Mortal Kombat 

By: Abraham Chavez

Mortal Kombat The Mortal Kombat movie is a movie released in 2021 all about the famous video game Mortal Kombat. The game has been a very popular game since it was released in 1992. It is a very violent game and arguably the best fighting game ever made. The movie is not really based off any of the Mortal Kombat games, it has its own story. The movie talks about how Shang Tsung and his helpers like Subzero and Goro have conquered every realm besides Earth realm. Therefore, Shang Tsung decides to go to Earth, he wants to kill earth’s champions. Raiden and his students like Liu Kang and Kung lao must protect earth realm. I also think that this movie is based off passed Mortal Kombat’s when Shang Tsung and his champions first wanted to conquer earth realm. At the end of the movie there is a scene where they show they are going to Hollywood to get johnny cage, meaning there most likely will be a second Mortal Kombat movie.

J. Cole - New Release Album
By Joaquin Kriegel



J.Cole released his new single, i n t e r l u d e on May 7th. This is a teaser to the new album The Off-Season that will be released on May 14th. I thought that the single was pretty good. We will see how well it blends with the new album. But I have high hopes since J Cole tweeted that it has been years in the making. The pandemic allowed artists to get creative and spend time polishing their projects. Check it out May 14th.

What Lies Below

By: Iliana Martinez

            A recent Netflix movie I watched was called What Lies Below. This movie is about a a mother and daughter who are very close and share everything they do in life together. The mother is a little dysfunctional single mom who sends her daughter off every summer to camp. During the time the daughter goes off to camp the mother meets a charming man and moves into a quick relationship. Libby the daughter has her suspicions about him and starts to dig up things that just do not add up. As the story continues to develop, the movie begins to get a little weird as he seems to not be human. I would not recommend this movie for anyone in my opinion it was a little an disturbing and made no sense at the end of the movie.

Before I wake Netflix Review

By: Iliana Martinez

            A recent Netflix movie I watched over spring break was Before I wake. This movie is about a family who is still mourning the death of their son. Mark and Jessie decide to try to go on with life without him they decide to foster a child by the name of Cody. As the story continues to develop, things begin to get more intense as they discover Cody has a strange ability and can bring their son back to them as he dreams but takes a turn for the worst as he dreams he causes harm to people that are living. I would highly recommend this movie for anyone who is into horror and supernatural movies.

Favorite Artist

By: Raquel Castillo

What kind of music do you like? Well I wanted to tell you a little about what kind I like. I listen to many types of music but some of my favorite genres are R&B, hip hop, and rap. The type of R&B I like is from the early 2000s. A lot of music they make now, they have used the same beat from back then. There were lots of songs that were hits before I was born. When I really like a song, I look at the year and always get so excited if it was close to my birth year. I like music from now but there is only certain people because I do have a picky taste in music. Some of the people from this generation that I like to listen to that you probably haven’t heard before are, Shoreline Mafia, Shordie Shordie, lil baby, lil uzy vert, and a few more that are in this category. Music I listen to also from the early 2000s is Usher, Nelly, Ashanti, and many more.  I just want to also find more types of music so, I wonder what is music you listen to that I might like?


Always forever by


Released on Nov 7, 2014

I like listening to this when drawing a dramatic scene

I don’t know how to love by

The drums

Released on Nov 8, 2014

I also like drawing to this song when it’s a sort of dramatic moment

Pleaser by


Released on May 2, 2017

I like listening to this song when playing Minecraft

Kilby girl by

The backseat lovers

Released on Jun 16,2020

Feels like a song to listen to about your best girl friend who you might have a secret crush on

Nobody by


Released on Aug 17, 2018

When you realize nobody is truly there


CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing case of Elisa Lam

By Raquel Castillo

          We all know that there are missing cases of people everyday even though it is sad to say. Have you ever heard about the missing case of Elisa Lam? This case is so extraordinary because she was missing for so long. When I heard about the case something felt off, I researched. It also became a tik tok trend. Elisa Lam was from Canada and always wanted to travel to San Diego, then to L.A. When she finally received approval from her parents, she was already a young woman in college. When she traveled to San Diego she was there for a few days. She ended up staying in a famous hotel. It wasn’t famous for something good. It was called the “Cecil Hotel”. It was known for having many murders, suicides, and other things that are not school appropriate. This young lady stayed there for a night or two. This hotel had homeless people outside and was downtown LA. Many people thought it was the worst part of the city. She thought it was cool and was so naive.

