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Who is Keith Lee?

In general, small locally owned businesses are important to a community. Keith Lee is a TikTok star from Las Vegas and a professional athlete for mixed martial arts who uses his free time to help people who are struggling. He reviews food honestly based on 3 factors: Customer service, taste, and information. With 9.5 million followers he has become an impressive sensation that has a large influence. Keith has helped businesses gain visibility and get customers from all over the United States. One video “Frankensons Pizzeria Taste test” with 7.7 million likes and over 37 million views. That video alone
provided Frank, the owner, with over customers down the block and over $400 a day. More recently he discovered a food truck and made a video called “Southern Taste Seafood taste test” that got over 4.8 million likes and 20 million views. The owner Gary went to great lengths for Keith to try his food because Keith is allergic to shellfish. Keith ordered a burger and rated the burger with an astounding review. However, because the business is so small his followers are only CashApp-ing him money instead of patronizing him. Keith told people to expect a wait because he is alone, and hand makes everything. Keith Lee does amazing things for his community. His reviews are truthful and have sincerity. People on the platform love what he does so much that they go to very far to try these restaurants. He also collabs with many people who donate food to the poor or homeless. He has integrity and uses his influence for good.

By: Estrella Galicia
Shia LaBeouf turned people’s heads with his new look dressed in sparkly gold heels and a white dress while filming in Atlanta. Shia is said to be making a comeback to filming after having seven prior arrests. He was dressed in drag while on set of Megalopolis with retro spit curls and a black acrylic manicure. Shia has also gotten updates about his court case with his ex girlfriend FKA twigs and will proceed to trial on April 17. With this film hopefully Shia will bring a new perspective to the film and his trial will be revealed soon.

Shia LaBeouf is Unrecognizable in Five time Oscar winner Francis Ford Coppola, Along with updates on the case put against him

2023 Predictions 

By Autyana Bollier
1.) TiKTok gets banned in the united states
2.) Green energy takes off
3.) Frank Ocean drops his final album
4.) Inside Denim will become a new fashion trend
5.) Kanye west is ‘’missing’’ for months with no sight of him or arrested Or even passes away
6.) America hits it largest market crash
7.) Ai robots will take over jobs, and many will go homeless
8.) Justin and Hailey Bieber have a baby or they break up
9.) One of the Kardashians gets seriously cancelled
10.) Air travel becomes harder as airlines become more expensive

Pokémon Update

I should’ve written this article a long time ago. As you could tell by the title, this is about the new game, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Instead of following a story line and going to places in a certain order, you get to explore at your own pace, and go almost anywhere you want to go. Worried about transportation? Fear not! You get to ride either a Koraidon, or a Miraidon. Find all the new Pokémon in this region and complete whatever mission you have. Order it now or sometime later this year when you have enough money.

Dear Martin: Book Review

By: Ban Nabeel
Dear Martin, is a social injustice novel written by Nic Stone about a Black seventeen-year-old boy named
Justice living in Atlanta, he writes to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in which he reflects on his life, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspires him. Justice goes to a prep school with a full ride scholarship, but all that almost crashes down due to a police officer who thought he was harming his drunk ex-girlfriend when he was just trying to help her. Justice faces many obstacles throughout the book, but he manages to remain strong and get through each of the stepping stone. This book could be a little sensitive for
wealthy white conservatives, but it is an eye opener and will help many readers understand minorities better, and what they face on a daily basis.

Netflix shows that have been canceled.

Netflix shows that were canceled and only went up to seasons one are; Juliet and the phantoms -developed a quick cult following when it hit the streaming service in September 2020. The musical comedy, which was based on the Brazilian television series Julie and ghost, followed a high school student who accidentally summoned the ghosts of three dead musicians. As fans waited to hear if the show was canceled or renewed, executive producers David Hoge and Dan Cross revealed that they already had ideas for the second season.

1899 -There are plenty of theories as to why a show like this show was canceled despite dominating the streaming charts and coming from the showrunners behind Dark because it was weird, cryptic and German, but also because you cared about the characters. Six episodes in, I could not care less about anyone on this weird, haunted boat.

Panther track -After airing for just one season, Netflix has canceled the show due to lackluster ratings and its failure to meet the streamer's requirements to qualify for a renewal.

Pretty smart-It is one and done for Netflix's. The multi-camera comedy series from Jack Dolgen, Doug Mand and Kourtney Kang will not return for a second season, we have confirmed. And had cancelled the show. The midnight clubs- have been canceled after one season; Variety has learned. The cancellation comes on the heels of executive producers Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy exiting their overall deal at Netflix for a new pact with Amazon Studios.

Anthony Bennett
King Richard is about Serena and Venus Williams who was coached by their father Richard. He was hard
on them from a very young age because of the place they lived in. it was very dangerous and he wanted
them to work hard so they could live a better life than he did. Later on in life they did accomplish this
they both became the #1 Women tennis player in the world of course at different times. With the help
of their father and their mother who worked hard for them to get them to where they are today. The
coaches also helped but mainly Richard did he wouldn’t let anybody else train his daughter and even
when they went to one of the best tennis schools in the world he only used them for the facilities.
Richard was played by Will Smith and he did an outstanding job he played the role with true emotion
The movie didn’t do that well and actually lost money it did 39 million dollars in Box office but
costed 50 million to make. But besides that they did an amazing job the movie was fantastic and I would
recommend it to anybody who likes sports in general. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 for a sports movie it
showed the hard times the family went through all the way until their rise into fame.

