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Astro's Moonbin Has Passed Away
By Anonymous
On April 19, 2023, Astro member Moonbin was found unresponsive by his manager in his apartment in Seoul. A day later, on April 20, 2023, Moonbin's label, Fantagio, released an announcement confirming Moonbin's death at age 25. Fantagio has not released the cause of death and has asked fans to "refrain from speculative and malicious reports" so that the family may peacefully mourn. However, the police report points towards the possibility of him
taking his own life, but an autopsy would be needed to confirm the suspicion officially. The fear of suicide made fans remember a recent concert where Moonbin said, "I'm working out and trying to pick up things that I've left little by little. I chose this job, so I must be happy to
make fans happy." Moonbin's death has caused concern amongst fans over the stress K-pop idols face constantly and brought to mind the death of other K-pop idols from suicide. On April 24, 2023, Fantagio announced information on a memorial space where fans could leave letters and notes for Moonbin until the end of the month. Many K-pop idols have already left letters for Moonbin, such as
Seventeen's DK, Mingyu, and Wooz were close to Moonbin. Moonbin's sister, Moon Sua, has also left a letter to her older brother at his memorial space, and Moonbin's members have also left a note for their member. Various Korean broadcasting shows involving K- pop has also expressed their condolences for Moonbin by taking a few moments of their shows to express their condolences and ask viewers to remember the late Moonbin.

Jerry Springer Passes Away At 79
By: Ban Nabeel
Jerry Springer, the famous American Talk Show host, passed away on April 27, 2023. Jerry Springer was Born in London, England, on February 13, 194, during World War II. Afterward, Springer’s family relocated to Queens, New York City. Springer wasn’t just a famous host, though; he was a journalist, actor, producer, lawyer, and politician, but is mostly well known for running “The Jerry Springer Show” for 27 years; the show has a little more than 4,000 episodes and
stopped airing in 2018. Springer told the media after retiring, "I'm 78 and have been in front of the camera now for 40 years, plus ten years in politics. I'm winding down.” A year and a few months later, he passed away after his long battle with pancreatic cancer; his family told the public he passed away peacefully in his suburb home in Chicago, Illinois.

Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale
By Keira Block
Tyler the Creator makes an artistic comeback with the new deluxe edition of his Grammy-winning 2021 album Call Me If You Get Lost. The latest edition is called Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, with
songs that did not cut the original album, like “Dogtooth,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” “Hot Wind Blows,” and “Girlfriend Boyfriend.”. Which have incredible hints about his next musical steps. “Sorry Not Sorry” reveals him apologizing to all the people he hurt in his rise to fame and not honoring his ancestors. In the video,o he kills off his different “eras” or albums like Flower Boy and Cherry Bomb. “During the proceedings, a shirtless Tyler slowly picks off all the other Tylers, the video ending with a brutal beatdown of Call Me If You Get Lost-era Tyler.” This transition and kill of his past personas allow for his music to change with his as he grows as an artist and person. Tyler
commented on Twitter, "Call Me if you get lost," was the first album I made with many songs that didn’t make the final cut. I knew some of the songs I love and knew they would never see the light of day,
so I’ve decided to put a few out.” With these released songs, we can enjoy a whole album.

Anthony Bennett
Cast: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Tucker, Jason Bateman
Movie Review Air
Air is a movie about basketball and the shoe brand Nike and how they beat all their competition with
one player. That player's name was Michael Jordan. Have you ever heard of him? If you have not lived under a rock, he was arguably the best basketball player in the world. The
movie shows the struggles of competing with famous brands and how they overcame their failing brand
in the basketball industry. They had little capital to pay the players to endorse their brand, and even with
all their obstacles, they got lucky, and Michael Jordan accepted their deal. This skyrocketed their brand
and made them the number 1 basketball endorser. They projected that he would bring in 3 million
dollars in four years, which is a decent amount of money, but he made them 3 million dollars
every 5 hours. Now imagine if they never paid him the money he was asking for, they would not be
where they are today, being the number one shoe brand in the world, and even though they would still
be extraordinarily successful as they were already a billion-dollar public company, they would still be
behind all the other shoe brands.

Millie bobby brown engaged at 19

Linda-Rae Uzueta

Stranger Things actress Millie bobby brown recently got engaged to boyfriend Jake Bongiovi announcing her engagement on her Instagram. The capitation wrote, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey. I want them all”. The couple has been dating for two years. Most are complaining, saying the couple is young to be getting married. However, friends/costars of the actress are very supportive of the engagement.

Galileo Galilei's Life and Accomplishments

Anthony Bennett

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist, and engineer. He was born in February of 1564 in Pisa, Duchy of Florence. He was the first astronomer to discover the mountains on the moon, Jupiter's moons, and the phases of Venus and Saturn's rings. He is theory was that the Sun was the center of the universe, and his work from 300-plus years ago is what helps us today in modern astronomy. He is nicknamed the father of science. His discoveries about gravity and how if you drop two different items with different masses, they will land simultaneously. This discovery helped Newton's laws almost 100 years after his findings. His accomplishments help us even today in the modern day, and his theories are still used and fathered by most of the ideas we have today.

Selena Gomez Rises on social media

by Ariana Torresdey  
A 30-year-old actor, singer, and businesswoman have cracked the 400 million mark in Instagram followers, becoming the first woman to do so. In celebration of her recent landmark accomplishment, Gomez took to Instagram, saying, “Wishing I could hug all 4 million of you”. Selena is beyond grateful for her fans; she has been outspoken about the toll social media and cruel body-shaming comments have had on her mental health. She said, “As if people could not wait for information to bring her down. She continued posting positivity showing how careless she was of the hate, all while she would be
crying in her room while posting. She deserves this considerable accomplishment. She has been hated for stupid reasons. I enjoy hearing about her rise up from it.

Why is Bad Bunny Being Sued?

by Esmeralda Fuentes  
Bad Bunny's ex-girlfriend has filed a $40 million lawsuit against him over a "Bad Bunny, baby" voice memo she says is included in two of his songs. Bad bunny's ex argues she has 40 million reasons why her voice recording is now priceless. court documents that ex-girlfriend, Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, is suing the Grammy winner over the "Bad Bunny, baby" voice memo that she says is included in two of his songs, "Pa Ti" and "Dos Mil 16." Fast-forward to May 2022, as she claimed in the lawsuit when she said a rep for the singer reached out to offer a $2,000 payment to purchase the recording. And despite not being able to agree on a deal. She said Bad Bunny's album, Un Verano Sin Ti (which features "Dos Mil 16") was released that May without her permission. She states that illegally and without crediting her, for "songs, promotions, albums, concerts worldwide, as well as social media platforms, musicals, television, and radio, among other things."

