By Autyana Bollier 



Oct 31, 2008

The music video includes the movie twilight in it.

It honestly is very catchy, and it has great background music while the female singer voice is amazing. If your favorite type of music is Alternative rock, then Paramore is something you should really check out!


-Bring me the horizon-

Aug 19, 2013

The background sounds and the full-on beat is amazing. If you had a small emo phase in middle school, then you probably heard this song before. If you like Alternative metal/rock/pop then Bring me the horizon is something you should listen to no doubt!


-My chemical romance-

Oct 26, 2009

For all the My Chemical Romance Fans remember the lyric

“So long and good night”

It makes me tear up a bit, if you had a full-on emo phase then you most likely heard this song before. If you like punk rock then I suggest you either go listen to every mcr song again or start listening to them!!


-Twenty-one pilots-

May 13, 2015

It’s a very nice and catchy song, it gets me hyped every time I listen to it! It’s like a song that would remind you of memories that probably didn’t happen. If you like indie pop with a splash of alternative hip hop then Twenty One Pilots is just for you!!

Jenni Rivera- Mariposa De Barrio

Netflix Review by Iliana Martinez

Mariposa De Barrio is a ninety-one series that originally was released in 2017 to Telemundo that just became available to stream on Netflix. This series is an autobiography based on Mexican singer Jenni Rivera’s life. This by far a must see for her fans and anyone who wanted to know about Jenni Rivera’s life. In my opinion it’s a very descriptive series that will have you in tears, it shows you how strong of a woman Jenni was, what she went throughout her whole life. In the series, it just comes to show that no matter what went on in her life she still pushed through and fulfilled her dreams of one day becoming a well know Latin singer. I highly recommend this series.

Billie Eilish and Rosalia Collab

By Valerie Pacheco 

As most people know Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter, while Rosalia is a Latin singer and songwriter. Both are very successful females in the music industry and keep making great music. But on January 21, 2021, they dropped their new single “Lo Vas a Olvidar” produced by Billie Eilish’s brother Finneas. In my opinion this song is great with emotion and if you want to be calm this would be the song for you. Even if you do not understand Spanish it is still a beautiful song to listen to. Even though this song is in mostly Spanish there are little parts of English as well. As Billie said in an interview, she mentioned how it was a very different experience for her and Rosalia. Rosalia has mentioned that they have been working on this song for two years. The song has changed over the two years but most of it was from back when they first started collaborating. I would one hundred percent recommend this song to anyone and you should go listen to it.

Entertainment Article- The Ultimate Playlist of Noise

By Katelyn Diharce 

The movie “the Ultimate Playlist of Noise” came out this year, 2021. You can watch it on Hulu. It is about a boy who loves to listen to all sounds, music anything in general; but then they find out he has a tumor so he will have to have surgery that will leave him deaf. After finding this out he makes plans to take a trip to New York City and make the Ultimate Playlist of Noise so that other people will hear it. Watching this movie personally made me view life differently. We take for granted the littlest noises we can hear or even the loudest ones, but at least I am able to enjoy those some people do not have that opportunity. The only thing that I wish could happen was that they have the playlist he made in the movie for us to be able to listen it.