Elisa Lam went missing. She was caught on the elevator camera. In the footage, she was acting strange. She was pushing many buttons she was walking in and out and signaling like someone was there. She was also tip toeing. It seemed as though someone was with her. If you are interested, you can find this on Netflix. Also, the video of her in the elevator is on YouTube. Investigators then went looking for her and the dogs were not able to pick up her scent anymore. When they lost her scent on the roof they didn’t know where else to look. They checked the whole building, and still nothing. The reason they stopped looking outside the hotel is because she never left. She was then found in a water tank from the hotel by a maintenance worker. He went to check the water tanks because people were complaining about it and she was found. If you want more details, check it out on Netflix.

Have you binged movies Before?

By: Raquel Castillo

Movies, people can define what they consider a movie in a million ways. There are also so many types of movies so many genres just so many actors and meanings. Just like me people have favorites. I wanted to talk to you about some of my favorites so maybe they can also become your favorite to. My personal two favorite genres are horror and crime. I have watched so so many movies I feel like I have watched most of the popular movies today. Some that I have wanted over and over again is the conjuring movies not because there scary but I watch them over and over again because I really like the way that they filmed it, the way that it is based of real stories and showing them to show other people that things aren’t really jokes a lot of the movie that ed and Lauren warren act in I watch because all of these movies are based off of true stories. Some of the action or crime movies that I have watched is shot caller you are able to find it on Netflix and it is a really good movie to watch. Some other movies that are also really good if you do like to watch like series is the divergent movies, I feel like those movies can catch a lot of people’s attention. I also feel like another series that are good to watch are the maze runners, the maze runner will kind of make you think like what if the world was like this. What would I do, would I survive it just gets u thinking. Watching movies like these are good wants you to keep going on and on wanting more movies. The twilight would be another on and so would the harry potter movies. One movie that I can watch over and over at any time of the day is “The gridiron gang” it has to do with a program that helps younger people who get in trouble that are in gangs get there life together but it never really helps till one wise man decided that he wanted to make a football team so that way they get out they will be able to have some thing to focus on. The blind side is also a good movie if you like football. Again there are different types of movies and the ones that I enjoy u way not the movies I think are good may not be for you but I encourage you to try them out.


By Autyana Bollier 



Oct 31, 2008

The music video includes the movie twilight in it.

It honestly is very catchy, and it has great background music while the female singer voice is amazing. If your favorite type of music is Alternative rock, then Paramore is something you should really check out!


-Bring me the horizon-

Aug 19, 2013

The background sounds and the full-on beat is amazing. If you had a small emo phase in middle school, then you probably heard this song before. If you like Alternative metal/rock/pop then Bring me the horizon is something you should listen to no doubt!


-My chemical romance-

Oct 26, 2009

For all the My Chemical Romance Fans remember the lyric

“So long and good night”

It makes me tear up a bit, if you had a full-on emo phase then you most likely heard this song before. If you like punk rock then I suggest you either go listen to every mcr song again or start listening to them!!


-Twenty-one pilots-

May 13, 2015

It’s a very nice and catchy song, it gets me hyped every time I listen to it! It’s like a song that would remind you of memories that probably didn’t happen. If you like indie pop with a splash of alternative hip hop then Twenty One Pilots is just for you!!

Saturn with Headphones

Music Playlist to make you feel like the villain


BLOOD//WATER By GrandsonScene: Your fighting against the villain, you know your power is much greater than theirs. How will you continue?

Castle By HalseyScene: You are taking the throne you ‘deserved’


Teeth By 5 Seconds of summerScene: You are turning into the villain after *insert*


Happened Burning pile By MothermotherScene: *Make up your as sort of any can go with this*


Here are some songs when you feel like the villain of your own story!

Billie Eilish and Rosalia Collab

By Valerie Pacheco


As most people know Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter, while Rosalia is a Latin singer and songwriter. Both are very successful females in the music industry and keep making great music. But on January 21, 2021, they dropped their new single “Lo Vas a Olvidar” produced by Billie Eilish’s brother Finneas. In my opinion this song is great with emotion and if you want to be calm this would be the song for you. Even if you do not understand Spanish it is still a beautiful song to listen to. Even though this song is in mostly Spanish there are little parts of English as well. As Billie said in an interview, she mentioned how it was a very different experience for her and Rosalia. Rosalia has mentioned that they have been working on this song for two years. The song has changed over the two years but most of it was from back when they first started collaborating. I would one hundred percent recommend this song to anyone and you should go listen to it.