Sir Isaac Newton

Anthony Bennett
Sir Issac Newton was born in 1663 and died in 1727. He was a mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, theologian, and author. He developed the theory of three laws of motion and how gravity works. He is considered one of the smartest people in history, and his theories revolutionized the world. Even today, he is considered one of the best scientists. He also a key role in the Enlightenment and was one of the hardest working people, with rumors saying he would work around 18 hours a day. He was knighted by Queen Anne in 1705, being the second scientist ever to be knighted, and
was also the president of the Royal Society. If there were the Nobel peace prize from when he was alive, he would’ve probably won all of them, and even to this day, he blows most of our scientists out of the water like they’re nothing. Considering our technological advancements compared to
his time, imagine what he could’ve accomplished In today's world and how much more advanced we would be because of him!

Do the Grammys Even Matter?
Gavin Grattan
Have you ever wondered if something was a real product or if it was just simply just a popularity contest? When things are just popularity contests, do they even continue to matter? Well, today I want to dissect that idea by speaking on the Grammy’s. I want to explain this in 2 ways, using my opinion and using numbers and facts. Now we can answer if the Grammy’s really even matter or if is it just a way for the “academy” to farm views and listens for certain artists. Let us start with my opinion. To answer the initial question quickly and simply, I do not think the Grammys matter. The lack of diversity in the nominees has made me think of that for a long time. If you aren’t a major artist, you don’t even have a shot for a nomination much less a shot at winning an award. Name value just reigns supreme in the Grammy’s, you have to either be the biggest name or be
associated with the biggest names. Even the genre of music you do is factored into if you win. Recent examples of this are Harry Styles winning album of the year and Kendrick Lamar's winning rap album of the year. I do not think either of these albums is bad, rather I think they are an album that is quite good, but
the categories they won in do not feel correct. I think Kendrick Lamar had the best album this year, encompassing an amazing story with great beats, singing, and rapping, but it didn’t stand out as a rap album. Rather I think of multiple people who weren’t even nominated for rap album of the year who should’ve taken it home like JID, Denzel Curry, or Joey Bada$$. Each encompassed rap much better in their works. Another person who could’ve won album of the year was Beyonce as her album was also better than Styles. Aside from these more obvious snubs, there are many more, but the point has already been made. The Grammys simply does not matter when you aren’t truly putting the best against the best. Then we can go into the numbers. The viewership on the Grammy’s has gone very far downhill. There is less than one-third of the viewers than they had at their peak, and numbers don’t lie. People just don’t like the Grammys anymore; they rather formulate their own opinions since their options are all tied to what the academy wants. Then there is an obvious bias towards genres of music, hip-hop hasn’t had an album of the year since 2004. 19 years of hip-hop and not one is deserving of an album of the year? Then the rarity of other genres is present as well such as EDM, R&B, and Jazz. It almost feels like if you
aren’t a rock, country, or pop artist you will not win. Now it sometimes doesn’t even matter if you work towards the biases because you can have clear respect in the industry and people can love your work, but it won't even matter. Michael Jackson never got a single Grammy for his album Bad, Kendrick Lamar
lost to Macklemore for a Grammy, and even major artists like BTS and the Weeknd do not even get nominated for many years. The Grammys aren’t even only seen as corrupt by the fans, many music artists feel the same way. Tons of artists have chosen to boycott the Grammy’s by not submitting their work
and not showing up. It makes you question whether someone didn’t get nominated due to them being snubbed or if they just don’t like the award show.
Overall, there is clear evidence of the Grammy’s not being a good source anymore. Spanning from personal opinions to countless scandals to outright stupidity in Grammy picks. It is clear to me and to countless others that the Grammy really does not matter anymore.

Rap of 2022- A Retrospective
Gavin Grattan
As years go by, we look back upon things in different light
 and we each have individual
thoughts on how everything goes. It happens in every form of media and life; we think about
our past and bask in the glory or cringe at the failure. Well today, we are going to retrospect on
music. Specifically, the rap of 2022, taking a good look at the music produced and the news
across the genre during the year and really deciphering between the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am a big believer in saving the best for last so let us look at the bad rap of 2022. It starts with a familiar face. Drake dropped the worst album he has ever put out and debatably the worst album of 2022;
Honestly Nevermind an album that was supposed to be a dance and rap album really just fell short. This is not an unpopular thought; it is widely accepted as a
bad album. The production lacked, the verses were weak, and the only thing that came out of it
was Jimmy Cooks. Drake wasn’t the only big name to metaphorically fall on their face this year as Jack Harlow did not do too well with his album Come Home The Kids Miss You. Harlow was at the peak of his popularity as he dropped this project, and it just tanked that popularity. The songs were all mediocre with no amazing hits, he gained some popularity with songs like First Class and Dua Lipa, but they weren’t amazing songs. It is even widely said that he wasn’t the best as Drake outshined him on Churchhill Downs. After this, we still have a familiar face who made a bad album with DJ Khaled, who dropped one of the worst albums of the year. GOD DID was a major disappointment from the producer as there are zero songs, I would consider listening to again. You also have Kid Cudi who released a lackluster album with Intergalactic, but that isn’t too major since he did make up for it with a great show based on the album. Aside from the mediocre album drop from Cudi, he announced he wasn’t planning on much more music which is sad to see from someone with that much talent.
Then we have Freddie Gibbs, who didn’t have a bad album at all, but he took a major step back. Gibbs’ last album Alfredo was such a high-end project that was nominated for a Grammy. It was given amazing reviews across the board, and it was a project that many would come back to due to it excelling on every front. With this most recent album $oul $old $eperately, it wasn’t at that same level. Gibbs just didn’t make an album with the same replayability, and I find myself straying away from it after time has passed. But now that we have established the bad let us get to the ugly.