King Richard: Movie Review


Wednesday is a new series on Netflix based on the character Wednesday in the Addams Family.
It was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and starring Jenna Ortega. 4 out of 8 episodes were directed by Tim Burton who has originally worked on 2 projects relating the Addams family. During the first week of it being released it racked up 341.2 million hours of viewing worldwide. This series follows Wednesday as she enrolls into Nevermore a school her parents had attended 25 years before, after getting into some trouble at her old school. Having an emotionless personality and thinking she doesn’t need to be there it is difficult for her to fit in. Throughout the series she tries to find a murderous creature who has been terrorizing Jericho while trying to deal with her new psychic abilities.
In my opinion this show was thrilling and takes you through many exciting emotions. I think they
did a good job modernizing Wednesday but keeping her iconic attributes. It was exciting to see some Hispanic representation especially in shows that are blowing up. Jenna Ortega was an ideal Wednesday she mastered the emotionless expression, choreographed the dance in episode four, she also learned archery, how to play the cello, and speak German. As for a season 2 nothing has been confirmed by Netflix yet, but the creators of the show have said they’ve laid out three or four seasons in hopes of it being renewed.

Current LOONA Problems

By Aliriss Myers
There are a few major problems going on in the Korean-Pop group, LOONA. Their
agency, Blockberry Creative, has recently fired ‘the face of LOONA’, Kim Ji-woo also known as Chuu. On November 25th of 2022, the official announcement stating that Chuu has been fired from LOONA had a popular outburst, with fans of the group and professional industry members who have worked with LOONA as a whole jumping to her side. Chuu was said to originally speak out about being overworked and mistreated by the label. It is uncleared to my knowledge that if the next information I’m about to give you is a rumor or cleared, but it is rumored that Chuu had set a lawsuit against Blockberry in attempt to get out of the contract she had made with them. In response to her speaking out, Blockberry had made their own claim that Chuu was 'abusing’ her powers and using hostile language towards staff, and because of that act LOONA fans on social media everywhere have come to her back saying that Chuu would not be the kind of person to do that to them and that Blockberry saying she is abusing power is nonsense. Chuu had made a recent post on her Instagram story stating that “I would never do anything that could be considered shameful to my fans.” Blockberry made an instant statement saying that if Chuu wants to prove her innocence, she must be the one to provide her own evidence of that, making most socials go wild, especially Twitter. Meanwhile, with 11 members left in LOONA, a news report claims that 9 members— Heejin, Haseul, Yeojin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye—have recently filed an injunction against Blockberry to terminate their exclusive contracts. The nine members have stated that the trust between them and their agency has been broken and that they don’t wish to work with Blockberry Creative anymore. Blockberry said no to this statement and is most likely going to try and keep further information about what was said private, as they did with the rumor that Chuu has established her own company. With this all stated, nine members of the group gone it is most likely that LOONA is going to disband and won’t be able to do group activities in the future. Overall, it is best to hope that Chuu can recover from being overworked and the harsh statements that are spread online about the current situation she’s in.

RM’s First Solo Album Indigo

 By Lizbeth Rodriguez
It finally here RM’s first solo studio album, Indigo. The album was first announced on
November 10th on Instagram and was set to release on December 2nd. RM has described this solo
album as a “archive of his twenties”. The announcement was followed up with a magazine film
teaser released on November 27th. On November 22nd HYBE released a 46-second identity fil for
Indigo. RM has characterized it as “A documentary about my adolescence during the age of
autonomous phase.” He went as far as to post on Weverse “I worked hard on it for the past 4
years ... It will be very different from my oast projects.” The track list is currently 10 songs long
including: “Yun” (with Erykah Badu), “Still Life” (with Anderson. Paak), “All Day” (with
Tablo), “Forgetfulness” (with Kim Saweol), “Closer” (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia), “Change pt.
2”, “Lonely”, “Hectic” (with Colde), “Game of Wild Flowers” (with Jo Yujin), and “No. 2”
(with Park Jiyoon). Of course, with RM having produced songs before it’s of no surprise that his
name is credited in all 10 of the songs. According to HYBE Indigo “recounts the stories and
experiences RM has gone through, like a diary. The album will present a different charm of RM
with various featured artists.”
It's safe to say the reason Indigo is being releasing this year solo because of the BTS’s
members statements that they will focus on solo projects for the hutias they are taking due to
mandatory military time. However, although this does mark RM’s first solo album it isn’t his
first solo project. His first solo project was RM released in 2015 and his second solo project
being Mono released in 2018. Indigo also marks the third solo album to be released out of all the
BTS members with J-hope’s Jack in The Box being first and Jin’s The Astronaut. RM teased
ARMY’s even more when he mentioned collaborating with “fun friends”, which were revealed
in the track list and turned out being 9 different people. It worked to rile up the fan since most
are impressed with the diversity in feature artist ranging from rock band that produce R&B to hip
hop and folk. The features artist are also spread out around the world with artist from the UK,
Philippine, and the USA. In celebration for Indigo RM will be holding a concert at the South
Korean Embassy in New York City on December 5, 2022, at 8 pm KST. The concert is being
held to make Indigo more intimate and personal which is probably a factor in why no recording
devices will be allowed inside the venue. So, hurry and buy yourself tickets if you don’t want to
miss it!