Tv shows I recommend

  1. The Vampire Diaries

    1. The Originals

    2. Legacies

  2. The Dragon Prince

  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

  4. The Legend of Korra

  5. Cobra Kai

  6. Never Have I Ever

  7. Julie and the Phantoms

  8. End of the F World

  9. Criminal Minds

  10. New Girl

  11. Fate: The Winx Saga

  12. Selena The Series

  13. The Order

  14. Bridgerton

  15. Sister, Sister

Wanda Vision

By Angel Jara  

WandaVision is a new Marvel series that is available on Disney +. The new show was premiered on January 15, 2021. It is based on an old sitcom where Wanda Maximoff and Vision live in an idealistic suburban lifestyle. In the series so far, we see Wanda and Vision, who are newlywed, trying to fit into their new neighborhood while still having superhuman abilities. While trying to fit in they realize that everything is not as it seems. Wanda seems to have these breaks from reality where the people and things around seem to glitch and send her some sort of message. Where the series has left off, not much has been revealed like how is vision still alive or how did she get there? Now this is where the theories begin. After watching the three current episodes I researched and watched a couple of YouTube videos on possible things that explain a lot in WandaVision like the possibility that Wanda created this alternate reality where her and Vision live happily ever after and where they have an idealistic perfect family in this town, Westview, but there are some glitches or people from the real world trying to break her alternate reality because. In the series we see Wanda rewind time and randomly appear pregnant. When Wanda rewinds time is when she and Vision encounter some sort of beekeeper villain. Today, Marvel Entertainment, released an extended clip that could prove the theory mentioned above. We see Geraldine, one of the characters who is part of Wanda’s made up suburban sitcom, and an agent of S.W.O.R.D come upon the energy filed/globe. In the clip Geraldine is called Rambeu by the agent, meaning that she is also an agent of S.W.O.R.D also because she is wearing the  clothes with the S.W.O.R.D logo on them. Rambeu touches the energy filed. In one of the episodes of WandaVision Wanda and Geraldine now know as agent Rambeu have an encounter where Rambeu seems to wake up from this made up reality and remind Wanda what happened to her brother. When she tells Wanda, this Wanda seems to have some sort of break and blow Rambeu out of her fake reality. I believe agent Rambeu could have been sent into Wanda’s fake reality and try to wake her or stop her, but she seems to get lost in this fabrication of reality. I also forgot to mention that Agent Rambeu is Captain Marvel’s Best friend’s daughter. In the comic books Rambeu becomes the new Captain Marvel. I believe this is how they might introduce the new hero in WandaVision. Overall, it is a lot to take in and break down. I also left out some details because I did not want to over spoil the series if you have not yet watched the show. In my opinion it is a fantastic new series. I definitely would recommend watching it and trying to come up with theories yourself.

“Half Brothers” Movie Review

By Axel Moncada 

            The movie “Half Brothers” was released December 4th, 2020 and was a drama-comedy movie that I enjoyed. The storyline of the movie is about a boy named Renato whose father migrates to the United States from Guadalajara, Mexico due to unemployment back in Mexico. Renato’s father promises him that he will come back after time, however, this does not happen. Renato had always liked aviation and airplanes and once he grows older, he becomes a successful aviation executive in Mexico. Renato has a good life; however, he holds a resentment for his father. One day Renato receives a phone call that his father is gravely ill in the United States and is asked to go, but Renato does not want to see his father. Renato’s fiancée convinces him to go see his father. Renato agreed and it is there where he finds out he has a half-brother named Asher that is very different from him from interests to their personalities. Renato’s father passes but leaves the brothers with a puzzle where they must go on a road trip to find out why their father had never returned to Mexico. To me it was interesting how this was how the producer decided to include the life of Renato’s father, while also including the main characters, which were the two brothers. Their road trip is filled with various events that are humorous and is what I enjoyed most about the movie. Renato and Asher find themselves in interesting situations, however, I also liked how the movie also kept a serious aspect when it came to portraying the life of their father and how close Renato and Asher became to each other as the movie progressed. Also, I liked the movie’s message about being compassionate and understanding, which was able to be conveyed while not being incredibly serious. I would definitely recommend more people to watch this movie and if they like comedies or dramas it would be a good movie to enjoy as it effectively incorporates both genres.

Indiana Jones Game

By Joaquin Kriegel

Since the release of the new PS5 there have been teasers for new and upcoming games. One of the latest is Indiana Jones. If you are familiar with the movies, then you may be excited for the upcoming game. Gamers are wondering what adventures will be in the new game. A release date has not been formally announced but it is sure to be a hit.

Cobra Kai- Netflix Review

Katelyn Diharce

Cobra Kai is a Netflix series that first came out in 2018 and currently has 3 seasons out on Netflix. This show appears after the Karate Kid movies 1-3, I suggest you watch these movies before you watch the show it would make more sense. During this year, a lot of people were talking about Cobra Kai and most binged watched the whole 3 seasons. The actors who played Danny and Johnny from the movies are also in the show when they are older and focus on their kids and the rivaling that still is going on after all these years between them. Since the first movie of Karate Kid came out in 1984, teenagers now can watch this show with their parents. I like how 2 generations can watch this show as a family and enjoy it together. I give this show 10/10 because it relates to a lot of people and I like how it has fighting the scene along with shows the reality of bullying during school.


By Autyana Bollier


A absolutely great song to listen to. Very hyped and the guitar/bass is phenomenal, I love how it makes you feel like your in a movie (Like a action adventure) And you’re the rebellious teenager. You can listen to this run exercising or anything that isn’t sleeping. 1000000000/10 Would recommend!!