There were quite a few things that really went downhill with the most known one being the
downfall of Kanye West. Hearing him say things that were extremely antisemitic even saying he straight up likes Hitler. He was really going down such a horrendous spiral throughout the whole
year and nothing was stopping him from crashing and burning. It’ll be interesting to see if he
even tries to revive his career because that is something that you can not come back from.
Although what Kanye did was the most well-known I do not even think it was the worst thing in
rap during 2022. To me, the worst thing that happened in rap this year is when R. Kelly tried to
drop an album called I Admit It while he was in jail. This is a whole new level of messed up as
he has some very strange lines in the album and it's just all wrong. Truly just deplorable and
nasty things from R. Kelly. Speaking of people in prison, Young Thug and Gunna also were put

on trial. Gunna was able to leave by admitting some things and taking a plea deal causing him to
get a label of a “snitch”. Although Gunna was released Young Thug has stayed in jail throughout
most of 2022. They were charged with possession of drugs and ownership of unidentifiable
firearms. Then we get into the ones who died this year such as Takeoff and PNB Rock, anytime people die within the field it is sad to see and that is some of the worst you will see of
the industry.

Let us finally switch the gears away from the bad and ugly of rap, let us talk about
what truly was rap of 2022 by speaking on the good. 2022 was debatably one of the greater years for rap as so much amazing music came out to the point where there may be too many projects to talk about. With that being said I will try to speak on as many as I can. The first one I will point out is the first one I remember hearing in 2022, Saba’s album Few Good Things. This was simply a great project for Saba as it had a calmer vibe and was enjoyable to listen to. Another album that falls into that category was Smino’s Luv 4 Rent. Another amazing listen to that was just a great vibe to feel with some amazing features as well. Then you have the front-runner for Rap Album of the Year at the Grammy’s Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers. This album was incredulous to listen to with high-end storytelling, great wordplay, and just some great songs in general. I find myself going back to this album multiple times due to how great it really was, but it wasn’t my favorite album to drop last year. That would have to be Denzel Curry’s Melt My Eyez See Your Future. This just had everything I wanted, calmer songs, hype songs, great wordplay, and amazing beats. He even dropped a deluxe version within this same year and it was the perfect deluxe. On top of that, it brought “Walk-in” which is one of the greatest songs to drop this year in general. Then you had possibly the best album to drop this year with JID’s The Forever Story. The storytelling was perfect, the beat switches worked amazingly, had great samples, great features, high-end wordplay and so much more. Genuinely one of the best albums I have ever heard. Little Simz dropped a great album called NO THANK YOU. She really put in lots of work into this project, and it was one of the best rap albums during 2022. SZA and redveil each dropped rap/R&B type albums that were each great (SZA dropping SOS and redveil dropping learn 2 swim). Joey came and dropped a sequel album to his legendary album 1999, with the album 2000. This was a great listen that went slightly under the radar during this year. Then towards the end of the year you had Metro Boomin drop one of the best projects of the year with HEROES & VILLAINS. Other artists with great albums were Future, Pusha T, IDK, Westside Boogie, Nas, Earl Sweatshirt, Benny the Butcher, The Alchemist, Vince Staples, $uicideboy$, and EARTHGANG. Then there were the great solo songs to drop this year, some of my personal favorites being “Cash In Cash Out”, “Down in Atlanta”, “The Highs & the Lows”, “THE REV3NGE”, and “Johnny P’s Caddy”.With the best single being Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 5” continuing his well-known series and giving the rap world one of the best music videos. We got to see Kendrick Lamar and Joey return after a long hiatuses this year, both coming back and continuing as if they never left, both producing some extremely high level albums. We also got to see the rise of Baby Keem, who dropped a deluxe of his album, "The Melodic Blue", this year adding some amazing new songs to one of the best rap albums from 2021, with my favorite being highway 95. So much talent simply came from 2022 despite having some bad and ugly, it made the year so worthwhile and amazing with all this musical talent.

Paramore's New Album
Linda-Rae Uzueta
Paramore released a new album called This is Why after a 5-year hiatus. This is Why is their 6th studio album in their discography. The band took a huge genre shift from their last album After Laughter a very synth-pop revival to 80’s music were as This is Why is an alternative punk album. The album consists of what they felt during their time away from the band and what was happening in the world. Hayley Williams stated in an interview that the song “the news” was written about the war in Ukraine.
The album is very relatable, it talks about not wanting to leave the house because of others' opinions, always feeling like we are running out of time, getting better gets boring, and more themes about what people have felt in the past few years. If you like alternative music, then this album is for you.

Blue ivy.jpg

Beyonce's concert in Dubai
By Autyana Bollier
Beyonce performed an only invite concert in Dubai, on Jan 21, 2023. The concert promoted the launch of her new luxury hotel called Atlantis the Royal. She had asked for no video recording but people either snuck their phone in or from multiple building around the area zoomed in far enough to see part of the concert. Beyonce sang her 2022 album Renaissance with backup dancers from America’s Got Talents season 17 winners The Mayyas which holds a 48 all-female crew. Only about 1000 people were able to attend the performance and even her daughter Blue Ivy went on stage to sing “Brown skin girl” with her mother. Several news outlets said she got paid $24 million just for singing for about an hour
which is about $330,000 per minute. During one of her songs “Drunk in love’’ many have been trying to re-do the riff after video footage of her in the concert have been released doing it. This had ended up being a new Tik-Tok trend becoming one of the top trends in such a short amount of time. Many ending up sounding similar and many ending up sounding not as similar.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's Baby Boy Steals the Show in British Vogue Cover Debut

Jaqueline Nunez Leyva
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s 9-old-month son is officially a cover star after joining 
his parents for British Vogue's March edition. In the heartwarming pics. Rihanna 
and ASAP Rocky take a walk on the beach with their baby boy, as the rapper gives his son a kiss on his forehead. In another snapshot the "Take a Bow" artist can be 
seen holding her son whose name has not yet been revealed, with a bassinet in the background. And another one, a third pic released just days after Rihanna 
confirmed at the 2023 Super Bowl that she's expecting the couple's second child 
shows A$AP cradling RiRi's stomach. While Rihanna and A$AP are getting into the parenthood groove, the experience of welcoming their first child has only 
strengthened their bond."We're best friends with a baby," she told Vogue in an interview. "We have to be on the same page, but we've always kind of had that in our relationship. Everything changes when you have a baby but I wouldn't say it's done anything  but made us closer."               