Top Christmas Movies

By: Lauren Yousif
Once the weather starts getting cold, you know its time to put your cozy Christmas pajamas on, get some hot chocolate and put on the perfect Christmas movies. First on the list we have a 1946 movie. “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In this Christmas movie, an angel is sent from Heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed. With much joy and spirit, this makes a great Christmas movie. Second on the list we have “White Christmas”. A classic 1954 film, A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general. Another great movie to watch with the family is “Miracle on 34th Street”. After a divorced New York mother hires a nice old man to play Santa Claus at Macy's, she is startled by his claim to be the genuine article. When his sanity is questioned, a lawyer defends him in court by arguing that he's not mistaken. “A Christmas Story”. A true classical Christmas movie. Made in 1983, this movie is based on young boy named Ralphie Parker attempts to convince his parents, teacher, and Santa Claus that a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun really is the perfect Christmas gift. He goes through the many obstacles of proving to the people around why he loves this gun so much and what makes it so great. Going through everyday life being the outcast off all his friends, he wants to show everyone what he can get and how much cooler he can be. Another great movie with much fun and adventure is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. The Griswold family's plans for a big family Christmas predictably turn into a big disaster. “The Polar Express”. A movie we all watched as children. On Christmas Eve, a young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express, while learning about friendship, bravery, and thespirit of Christmas. With much magical fun and adventure, the Polar Express makes a great movie for the Christmas holiday. What’s better to a great holiday movie than magical events and a great act of kindness. “The Christmas Carol”, a bitter old miser who rationalizes his uncaring nature learns real compassion when three spirits visit him on Christmas Eve. “Elf”. Raised as an oversized elf, Buddy travels from the North Pole to New York City to meet his biological father, Walter Hobbs, who doesn't know he exists and is in desperate need of some Christmas spirit. With much fun and laughter, this movie is great to enjoy with the family. Now all time favorite and best of all Christmas movie of all time, “Home Alone”. The most popular Christmas movie made, An eight year old trouble maker is forgotten Home Alone while his family is off on vacation and must protect his house from 2 robbers who come to steal his stuff. The 4,250-square-foot, red-brick, Georgian-style house in Winnetka, Illinois that director Chris Columbus picked to be the titular home in which Kevin would be left alone sold for $1.585 million in 2015 after nearly a year on the market, according to the Chicago Tribune. However, its owners were clearly expecting more for the iconic property , its original listing price was $2.4 million. The idea for Home Alone occurred to John Hughes during the making of Uncle Buck, which also
starred Macaulay Culkin. Always game to play the precocious one, there’s a scene in which Culkin’s character interrogates a potential babysitter through a mail slot. In Home Alone, Culkin has a similar

Trivia: 3

Fissures, vents, and plugs are all associated with which geological feature?

In every single horror fan’s heart, there lies one game that everyone will remember. Bendy and the Ink Machine. But I’m not here to write about Bendy and the Ink Machine. I’m here to write about the sequel, Bendy and the Dark Revival. Instead of playing as Henry, you play as Audrey, Joey’s daughter. Apparently, she somehow got herself into the “Ink world” (as I call it), and is trying to get out, as any sane person would do. And yes, the Ink Demon makes a
reappearance, just in case anyone didn’t know. He looks a little different, but just as terrifying as before. I’m not going to spoil anything too major, but BENDY IS HERE! He isn’t corrupted like most of the other cartoon characters, and boy am I glad that he’s on our side!

Gavin Grattan
Kanye West, a thousand problem with zero solutions. He has completely ruined his reputation, his
brand, and basically his life. Kanye West has been slowly making worse and worse remarks about every possible thing he can. It all started to go down with his divorce, it seemed to break him. He was ghosting the world for months, not being seen or being heard from. Then his ex-wife got in a relationship with Pete Davidson, he started threatening Pete, making remarks about his family situations, and just harassing him in general. This was more lighthearted, but it still wasn’t good for him to do whatsoever. This continued until his suspensions on apps causing him to go silent once more. After some time, he got access to speaking publicly again, things finally reached the worst it could get. He started making antisemitic remarks and people got on him for this. This just kept continuing through the hate, making him one of the most hated people on social media. The peak has finally hit though, on December 3rd he went on a FOX interview with Alex Jones, he made some of the worst remarks I have heard as a person. Saying things like he likes Nazis, he likes Hitler, Hitler didn’t kill anyone, they were a wonderful party, and that the media is the reason he says this. After this on social media he proceeded to say he loves all people and made and posted a picture of a swastika combined with the Star of David. This is horrible and disgusting, he is undermining the people who suffered from a horrific historical event. He finished off the night by saying NBA superstar Chris Paul cheated with Kim Kardashian, posting a picture of Elon Musk with Jeffrey Epstein, and remarking on how he believes Musk is a genetically made human as well
as former President Barack Obama. He has truly gone insane and not only needs help, but needs

Kanye West’s Decent into Madness

Drake's Music 

36-year-old Canadian rapper known as Drake, known for his hit song hotline bling has a net worth of
$150 million. Growing up Drake wasn’t the well known popular kid as he is now. Being a black Jew and
growing up in an anti-Semitic, Drake felt as if he grew up isolated from the rest of the world. Growing up
he became more well known and his fame started taking on. At the age of 15, Drake played a role in the
2001 hit TV drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Although his acting career did not go on for long, his
music came in a clutch. So how did Drake get into the music industry? His father Dennis Graham was a
drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis the rock and roll star. His uncle played bass for the Family Stone and Sly.
His mother also came from a music background giving him all the reasons and motivation to become a
rapper. In 2006, Drake launched his music career by releasing his first mix tape, "Room for
Improvement". Three years later, his third mix tape, "So Far Gone", was released and, the following
year, he released his official debut album, "Thank Me Later", to generally positive reviews. Drake was
than established as a as a multi-talented young Canadian, and the entertainment industry had great
expectations for him. Drake has won 4 Grammy’s, broken several chart records, and released 10 n.1
projects. Around the age of 17-18, he had got into writing song lyrics. "Best I Ever Had" kicked off
Drake's reign over the charts. He would later become the first-ever artist to log eight straight years on
the Hot 100. Sources told Billboard at the time that three major labels were dueling for Drake's loyalty
in "one of the biggest bidding wars ever." Following the success of "Best I Ever Had" and his massive
record deal, "Thank Me Later" became one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2010. "Thank Me
Later” which featured contributions from big names like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Timbaland, Nicki Minaj, and
his mentor Lil Wayne debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 447,000 copies in its first
week. Drake than pulled out all the stops, performing a 90-minute set and welcoming guests like
Eminem and Jay-Z. "Take Care" is now considered by many fans as Drake's best full-length effort to date
and it won him his first Grammy for "Best Rap Album" the following year. Being busy with music and
making his way up the music industry, Drake was too busy to attend school. In 2012, at 25 years old,
Drake had announced that he had officially graduated high school. On February 12, 2015, Drake

