about it.

Rihanna Returns
After not performing for 5 years Rihanna took on the
Superbowl to sing at the halftime show. She revealed she had 39
different setlist
s 2 weeks prior to the performance. Rihanna was not paid for this performance, but she gained 1.5 million followers in less than 24 hours, and searches for her makeup brand went up by 833%. Although there were many speculations, she was going to have a special guest she teased she was going to have only 1. At the beginning of her performance, she announced she was pregnant with her 2nd child. She sang her top hits from “B---- Better Have My Money” and “Only Girl (In the World)” to “Diamonds”. After the halftime show several of her songs hit the charts again and her listeners on Apple Music tripled.

Deming NM RV Explosion:
By: Estrella Galicia
On Feb. 6th a fire had started at a Deming RV park where a battery compartment of
a visiting RV had caught on fire. A report from the Deming Fire Department indicates. Firefighters responded to the Little Vineyard RV Park on East Pine Street after reports that a recreational vehicle had caught fire. The vehicle belonged to a couple from Texas who had been parked at the facility for a couple of hours when they saw smoke emerging from the battery. They attempted to extinguish the fire but it had already begun to spread through the vehicle. The RV had a model year of
2012 and the owner told firefighters its battery had been replaced just two months ago. The estimated total losses were estimated at $245,000, including $195,000 of property consisting of the RV and a Honda C-RV plus $50,000 in contents. The couple was unharmed and lodged themselves at an area hotel.

Presidents’ Day History

Presidents day was created in 1885 in honor 
of George Washington; later becoing an official 
holiday in 1971. The passing of uniform Monday act which was created to give more three-day weekends to the nations workers encoured presidents day. The day was not made to honor just our first president but also all who have come after. The holiday became more well enjoyed when the Uniform Holiday Act was put on a Monday along with many other holidays so instead of randomly placed holidays it could be enjoyed by all workers. So the holiday was not made just to honor our past presidents but also to relax and enjoy a three-day weekend.

NMDOT Announces I-10 Roadway Rehabilitation Project
By Estrella Galicia
Starting Monday, February 6th, 2023 Eastbound and Westbound roads will be closed due to construction. The construction hours will be from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. This rehabilitation project was awarded in the amount of $21.6 million and is expected to be completed in 180 days. Thanks to the New Mexico Department of Transportation and The corporation of Mountain States Construction, Inc. Work will be done on roadways, Interstate 10 from milepost 55 (Quincy) to milepost 65 (16 miles west of Deming).

The History of Deming, New Mexico

Deming, New Mexico; a small city in the upper part of the Chihuahuan Desert, Mimbres Valley area,
Luna County, southern New Mexico, and the home of many who are reading this very Deming Broadcaster article. So, in the spirit of the new year, why don’t we have a look back at our beloved city, Deming, New Mexico? 1881 was when Deming was founded, not as a town or city, but as a service point for the junction of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railways; it was originally called Mimbres Junction. A railroad service point is a point where locomotives, more commonly known as the front and/or back ends of a train, are repaired and refueled. The settlement was incorporated into a town in the year of 1902 and was renamed Deming after Mary Ann Deming, the wife of the principal builder of the Southern Pacific railway, Charles Crocker. The land on which Deming is built as part of the Gadsden Purchase, also known as the Treaty of Mesilla, an agreement between the United States and Mexico. This agreement stated that the United States would pay the country of Mexico $10 million dollars for an estimated 29,670 square mile portion of Mexico’s land of what would later become southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico, though it was originally a 45,000 square mile portion for $15 million dollars, changes were later made to the treaty. The treaty took effect on June 8th, 1854, and the land was used for parts of the two railways previously mentioned. The Gadsden Purchase was first drafted by James Gadsden, US ambassador to Mexico at the time, and Antonio López de Santa Anna, president of Mexico at the time, on December 30th, 1853, and was signed by 14th US president Franklin Pierce with the approval of Mexico for the finalization of the treaty. While called one, the “city” of Deming is technically a town since a small city is defined as having a population of 25,000 to 50,000 residents living in the area while Deming has an estimated 14,700 residents as of the start of 2023; though in many government papers, it is referred to as a city. Deming has a large agricultural community that grows pecans, wine grapes, cotton, onions, and, of course, chiles of many kinds. Deming has a mayor-council government system with mayor Benny Jasso, police chief Clint Hogan, fire and MES (Medical Emergency Services) chief Raul Mercado, and other very important people. Seaman Field was the first mayor of Deming for an unknown amount of time and was a Collector of Customs under the presidency terms of Grover Cleveland. The Seaman Field House on Silver Avenue was not only one of the earliest houses to be made in the settlement and home of Field and his family but was also once a United States Customs House for the US-Mexico border. Deming is around 24 years older than the famous city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and was incorporated around 9 years earlier as a settlement in Las Vegas began in 1905 and was incorporated in 1911. The oldest building in Deming is believed to be the (J.A.) Mahoney Building on the Gold-Spruce Street way which finished construction in 1912 and is the oldest building in Luna County. Just because Deming is a small, secluded city doesn’t mean that a few famous people aren’t from, haven’t been, or haven’t met their end here. Three of these famous persons include:

