Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock?
By: Erika Hernandez

On March 27, 2022, during the live television broadcast of the 94th Oscar Awards, the
actor Will Smith walked onstage and slapped the comedian Chris Rock across the face as he
presented the Award for Best Documentary. Reason being Rock had acknowledged Smiths wife,
Jada Pinkett Smith with a joke about her shaved hair. Later that night Will Smith won an Oscar
for Best Actor and began to cry and give an apology speech but did not apologize to Chris until a
couple of days after. After that, Chris Rock had a stand-up show in Boston, and all he had to say
about the incident was “I’m still kind of processing what happened. So, at some point I’ll talk
about that sh*t. And it will be serious and funny.
The Academy leadership “strongly considered” removing Smith from the Oscars telecast after
the incident, according to a source close to the situation. Following the ceremony, the
Academy Awards tweeted a short statement about the on-stage incident that read: "The
Academy does not condone violence of any form. Tonight, we are delighted to celebrate
our 94th Academy Awards winners, who deserve this moment of recognition from their
peers and movie lovers around the world.". There was no agreement on further action,
according to the sources. Do you think they should drop or remove Will Smiths award?
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Call of Duty Update
By: Carlos Camunez

BIG CHANGES! Call of Duty Warzone just had a big update. The map changed and most players like it. However, there is some who don’t. The color of the game really changed because it now has a tint of yellow which is the only dislike about it. A known streamer, TcTekk said “I really like the update but the map look really yellows which is the only thing bothering but I can get used to it.”

New places were added to the map and at first everyone would go there to explore and check it
out. Then, after awhile they got bored and went back to their normal landing spots and game plans.
Also, new guns were added including vending machines to trade in guns for specialties. The old guns in the game got “nerfed” which just means that they aren’t as good and powerful no more. Another streamer mentioned, “the mp-40 got nerfed and it was my favorite gun, now I have to upgrade and use the welgun.” However, other guns became better to use. The update was overall good
and bettered the game.

Bridgeton Season Two Review
By: M.Jurado

Dearest Readers,
Looks like the Bridgeton cast is back for a new season, bringing their dear viewers a new storyline to follow. This time it will be the respected viscount, Anthony Bridgeton, who is looking for a match. At the same time, attention quickly turns to a new pair of beautiful sisters
that appeared; Edwina Sharma and Kate Sharma are their names. Not just any regular ladies. In fact, the Queen herself named the youngest, Edwina, the diamond of the season. A charming lady who caught the attention of many, including our dearest viscount. But what happens when Anthony starts to notice Kate, will his feelings betray him? After all, between duty and love,
what rules?

    Eloise’s character is also given the spotlight considering she is also supposed to look for
a match this season. We get more of her rebellious character as she is faced with the challenge of
being forced to act like a “lady”. Not to forget the iconic scenes she has with Benedict. This is truly a beautiful story following an angsty enemies to lovers love trope. It is all just perfect. The chemistry between the characters is amazing, and so is their development; especially after we get Anthony’s backstory. A season completely recommended on my part.


Yours Truly,
Lady Whistledown.

Markapliers new show In Space
By: Brianna Madrid

Markaplier recently made a show on YouTube called “In Space”, it premiered yesterday afternoon around 1:30. It is about a first-person experience, and you are known as “captain” to everyone on the ship. In this series you make countless decisions to save yourself and your crew from the dangers in space. It’s basically a YouTube video continued with a different YouTube video when you make a choice, so for example it would be like eat a banana or eat and apple and depending on which one you choose it
takes you to that video and you see the story keep going with that decision you made. Mark has been working on this project for months and I recommend watching and experiencing for yourself as captain and see what decisions you make and if you and your crew can survive in space.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Court Case
By Autyana Bollier

Johnny Depp is suing ex wife Amber Heard for 50 million because she wrote In the Washington post saying she was a “Public figure representing domestic abuse’’. The trial started on April 12th and people are calling Depp a ‘’wife beater’’. Heard has countered sued him for 100 million claiming that Johnny Depp defamed her. The ex-couple who was married from 2015 to 2017 both claimed physical violence from each during their marriage but they both denied each other’s claims. Amber Heard claimed that he
was physically violent with her, but Johnny Depp claimed she was physically violent to him. Johnny got his finger chopped off at the top and had human feces smeared on his bed But Amber barely seems to have any sort of bruising or injury on her. 