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny
By: Esmeralda Fuentes
The duo was spotted out to dinner with Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber on Feb. 18 in Beverly 
Hills. For the occasion, Kendall sported leather-textured pants paired with an oversized jacket 
and boots. Meanwhile, Bad Bunny was seen donning a baseball cap, a brown jacket, and cream-colored pants. 
Fans of Bad Bunny are bashing him because he kissed Kendall Jenner on the day they got 
spotted, who knows if this rumor is true? They have not yet publicly commented on their late-
night outing. While Devin and Kendall eventually parted ways in October, it appears there is no bad blood between them, as Kendall shouted out the Phoenix Suns player for his 26th birthday on Oct. 30.

Have you ever wanted to make a level for a Super Mario game?

Have you wanted a challenge that the regular mario games couldn’t give you? Well now you can with Super Mario Maker 2! Make your own levels with all of the items from the Mario universe. Ranging from different Bullet Bills, to the Angry Sun from Super Mario Bros 3. And with a paid-for Nintendo Switch online subscription; you can view other people’s levels and publish your own.

Charli D'Amelio to co-host the 2023 Kids' Choice Awards

By Jaqueline Nunez Leyra

The social media influencer Charli D'Amelio is co-hosting this year's 2023 Kids' Choice Awards. As she said in an interview "it is an honor to be a co-host this year." She says she's most looking forward to seeing some "intense slimings." She has won two Kids' Choice Awards including Favorite Female Social Star in 2021 and Favorite Female Creator in 2022. She's nominated for Favorite Female Creator again this year. She's considered one of TikTok's biggest stars with more than 150 million followers and more than 1 billion likes on her videos. D'Amelio's rise to fame began in 2019 when her friends introduced her to TikTok so she could learn the viral dance movies and teach them.

New Sims 4 Expansion Pack

By Lizbeth Rodriguez


This coming March 16, Sims 4 new expansion pack will be released for purchase. The expansion pack is called Growing Together and this new pack along with other new updates has been teased by EA for the 25th anniversary of Sims on various social media sites. Before
the new expansion pack is released a new infant update will be added to the base game on March 14 and with this new update the previously static infant will now be fully interactable with you now being able to burp, feed, and clean your baby. The Growing Together expansion pack will focus heavily on family themes along with the infant update. One key feature is the key choices or milestones a sim can go through which can unlock new
personality traits this means you can now have a midlife crisis. Elderly family can now request to move in with you and new family and social dynamics will be added.
With all these new family dynamics also comes two new families called the Michaelson who have a newborn baby and older child and the Robles who are influential in San
Sequoia. This brings me to the new town that will be featured in the pack called San Sequoia, a town by the bay with suburban houses and local communities. In this town, there are three neighborhoods named Anchorpoint Wharf, Gilbert Gardens, and Hopewell Hills.
Anchorpoint Wharf features a refurbished theatre, Gilbert Gardens a lake and nature path, and finally, Hopewell Hills a residential area with “craftsmen” style homes. To add onto this the new pack will also include Sim’s preferences that will determine who they are socially compatible with. Finally, new items will be added which are: changing stations, infant playmat, treehouse, splash pad, bike, sleeping bag, and friendship bracelets.

Minions Rise of Gru - Movie Review 
Anthony Bennett
Minions Rise of Gru is a sequel to the movies despicable me 1, 2, and 3. That explains how Gru is the main villain in the movies but at the same time, he is a nice guy. If you have not watched any of the other movies Gru is a very evil person but he adopts these 3 girls named Agnes the youngest, Edith the middle, and Margo the oldest. He hates them at first but once he gets to know them, he falls in love with them and wants nothing but the best for them. His workers who are minions care for them as well. There is a little recap of who the main characters are.This movie is about how Gru became who he is today in the movies and how he became friends with the minions; it is basically his whole life story. He has always stood out from all his classmates growing up where all of them wanted to help people and become productive citizens while he wanted to become a supervillain. The movie starts off with him basically cheating at a basketball minigame and "fart-bombing" a movie theater. Then he goes to an ice cream shop and "cheese-rayed" all of the people while stealing the ice cream which, I feel, is hilarious. Gru and the minions got a whole movie theater to themselves, and free ice cream; doesn't sound too bad. He tried joining the "Vicious 6" which was one of the best and upcoming villain groups. The minions helped him build his first villain lair in the basement of his mother’s house. It makes a point about how his only true friends are the minions. They only want success for Gru and support him no matter what. They proceeded to call him mini-boss and have him sleep with them because they had “nightmares”. This movie is hilarious, and the minions add a special touch. They show the characteristics of loyalty and absolute friendship and how much friends can help. He met Dr. Nefario who helps him with all his inventions in the other movies, but Gru does not really think too much of him. His first meeting with the villains of Vicious 6, they humiliate Gru, and he steals a stone that is important to the '6'. This gets him his official start as a villain, and even though he was just a kid he stole something from the worst villains in the world. But when Gru started to celebrate one of the minions traded the stone for a pet rock with googly eyes and ruin everything. Gru gets mad at the minions and fire them, telling them to leave. Then the minions play sad music and even though it was supposed to be a sad scene the music gave it comedic relief. Then, when Gru is looking for the stone he gets kidnapped by Mr. Knuckles who was a part of the Vicious 6 before they betrayed him. The rest of the movie is about getting the stone back and becoming the best/worst villain and apologizing to the minions. I would recommend this movie to anybody who needs a laugh or likes comedy movies. It is a great movie, ALL the movies are amazing to watch if you need a laugh. The minions are so funny and there are always easter eggs in the background I would rewatch all of them over and over. The soundtracks of the movies are amazing. I would rate this movie a 5/5 because the movies have not lost production quality over the years, and it just has not been the same script over and over. They care about making people laugh and most of the time when producers make a second movie it is usually worse than the first, but they have just gotten better and better in every single movie.

Kylie Jenner

By Esmerelda Fuentes

On January 21, Kylie Jenner just revealed that her baby boy with Travis Scott has a brand-new identity.
After initially naming their newborn Wolf Webster, the makeup mogul and the rapper decided to select a new moniker for their son; the new name is Air Webster. Kylie not only announced the name in a January 21st Instagram post, but also shared highly anticipated photos of her little one. The snaps included a photo of Kylie holding Aire on her hip, a snap of him sitting on a couch while sporting a beanie and a pic of him sitting in a highchair with food on his face and bib. Kylie explained in a March 21 Instagram post that the name Wolf did not seem like the right fit for their little one. "FYI our sons [sic] name isn't Wolf anymore," she wrote. "We just really didn't feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere."

Who is Keith Lee?