Feels like your already over 18 and your moving around with your significant other. The drums and the guitars and even the vocals are amazing!! It’s really just meant to be listened with headphones on for the full effect, It’s a bit sad and gives you memories which makes you unsure if their real or not but it’s amazing and 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!




If you like hyped indie songs this is an absolute banger and would most likely want to be friends with you if you do like it. It’s a very good song and I don’t know where to get started on it! It’ll make you want to jump around your room and dance when the beat drops and would 1000000000000000000000000000/10 recommend you listen to this!!




If you like grunge rock type fans I would 100000000000000% want to be friends with you! This a absolute banger and its would most likely make you feel hyped if its your cup of tea. Its very catchy and everyone knows it, if you think you don’t then most likely you would if you listen to it. I would suggest heavily you go check it out!!! It’s been 11 years since it came out and it still is a great song even





Everyone knows this song and if you don’t where have you been?

It’s a very catchy song and it will forever be on repeat in your head. If you’re a fan of alternative rock I would heavily recommend this song. Its good to draw to or just for fun and the characters and music videos will get you hooked.  99999999999999999/10 would recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




If you like weird alternative types of music I would recommend the whole band not just HAY LOFT. Its very very very catchy and you possibly heard it before from either tiktok or from other kids. Nothing else said you must listen to it!!!


140193473207/10 would recommend!!!!



1960’S Scooby Doo Vibes.

Meant to only have the best vibes in October

1000000000000000000000/10 Would recommend

Released on NOV 16, 2017



By Joaquin Kriegel

Rust is a open world survival game. It originally came out in 2013 but it's gaining a popularity again. You have to scavenge gear or you can take the loot from opponents. You can play with friends or you can play alone. The point of the game is to acquire better gear and build a base. You eventually can play your way to getting a bigger and better base. You can also raid other players bases this then means that you can also be raided. At the moment you can only play on PC but it is also entertaining to watch. Similar to Mincecraft with better graphics and more dangerous. Overall it is a lot of fun. 

Image via Steam

Bad Bunny - By Maria Nunez

The iconic reggaeton singer Bad Bunny has everyone on the tip of their toes since the release of what was supposed to be his last album YHLQMDLG in February of 2020. The release of this album was iconic and gave people hope during quarantine. The album included 20 songs but some of the public’s favorites were Safaera, Si Veo a Tu Mama and Yo Perreo Sola. For months he would post Instagram stories and made his fans love him even more but still no sign of something in the works. However, due to Covid, Bad Bunny organized a free virtual concert on September 20th, where he performed on a moving bus in New York City and aired in many platforms. On September 25th, Crocs announced a partnership with him launching September 29,2020 and everyone went crazy for these new Crocs. After these announcements’ fans gained hope that he will release another album soon and that we will be seeing a lot more from him.

New Melanie Martinez Music

By Angel Jara

Photo from Billboard.com


Melanie Martinez came out with new music on September 24, 2020. She released seven new songs. The new music includes six official audios and one music video. The seven songs are Brain and Heart, Field Trip, Glued, Notebook, Numbers, Test Me, and The Bakery. The Bakery is the song with the video. The video shows a more sensual side to Melanie then all her usual music videos. In the video she surprises viewer with her new hair. The song is a very upbeat.

Overall Rating: I give the new music a 9 out of 10. The music was incredible as usual and showed a new side to Melanie than what we normally see.



BEDROOM: In my opinion It’s a pretty nice band, just besides the fact that it can be very depressing, and you might just have to have a certain taste in music in order to listen to it.  Its perfect to listen to at night maybe while reading a good book with some tea, A song from them that I recommend is “Nostalgic feel” made 4 years ago on February 29th!

CURRENT JOYS: In my opinion this band is amazing, it is also a bit depressing, but it leaves you with a Nostalgic vibe after listening to it. You must also have a specific music taste to listen to it, its perfect when you want to just draw or listen to while riding your bike or hanging out with friends after school or as the sun is setting. A song I recommend is “Kids” Made 3 years ago on July 13th!! Its about A possible nostalgic feeling of childhood and now grown up you look back on it. “I’m just a kid”

TWIN CABINS: The band makes me feel sad and happy at the same time, It’s a bit more lighter on the depressing side but great to just chill to in your room or even out and about with your friends on a cloudy day. It’s a really nice band and gives you a indie vibe directly at the beginning of every song. A song I recommend to you is “Swing Lynn” made 10 months ago on Dec 14th.  It brings me back memories that do not even exists and I’m absolutely just in love with it.