People are saying that Depp is innocent while others are saying Heard is innocent. But no one truly knows who is or isn’t. There are plenty of evidence pointing out that Johnny Depp was the abused one in the relation. According to many comments, Amber Heard lawyers are ‘’amateur clowns’’ and ‘’don’t know what they’re doing’’ or that they were ‘’regretting taking her side’’. Johnny Depp trials psychologist diagnosed Amber Heard with Two personality disorders (borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder) Saying these weren’t fact but could be since she matched tests with people who have these it could be true. Also, while in court Johnny seemed to be confused by Ambers Lawyers and are laughing at the claims made while Amber seems ‘’Sad’’ she always looked like she was sad on camera but when the camera would turn away from her, she would be fine. “Talk about an amazing actor’’ says Tik-Tok viewers.

Who do you think is innocent? Johnny Depp or Amber Heard?

K-drama review
By: Bionca Quesada

So, the k-drama I am currently watching is twenty-five twenty-one and it is ongoing, and you can watch it on Netflix, and I believe any other Korean drama broadcasting app. My personal first thoughts on it is it’s a really good k-drama but I currently stopped watching it cuz I got mad at a scene but I hope I can continue and proceed with the
other episodes, the plot is basically a girl named Na Hui-do who is a teenage fencer who pursues her big ambitions and meets a hardworking man who seeks to rebuild his life, I
can’t say much more but I can say that it is a mix of humor and romance and some scenes not gonna lie are pretty sad especially the romance ones lol. But I feel as most of
us as teenagers can resonate with her in some ways in terms of pursuing a dream or a goal but overall if you yourself have a goal don’t let anyone get in the way of it a goal is
for your happiness and joy and a moment to be proud no one else’s so if you feel that goal is worth it and that goal can build up on a positive mindset go for it you got this I
believe in you!! Hope you guys can enjoy the k-drama as much as I am

Behind the Green Curtain
What you didn’t know about The Wizard of Oz
By: Calleigh Sweetser

   One of my favorite movies of all time is The Wizard of Oz (1939) starring Judy Garland in the lead role of Dorothy Gale. The movie follows Dorothy and her dear dog, Toto, as they are carried by a tornado from Kansas to the magical land of Oz. There, Dorothy meets a Scarecrow with no brain, a Tin Man with no heart, and a Cowardly Lion. There is also a Wicked Witch of the West, and Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. But although this movie remains an amazing cinematic masterpiece, filming the movie was no easy feat. 

    For one thing, those memorable costumes were anything but
comfortable for the cast.
The Cowardly Lion costume, worn by Bert Lahr, was made from actual lion hides, which made it extremely heavy (almost 90 pounds!). The suit also didn’t allow much air to pass through, which made the interior very warm. It would eventually take two assistants to dry out the costume each night. 

    The Tin Man costume, worn by Buddy Ebsen was made with real metal. This made it nearly impossible for Ebsen to sit down, so he had to lean against a board when he was tired. The silver makeup that completed the look also contained aluminum, and inhaling this toxic metallic powder
landed Buddy in the hospital. This forced MGM to actually recast the role, giving it to Jack Haley, who is the Tin Man we all know and love.

   The Scarecrow wasn’t exempt from these costume catastrophes. Special effects makeup in 1939 was not on par with the prosthetics available to us today. Ray Bolger’s makeup left marks in his skin that would remain for a while after filming. The set wasn’t exactly a safe place for the young Judy Garland, either.

   Reportedly, while filming one scene, Judy couldn’t keep from giggling. Directory Viktor Fleming, annoyed after several ruined takes, took Garland aside and slapped her across the face, telling her to “go in there and work.”