Wanda Vision

By Angel Jara  

WandaVision is a new Marvel series that is available on Disney +. The new show was premiered on January 15, 2021. It is based on an old sitcom where Wanda Maximoff and Vision live in an idealistic suburban lifestyle. In the series so far, we see Wanda and Vision, who are newlywed, trying to fit into their new neighborhood while still having superhuman abilities. While trying to fit in they realize that everything is not as it seems. Wanda seems to have these breaks from reality where the people and things around seem to glitch and send her some sort of message. Where the series has left off, not much has been revealed like how is vision still alive or how did she get there? Now this is where the theories begin. After watching the three current episodes I researched and watched a couple of YouTube videos on possible things that explain a lot in WandaVision like the possibility that Wanda created this alternate reality where her and Vision live happily ever after and where they have an idealistic perfect family in this town, Westview, but there are some glitches or people from the real world trying to break her alternate reality because. In the series we see Wanda rewind time and randomly appear pregnant. When Wanda rewinds time is when she and Vision encounter some sort of beekeeper villain. Today, Marvel Entertainment, released an extended clip that could prove the theory mentioned above. We see Geraldine, one of the characters who is part of Wanda’s made up suburban sitcom, and an agent of S.W.O.R.D come upon the energy filed/globe. In the clip Geraldine is called Rambeu by the agent, meaning that she is also an agent of S.W.O.R.D also because she is wearing the  clothes with the S.W.O.R.D logo on them. Rambeu touches the energy filed. In one of the episodes of WandaVision Wanda and Geraldine now know as agent Rambeu have an encounter where Rambeu seems to wake up from this made up reality and remind Wanda what happened to her brother. When she tells Wanda, this Wanda seems to have some sort of break and blow Rambeu out of her fake reality. I believe agent Rambeu could have been sent into Wanda’s fake reality and try to wake her or stop her, but she seems to get lost in this fabrication of reality. I also forgot to mention that Agent Rambeu is Captain Marvel’s Best friend’s daughter. In the comic books Rambeu becomes the new Captain Marvel. I believe this is how they might introduce the new hero in WandaVision. Overall, it is a lot to take in and break down. I also left out some details because I did not want to over spoil the series if you have not yet watched the show. In my opinion it is a fantastic new series. I definitely would recommend watching it and trying to come up with theories yourself.

Jenni Rivera- Mariposa De Barrio

Netflix Review by Iliana Martinez

Mariposa De Barrio is a ninety-one series that originally was released in 2017 to Telemundo that just became available to stream on Netflix. This series is an autobiography based on Mexican singer Jenni Rivera’s life. This by far a must see for her fans and anyone who wanted to know about Jenni Rivera’s life. In my opinion it’s a very descriptive series that will have you in tears, it shows you how strong of a woman Jenni was, what she went throughout her whole life. In the series, it just comes to show that no matter what went on in her life she still pushed through and fulfilled her dreams of one day becoming a well know Latin singer. I highly recommend this series.

Entertainment Article- The Ultimate Playlist of Noise

By Katelyn Diharce 

The movie “the Ultimate Playlist of Noise” came out this year, 2021. You can watch it on Hulu. It is about a boy who loves to listen to all sounds, music anything in general; but then they find out he has a tumor so he will have to have surgery that will leave him deaf. After finding this out he makes plans to take a trip to New York City and make the Ultimate Playlist of Noise so that other people will hear it. Watching this movie personally made me view life differently. We take for granted the littlest noises we can hear or even the loudest ones, but at least I am able to enjoy those some people do not have that opportunity. The only thing that I wish could happen was that they have the playlist he made in the movie for us to be able to listen it.