surprised the world by dropping "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" without any prior rollout or
announcement. The 17-track mixtape quickly went platinum even before Drake proceeded to drop a
collaborative mixtape with Future, "What a Time to Be Alive," in September. The latter was also certified
platinum later on. As mentioned in the beginning, one of Drakes hit songs, “Hotline Bling” was shot to
No. 2 on the chart and would go on to help Drake secure his second and third Grammy Awards, winning
for "Best Rap/Sung Performance" and "Best Rap Song." Drake dropped his fourth studio album "Views"
later that month. The album amassed almost 250 million streams in its first week. The album would go
on to sit at No. 1 on the chart for ten nonconsecutive weeks. Drake released "More Life," which he
described as a "playlist of original music," on March 18, 2017. Just 24 hours later, it had been
streamed 89.9 million times on Apple Music and 61.3 million times on Spotify, setting records for both
platforms. From being broke and unknown, watching his mom struggle everyday, to slowly growing his
fame through tv shows and making a name for him with his music, Drake easily boasts the most career
top 10 hits, with more music to come

Ah, Cuphead. The game entirely hinged on boss-fights. It’s also the game
that is extremely hard. For those who don’t know what Cuphead is or what kind
of game it is, it’s a cartoon-style, run-n’-gun, platformer kind of game. Instead of
playing through a stage and having the boss fight at the end like normal games, it
just throws you right into one. And no health bar. You just have three lives. So,
get hit three times, start the whole fight over. But apart from the bosses, there
are also some bonus levels where you just collect coins. The coins are in turn used
in the shop to get different weapons and buffs. Oh yeah, you also have to fight
the devil. But that will be no problem at all, right?

Kayne Gets Dropped

By, Keira Block

Recently, the news has been abuzz with the news of Kanye’s antisemitic comments. He said and done many racially insensitive things. The consequences of his actions led to many companies ceased work with him. Many big companies that sold his merch severed ties with him including Adidas, GAP, and Balenciaga. He lost $2 billion dollars in one day and is saying that what he said was “Love speech.” He got banned from Twitter. He pretended to apologize but after being pressed on if he meant it, he said “absolutely not”. Now he has no social media, no way to sell his merch, and no net worth because of his own actions.

More on Kanye.....

Kanye West

By Esmeralda Fuentes
Celebrities spoke out against anti- semitism amid the growing backlash to Kanye
west comments. Hate speech is never ok or excusable the skims mogul, 42 tweeted on Monday,
October 24. There were Jewish community and call on the terrible violence and
hateful rhetoric towards them to com to an immediate end.
The reality star initially made headlines for his anti-semitic comments, after his
Instagram account was restricted for violating the platform rules and guidelines.
Kanye then took to twitter where he wrote about going death, con 3 on Jewish
people. The post eventually removed, but Kanye later doubled down oh his
comments in multiple interviews.

A lot of people know Undertale, the classic game where you fall into an underground haven of monsters, and fight to get your way out (or not fight if you’re a pacifist). But there’s a secret underground community that devotes themselves to make their own Undertale universes (also known as AU). In these AU, it’s still Undertale but different. And one of these, is a little fangame known as Underswap. In this universe, the personalities of characters are swapped. Papyrus has Sans’ personality, and Sans has Papyrus’ and so on and so forth. But you can’t have an Undertale fangame without its remixed music. And Underswap has a great version of  Megalovania. So, if you have a working PC, try to find this. Unless you hate Undertale in which case, go play Fortnite.


11/18/22 Movie Review
Anthony Bennett
I am Reviewing the Movie Ratatouille which is one of my favorite Disney movies. It starts of with
basically the main character Remy who is a rat, but he is not like the other rats. He has taste for what he wants to eat. He becomes obsessed with finding the perfect combinations of food like strawberries and cheese. One day the house they were staying in left out food, but it had rat poison and Remy smelt it and saved his entire family of rats. Because of that his dad the leader of the group decides he will inspect the food and of course Remy was annoyed by this and all he wanted to do was try new food. When he snuck into, he kitchen the old lady who lived in the house found out that they were in the kitchen, and she tried taking them out. It was an odd day there was a thunderstorm and it ended with Remy being separated from his family. He ends up in Paris and all his dreams came true when he met Alfredo linguine also the main character basically. They help each other because alfredo was a janitor in Gusteau’s restaurant a famous Michelin star restaurant that was going downhill ever since Gusteau died. At the time I didn’t know but alfredo was Gusteau’s son and would eventually take over the business after the corrupt Head Chef Skinner was trying to take over the company. With Remy’s help they made the restaurant come alive again until food critic Anton Ego came to reevaluate the restaurant this is when Remy already basically took over the restaurant with Alfredo and were working together. They made the Dish called Ratatouille which is like vegetables and a sauce that make an amazing dish. It even impressed Anton so much it made him remember his mothers cooking and ultimately giving a good review and it made the restaurant go back to its old glory days. While Alfredo became the owner Remy was his head chef but honestly all he cared about was impressing Colette who was also a chef their and,
in the end, they got together and had a happy ending. It was an amazing movie and if you haven’t
watched it, you should. Obviously, there are some details that were left out, but the soundtrack and the cinematics are amazing, and the plot and main point of the story was amazing. So, if I would have to rate this movie, I would rate it a 5/5. The Character development was top notch and even the two villains of the story were written amazingly those being Chef Skinner and Anton Ego who wasn’t really a villain but was at a point in the story. So, I would recommend this movie to anybody who wants to watch a movie they haven’t seen before or even a rewatch to remember the little details.