o Wade Allen Blasingame-A former American professional baseball player who played baseball from
1963 to 1972 and appeared in 222 games. Born on November 22, 1943, and still kicking it at 79 years
old at the start of 2023, this left-handed pitcher played for the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves (1963-1967),
Houston Astros (1967-1972), and the New York Yankees (1972) for a 46-51 win-loss ratio. Blasingame
now lives in Anchorage, Alaska with his wife Deane.

o Nacio Herb Brown-Ignacio “Nacio” Herb Brown may have died some 58 years ago, but his legacy still lives on. Born on February 22nd, 1896, and unfortunately died on September 28, 1964, this musical composer helped with the creation of some 29 songs with many appearing in Broadway musicals, the most popular being the Singin’ in the Rain musical based off the 1952 musical romantic comedy of the same name. Brown was said to have been married at least 5 times, divorcing each wife usually two years later. Ruby Porter, a composer like Nacio Herb Brown himself, birthed his first known son Nacio Herb Brown Jr., and got a divorce in 1931. Jeanne Borlini Lockhart was wedded to Brown in 1932 and that is all I was able to find on the woman; it is unknown when they separated. Anita Page (Maiden name Anita Evelyn Pomares) was an American film actress who married Brown in 1934. The next wife was Elizabeth Maud “Beffie” Lippincott Kellogg (Like the cereal company, though there is no evidence she was related to the Kellogg brothers, and is most likely just a coincidence, they were alive during the same time period) and they were wedded in 1939 then divorced in 1941. I could not find much about Lippincott as she was a seemingly normal woman. The last known wife of Brown was Georgeann Morris who married Brown in 1943 and divorced in 1945. She had two children named Nacio Jan Brown and Candace Brown.
o George Scarborough-A famous and controversial cowboy and lawman from the wild times of the Wild West. George Scarborough was born in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana on October 2nd, 1859, and was killed on a debated day in 1900, at the age of 40 in Deming, New Mexico. Technically the settlement wasn’t “Deming” yet and was still Mimbres Junction, but the point still stands. Scarborough was appointed as the Jones County sheriff in 1885 at the age of 27 and later worked as a Deputy US Marshal in and around the El Paso, Texas area before moving to Deming, New Mexico, and working for the Grant County Cattlemen's Association as a gunman. George Scarborough tracked, captured, and/or killed many outlaws with the help of El Paso police chief Jeff Milton. Some of these people include Martin M’Rose (Mroz), John Wesley Hardin, John Selman, William E. "Bronco Bill" Walters, Jack Dunlop (John/Jess Dunlop/Patterson, and Three Fingered Jack), and many of the members of the Burt Alvord gang. Martin M’Rose’s wife was killed by John Wesley Hardin, George Scarborough’s friend Bass Outlaw (It is unknown if this was his true name or a simple nickname) was killed by John Selman, Selman killed John Wesley Hardin, and Scarborough killed both M'Rose and Selman; creating a connection between all the men involved. There are many tales of how George Scarborough died, but two are widely accepted. Number 1 is that George Scarborough was involved in a shootout on April 1st, 1900, with outlaws George Stevenson and James Brook, with one of them shooting Scarborough in the leg before or after the other outlaw was gunned down. Scarborough had his shot leg amputated, reportedly dying 4 days later; six years after the death of his close friend Bass Outlaw. The other stated that Scarborough and Walter Birchfield were tracking an outlaw nicknamed Kid Curry (Real name Harvey Logan) in the Sam Simon, Arizona area, a shootout commencing after the two lawmen trapped Kid Curry near the Triangle Canyon, killing George Scarborough. The former is more highly believed. And that ends our small look back at Deming, New Mexico. There is still much more history behind us to remember and a future ahead of us to explore.
May Deming, New Mexico stand strong until the very end.