   Garland was also basically forced to take drugs onset, leading to the drug addiction that would ultimately be her cause of death. She was prescribed amphetamines to help her maintain a low weight and barbiturates to manipulate her sleep schedule for 16-hour work days. Although The Wizard of Oz is an iconic movie that will continue to be
loved by all generations, we cannot ignore the horrific filming conditions and set environment experienced by the actors.

Is the gaming industry losing?
By: Jose Rodriguez 

Videogames have gone through hard moments in life. Since the beginning when the music came in cassettes or the Tv’s where huge. Rivalry from Nintendo and Sega were at bay back then. In today’s gaming industry the gaming giants have competition, Sega and Nintendo now have Microsoft and Sony, also known as Xbox and
PlayStation. These are now the competition for the new videogames coming out and the most popular consoles in the world. Even do, these new consoles need good games to show off their upgrades, and in 2021 was one of the good years for videogames due to covid. Nonetheless, big companies that create games have failed to reach expectations. 


3/5 stars. Call of duty Vanguard: Call of duty is the strong bone for Treyarch’s company. The game that has gone generations through generations to give people the sense of being in war. There most recent game being the Call of duty Vanguard, has been describe as a joke. Call
of duty: Vanguard was the second game Treyarch gave us after Call of duty: Cold war. Cold war brings back the sensation of a good game, Multiplayer being good and finally bringing back Zombies (My favorite game mode). Cold war went trough a lot coming up and a lot to fix as
the game bring new stuff to the table. Even do many say that Cold war wasn’t good in any way except zombies which many liked and could get the memories from the old games. Vanguard just didn’t fit the gap or even created a game memorable to even surpass Cold war, which isn’t know as a good game. Vanguard center a lot on more of the Multiplayer mode which was Treyarch main point. Nonetheless, many people don’t like multiplayer, they play more of zombies or the campaign and Treyarch didn’t see this. They may have made a better multiplayer but even it had problems with broken guns, which can be seen as cheating. Or even a good zombie’s mode which didn’t bring anything new to the table, or a campaign that many single players just
felt as bland. Even Treyarch has decided to abandon the zombies game mode which was what most people wanted and decided to start working on Cold war again.

2.5/5 stars. Battlefield 2042: Battlefield 2042 was a hype beast when being announced and seeing the trailers. Most of the people really felt like this was going to be the game that will bring back Battlefield. Even bringing a new mode to the table, which is kind of a survival game. The game appeared like EA will reach the peak of gaming with this new title. Even do, the hype was strong, and many people were urging to buy it, the game didn’t reach expectations. Kind of the same as vanguard the
game quality was very bad. Major bugs, mechanics that didn’t work, and even the decline of the gameplay as the game will have many errors in console where the total end for Battlefield 2042. The game having the many errors and the many fixes it needed, as well as improvements so it can be handled correctly, bring the fandom to a disappointing point. Seeing the game had loss its fandom and the hype was the end for this new Battlefield. In the end the game had been doing worst as lobbies and servers weren’t as full as other pass games
such as Battlefield 5, Battlefield 4, and even the first Battlefield.

5/5 stars. Elden ring: Coming as a big surprise and a game that no one expected to come out this 2022. Capcom, the creators of Street fighters and many games from the 1900s, had come up with Elden Ring. A game
which is like Dark souls had come out for console and PC. Having even a multiplayer mode, a huge and beautiful map to explore, and many ways to play and get your adventure, Elden ring become a Strong hit. Its
challenging level and the many ways you can play or even the great community it created, where enough to make the game popular in a matter of days. Nonetheless, one of the few games that had reached
the perfect score from many of the reviewers getting a perfect score of 10/10. People where surprised after the fact of how many games where just feeling bland. The memes and the people playing and recording there sometimes dumb ideas, gave Capcom the best fame to
this game. The difficulty may be hard, but it is a good experience and it doesn’t only goes to multiplayer but as a single player too. Being a good game either to play with friends or by yourself, the game reach very good expectations, even do this where very low. Maybe the old gaming companies’ creators of many classics, need to come back and makesuch good games.