The Grammy's are a Joke 

Gavin Grattan
The Grammy’s have been slowly getting worse over the years with some people winning that didn’t deserve it to certain nominees being questionable. But this is year, it is the worst it has ever gotten. The nominees for rap album of the year start off pretty normal with Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, and Future, but it immediately takes a nosedive with DJ Khaled and Jack Harlow. There were so many better nominations for this category such as Denzel Curry who had a superb album with Melt My Eyez See Your Future, JID who made an amazing story with his album The Forever Story, Saba dropped Few Good Things which was great, and Smino released Luv 4 Rent less than a month ago which is also amazing. All of this and there are still more like Vince Staples, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, Drake, and Freddie Gibbs. The Grammy’s really did mess up this category because this was one of the best years for hip hop and they chose to highlight two bad albums. Just so many deserving people missed out due to releasing recently or just not being “mainstream” enough. It’s a joke, the people deserve to hear what was really the best that year and they Grammy’s could not deliver, I do not believe there was even a perfect list they could’ve release, but they definitely could’ve chose purely good albums to make this list okay.


Movie Review
Anthony Bennett
Today I will be reviewing the movie Shrek one of my childhood favorites. The movie starts off with Shrek being an Ogre and be hated by the townsfolk just because of how he was born. Shrek takes this personal, and he honestly just hated everybody because they hated him. Shrek meets Donkey who ultimately becomes his best friend, but Shrek didn’t know what friends were like, so he hated Donkey. When he saved Donkey from Lord Farquaad’s army all the other magical people were put on Shrek’s land which he hated. This is when he decided he would put a stop to it and find Lord Farquaad and this ultimately made him meet Princess Fiona. She was a Princess who was locked in a tower and needed a Knight to save her. It didn’t go so well when Fiona saw Shrek for who he really was which was an Ogre. She hated how he acted and felt like she was forced to be with him. This would be the start of their Love story though. Especially when Fionna turned into an Ogre just like Shrek. This made Shrek realize that he wasn’t alone anymore, and he found his purpose in life and his true love even though it was a rough start they made it work. Also, Donkey grows on Shrek, and they become pretty good friends even though Donkey was annoying Shrek loved the company. Shrek later in the movie defeats Lord Farquaad and becomes a hero to the people who are like him the people and animals who don’t fit in. I chose this movie because it shows how the true world really is. Some people hate others just because of how they look or who they are. But so many people relate to the person getting picked on it inspires them to become better and grow as an individual. Just like Shrek at first, he was mad at the world because the world was mad at him but as he develops as a Character, he realizes everybody isn’t like that. He also finds his purpose in life by falling in love. He would do anything for Fionna and therefore he found his purpose. I think this is an amazing movie because it teaches people just because somebody is
different doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings and they don’t like being hated. When everybody watched it while they were Children, I don’t think they realized how relatable this movie really was and rewatching that I realized it. If you are hated and you are different its ok don’t let anybody mess with you and don’t change yourself to be liked more. Do your best for yourself and hey maybe you’ll find somebody that will make you want to better yourself. The plot is good and the whole story is good, and it is really inspiring to people who are in his situation of being hated. It proves no matter how bad it looks or how hated you are that life will go on and eventually one day it will become better. I give the movie Shrek a 4/5 rotten tomatoes although it can be a little better, but the overall story and outcome of the movie is good like I said it could be a little bit better but besides that it is an amazing movie, and I would recommend this movie for anybody to watch.

Jack Harlow

By: Adam De Crescente

Jack Harlow is an American rapper from  Louisville, Kentucky. He is 24 years of
age. He has one younger brother, Clayborn Harlow. He is of both French and Irish descent. The thing
that popped him off was a song called “what's popping”. He appeared on the Ellen show to perform
“what's popping” Jack later appeared on a song with Lil nas X “Industry Baby”. Earlier this year he
released his debut album called “come home the kids miss you” an album that broke records. The album
is a 15-song album having many great songs on it, one that really took off was “first class” going viral all
over tik Tok and being streamed all over and radio station picking it up. My personal favorite is State
Fair, it is the last song on the album. The album has many great artists on features like Drake, Justin
Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams. The jack Harlow career is starting to pick up fast and it is being
watched Jack is only going to be getting bigger guarantee that.

Khloe Kardashian

By: Esmeralda Fuentes

A scary situation happened to Khloe Kardashian; she had a recently underwent surgery to
remove a tumor from on the side of her face.
On Tuesday October 11, she had notice there was a small bump on her right-side cheek, she
had assumed that it was a zit. She had decided to get biopsied 7 months after realizing it was
not budging. After she seen two doctors examined the bump, they had told Khloe that what
they were seeing was incredibly rare, for someone her age.
A few days later she was told, she needed to have an immediate operation to remove the
tumor from her face. She had called Dr. Garth Fischer a dear friend of hers, he will know as the
best surgeons in Beverly Hill, that Khloe knows he would really take her of her face.
Khloe reached out on Instagram that Dr. Fischer was able to get everything out but for the time
being. She as to wear a bandage over the affected area. But overall she is getting better and

Jeff Wittek Sues David Dobrik
By Estrella Galicia

On March 9, 2022 Jeff Wittek a member of the “Vlog Squad” took legal action for a stunt that
left him with broken and fractured bones, plus a torn ligament. He talked about taking legal
action against David Dobrik on a podcast in April and later filed to sue Dobrik for 10 million
dollars in damages. This is as much details that has been given while the lawsuit is going to
court. David Dobrik has not directly addressed the lawsuit that Jeff has filed but has said he
shouldn’t be held responsible for an accident. Jeff has said that not many of the Vlog Squad
members don’t communicate with him any more after filing the lawsuit against David and
wishes the David would have been there for him more through out his hopilization.