SURF CURSE: Is a great band and is 50/50 on the depressing side, it is a band that you can blast in your ears and feel like an alien around Normies. Their sounds remind you of a great time of your life but makes you sad that it is gone now. I song I recommend is “Freaks” made 3 years ago on July 10th. It is a great song to listen to while on a bike or skateboard tor even dancing alone in your room at 3 in the morning! I suggest you check it out!

RICK MONTGOMERY: Is a great band to listen to when your feeling like a lonely, beautiful soul. It makes sad but happy to listen to at the same time. I song I suggest is the popular song “Mr.Loverman” Made 4 years ago on April 7th. Its about a man (Mr.LoverMan) Who misses his lover (Mr.LoverBoy) And it brings me happy tears every time I listen to it. I suggest you go check out his other songs!!

DAYGLOW: Is a very hype filled band which can seem sad here and there. Its very retro type band and everything is made to feel aesthetic and nostalgic. It’s a great song to listen to with friends and may lighten up the mood wherever you are. Skating, picnic, alone with your self or just a great band to listen to in general. A song I recommend is “Can I call You tonight?” Made 2 years ago on Feb 1st!! Go check it out!!

WALLOWS: Is a amazing band!! It is a great aesthetic indie like band, and you can listen to it by yourself, with your lover, crush, or just wherever! If you are a fan of Clairo she sings in one of their songs called “Are you bored yet?” Which I greatly recommend you listen to! Made 1 year ago on Feb 1st!! Go check out their amazing songs and who knows you might get hooked!



Via Taylor Swift Instagram






On July 24, 2020, eleven months after Swift's last album, Lover (2019) she released her 8th studio album Folklore. It was a surprise album, released through Republic Records. The album has 16 songs in total and a bonus track that is on the deluxe version of the album called “the lakes”. Not to mention Folklore has remained No.1 on the charts for 7 weeks surpassing Whitney Houston for Most Weeks at No. 1 Among Women in Billboard 200’s History.  This album in my opinion is one of my favorites, it has a gloomy day feel to it. Folklore is the album you listen to on rainy days when you need to clear your head. It makes you feel as if you are the main character in a coming of age film. The way Swift captured the stories in each song is poetic and beautifully outstanding. Her ability to write these songs herself and from a different point of view for each song is amazing. Taylor outdid herself on this album, The way she perceives life and navigates through it, sharing all her experiences she's had since the start of her career till date poetically through the perspective of the fictitious characters she has created is commendable. This album has proven that Taylor Swift is not just a pop star, her ability to transcend through genres, from her early days of country music with her self-titled album, fearless, speak now and then Red and then her triumphant transition to pop with the award winning record smashing 1989, followed up by the dark and electric Reputation and the brighter pastel themed love filled Lover, and now folklore, a hauntingly beautiful album with an alternative genre with elements of folk and country music with the song "betty" for example tying Swift back to her country roots, this album further proves that Taylor Swift can do it all.

Folklore Album Review

By: Danielle Rodriguez

Monthly Obsessions

By: Danielle Rodriguez

My Current Obsessions for September 2020 have been a variety of things from music to movies to Tv shows to even TikToks. The one obsession that has reemerged this month is Harry Potter. I feel as if most teens my age have either entered there Harry Potter phase or  returning like I am. I feel as if TikTok is to blame because that’s all that’s all over my for you page. It’s kinda crazy because the last film came out in 2011 which has been a total of 9 years. But J.K Rowling once said, “whether you come back by page or big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home”. It feels as if I’m a middle schooler finding about the fictional world of Harry Potter all over again. The movies are phenomenal even though they leave out the best details. My favorite Harry Potter movie has to be Prisoner of Azkaban along with the book, it has the feel of not being a child anymore things are picking up in the 5th movie Harry is becoming more aware of what’s to come. Anyways if you haven’t read the books yet please do, they are well written, and action packed if you don’t want to read them, I suggest having a Harry Potter Marathon.

Listen up True-crime junkies, I suggest you watch American Murder: The Family next Door is a True Crime documentary about the Watts family and how they were killed. It uses the raw, firsthand footage it examines the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her children, and the terrible events that followed. This documentary will leave you thinking, it has been a day and a half since I’ve watched and it’s something that’s lingering in my head. This case was truly tragic and so heart wrenching to watch. If you want to watch something with more of a light topic, I suggest my current favorite movie and current obsession Unpregnant it’s a movie that talks about abortion and the cool thing about it is, it has a female director and two strong female leads. Unpregnant is funny, inexplicably light and all the while casting light to one of the many paths taken, a path not many can take, for access to a procedure that should be accessible to all.