By Keira Block

In general, small locally owned businesses are important to a community. Keith Lee is a TikTok star from Las Vegas and a professional athlete for mixed martial arts who uses his free time to help people who are struggling. He reviews food honestly based on 3 factors: Customer service, taste, and information. With 9.5 million followers he has become an impressive sensation that has a large influence. Keith has helped businesses gain visibility and get customers from all over the United States. One video “Frankensons Pizzeria Taste test” with 7.7 million likes and over 37 million views. That video alone
provided Frank, the owner, with over customers down the block and over $400 a day. More recently he discovered a food truck and made a video called “Southern Taste Seafood taste test” that got over 4.8 million likes and 20 million views. The owner Gary went to great lengths for Keith to try his food because Keith is allergic to shellfish. Keith ordered a burger and rated the burger with an astounding review. However, because the business is so small his followers are only CashApp-ing him money instead of patronizing him. Keith told people to expect a wait because he is alone, and hand makes everything. Keith Lee does amazing things for his community. His reviews are truthful and have sincerity. People on the platform love what he does so much that they go to very far to try these restaurants. He also collabs with many people who donate food to the poor or homeless. He has integrity and uses his influence for good.

By: Estrella Galicia
Shia LaBeouf turned people’s heads with his new look dressed in sparkly gold heels and a white dress while filming in Atlanta. Shia is said to be making a comeback to filming after having seven prior arrests. He was dressed in drag while on set of Megalopolis with retro spit curls and a black acrylic manicure. Shia has also gotten updates about his court case with his ex girlfriend FKA twigs and will proceed to trial on April 17. With this film hopefully Shia will bring a new perspective to the film and his trial will be revealed soon.

Shia LaBeouf is Unrecognizable in Five time Oscar winner Francis Ford Coppola, Along with updates on the case put against him

2023 Predictions 

By Autyana Bollier
1.) TiKTok gets banned in the united states
2.) Green energy takes off
3.) Frank Ocean drops his final album
4.) Inside Denim will become a new fashion trend
5.) Kanye west is ‘’missing’’ for months with no sight of him or arrested Or even passes away
6.) America hits it largest market crash
7.) Ai robots will take over jobs, and many will go homeless
8.) Justin and Hailey Bieber have a baby or they break up
9.) One of the Kardashians gets seriously cancelled
10.) Air travel becomes harder as airlines become more expensive

Pokémon Update

I should’ve written this article a long time ago. As you could tell by the title, this is about the new game, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Instead of following a story line and going to places in a certain order, you get to explore at your own pace, and go almost anywhere you want to go. Worried about transportation? Fear not! You get to ride either a Koraidon, or a Miraidon. Find all the new Pokémon in this region and complete whatever mission you have. Order it now or sometime later this year when you have enough money.

Dear Martin: Book Review

By: Ban Nabeel
Dear Martin, is a social injustice novel written by Nic Stone about a Black seventeen-year-old boy named
Justice living in Atlanta, he writes to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in which he reflects on his life, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspires him. Justice goes to a prep school with a full ride scholarship, but all that almost crashes down due to a police officer who thought he was harming his drunk ex-girlfriend when he was just trying to help her. Justice faces many obstacles throughout the book, but he manages to remain strong and get through each of the stepping stone. This book could be a little sensitive for
wealthy white conservatives, but it is an eye opener and will help many readers understand minorities better, and what they face on a daily basis.

Netflix shows that have been canceled.

Netflix shows that were canceled and only went up to seasons one are; Juliet and the phantoms -developed a quick cult following when it hit the streaming service in September 2020. The musical comedy, which was based on the Brazilian television series Julie and ghost, followed a high school student who accidentally summoned the ghosts of three dead musicians. As fans waited to hear if the show was canceled or renewed, executive producers David Hoge and Dan Cross revealed that they already had ideas for the second season.

1899 -There are plenty of theories as to why a show like this show was canceled despite dominating the streaming charts and coming from the showrunners behind Dark because it was weird, cryptic and German, but also because you cared about the characters. Six episodes in, I could not care less about anyone on this weird, haunted boat.

Panther track -After airing for just one season, Netflix has canceled the show due to lackluster ratings and its failure to meet the streamer's requirements to qualify for a renewal.

Pretty smart-It is one and done for Netflix's. The multi-camera comedy series from Jack Dolgen, Doug Mand and Kourtney Kang will not return for a second season, we have confirmed. And had cancelled the show. The midnight clubs- have been canceled after one season; Variety has learned. The cancellation comes on the heels of executive producers Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy exiting their overall deal at Netflix for a new pact with Amazon Studios.

Anthony Bennett
King Richard is about Serena and Venus Williams who was coached by their father Richard. He was hard
on them from a very young age because of the place they lived in. it was very dangerous and he wanted
them to work hard so they could live a better life than he did. Later on in life they did accomplish this
they both became the #1 Women tennis player in the world of course at different times. With the help
of their father and their mother who worked hard for them to get them to where they are today. The
coaches also helped but mainly Richard did he wouldn’t let anybody else train his daughter and even
when they went to one of the best tennis schools in the world he only used them for the facilities.
Richard was played by Will Smith and he did an outstanding job he played the role with true emotion
The movie didn’t do that well and actually lost money it did 39 million dollars in Box office but
costed 50 million to make. But besides that they did an amazing job the movie was fantastic and I would
recommend it to anybody who likes sports in general. I would rate it a 4 out of 5 for a sports movie it
showed the hard times the family went through all the way until their rise into fame.

King Richard: Movie Review


Wednesday is a new series on Netflix based on the character Wednesday in the Addams Family.
It was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and starring Jenna Ortega. 4 out of 8 episodes were directed by Tim Burton who has originally worked on 2 projects relating the Addams family. During the first week of it being released it racked up 341.2 million hours of viewing worldwide. This series follows Wednesday as she enrolls into Nevermore a school her parents had attended 25 years before, after getting into some trouble at her old school. Having an emotionless personality and thinking she doesn’t need to be there it is difficult for her to fit in. Throughout the series she tries to find a murderous creature who has been terrorizing Jericho while trying to deal with her new psychic abilities.
In my opinion this show was thrilling and takes you through many exciting emotions. I think they
did a good job modernizing Wednesday but keeping her iconic attributes. It was exciting to see some Hispanic representation especially in shows that are blowing up. Jenna Ortega was an ideal Wednesday she mastered the emotionless expression, choreographed the dance in episode four, she also learned archery, how to play the cello, and speak German. As for a season 2 nothing has been confirmed by Netflix yet, but the creators of the show have said they’ve laid out three or four seasons in hopes of it being renewed.

