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DHS Students Attend the Deming 2018 Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

By Jessica Zavala

     On Thursday, September 28th, the Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum at the First Methodist Church. The candidates who are running for office in the November 6th mid-term election treated the High School students very special. They were so excited to see us there and were amazed that all of us showed up. 

  They did target this young audience and referenced how they were going to help us. They said that this was the first time they had seen so many high school faces.

Gary Johnson and Mick Rich are both running for Senator of NM. They vary on issues.  Johnson focused on elderly people basically and spoke about the national deficit by reforming Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Whereas Rich would want to execute good paying jobs, safe communities and a school system that works for New Mexico children. While Rick was giving his opening statement he addressed abortion, Gary Johnson shouted, “That’s BULLS***”, Johnson strongly disagreed with Rich and  was obviously very passionate about it, he stated, “I believe in the sanctity of life.” He apologized for his use of the word in the closing statement.  

When we first showed up to the Forum, Stephanie Garcia Richard came up to us and was so excited to see so many young faces. She talked to us about how she is a teacher and she sees how every little dollar that they cut from the school budget affects everyone. She sees how much the school struggles first hand. She seemed so genuine about what she was so running for and so passionate about every word she said. She was so calm and honestly if I was of age to vote, I would have voted for her. She also seemed very educated in the farm lands and she only had about three minutes to speak and just by that I was moved. Just in those three minutes she taught me so much on that topic.

As high school students, it is important to be included in the voting experience and really be involved in what’s happening in our county. We’re going to be the ones that are ultimately affected by the decisions of people in office. There is so much importance in voting. Therefore, more than ever we need young people voting.

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For information on registering to vote in New Mexico, please click here. 



*The Deadline has passed for NM residents for the November 6th midterm election. 

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For information on candidates and elections 

For information on bills, issues, or to contact your Representatives 

Voting Matters

by Anyssa Maese

Your vote matters! 

Elections are upon us folks, and now, more than ever, we need your vote! Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “My vote doesn’t even matter so, what’s the point?” and yeah, we’ve heard that one numerous times. Second favorite line? “My mom made me register now that I’m 18 but like, I’m just voting to make her happy.” But the truth behind these lines, and excuses? Well, your vote is just that. Your. Vote. Make it count! 

I’m here to talk to you about why exactly you should vote, and why now, more than ever, us young people need to get out there and take more control of what exactly is going on around us.  

According to in 2016, “young votes accounted for half of the voting population, making us a powerful political force” This is a very important fact to be aware of because that statement alone shows just how much of an impact we have on the political world. Many young people fail to take an interest in politics, or are just simply not educated enough on the topic itself to really get a grasp on what the broad spectrum of politics truly entails. As the youngest registered voters, eighteen-year-olds, are usually high school seniors, we must really aim to get our voices heard on important topics because matter of the fact is, “while you may not care now, you might in four years.” Decisions made right now, have the potential to affect your life in the future, or even, your children’s life. 

Moral of the story? Vote! Elections are right around the corner (November 6th), and we need each voice heard. Your vote does matter, and as an individual who has the right to vote, you should because you want to, not because you want to make your mother happy. Be a responsible civilian and get out there! These are important decisions that have the potential to affect you and those around you. See you at the voting polls! 



  • Register to vote when you turn 18.

  • Participate in early voting! 

  • Encourage your family members and friends to get out and vote! 

  • Be an educated voter!  

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