Our Father
By: Adisyn Gonzales

Our Father is a Netflix film coming May 11th! The film is an hour and thirty-seven minutes long. With a released trailer of a minute and forty-seven seconds long. What we can see from the trailer is the story of Dr. Donald Cline a former fertility doctor who was using his own sperm in donations. All of which his patients were unaware about, gross right? It wasn’t until a woman who was fathered by Cline took an at-home DNA test which revealed her to have multiple
halfsiblings. With this information and the curiosity to dig deeper they were able to piece together what Cline had done. In result, he ended up with about 50 children! Though Cline never faced any time for this sickening act, there was a law passed in Indiana ensuring for something
like this to never happen again. You can find out more by watching this weirdly insane documentary, coming soon!

The Latest Music Releases
By: Danielle Rodriguez 

Fridays are usually the days for new music releases and a lot of our favorite artist release them on the same day. Which is good for us because we get singles and full albums all at the same time which is probably the best part of Fridays depending on if you’re favorite artists put out music. Many advertise them on social media such as Instagram being the most popular place to notify listeners/ fans that new music is coming soon. So as of Friday, these are the latest
releases that have been highly anticipated or just my personal favorites I’m gonna start out with the albums first then make my way to singles. Let’s start off with RX by ROLE MODEL his highly anticipated (mainly from me) is probably my favorite album that has come out in awhile it’s something different from what I normally listen to not to mention the singles he put out before the album “neverletyougo”, “if Jesus saves, she’s my type” and my personal favorite “forever&more” are literally so good and made me want to listen to the full album. Which I have and I can’t attest that this album is not only good but phenomenal it has such a different vibe from his earlier albums which I love
because when artist changes up there sound it’s something I look forward to. Another phenomenal album is “Five Seconds Flat” by Lizzy McAlpine which is another album that was  highly anticipated for a good reason because it is a literal masterpiece and the singles before release were top tier especially my favorite “Doomsday” which Is probably my favorite song of the year. I would say the rest of the full album is phenomenal but I haven’t fully listened to it
cohesively which is a major bummer, but I highly recommend you check it out and not to mention to it has a short film that goes along with the album which I have seen and it is truly amazing and out of this world. Moving on Camila Cabello released her album “Familia” which is the first project after her split with Shawn Mendes and the single “Bam Bam ft. Ed Sheeran” talks about the split but her newest album as seemed to be a fan favorite it’s getting a lot of
praise online and many say that this album is a no skip album which is something every artist wants to hear about there album. Personally, I don’t listen to Camila Cabello but I might with all the good reviews it’s getting. Last but certainly not least “Further Joy” by The Regrettes has been something I’ve been looking forward to since they announced the album was coming. As of yet I haven’t listened to the album but as I can imagine it’s probably gonna be one of my favorites. So if you need a new album to overplay then these are the albums I recommended
highly and who knows you might find yourself a new favorite album. If you aren’t into the whole album thing then I got you covered many artists also put out singles today such as “First Class” By Jack Harlow which is another highly anticipated project to come out mainly because of the snippet he released on TikTok as if that’s a surprise. It
also samples one of the biggest songs of the 2000’s “Glamorous” by Fergie which is what drew in many listeners and anticipation. But for good reason because the song is catchy and already hugely popular on TikTok. The next release didn’t happen today, but it did release March 28 and has been No.1 on billboard since “As it was” by Harry Styles has been the latest fan favorite and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Calling all Gracie Abrams fans how everyone is doing after “Block me out” her latest release because for me I’m not doing well that song is beautifully written and a literal masterpiece. I’m gonna do a rapid fire of some of the singles that also came out “that’s where I am” by Maggie Rogers, “I burned down LA” by Noah Cyrus, “I blame the world” by Sasha Alex Sloan, “High Water” Bishop Briggs and last but certainly not
least “Lola” by Maude Latour.