Current LOONA Problems

By Aliriss Myers
There are a few major problems going on in the Korean-Pop group, LOONA. Their
agency, Blockberry Creative, has recently fired ‘the face of LOONA’, Kim Ji-woo also known as Chuu. On November 25th of 2022, the official announcement stating that Chuu has been fired from LOONA had a popular outburst, with fans of the group and professional industry members who have worked with LOONA as a whole jumping to her side. Chuu was said to originally speak out about being overworked and mistreated by the label. It is uncleared to my knowledge that if the next information I’m about to give you is a rumor or cleared, but it is rumored that Chuu had set a lawsuit against Blockberry in attempt to get out of the contract she had made with them. In response to her speaking out, Blockberry had made their own claim that Chuu was 'abusing’ her powers and using hostile language towards staff, and because of that act LOONA fans on social media everywhere have come to her back saying that Chuu would not be the kind of person to do that to them and that Blockberry saying she is abusing power is nonsense. Chuu had made a recent post on her Instagram story stating that “I would never do anything that could be considered shameful to my fans.” Blockberry made an instant statement saying that if Chuu wants to prove her innocence, she must be the one to provide her own evidence of that, making most socials go wild, especially Twitter. Meanwhile, with 11 members left in LOONA, a news report claims that 9 members— Heejin, Haseul, Yeojin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye—have recently filed an injunction against Blockberry to terminate their exclusive contracts. The nine members have stated that the trust between them and their agency has been broken and that they don’t wish to work with Blockberry Creative anymore. Blockberry said no to this statement and is most likely going to try and keep further information about what was said private, as they did with the rumor that Chuu has established her own company. With this all stated, nine members of the group gone it is most likely that LOONA is going to disband and won’t be able to do group activities in the future. Overall, it is best to hope that Chuu can recover from being overworked and the harsh statements that are spread online about the current situation she’s in.

RM’s First Solo Album Indigo

 By Lizbeth Rodriguez
It finally here RM’s first solo studio album, Indigo. The album was first announced on
November 10th on Instagram and was set to release on December 2nd. RM has described this solo
album as a “archive of his twenties”. The announcement was followed up with a magazine film
teaser released on November 27th. On November 22nd HYBE released a 46-second identity fil for
Indigo. RM has characterized it as “A documentary about my adolescence during the age of
autonomous phase.” He went as far as to post on Weverse “I worked hard on it for the past 4
years ... It will be very different from my oast projects.” The track list is currently 10 songs long
including: “Yun” (with Erykah Badu), “Still Life” (with Anderson. Paak), “All Day” (with
Tablo), “Forgetfulness” (with Kim Saweol), “Closer” (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia), “Change pt.
2”, “Lonely”, “Hectic” (with Colde), “Game of Wild Flowers” (with Jo Yujin), and “No. 2”
(with Park Jiyoon). Of course, with RM having produced songs before it’s of no surprise that his
name is credited in all 10 of the songs. According to HYBE Indigo “recounts the stories and
experiences RM has gone through, like a diary. The album will present a different charm of RM
with various featured artists.”
It's safe to say the reason Indigo is being releasing this year solo because of the BTS’s
members statements that they will focus on solo projects for the hutias they are taking due to
mandatory military time. However, although this does mark RM’s first solo album it isn’t his
first solo project. His first solo project was RM released in 2015 and his second solo project
being Mono released in 2018. Indigo also marks the third solo album to be released out of all the
BTS members with J-hope’s Jack in The Box being first and Jin’s The Astronaut. RM teased
ARMY’s even more when he mentioned collaborating with “fun friends”, which were revealed
in the track list and turned out being 9 different people. It worked to rile up the fan since most
are impressed with the diversity in feature artist ranging from rock band that produce R&B to hip
hop and folk. The features artist are also spread out around the world with artist from the UK,
Philippine, and the USA. In celebration for Indigo RM will be holding a concert at the South
Korean Embassy in New York City on December 5, 2022, at 8 pm KST. The concert is being
held to make Indigo more intimate and personal which is probably a factor in why no recording
devices will be allowed inside the venue. So, hurry and buy yourself tickets if you don’t want to
miss it!

Trivia: 3

Fissures, vents, and plugs are all associated with which geological feature?
See Sunburst for the Answer!

Gavin Grattan
Kanye West, a thousand problem with zero solutions. He has completely ruined his reputation, his
brand, and basically his life. Kanye West has been slowly making worse and worse remarks about every possible thing he can. It all started to go down with his divorce, it seemed to break him. He was ghosting the world for months, not being seen or being heard from. Then his ex-wife got in a relationship with Pete Davidson, he started threatening Pete, making remarks about his family situations, and just harassing him in general. This was more lighthearted, but it still wasn’t good for him to do whatsoever. This continued until his suspensions on apps causing him to go silent once more. After some time, he got access to speaking publicly again, things finally reached the worst it could get. He started making antisemitic remarks and people got on him for this. This just kept continuing through the hate, making him one of the most hated people on social media. The peak has finally hit though, on December 3rd he went on a FOX interview with Alex Jones, he made some of the worst remarks I have heard as a person. Saying things like he likes Nazis, he likes Hitler, Hitler didn’t kill anyone, they were a wonderful party, and that the media is the reason he says this. After this on social media he proceeded to say he loves all people and made and posted a picture of a swastika combined with the Star of David. This is horrible and disgusting, he is undermining the people who suffered from a horrific historical event. He finished off the night by saying NBA superstar Chris Paul cheated with Kim Kardashian, posting a picture of Elon Musk with Jeffrey Epstein, and remarking on how he believes Musk is a genetically made human as well
as former President Barack Obama. He has truly gone insane and not only needs help, but needs

