The Darkest Minds

“When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are declared a threat by the government and detained.” They test them in colors which are the green is the color classification for individuals who developed enhanced mental and intellectual powers, Yellow is the classification for those who developed electro kinetic power. Blue is the classification for those who developed telekinetic powers, Orange is the most dangerous and feared power, comprising individuals with the power of mind control. So basically, after they fine this one girl that had tested and she was in orange so when they found out she was in orange they were going to kill her. Someone form the helpers the was in hospital, helps her escapes and when she gets out of the prison where they kept her. Runs away for they can’t find her to killer and along the way she had also found the teens they had escape also. When she had joined them none of them knew that she was in orange.

All American Review
Lauren Yousif
“We watching bodies drop like flies like its normal. This is not normal! It ain’t just another day in the neighborhood. Kids dying over nothing is not the answer. Killing each other is not the answer, man. Revenge is not the answer! We all we got. If we destroy each other, who else gonna fight for us?” This inspirational quote was brought up to us from 2018’s hit show All American. The show aired on October 10, 2018, airing 4 seasons, while still waiting on season 5. The show has brought its audience to shock. From stirred up drama, to suspense, and waiting on what happens next. Spencer James.. (played by Daniel Ezra) is a 16 year old boy living with his mother, Grace (Karimah Westbrook) and little brother Dylan (Jalyn Hall) in a small town in Los Angeles called Crenshaw. Growing up, Spencer has always focused on one thing and one thing only, and that was his football career. Spencer has played football since a young child and wanted to take his outstanding skills to the next level. Spencer James, the wide receiver at his South Crenshaw high school, was at his first home game. Being approached by star football coach, Billy Baker, (Taye Diggs Billy offers Spencer to play on his football team in Beverly Hills. Thinking about the offer and sacrifices, Spencer hesitates on taking the deal. Talking to his friends and family, Spencer realizes that the choice is his to make. Reckoning day and night, Spencer insists on taking the deal. Taking the bus back and forth between Crenshaw and Beverly Hills every day to attend school, Billy Baker decides to have Spencer move in with him. Spencer is now drawn to a new world, with all differences, meeting new people and living a different life. Being all new to this Spencer starts to get home sick and having mixed emotions. Meeting his new family now in Beverly Hills, Spencer is drawn to his out of life “sister.” Emotions get stirred up and they soon begin to fall for each other. After a few nights, Spencer unravels truths, leading him to believe that she may be his real sister after all. Long nights of thoughts and regrets stir through his mind keeping him up at night, wondering if he was making right decisions after all. Switching back and forth between different lives, Spencer learns there are many battles he and many others have faced that many others have not seen. Dealing with many enemies and much hate Spencer gets sabotaged by his teammates in hopes he leaves the team. Spencer understands life isn’t the same everywhere and he must deal with and understand the differences. While many of the audience may focus on the overall image of the show which is portrayed as football, the real message lies within. Throughout the show, viewers understand many people of the same color may come from different backgrounds and everyone has their own differences. All American teaches us to understand that our future holds anything and that our goals are worth fighting for and going through what it takes. All American teaches its characters to understand others hardships and learn the different battles we face each day. From different backgrounds, to daily struggles, making your way through life, focusing on dreams and careers, conflict, drama and more, All American helps the viewers understand we each may be focusing on our own path in life and we can all overcome the things in our way. In my thoughts and opinion, All American connects to the real world by showing the differences of everyone. It teaches us to never give up and that your thoughts and words always matter. Watching this show has showed me the different things that go on in our world and how we all come from the same place and we should solve the worlds problems as one.

       Going back to the show.. Spencer James has a hard time balancing two lives. Seeing the way his friends live, having everything made and handed to them, Spencer gets in his thoughts a little. With help from his childhood best friend Coop, Spencer gets courage to get through his everyday life. With his mom and friends by his side throughout the way nothing is impossible for him. Spencer James life story is mainly dedicated to a true story NFL linebacker Spencer Paysinger. In the real life story, Spencer did not go back and forth between Crenshaw and Beverly Hills rather he stayed in Beverly Hills and graduated in 2006. The show shows us that Spencer James dad passes away in season 2. In real life Spencer Paysingers dad is alive and supporting him throughout his journey. Paysinger faced many hardships throughout his life which he portrays in Netflix’s hit show All American. Paysinger wants his audience to understand that many people are same and alike even though they come from different backgrounds or lifestyles. Many viewers of All American have said they related to the show in each of the shows daily struggles with their own personal life. From daily struggles, to race/color problems, to depression/mental health , lies and conflict, the show helps it viewers understand ways to deal with their things. Lela’s depression scene from the show makes teens feel more comfortable with the mental health issues they go through. Another life relating problem in the show was Olivas drug addiction. The show shows us Olivia going through a hard time and turning to drugs as a way to escape reality. It wasn’t to look cool, but to show audience how things like this go on in others life and what the right thing to do was. Witnessing these things throughout the show was to help its young viewers see life from each ones perspectives and relate to the things going on. Understanding the show and relating it to your own personal life is a better way to understand April Blairs All American. I recommend watching this show, but be ready to go through shock and many drama suspense through Spencer’s high school and football career. I give the show a 10/10 and would watch it all over any time.