José Rafael Amaya Núñez born 28 February 1977 is a Mexican actor, born in Hermosillo, México. He is best known for his character Aurelio Casillas in the Telemundo series El Señor de los Cielos. El señor de los cielos has been in a Telemundo show. El senor de los cielos is the latest example of what has been a popular subgenre for years the narconovela. These shows feature the stories of real and fictional drug lords. There was Pablo Escobar El patron del mal,’’The boss of the evil’’, which replayed the narrative of the Colombian cocaine cartel chief La Reina del sur ‘’The queen of the which was about a woman who becomes one of Spain's most powerful drug traffickers. In the first season, Casillas starts as a humble man. He becomes a drug lord and the head of the Juarez Cartel, making him one of the richest men in the world. He became known as the Lord of the Skies because he transported drugs by a fleet of jets. Aurelio's life becomes all about trying to survive as the DEA is after him. He decides to start his life anew and undergoes plastic surgery so he can literally get a new life. He is believed to have died. El Senor de los Cielos is a passionate story of love, betrayal and excessive ambition set in a world of "gangsters," and it is also an open window into the intrigues of the drug world. In season three, after several months imprisoned in naval bunker in Mexico, Aurelio receives the mutilated head of his brother Chacorta in a box, implying that his brother has died, who gives him reason to wage a war against all his enemies and to look for the murderer of his brother, to avenge his death. After all the problems with the government and the DEA, Aurelio learns that he suffers from kidney failure and decides to remember his past in order to find his lost son. Amado protects the family and seeks to strengthen the cartel to face powerful enemies, whose objective is to destroy the Casillas clan. At the same time, they must deal with getting Aurelio out of his coma through a risky operation. Renzo Volpi, a sinister character from the Balkan Mafia proposes to invade the United States with
Fentanyl, a powerful drug, to which Amado refuses. Renzo lets them see that he kidnapped Luzma Casillas and starts a war that will only bring deaths on both sides.

When They See Us
By: Mariah Villeages

I would rate this show a 8/10 because it has a good plot but some parts just don’t make since. This show is about a group of boys going out to the park one night just to hang out but escalates very quickly. When the boys went to the park there was another group of boys who were yelling crazy and acting foolish when someone would pass by. Moments later the police showed up and all the boys started running trying to get away. The police had
caught a couple who were not able to get far also found a woman who was a jogger and was nearly dead. When they investigated on her they saw she was beaten up and raped. When the cops caught the boys, they were not far from where the girl was found in serious condition. These boys were the age of 13-15 and knew they could be manipulated easy. They told them that of they cooperate and say what they want to hear that they can go home. So, the boys committed to abusing, beating, and raping the woman. They got caught up quick and went through several different trials. Finally, they were found guilty by the judge and 4 were put in juvie whine the other was put in jail. The four that were put in juvie were locked up for 6 ½ years while the one who was put in jail got transferred many different times and was in jail for 12 years. You may be asking we he was locked up so much longer was because every time the parole officers would show up and ask if he was ready to commit to the crimes, he did he would always deny he did the crimes. They’d put him back in jail and one day someone from his town came up to him and asked if he had remembered them and apologized for the wither day when they got in a fight. He also asked if he was religious because he never have up and always had hope including faith.
About a day later he got a call from his mom who told him he was going to be released and he was so shocked and didn’t know if it was true or not. She also told him that the guy who had done the rape and severely injured the lady turned himself in and was willing to do his crime now. A couple days passed
and the 5 boys who were doing the time for this guy were finally free and had their record cleared and everyone who believed they didn’t do it from the beginning were so happy and knew that they weren’t the ones who did it so they did everything they could to not give up on these boys who had their lived
ruined at such a young age.

The curse of Macbeth
By: Jose Rodriguez

“Denzel-Macbeth- loved it.” Those where the exact words Chris Rock said, 55 seconds, before he got slapped by Will Smith. Since the video became popular during the Oscars the social media and the memes started to make this the hot topic. Which why wouldn’t surprise the people? Will Smith, a well know artist and famous for its variety of movie characters, just got angry and physical on National TV. Even the people on twitter have begin to think about the course of Macbeth which may have been the cause of the disturbance. The curse of Macbeth begins by various unfortunate events after the mentioning of Macbeth. One of the various Shakespeare plays that are very known by many theater fans. After various incidents with the Macbeth play, which has been mentioned and later being an accident, it is said that the Macbeth curse did it again in the Oscars. Chris Rock mentioning Macbeth may have been the reason Will smith acted that way as the curse may have been the problem. Obviously, this is only a theory but, even do, Macbeth been mentioned and suddenly Will smith acting this way may have been the curse. If you have seen the video, you will notice that Will actually was laughing at the joke, maybe seeing his wife mad was the problem, but why defend someone, like his wife, just when the history of this marriage became a problem after the suppose affair.