If you prefer Tv Show’s, then I got you covered because I’m currently obsessed with way too many shows. Such as Gilmore Girls and Julie and the Phantoms. These are the two shows that are currently keeping me obsessed if I’m not doing schoolwork or on TikTok then I’m watching these shows. Julie and The Phantoms is directed by Kenny Ortega which means this show is probably for a younger audience, but it doesn’t really matter because the teens of TikTok are currently obsessed with this show and the three main fictional characters. What more can I say if TikTok is obsessed then it’s bound to be good right? Correct Julie and The Phantoms is a delightful musical dramedy. Not to mention it has the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a hot minute. On the other hand, Gilmore Girls is more of a mix between romance, humor, and of course DRAMA! So obviously it must be one of my current obsessions. This show is so hilarious and heartfelt it feels as if you’re in Stars Hollows with Lorelai and Rory. It has a feel-good vibe from up to the very first episode until the very last episode even up to the revival show it still holds the feel-good charm to it.

Don’t worry I’m not only obsessed with movies and Tv shows I’m also obsessed with music. My current favorite artist to listen to has to be Gracie Abrams and Lennon Stella but of course I must mention my all-time favorite artist Harry Styles. Obviously like any other teen music is a big part of my life it’s something I can use to express myself with and something I use in my everyday life. My current obsessions have been Gracie Abrams. Her voice is so soothing and catchy. I miss you, I’m sorry and 21 are currently my favorite songs from her. She currently released her Ep called Minor and it’s so good I listen to it almost every day it’s the type of music I’ll throw on when I’m getting ready or doing my homework, it’s so soft yet it’s catchy but not something you could be easily distracted with. Her music has a melancholy feel to it, I personally like when music has a sad vibe to it because you can interpret it however you like. Lennon Stella on the other hand has this upbeat sound but sad lyrics. My favorite songs from her are Older than I am and Fear of Being Alone. I love to listen to her songs when I need a mood boost because some of her songs are so upbeat and catchy but then her acoustic versions are something I would cry too, So she basically has all the bases covered. Like any other girl with a Harry Styles obsession he is my favorite artist. His music is so fun and upbeat, but he has the sad songs you can cry to such as Cherry and Falling not to mention Golden the literal definition of upbeat but sad lyrics.

              I saved the best for last; my current monthly book obsession has to be Girls like us by Cristina Alger. If you like fiction and a good mystery thriller then this book is for you. This book starts off slow but by the third chapter you are hooked. You won’t want to put it down. The plot is immersive and instantly gripping. The main character FBI agent Nell Flynn returns to her hometown in Long Island, NY, to settle the estate of her recently deceased Father. While in her hometown she becomes involved in the investigation into the murders of two young women. If that doesn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will. But seriously this book has an amazing plot it draws you in when you least expect it and it has great

Billie Eilish

By Valerie Pacheco

Billie Eilish is an American singer that has made history in the music industry. She is just 18 years old and her birthday is on December 18, 2001. Her hometown is Los Angeles, California where many other celebrities live and work. This is where she grew up with her parents Maggie and Patrick Baird and with her twenty-three-year-old brother Finneas O’Connell.

Billie has been very successful while only being in the music industry for a few years now. At her first time being at the Grammy Award show, she won five awards which was the most won at that award show on that night. Billie Eilish has also won many other awards for her most popular song “Bad Guy” and a lot of her other songs and Albums. Her and her brother Finneas have come out with two full albums since 2017. This album consists of “Don’t Smile at Me” and “When we all fall asleep, Where do we go?” As I mentioned earlier, these were very successful albums and made her get to where she is now. Eilish has recently released a single called “My future” on July 30th. In this song she is showing how she is focusing on her future and how much it means to her.

Next up for Billie Eilish is the Billboard Music Awards which are on October 14, 2020. Here she is nominated for 12 awards. We are also expecting another album from her and her brother either late 2020 or early 2021. Also, in February of 2021, she has a documentary coming out in theaters and on Apple TV about her life and career. This documentary is called “The World’s A Little Blurry” it will come before you know it. Billie Eilish has been successful throughout the years and is working on becoming more of an inspiration to others through her music and words she has to say about her life and things going around this world.

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