BTS Announce Plans for Military Service

by Lizbeth Rodriguez


On October 17th, 2022, Big Hit Entertainment has announced K-pop group BTS will be
enlisting in the military as per South Korean conscription law. The laws s
tates male Korean
citizens must serve in the military due to the ongoing threats of North Korea. Starting with ages 18 men can already enlist and the oldest you can be is 28 years before you risk jail time.
Typically, many would go to college for 2 years before they would enlist and come back 2 years later to finish college. For Korean pop idols most will enlist just before they turn 28 to decrease the risk of leaving while they are at the height of their career.
As stated previously the age of conscription is from 18 to 28 and Jin being 29, he was offered
a 2-year delay on account for BTS’s contribution to Korea’s international image. With BTS’
eldest member Jin about to turn 30 this year natural BTS had to decide this year whether they
would go through with the mandatory military service or be exempt. These issues of course, is
what divided many ARMY’s (BTS’ fandom name) views on whether they should be exempt due
to their contributions to Korean and their wide success. While many ARMY’s have argued BTS shouldn’t be exempt because of this and should still enlist for their mandatory 2-year military service other think they should be treated like normal citizens on a count of fairness. After all the citizens lives aren’t any less important than a K-pop stars.


Spooky Halloween Movies

By Esmeralda Fuentes
This are my top 5 spooky Halloween movies I recommend to watch...
1. Smile - As an overwhelming terror begins taking over her life, Rose must confront her troubling
past in order to survive and escape her horrifying new reality.
2. The Prey and Devil - Although nuns are forbidden to perform this ritual, a professor recognizes
Sister Ann's gifts and agrees to train her.
3. You’re Not my Mother - Char is determined to uncover the truth of her disappearance and
unearth the dark secrets of her family.
4. Halloween Ends - when a young man stands accused of murdering a boy that he was babysitting,
it ignites a cascade of violence and terror that forces Laurie to confront the evil she can't
5. The Call - After the unexpected death of an elderly woman suspected to be a witch, a group of
friends who tormented her are forced to call a phone installed in her casket.

Jeffrey Dahmer
By Adam DeCrescente

Jeffery Dahmer he was an American serial killer who killed 17 men. Jeffery died on November 28, 1994.
Since his death there has been 2 cinema’s that are just focused on Jeffery Dahmer and his life. There
have been many programs discussing Jeffery Dahmer and his life a little bit but nothing like these two
films. The first one was called “My friend Dahmer “played by Ross lynch. That film really covered the
early life of Jeffery Dahmer. Like him in school for one, the movie was made in 2017 and was the first
film that saw the life of Jeffery Dahmer through his own eyes. That movie was filmed in the hometown
of Jeffery Dahmer in his childhood home. The film is rated R. The new TV series called The Jeffery
Dahmer story is a Netflix exclusive. The film covers Jeffery Dahmer’s life and all the evil things he did and
how he did it. It’s also in a show format. The TV series is not a documentary type film. Many people are
worried that this tv series will make people inspired to maybe become like Jeffery Dahmer. Others are
curious why suddenly Jeffery Dahmer is being talked about again after being dead for years. One other
regard is that in this tv show it is hurting the victim's family's and anyone involved and exploding them
for money and entertainment.

The Psychology Behind Serial Killers

By: Lauren Yousif
Our each and every day factors all revolve on our psychological behavior, coming from psychology itself.
Each person carries their own traits and personalities and we are all exposed to people in the way we
represent ourselves. Many of us do not have a direct trait that is perceived by others, rather others
expose themselves in obvious ways. Lets take serial killers for example. We may not assume one is a
serial killer by the way they look, dress or even talk. But studies show a serial killer may have
psychological acts and childhood life that makes them who they are. Why do people commit murder?
What makes them so murderous? A desire to feel control over others and have the final decision over
their victim’s fate. These people are really great at reading people and knowing all their vulnerabilities
to have great control over them. They can appear to be really charming at first and be great at
manipulating. Each serial killer holds their own psychological trait. Many are narcissists who just simply
believe they are special and better than anyone and can cause damage to those around them to feed
into their own power, authority and control. Much of the problems occurred by these killers were from
childhood experiences. Much studies believe that most serial killers experienced child abuse as children.
Anti social behavior, voyeurism, and controlling behavior are all red flags for a person and are highly
associated with serial killers. At different stages of life, people encounter different situations that can
have a profound effect on their behavior and disrupt the emotional field as well as interpersonal
relationships. And how people respond to events such as psychological trauma depends on their
personality. Kids can experience emotional, sexual, physical, and psychological abuse as well as neglect.
Neglect includes dirty clothes, lack of necessary education and medical intervention as well as food. And
when parents neglect their kids, they actually put them in environments where they can be subjected to
other types of violence such as physical abuse. Emotional and psychological abuse can be both non-
verbal and verbal, accompanied by physical activity. Examples include convincing a child that they’re a
bad person, restricted physical contact as well as love, screaming, threatening, silencing, ridiculing, etc.
There’s also sexual abuse by a family member. For instance, some serial killers have experienced sexual
or physical abuse, emotionally distant or absent parents, or family dysfunction. Therefore, they never
learn the right answers to trauma. They also never develop other emotions, which is why they don’t
have any compassion for other people and find it difficult to empathize with others. People who have
studied serial killers think that they’re often loners who fear relationships, destruction and control
freaks, and so on. When kids lack control in their life and experience severe abuse, they will usually
escape into a world of fantasy. And the fantasies often include the themes of violence and control.
Another thing which is noticed in serial killers is mental illness. Borderline personality disorder involves
persistent or ongoing patterns of mood, behavior, and self-image changes that often result in impulsivity
and relationship problems. Symptoms include extreme views and shifting feelings. For instance, they
might think in terms of “all good” or “all bad.” Likewise, they might think of someone as a friend one day
and then an enemy on the next. A serial killer diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder is Jeffrey
Dahmer. He took the lives of 17 men in more than a decade. Another disorder most serial killers are
diagnosed with is Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia involves distorted thinking, perception, sense of self,
behavior, and emotions. Patients with schizophrenia may have delusions and hallucinations where they
see or hear things that aren’t there. These hallucinations and delusions could drive them to hurt or even
take lives. Many suffer from anti social disorder. The anti social disorder many serial killers deal with is
not the anti socialism we think of today, its rather people who suffer with this do not care for the
feelings and rights of other people. People with APD may use charm to deceive and manipulate others.
They might also lack empathy, show a sense of superiority, and be callous. They may lie, develop alcohol
and drug use problems, and show no guilt or remorse for the crimes they committed. Many believe

serial killers are born into what they are many believe there are factors that trigger them into becoming
who they are. Serial killers have always been and always will be a problem faced in this world. Many are
not very visible, but understanding their traits and behavior will help us identify and understand more of



Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father Suing Netflix

By Autyana Bollier

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father Lionel is reportedly considering suing Netflix for glamourizing his sons’ murders.
He wants to sue Netflix over the new series and mentioned that he was never even contacted for
approval for the releasing of all the tapes. The release of Dahmer’s new series has struck popularity and
is now even peoples Halloween costume.
Lionel Dahmer’s (Jeffrey’s actual father) age 86 is considering suing Netflix since the series have sparked
a renewed fascination over his son. Jeffrey Dahmer who has murdered 17 boys and men most whom he
encountered in or close to gay bars between 1978 and 1991. People have been saying that he is only
wanting to sue for the money that comes out of it. Many also say that the victims’ families should sue
instead because of the shows on Netflix is possibly having them remember the horrible things done to
their loved ones by Dahmer. So, there for they have the right to sue Netflix and not Lionel.
What do you have to say about this?

The Watcher
By- Jacqueline Leyva

This Netflix new drama series was aired earlier this week, and while the craziness and twists
series may turn on to be very true, this series is based on a real-life story. This show faithfully
portrays the horrifying reported experience of the real-life Broadduses, who bought their
dream home in Westfield, New Jersey in 2014, but were being threatened by a series of letters of a mysterious letters that praised the couple for bring there children or ‘’young blood’’ into the home, with other creepy statements. The Broadduses then went to the police with their findings. However, the investigation went nowhere, despite law enforcement interviewing the neighbors. In conclusion The Broadduses hired an Private investigator and are still trying to solve who keeps sending the creepy letters

Leslie Jordan Passes away at 67
By: Estrella Galicia

On October 24, 2022 Leslie Jordan passed away in a fatal car crash while driving his BMW in to a side of a building at Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street in Hollywood. The cause of the accident is unknown, but News articles suspect that Jordan had a medical emergency
while driving causing the crash. No concrete evidence has been given about how the crash occurred or how it came to be. Jordan was on his way to film scenes for his show called “Call me Kat” the cast had become concerned when Jordan had not shown up an hour after his call time.
Not long after, they would discover Jordan had been in a fatal accident. Many people are saddened by his sudden passing Jordan had become recently popular for his TikToks during Covid-19 and had brought laughter to those in need during the pandemic. Leslie Jordan will have
a memorial in his hometown to honor his life and his legacy that he has left behind the date is unknown as of now, but will be announced soon for all to mourn and remember the life of Leslie

Animes this Month
By: Gavin Grattan

The month of October is bringing back, starting, and continuing amazing shows.
The first being one of the most popular animes of all time, Bleach. Bleach is making a return to screens,
continuing with what is considered the best arc in the show. This being the One Thousand Year Blood
War. It made its return at the beginning of the month, and it has been widely recognized as one of the
best to come this year. You can watch it on Disney+.
The second being the most anticipated anime of the year, Chainsaw Man. This follows a story of devils
and high-octane action. It was so popular that it crashed the Crunchyroll streaming site. It was one of
the most popular mangas and it is clear to see why. This is one to definitely check out, you can find it on
The third is season 3 of Mob Psycho 100. This show has been amazing from the start, follow a middle
school student known as Mob. It has high action and just nice slice of life; it is enjoyable for anyone and
everyone. This is another amazing show to look at in your free time. It is available on Crunchyroll,
Funimation, Netflix, and Amazon Video.
The fourth is Blue Lock. This is a sport anime, which aren’t as common as many others, and it is getting
high praise. The manga came out in 2018 and it was adapted this year, the animation has been stellar,
and the story has seemed great. You can check it out on Crunchyroll, and I suggest doing so.
Other notable animes to come this month were My Hero Academia season 6, To Your Eternity Season 2,
Spy X Family Part 2, and Berserk: The Golden Age Arc.

Video Game Updates and Reviews

With Gabriel D'Ammassa


Fallout 4 

By Gabriel D'Ammassa

Fallout 4 is a great game. It was made by the same people who made Skyrim (Bethesda) and it’s pretty good. When you talk to people instead of scrolling through the options like in Skyrim, you get to see yourself and you just have to push a button. It’s so much better. And you have a voice in this game, where before you just don’t say anything. And the setting is kind of cool. I mean
you can do so many things with a game about a nuclear war, but Fallout 4 puts a nice spin on it. There really isn’t that much about the game that makes itoutstanding, but It’s still a really good game.

Fortnite's Server

It had to happen. We knew it would happen. It always seemed so far away. And yet, it had come. (Ok to be fair, I didn’t know that it was going to happen).
Yeah, the servers are down. To be honest, a lot of gamers could guess why the servers would go down, but they probably never guessed that they would go
down. So, what caused the servers to go down, you might be wondering. The answer is too much toxicity. Way too many people were being toxic online I
guess, and Epic Games just shut down Fortnite as a response or something. So, yeah. The servers went down, and nobody knows if they’re going to go down again. Does this mean you should play it again? Probably not. If they’re not going to bring back the AR and the Pump Shotgun, then why even bother? At least make your own skins instead of doing cross overs with other companies Epic.