Euphoria Finale

By Aya Alsheikh

With episode 7 leaving us to see that Fez did not attend Lexi’s play, episode 8 shows us that he was dealing with a little murder situation cause by Ash. When Faye’s boyfriend reported to the police that Fez and Ash murdered Mouse, Ash killed him without knowing that he was being recorded. Fez was devastated because he now couldn’t make it to Lexi’s play. The police busted the door opened and Ash started shooting at them through the bathroom door, Fez got shot during that chaotic scene, but he did not die, Ash “died” but his body wasn’t shown therefore many people are questioning if he actually lost his life or not.
We were left with a cliff hanger, we don’t know if Ash is dead, and if Fez is okay, if Lexi and Rue know about what happened to them, what happened with Cassie and Maddy, and most importantly what about the suitcase Rue took from Laurie?


By Adisyn Gonzalez

Peacock is now streaming their tv Series “Bel-Air” which is a remake of the original “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Morgan Cooper was the one with the vision for this and has plans to expand the story. He takes the original which is listed as a comedy and turns it into a drama. Though it does differ in some ways it does follow the original plot of Will getting in trouble and moving to Bel-Air with his aunt and uncle. So far there has been a total of 5 episodes released all about an hour long with a new episode premiering every Thursday. I personally enjoy watching this new show as I find it to be very intense. However, if you grew up watching the original Fresh Prince adjusting to “Bel-Air” may not be easy as it now focuses mainly on drama and current times and takes things at a different approach. Though, it is still a really good show that you may possibly enjoy! 10/10 recommend!

Royal Treatment Review

By Melanie Jurado

New movie on Netflix and you are debating if you should watch it? Well let me help you out.
“The Royal Treatment” is a romance movie released last month that is starred by Laura Marano and
Mena Massoud. It follows the story of Isabella, a New York hairdresser, who is hired to be the stylist for
the prince’s upcoming wedding. As the wedding date becomes nearer, the chemistry between Isabella
and the prince begins to grow, and the characters are faced with the hard decision of choosing between
love and duty.
Overall, the story sounds like the typical fairytale where the normal city girl finds herself a
prince charming and they both fall in love. Therefore, considering that this movie is completely cliché, it
is in fact very predictable. For that reason, if unsurprising movies are not your thing, then this is
definitely not a movie you would enjoy watching.
On the other hand, if you don’t mind a predictable ending, then this might be the movie for you.
Not going to lie, it does feel like you are watching a movie produced by Disney, but it is still cute. Prince
Thomas and Isabella make a sweet couple, and there are some funny scenes here and there you will
Personally, I am in the middle, I liked it but at the same time I don’t think I would ever rewatch
it. I would describe the movie as fun and sweet, but I feel like the plot and some characters lacked a bit
of creativity. For example, while Isabella’s is portrayed as this very outgoing character, the prince is just
bland, no special or charming personality. Therefore, as an overall score, I would five this movie a 3.5
out of 5 stars.

Bob Saget
By Adisyn Gonzales

Former TV star Bob Saget passes away at age 65. Saget was born May 17, 1956, and tragically
passed a few days ago on January 9, 2022. He was found in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida
where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death is still unknown at this point in time. Though
it has been made clear there was no sort of foul play or drug use.
Saget has starred on multiple TV
shows and movies. The fan favorite being Full House. Along with the spin off Fuller House. At
this time fans, family, and friends are mourning the loss of Saget. As his death was sudden and