Kanye West’s Decent into Madness

Drake's Music 

36-year-old Canadian rapper known as Drake, known for his hit song hotline bling has a net worth of
$150 million. Growing up Drake wasn’t the well known popular kid as he is now. Being a black Jew and
growing up in an anti-Semitic, Drake felt as if he grew up isolated from the rest of the world. Growing up
he became more well known and his fame started taking on. At the age of 15, Drake played a role in the
2001 hit TV drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Although his acting career did not go on for long, his
music came in a clutch. So how did Drake get into the music industry? His father Dennis Graham was a
drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis the rock and roll star. His uncle played bass for the Family Stone and Sly.
His mother also came from a music background giving him all the reasons and motivation to become a
rapper. In 2006, Drake launched his music career by releasing his first mix tape, "Room for
Improvement". Three years later, his third mix tape, "So Far Gone", was released and, the following
year, he released his official debut album, "Thank Me Later", to generally positive reviews. Drake was
than established as a as a multi-talented young Canadian, and the entertainment industry had great
expectations for him. Drake has won 4 Grammy’s, broken several chart records, and released 10 n.1
projects. Around the age of 17-18, he had got into writing song lyrics. "Best I Ever Had" kicked off
Drake's reign over the charts. He would later become the first-ever artist to log eight straight years on
the Hot 100. Sources told Billboard at the time that three major labels were dueling for Drake's loyalty
in "one of the biggest bidding wars ever." Following the success of "Best I Ever Had" and his massive
record deal, "Thank Me Later" became one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2010. "Thank Me
Later” which featured contributions from big names like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Timbaland, Nicki Minaj, and
his mentor Lil Wayne debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 447,000 copies in its first
week. Drake than pulled out all the stops, performing a 90-minute set and welcoming guests like
Eminem and Jay-Z. "Take Care" is now considered by many fans as Drake's best full-length effort to date
and it won him his first Grammy for "Best Rap Album" the following year. Being busy with music and
making his way up the music industry, Drake was too busy to attend school. In 2012, at 25 years old,
Drake had announced that he had officially graduated high school. On February 12, 2015, Drake

surprised the world by dropping "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" without any prior rollout or
announcement. The 17-track mixtape quickly went platinum even before Drake proceeded to drop a
collaborative mixtape with Future, "What a Time to Be Alive," in September. The latter was also certified
platinum later on. As mentioned in the beginning, one of Drakes hit songs, “Hotline Bling” was shot to
No. 2 on the chart and would go on to help Drake secure his second and third Grammy Awards, winning
for "Best Rap/Sung Performance" and "Best Rap Song." Drake dropped his fourth studio album "Views"
later that month. The album amassed almost 250 million streams in its first week. The album would go
on to sit at No. 1 on the chart for ten nonconsecutive weeks. Drake released "More Life," which he
described as a "playlist of original music," on March 18, 2017. Just 24 hours later, it had been
streamed 89.9 million times on Apple Music and 61.3 million times on Spotify, setting records for both
platforms. From being broke and unknown, watching his mom struggle everyday, to slowly growing his
fame through tv shows and making a name for him with his music, Drake easily boasts the most career
top 10 hits, with more music to come

Ah, Cuphead. The game entirely hinged on boss-fights. It’s also the game
that is extremely hard. For those who don’t know what Cuphead is or what kind
of game it is, it’s a cartoon-style, run-n’-gun, platformer kind of game. Instead of
playing through a stage and having the boss fight at the end like normal games, it
just throws you right into one. And no health bar. You just have three lives. So,
get hit three times, start the whole fight over. But apart from the bosses, there
are also some bonus levels where you just collect coins. The coins are in turn used
in the shop to get different weapons and buffs. Oh yeah, you also have to fight
the devil. But that will be no problem at all, right?

Kayne Gets Dropped

By, Keira Block

Recently, the news has been abuzz with the news of Kanye’s antisemitic comments. He said and done many racially insensitive things. The consequences of his actions led to many companies ceased work with him. Many big companies that sold his merch severed ties with him including Adidas, GAP, and Balenciaga. He lost $2 billion dollars in one day and is saying that what he said was “Love speech.” He got banned from Twitter. He pretended to apologize but after being pressed on if he meant it, he said “absolutely not”. Now he has no social media, no way to sell his merch, and no net worth because of his own actions.

More on Kanye.....

Kanye West

By Esmeralda Fuentes
Celebrities spoke out against anti- semitism amid the growing backlash to Kanye
west comments. Hate speech is never ok or excusable the skims mogul, 42 tweeted on Monday,
October 24. There were Jewish community and call on the terrible violence and
hateful rhetoric towards them to com to an immediate end.
The reality star initially made headlines for his anti-semitic comments, after his
Instagram account was restricted for violating the platform rules and guidelines.
Kanye then took to twitter where he wrote about going death, con 3 on Jewish
people. The post eventually removed, but Kanye later doubled down oh his
comments in multiple interviews.

A lot of people know Undertale, the classic game where you fall into an underground haven of monsters, and fight to get your way out (or not fight if you’re a pacifist). But there’s a secret underground community that devotes themselves to make their own Undertale universes (also known as AU). In these AU, it’s still Undertale but different. And one of these, is a little fangame known as Underswap. In this universe, the personalities of characters are swapped. Papyrus has Sans’ personality, and Sans has Papyrus’ and so on and so forth. But you can’t have an Undertale fangame without its remixed music. And Underswap has a great version of  Megalovania. So, if you have a working PC, try to find this. Unless you hate Undertale in which case, go play Fortnite.


Anthony Bennett
I am Reviewing the Movie Ratatouille which is one of my favorite Disney movies. It starts of with
basically the main character Remy who is a rat, but he is not like the other rats. He has taste for what he wants to eat. He becomes obsessed with finding the perfect combinations of food like strawberries and cheese. One day the house they were staying in left out food, but it had rat poison and Remy smelt it and saved his entire family of rats. Because of that his dad the leader of the group decides he will inspect the food and of course Remy was annoyed by this and all he wanted to do was try new food. When he snuck into, he kitchen the old lady who lived in the house found out that they were in the kitchen, and she tried taking them out. It was an odd day there was a thunderstorm and it ended with Remy being separated from his family. He ends up in Paris and all his dreams came true when he met Alfredo linguine also the main character basically. They help each other because alfredo was a janitor in Gusteau’s restaurant a famous Michelin star restaurant that was going downhill ever since Gusteau died. At the time I didn’t know but alfredo was Gusteau’s son and would eventually take over the business after the corrupt Head Chef Skinner was trying to take over the company. With Remy’s help they made the restaurant come alive again until food critic Anton Ego came to reevaluate the restaurant this is when Remy already basically took over the restaurant with Alfredo and were working together. They made the Dish called Ratatouille which is like vegetables and a sauce that make an amazing dish. It even impressed Anton so much it made him remember his mothers cooking and ultimately giving a good review and it made the restaurant go back to its old glory days. While Alfredo became the owner Remy was his head chef but honestly all he cared about was impressing Colette who was also a chef their and,
in the end, they got together and had a happy ending. It was an amazing movie and if you haven’t
watched it, you should. Obviously, there are some details that were left out, but the soundtrack and the cinematics are amazing, and the plot and main point of the story was amazing. So, if I would have to rate this movie, I would rate it a 5/5. The Character development was top notch and even the two villains of the story were written amazingly those being Chef Skinner and Anton Ego who wasn’t really a villain but was at a point in the story. So, I would recommend this movie to anybody who wants to watch a movie they haven’t seen before or even a rewatch to remember the little details.