Tv shows I recommend

  1. The Vampire Diaries

    1. The Originals

    2. Legacies

  2. The Dragon Prince

  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

  4. The Legend of Korra

  5. Cobra Kai

  6. Never Have I Ever

  7. Julie and the Phantoms

  8. End of the F World

  9. Criminal Minds

  10. New Girl

  11. Fate: The Winx Saga

  12. Selena The Series

  13. The Order

  14. Bridgerton

  15. Sister, Sister

TV Remote

“Half Brothers” Movie Review

By Axel Moncada 

            The movie “Half Brothers” was released December 4th, 2020 and was a drama-comedy movie that I enjoyed. The storyline of the movie is about a boy named Renato whose father migrates to the United States from Guadalajara, Mexico due to unemployment back in Mexico. Renato’s father promises him that he will come back after time, however, this does not happen. Renato had always liked aviation and airplanes and once he grows older, he becomes a successful aviation executive in Mexico. Renato has a good life; however, he holds a resentment for his father. One day Renato receives a phone call that his father is gravely ill in the United States and is asked to go, but Renato does not want to see his father. Renato’s fiancée convinces him to go see his father. Renato agreed and it is there where he finds out he has a half-brother named Asher that is very different from him from interests to their personalities. Renato’s father passes but leaves the brothers with a puzzle where they must go on a road trip to find out why their father had never returned to Mexico. To me it was interesting how this was how the producer decided to include the life of Renato’s father, while also including the main characters, which were the two brothers. Their road trip is filled with various events that are humorous and is what I enjoyed most about the movie. Renato and Asher find themselves in interesting situations, however, I also liked how the movie also kept a serious aspect when it came to portraying the life of their father and how close Renato and Asher became to each other as the movie progressed. Also, I liked the movie’s message about being compassionate and understanding, which was able to be conveyed while not being incredibly serious. I would definitely recommend more people to watch this movie and if they like comedies or dramas it would be a good movie to enjoy as it effectively incorporates both genres.

Cobra Kai- Netflix Review

Katelyn Diharce

Cobra Kai is a Netflix series that first came out in 2018 and currently has 3 seasons out on Netflix. This show appears after the Karate Kid movies 1-3, I suggest you watch these movies before you watch the show it would make more sense. During this year, a lot of people were talking about Cobra Kai and most binged watched the whole 3 seasons. The actors who played Danny and Johnny from the movies are also in the show when they are older and focus on their kids and the rivaling that still is going on after all these years between them. Since the first movie of Karate Kid came out in 1984, teenagers now can watch this show with their parents. I like how 2 generations can watch this show as a family and enjoy it together. I give this show 10/10 because it relates to a lot of people and I like how it has fighting the scene along with shows the reality of bullying during school.

Karate Practice


By Autyana Bollier


A absolutely great song to listen to. Very hyped and the guitar/bass is phenomenal, I love how it makes you feel like your in a movie (Like a action adventure) And you’re the rebellious teenager. You can listen to this run exercising or anything that isn’t sleeping. 1000000000/10 Would recommend!!




Feels like your already over 18 and your moving around with your significant other. The drums and the guitars and even the vocals are amazing!! It’s really just meant to be listened with headphones on for the full effect, It’s a bit sad and gives you memories which makes you unsure if their real or not but it’s amazing and 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!




If you like hyped indie songs this is an absolute banger and would most likely want to be friends with you if you do like it. It’s a very good song and I don’t know where to get started on it! It’ll make you want to jump around your room and dance when the beat drops and would 1000000000000000000000000000/10 recommend you listen to this!!




If you like grunge rock type fans I would 100000000000000% want to be friends with you! This a absolute banger and its would most likely make you feel hyped if its your cup of tea. Its very catchy and everyone knows it, if you think you don’t then most likely you would if you listen to it. I would suggest heavily you go check it out!!! It’s been 11 years since it came out and it still is a great song even





Everyone knows this song and if you don’t where have you been?

It’s a very catchy song and it will forever be on repeat in your head. If you’re a fan of alternative rock I would heavily recommend this song. Its good to draw to or just for fun and the characters and music videos will get you hooked.  99999999999999999/10 would recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




If you like weird alternative types of music I would recommend the whole band not just HAY LOFT. Its very very very catchy and you possibly heard it before from either tiktok or from other kids. Nothing else said you must listen to it!!!


140193473207/10 would recommend!!!!



1960’S Scooby Doo Vibes.

Meant to only have the best vibes in October

1000000000000000000000/10 Would recommend

Released on NOV 16, 2017


Image by Eric Nopanen