America’s Grandmother, Betty White
By Calleigh Sweetser

Betty Marion White was born on January 17th, 1922, to parents
Horace and Tess White. Although originally from Oak Park, Illinois,
she moved with her family to Los Angeles, California when she was
Betty officially launched her career in 1953 when she and
George Tibbles developed the sitcom series Life with Elizabeth.
According to Betty, “He wrote and I produced...I was one of the first
women producers in Hollywood.” Betty also starred in the series,
making it the first in a long line of sitcoms she would appear in.
Perhaps her most well-known television role is that of Rose
Nylund on The Golden Girls. Popular during the 1980s, the sitcom
went on for seven seasons, with the spinoff, Golden Palace having one
season in 1992. White appeared in the spinoff as well. She appeared in
many TV shows and movies throughout her career and became the oldest
person to host SNL in 2010 at age eighty-eight. She earned an Emmy for
her performance.
Betty White was married three times. First, to Dick Barker in 1945.
They were later divorced that same year. Second, to Lane Allen in 1947.
They divorced in 1949 after he encouraged her to quit her career. Then
Betty met Allen Ludden, whom Betty referred to as the love of her life, on
the game show Password in 1961. The two married in 1963 and remained
married until his passing in 1981. Betty never married again.
Betty was an avid animal lover and owned several dogs. She also
spent much of her free time volunteering at the Los Angeles Zoo and the
Morris Animal Foundation. Of her time spent between show business and
volunteering, White said “I’m actually the luckiest old broad alive. Half my
life is working in a profession I love and the other half is working with
Betty White’s charming character, wonderful wit, and sassy spunk
earned her a career in show business spanning eight decades. Sadly, Betty
passed away on December 31st, 2021, at the age of 99. She will be
remembered fondly by all of her fans across the world. Betty, “Thank you
for being a friend.”



By Autiana Bollier

Developed by Steel Wool Studios
Published by ScottGames
Security breach is a very popular game that came out on December 16, 2021, and it is the last game made for the five nights at Freddy’s franchise. But many say it won’t be for long. This game is a free-range horror sort of game as it allows you to move your character as you wish. Available on almost any
gaming system, most popular on computers. In this game you are a young boy named Gregory who snuck into Freddy Fazbear’s mega pizza plex, which includes laser tag, arcade, singing animatronics and much more. He must hide from the night guard and the animatronics until dawn when the doors open again. This game is filled with fun, and suspense and you get to see how detailed and interactive it is.
This has started a spark up in Five nights at Freddy’s fans that have been here since the start and even got some new fans now. This game is good, even if it does have some bugs here and there. I would give
it a 9 out of 10.

 Romantic Country Love Songs

By Marc Dominguez


Speechless by: Dan + Shay

The speechlessness the American country music duo Dan + Shay is referring to “Speechless” was written in direct reference to the feelings the singers experienced “the moment we first saw our beautiful brides walking down the aisle”.  According to the singers, they feel these sensations “every time” their lovers “walk into the room”.


No Place by: Backstreet Boys

The song’s lyrics focus on the deep love into the narrative for his lover. The love the narrator has for his significant other is so strong that he considers this person his everything. It reflects on the narrative’s girlfriends and their lives.


Greatest Love Story by: Lanco

The song is about two people who are in love then break up when the girl goes away, and the boy stays back and gets a job. The girl and boy meet up again and fall in love all over again.


What Ifs by: Kane Brown

The song shows how the singer is fall in love with a girl and nobody else but that girl. He sings it to give a picture image of him and his girl and how they feel for each other.


One Mississippi by: Kane Brown

This song shows how the singer loves his girl as much as drinking. A bunch of singers can relate to this because they feel the same way as the singer does to his girl.