The Grammy's are a Joke 

Gavin Grattan
The Grammy’s have been slowly getting worse over the years with some people winning that didn’t deserve it to certain nominees being questionable. But this is year, it is the worst it has ever gotten. The nominees for rap album of the year start off pretty normal with Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, and Future, but it immediately takes a nosedive with DJ Khaled and Jack Harlow. There were so many better nominations for this category such as Denzel Curry who had a superb album with Melt My Eyez See Your Future, JID who made an amazing story with his album The Forever Story, Saba dropped Few Good Things which was great, and Smino released Luv 4 Rent less than a month ago which is also amazing. All of this and there are still more like Vince Staples, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, Drake, and Freddie Gibbs. The Grammy’s really did mess up this category because this was one of the best years for hip hop and they chose to highlight two bad albums. Just so many deserving people missed out due to releasing recently or just not being “mainstream” enough. It’s a joke, the people deserve to hear what was really the best that year and they Grammy’s could not deliver, I do not believe there was even a perfect list they could’ve release, but they definitely could’ve chose purely good albums to make this list okay.


Movie Review
Anthony Bennett
Today I will be reviewing the movie Shrek one of my childhood favorites. The movie starts off with Shrek being an Ogre and be hated by the townsfolk just because of how he was born. Shrek takes this personal, and he honestly just hated everybody because they hated him. Shrek meets Donkey who ultimately becomes his best friend, but Shrek didn’t know what friends were like, so he hated Donkey. When he saved Donkey from Lord Farquaad’s army all the other magical people were put on Shrek’s land which he hated. This is when he decided he would put a stop to it and find Lord Farquaad and this ultimately made him meet Princess Fiona. She was a Princess who was locked in a tower and needed a Knight to save her. It didn’t go so well when Fiona saw Shrek for who he really was which was an Ogre. She hated how he acted and felt like she was forced to be with him. This would be the start of their Love story though. Especially when Fionna turned into an Ogre just like Shrek. This made Shrek realize that he wasn’t alone anymore, and he found his purpose in life and his true love even though it was a rough start they made it work. Also, Donkey grows on Shrek, and they become pretty good friends even though Donkey was annoying Shrek loved the company. Shrek later in the movie defeats Lord Farquaad and becomes a hero to the people who are like him the people and animals who don’t fit in. I chose this movie because it shows how the true world really is. Some people hate others just because of how they look or who they are. But so many people relate to the person getting picked on it inspires them to become better and grow as an individual. Just like Shrek at first, he was mad at the world because the world was mad at him but as he develops as a Character, he realizes everybody isn’t like that. He also finds his purpose in life by falling in love. He would do anything for Fionna and therefore he found his purpose. I think this is an amazing movie because it teaches people just because somebody is
different doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings and they don’t like being hated. When everybody watched it while they were Children, I don’t think they realized how relatable this movie really was and rewatching that I realized it. If you are hated and you are different its ok don’t let anybody mess with you and don’t change yourself to be liked more. Do your best for yourself and hey maybe you’ll find somebody that will make you want to better yourself. The plot is good and the whole story is good, and it is really inspiring to people who are in his situation of being hated. It proves no matter how bad it looks or how hated you are that life will go on and eventually one day it will become better. I give the movie Shrek a 4/5 rotten tomatoes although it can be a little better, but the overall story and outcome of the movie is good like I said it could be a little bit better but besides that it is an amazing movie, and I would recommend this movie for anybody to watch.

Jack Harlow

By: Adam De Crescente

Jack Harlow is an American rapper from  Louisville, Kentucky. He is 24 years of
age. He has one younger brother, Clayborn Harlow. He is of both French and Irish descent. The thing
that popped him off was a song called “what's popping”. He appeared on the Ellen show to perform
“what's popping” Jack later appeared on a song with Lil nas X “Industry Baby”. Earlier this year he
released his debut album called “come home the kids miss you” an album that broke records. The album
is a 15-song album having many great songs on it, one that really took off was “first class” going viral all
over tik Tok and being streamed all over and radio station picking it up. My personal favorite is State
Fair, it is the last song on the album. The album has many great artists on features like Drake, Justin
Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams. The jack Harlow career is starting to pick up fast and it is being
watched Jack is only going to be getting bigger guarantee that.

Khloe Kardashian

By: Esmeralda Fuentes

A scary situation happened to Khloe Kardashian; she had a recently underwent surgery to
remove a tumor from on the side of her face.
On Tuesday October 11, she had notice there was a small bump on her right-side cheek, she
had assumed that it was a zit. She had decided to get biopsied 7 months after realizing it was
not budging. After she seen two doctors examined the bump, they had told Khloe that what
they were seeing was incredibly rare, for someone her age.
A few days later she was told, she needed to have an immediate operation to remove the
tumor from her face. She had called Dr. Garth Fischer a dear friend of hers, he will know as the
best surgeons in Beverly Hill, that Khloe knows he would really take her of her face.
Khloe reached out on Instagram that Dr. Fischer was able to get everything out but for the time
being. She as to wear a bandage over the affected area. But overall she is getting better and

Jeff Wittek Sues David Dobrik
By Estrella Galicia

On March 9, 2022 Jeff Wittek a member of the “Vlog Squad” took legal action for a stunt that
left him with broken and fractured bones, plus a torn ligament. He talked about taking legal
action against David Dobrik on a podcast in April and later filed to sue Dobrik for 10 million
dollars in damages. This is as much details that has been given while the lawsuit is going to
court. David Dobrik has not directly addressed the lawsuit that Jeff has filed but has said he
shouldn’t be held responsible for an accident. Jeff has said that not many of the Vlog Squad
members don’t communicate with him any more after filing the lawsuit against David and
wishes the David would have been there for him more through out his hopilization.

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