Ah, Skyrim. One of the largest games that I’ve ever played. The game is set
in a fantasy world called Skyrim (sound familiar?) where you are being ferried to
prison. Before you die and the game ends, a dragon comes along blowing fire and
causing an awful ruckus. Blah blah blah, you and another guy escape and start
your adventure. There’s a lot of fighting in this game, so there are some assets
that you can use. At the start of the game, you are given an axe as your weapon,
but there are swords, and war hammers, and great swords, and bows, and other
medieval stuff. Like Lord of the Rings. You also have early access to some magic in
this game. You have two kinds of magic once you start out: Restoration, and
Destruction. But once you get more into the game, you can learn magic like,
Conjuration (you can summon a sword out of nowhere) Illusion, and Alteration. I
don’t really know what some of these do, but that just means that I won’t spoil
anything. There are also some creatures and monsters that kind of hate you. Like
giant spiders, Trolls, Bandits, Giants, etc. Also, the map is just huge. And you
aren’t restricted by anything. You could just wander around not really following
the story. And you don’t just have to be a warrior. You could be a blacksmith, an
alchemist, anything. 10/10 game. Go and play it.

All American Review
Lauren Yousif
“We watching bodies drop like flies like its normal. This is not normal! It ain’t just another day in the neighborhood. Kids dying over nothing is not the answer. Killing each other is not the answer, man. Revenge is not the answer! We all we got. If we destroy each other, who else gonna fight for us?” This inspirational quote was brought up to us from 2018’s hit show All American. The show aired on October 10, 2018, airing 4 seasons, while still waiting on season 5. The show has brought its audience to shock. From stirred up drama, to suspense, and waiting on what happens next. Spencer James.. (played by Daniel Ezra) is a 16 year old boy living with his mother, Grace (Karimah Westbrook) and little brother Dylan (Jalyn Hall) in a small town in Los Angeles called Crenshaw. Growing up, Spencer has always focused on one thing and one thing only, and that was his football career. Spencer has played football since a young child and wanted to take his outstanding skills to the next level. Spencer James, the wide receiver at his South Crenshaw high school, was at his first home game. Being approached by star football coach, Billy Baker, (Taye Diggs Billy offers Spencer to play on his football team in Beverly Hills. Thinking about the offer and sacrifices, Spencer hesitates on taking the deal. Talking to his friends and family, Spencer realizes that the choice is his to make. Reckoning day and night, Spencer insists on taking the deal. Taking the bus back and forth between Crenshaw and Beverly Hills every day to attend school, Billy Baker decides to have Spencer move in with him. Spencer is now drawn to a new world, with all differences, meeting new people and living a different life. Being all new to this Spencer starts to get home sick and having mixed emotions. Meeting his new family now in Beverly Hills, Spencer is drawn to his out of life “sister.” Emotions get stirred up and they soon begin to fall for each other. After a few nights, Spencer unravels truths, leading him to believe that she may be his real sister after all. Long nights of thoughts and regrets stir through his mind keeping him up at night, wondering if he was making right decisions after all. Switching back and forth between different lives, Spencer learns there are many battles he and many others have faced that many others have not seen. Dealing with many enemies and much hate Spencer gets sabotaged by his teammates in hopes he leaves the team. Spencer understands life isn’t the same everywhere and he must deal with and understand the differences. While many of the audience may focus on the overall image of the show which is portrayed as football, the real message lies within. Throughout the show, viewers understand many people of the same color may come from different backgrounds and everyone has their own differences. All American teaches us to understand that our future holds anything and that our goals are worth fighting for and going through what it takes. All American teaches its characters to understand others hardships and learn the different battles we face each day. From different backgrounds, to daily struggles, making your way through life, focusing on dreams and careers, conflict, drama and more, All American helps the viewers understand we each may be focusing on our own path in life and we can all overcome the things in our way. In my thoughts and opinion, All American connects to the real world by showing the differences of everyone. It teaches us to never give up and that your thoughts and words always matter. Watching this show has showed me the different things that go on in our world and how we all come from the same place and we should solve the worlds problems as one.

       Going back to the show.. Spencer James has a hard time balancing two lives. Seeing the way his friends live, having everything made and handed to them, Spencer gets in his thoughts a little. With help from his childhood best friend Coop, Spencer gets courage to get through his everyday life. With his mom and friends by his side throughout the way nothing is impossible for him. Spencer James life story is mainly dedicated to a true story NFL linebacker Spencer Paysinger. In the real life story, Spencer did not go back and forth between Crenshaw and Beverly Hills rather he stayed in Beverly Hills and graduated in 2006. The show shows us that Spencer James dad passes away in season 2. In real life Spencer Paysingers dad is alive and supporting him throughout his journey. Paysinger faced many hardships throughout his life which he portrays in Netflix’s hit show All American. Paysinger wants his audience to understand that many people are same and alike even though they come from different backgrounds or lifestyles. Many viewers of All American have said they related to the show in each of the shows daily struggles with their own personal life. From daily struggles, to race/color problems, to depression/mental health , lies and conflict, the show helps it viewers understand ways to deal with their things. Lela’s depression scene from the show makes teens feel more comfortable with the mental health issues they go through. Another life relating problem in the show was Olivas drug addiction. The show shows us Olivia going through a hard time and turning to drugs as a way to escape reality. It wasn’t to look cool, but to show audience how things like this go on in others life and what the right thing to do was. Witnessing these things throughout the show was to help its young viewers see life from each ones perspectives and relate to the things going on. Understanding the show and relating it to your own personal life is a better way to understand April Blairs All American. I recommend watching this show, but be ready to go through shock and many drama suspense through Spencer’s high school and football career. I give the show a 10/10 and would watch it all over any time.

The Darkest Minds

“When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are declared a threat by the government and detained.” They test them in colors which are the green is the color classification for individuals who developed enhanced mental and intellectual powers, Yellow is the classification for those who developed electro kinetic power. Blue is the classification for those who developed telekinetic powers, Orange is the most dangerous and feared power, comprising individuals with the power of mind control. So basically, after they fine this one girl that had tested and she was in orange so when they found out she was in orange they were going to kill her. Someone form the helpers the was in hospital, helps her escapes and when she gets out of the prison where they kept her. Runs away for they can’t find her to killer and along the way she had also found the teens they had escape also. When she had joined them none of them knew that she was in orange.

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