Cup of Tea

By Estrella Galicia

What happened between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship these two were said to be the biggest Celebrity duo since Kim’s split from Kanye West she was rumored to have been in a romantic relationship with Pete and soon confirmed to be dating him. These two were on the news left and right for their PDA, Tattoos, Red Carpet events and sweet little dates but after 9 months they’ve called it a quits why? Sources say Kim just didn’t want a serious relationship and wanted to date and be single but is said to still be on good terms with Pete . Other sources say do to distance and busy schedules their spark faded but is that really the reason? Pete has been confirmed to going to trauma therapy after the Kim split because of the mental attacks he had faced with Kim’s ex Kayne West who harassed Pete and verbally assaulted him. Although these Kim and Pete have ended their relationship will they be able to continue a good friendship and will we find out what really caused the split between these two.

CeleberTea J-Lo and Ben Affleck’s Wedding
By: Estrella Galicia

If Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck do not make you believe in love what will? These two love
birds have known each other for 20 years and dated for 18 months getting engaged but sadly
splitting in 2003. But that wasn’t the end of their romance after 18 years these two decided it
was time to let love take over and ended up back together in 2021. After rekindling their
romance Bennifer ended up getting engaged once again in April 2022 and have finally tied the
knot but not only did they get married once but twice once in Las Vegas with their witnesses
being their 5 children and then finally a wedding with all their loved ones in Georgia. Jennifer
and Ben ended up inviting a lot of loved ones dear to them Ben even inviting his ex-wife
Jennifer Garner but she did not attend the wedding due to running errands with family. But was
that really the reason we’ll never know but all ended on a good note for Jennifer Lopez and Ben
Affleck may we wish them happiness on their new journey together.


Echoes Review

By Esmeralda Fuentes

This shows is about the miniseries is a mystery thriller about identical twins Leni and Gina, who share a dangerous secret: They have secretly swapped lives since they were children, culminating in a doublelife as adults where they share two homes, two husbands, and a child.
This show came out on August 19, 2022 this show is inserting to watch, twin sisters Leni and Gina decide to swap their lives. Gina and Leni have been switching places every year on their birthday, allowing one to live the mirror life of the other. However, there are dire consequences when one of the twins goes
missing, causing both of their lives to rapidly fall apart. “Echoes” opens with Gina's disappearance, sending Leni home to figure out what happened to her sister. Leni plays both parts being Gina, her sister left her some clues on why she left and why she’s went missing, just left everything behind. Gina ends
showing up asking Leni for money. Leni had no idea why her twin sister was distorting their lives. At the end Gina explains why she’s doing and doesn’t when her twin sister in her live anymore. and Gina ends fall from a river, police couldn’t her body, so Leni lose her family from all the secrets she had. Leni ended
leaving to a different state. Leni had found out that her twin sister Gina was alive.

Video Game News and Reviews with Gabriel D'Ammassa

Image by Enrique Guzmán Egas

If you play Mario Kart, then this addition is right up your alley. Mario Kart
has just released wave 2 of the Mario Kart Booster Pack. This pack includes new
courses, new karts, and some new characters. We’ve already experienced Wave 1 and we are all waiting patiently for Wave 3. Wave 2 currently has some new
courses from the previous Mario Karts, and some new karts that I don’t know the
names of. And the booster course pack is only 25 bucks! That’s cheap considering
how much Mario Kart 8 Deluxe costs. So, New courses for Mario Kart, new karts,
and maybe a new character. Let’s-a-go!

To fans of the Pac Man franchise! If you haven’t heard, Pac Man World: Re-Pac is available for Nintendo Switch! Now it’s just a remix of an old Pac Man game, that lots of people probably won’t play. Nothing exciting like a new Mario Kart. But if you do like Pac Man games (and remixes) then there’s this one. It’s a remade version of the very old Pac Man World game for the Game BoyAdvance. Now my opinion is that this game is kind of dead. It was dead back then, and I think it’s dead now. But maybe it won’t be so bad. The final boss looks amazing and I’m the kind of person that really likes bosses. Now looking at someparts of the game, it looks like you have the standard platforming part of the game and then you have this, arcade style, Pac Man, maze thing? I don’t know, I haven’t played the game. This is all a blind perspective, so don’t use this article as a reliable source. I’m just here to get the word out, okay?

Fall Guys has gone through a bit of an update. For example, Fall Guys is now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.  And there’s a new mechanism based on these little angry balls. These guys are basically grenades. Just grab one, throw it, and a bunch of players will go flying all over the place. Also, some glitch stuff of course. One thing that we must hope Epic will not do, is completely ruin the game with crossovers. We all know what happened to Fortnite, and we don’t want the same thing to happen to Fall Guys. But apart from the possible threat of the crossovers, we can see nothing but good things happening to Fall Guys. New modes, some remixes of classic modes that were already here, and like I said earlier, it’s now for Switch, PlayStation and Xbox so now you guys can play with a lot of people and all your friends. And in conclusion, people will start playing Fall Guys again, there’s a whole bunch of new stuff for the old fans, and someone needs to tell Epic to go light on the crossovers. I was not kidding about that, that’s what killed Fortnite for me.     

Addison Rae’s Family Feud

By Sadiyo Musse

Monty Lopez who’s the daughter of one of the most followed TikTok star Addison Rae had an affair with
Renee ash. Resulting in his wife Sheri Easterling changing her Instagram bio to “single mom.” Shortly
after Sheri drew the attraction of 26 rapper young gravy. Due to the parent’s behavior, Addison
unfollowed both her mom and dad on Instagram and cut ties with them. As if that was not enough
Monty took to TikTok and challenged young gravy to a boxing match. Sheri and young gravy made their
first appearance on the VMAs and Monty responding “unbothered, thank you young gravy for taking the
leftovers.” With the parents acting like children, I can’t help but feel bad for Addison and her brothers
Having to witness their parent’s actions.