Romance Comedy Animes

By Jose Rodriguez

In Valentine’s Day there is a lot of ideas to do with your partner and loved one. Even
though, there is some people that decide to stay home and have a good time with their partner
by watching a movie or a show. There is a lot of movies and shows that can be seen with your
partner, one of this I will recommend is anime. Most of the selection I will recommend will
contain romance and comedy, they are the most popular selections.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War- Kaguya and Mikumi, our main protagonists, are part of student
council and they are the supreme part of student council. Even though, being at the top of
success can be lonely. Luckily, they have fallen in love with each other, but there is a big

problem. They both are too prideful to admit the love they feel for each other. What is better
than seeing to people that love each other trying to make the other one confesses their love?
My Senpai is Annoying- The anime that starts with something of a normal relation between
our protagonist and her senpai. The problem, our protagonist is very much worried that other
people think she and his senpai are dating. As she says in her own words, “He’s big, loud and
always in the way, but at the same time, he’s also kind, caring, and willing to go above and
beyond for me”. I must admit this sounds like he is really into her, so why not watch theromance bond grow while having some laughs?

Actually, I am.... – Asahi Kuromine, the guy who can’t keep a secret. If that doesn’t bring any
ideas of what is coming, then I don’t know what will. Asahi Kurohime, our protagonist was
going to confess to his crush, Yoko Shiragami. As he slides the door open of the classroom, he
sees.... Wings??? After discovering that his crush is a vampire, she tells him she must leave the
school due to him discovering his secret. Asahi now most keep the secret to make his crush stay
in school with him, but for someone who can’t keep a secret, it is hard. This one is a good one,
as there are very funny moments as some other turn of events.


Don’t toy with me, Miss Nagatoro – “A girl in a lower grade just made me cry!” these are
words from our protagonist only known as Senpai. Senpai, one day at the library, meets and
gets to known Nagatoro, a girl in a lower grade which beginning the episode made our
protagonist cry. In the end even though she is as very annoying; she is in a way cute as well. It is
a very nice anime that you will feel something awaken in you, it is a very interesting relationship
and can be funny at times.

Encanto Songs and their Meaning
By- Toby and Bri

The Family Madrigal- The family Madrigal is a song where Mirabel sings about her family, the
kids in the town wanted to know more about them so she introduced each one of them and
what their powers is and that’s when the kids from town find out Mirabel had no gift.

Waiting on a miracle- was a song that was sang by Mirabel when Antonio got his gift, she
wanted to fit in with her family and was tired of waiting for something to happen she just
wanted abuela to be happy for who Mirabel was and that’s why one part of the song she’s
yelling at this replica of abuela to open her eyes.

Under the Surface- Was a song sang by Mirabel’s older sister Luisa, she sings about how she feels a lot of pressure being the strong one and if she loses her gift, she feels like she would be useless to everyone. “No mistakes no pressure”-Luisa


We don’t talk about Bruno- Is a song sang by Peppa’s side of the family with Isabella too,
Peppa sings about how Bruno ruined her wedding by making a comment that made her
overthink and cause a hurricane. Dolores is the oldest child from Peppa, and she sings about how she hears Bruno in the walls and how her man will be taken by someone else. Camilo the second oldest child sings about Brunos appearance to Mirabel. Isabella sings about how Brunotold her, her powers would grow and everything she wanted would be hers.

What else can I do- Is sang by Isabella, Mirabel’s oldest sister who says she isn’t happy because
she was always told to be perfect since she was the oldest, she made a cactus which she never knew she could make. She ends up making more plants and thanking Mirabel for helping her open her eyes and show her what she can really do.

Dos Orugitas- This song was to reflect abuelas life when she was young and how she met her
husband, she had triplets which were Peppa, Julieta, and Bruno, abuelas husband had sacrificed himself for abuela and his kids and that’s how abuela got the miracle for casita she was alone and sad for many years but she got through it no matter what.

Why we all currently hate Jake Gyllenhaal

By: Danielle Rodriguez

Previously published article

It’s been one full week of RED (Taylor’s Version) and the feelings are all still as fresh from the release day. If you’ve been living under a rock or just don’t care, then you wouldn’t know about Taylor Swift’s rerelease of her album RED which arguably is one of her bests this album was Taylor Swifts breakout into pop which is were she made her switch from country to pop RED has a mix of genres it goes from her classic country sound to her more popular pop sound on songs like “22” and “I knew you were trouble”. But the frenzy starts with her short film and the ten minute version of “All Too Well” and the short film that goes with it staring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink