Pet Therapy

Many families have pets in their homes, but many do not. For me I have one inside dog and two outside dogs. I have learned that pets can be very therapeutic to most people. One reason they can be therapeutic is when a human is showing sadness a dog, or some other pets can help. These pets have the ability to feel emotions that their owner is feeling, and they just might try to help you out. Also, when a person is happy, most times their pets will follow their energy and be happy as well. Just like a person can help pets feel safe and comfortable, pets can also do the same for humans. As time goes on with being with your pets, you will learn each other’s behaviors and can reflect on how to help each other when one is not feeling itself. Pets are a good therapy source and they can help with many things such as anxiety. This is why it is a good thing to have pets weather they are inside or outside.

 Shih Tzu with Toys

Summer Vacations

While summer is coming up, we all are ready to go on a vacation to go out or visit family. There are ways that it can happen since last year many did not get to go on vacations. Summer is the time to relax and take time for yourself to live your best life. All while remaining safe, we can also have fun. Some places and things you might consider going on a trip are camping, not too packed beach, visit a small group of family and many others. Summer vacations can still happen especially if you and your family are vaccinated. Depending on how your family handles the circumstances, it is always a good thing to remain safe but to remember to also have fun. I think vacations and trips can take place and be fine if everyone still abides by the rules of this virus.

A perfect day

A perfect day in my imagination begins like this a fresh early morning feeling restored. I usually wake up in the afternoon so waking up early around 7:30 having all day is a great start. After a hot shower and doing my face routine, putting on a cute outfit and doing my makeup. I would put on a pair of my favorite vans, and anxiety necklace that helps me throughout the day. I would make one of my favorite breakfast dishes which is waffles of course, fill up my jug of water, and make hot tea. Dealing with anxiety hot tea makes me relax better for the day. By then it is 10 A.M. and I am ready to meet my day. I would go on a morning walk, look at nature and just hear the quiet environment. Hearing the bird’s chirp and the gust of wind in my face. Looking to the side and seeing trees and the beautiful blue sky. Since it is a perfect day I will not be going to work because it can be a stressful day instead of a so called perfect one. Then I would go back to my house and make coffee because I can not have a good day without coffee. The smell of brewing coffee hit’s my nose and I just cannot wait to sip on the fresh hot coffee while watching a show before I leave the house. I would then get ready to leave and drive to the mall because I love shopping and just clothes in general, I like the express my personality with the outfits that I wear for the day. Then I would get some boba tea with peach bobo I love peach bobo and the way it just pops in my mouth with the taste of peach. Next, I would get shrimp alfredo because I love Italian food one of my favorite dishes. On my way driving home I would listen to some music there’s this new song called “Déjà vu” recently been on repeat lately. When I get home, I would watch some Grey’s Anatomy snuggled up with my soft pink blanket. When I finish the episode, I would do laundry get ready for the next day. My night routine begins with me making hot tea again, after I drink the tea, I would take melatonin gummies because it helps me sleep (It is hard to sleep with anxiety). Next, I would do my face routine, brush my teeth, put on Chapstick and then get into comfy sweats and a shirt, with a pair of socks to sleep in. I would turn on a show and cuddle up in my bed turn of the lights and fall asleep.

My May Obsessions

By: Danielle Rodriguez

How is it already May we literally have 3 weeks left of school which is crazy it felt like January was a month ago. I haven’t done a monthly obsession since February which is mind-blowing but I’m back for one last monthly obsession of the 2021 school year. You guys know the drill the app that has me spending hours on is probably the app everyone uses TikTok which is no surprise if you’ve been reading these. Tiktok is just so addicting and it’s so easy to spend 4 hours on I swear I can get on for what feels like maybe 5 minutes but in reality, it’s been more than 5 hours. At the moment I’ve been enjoying content from Victoria Paris (@Victoriaparisf) dare I say she’s my favorite “Influencer” is an understatement I look forward to her videos daily. Her videos bring me so much joy I love seeing her life in NYC and her fashion is just top notch I love the outfits she always has on that was probably why I followed her to be honest with you. Another creator I love is probably Nicole Rafiee (@Nikinasty) I mentioned her in a previous article I wrote but she is literally my favorite content creator her videos are just so honest and funny which I love, so if you have the time go check them out because you won’t regret it.I’m not gonna lie I haven’t watched many movies these past few months but the one I keep circling back to has to be “Hamilton” and I know it’s not really a movie but more of a musical but I find myself watching it almost every month because the soundtrack gets stuck in my head. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a musical genius I swear because very since I watched it in December, I watch literally every month. Also it doesn’t help that TikTok loves the Hamilton audio’s so much so almost other trend is a Hamilton audio but I’m not mad about it so if you need a movie to watch I strongly suggest “Hamilton” on Disney+ but be warned you may have the soundtrack stuck in your head for a solid week. Another movie I circle back to every month has to be “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions” which is a documentary concert film directed and produced by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and if you didn’t know she is literally one of my favorite artist of all time. The documentary covers the process Taylor took with writing her eighth studio album Folklore it talks about the stories behind each song on the track list and then she performs them with Aaron Dessner, Jack Antonoff, and Justin Vernon who co-wrote on the album with her which is what I love about the

documentary so much because it feels like my own personal concert in my bedroom which is always the goal. Folklore has to be one of my favorite albums and the fact it was a surprise album is even crazier. Taylor Swift is such a huge inspiration to me especially with the way she writes her songs with so much imagery and detail. So, if you never even listened to Folklore then I suggest you watch The Long Pond Studio Sessions on Disney+ to get the full effect of the album. If you read my February article then you knew I was basically very excited for Fearless (Taylor’s Version) which as I’m writing this it has been out for 24 days and if you didn’t here’s a direct quote from that article “If you don’t know me personally then you are lucky enough not to know how obsessed I am with Taylor Swift because let me tell you my mom is probably tired of how much I make her listen to Taylor Swift in the car.” Which is all you really need to know about me honestly anyways Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is literally all I’ve been listening to the re-recording sounds so good and Taylor’s voice sounds just as amazing from when she first released it back in 2008 but it has more of her mature vocals that I love but don’t worry it still sounds exactly the same. My favorite song off the album is probably “Mr. Perfectly Fine” which is a vault song and I literally wish it were released in 2008 because it would’ve been my favorite song. The whole album is just literally so good and I’m just glad Taylor Swift owns her own album because she deserves to own her own music. Ok bookworms I haven’t been much of a reader this month which isn’t surprising because the last time I read for fun was in February which unironically was the last time I set a goal for myself to read a book and I’m being totally honest with you I’ve had no urge to read in the past 2 months expect for these past 2 weeks that I’ve had the urge to reread Twilight which is typical for me because I read it around the same time every year. But instead of rereading a book I’ve read more than 3 times I decided that it’s finally time I read the sequel to “The Summer I Turned Pretty” which is called “It’s Not Summer Without You” by Jenny Han and honestly it’s such a perfect read and gives you the summer feeling that I’ve been longing for. Not to mention it’s gonna be turned into a Tv show on Amazon prime which I’m so looking forward to they already casted the main character’s Belly and Conrad which the casting is literally so perfect. But I strongly recommend this series it’s probably my favorite series to read in the summer and I promise you, you won’t regret it. Anyways I think that’s enough babbling for now

but there it is my current obsessions for May I hope you guys enjoy the things I love.

Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves



Horoscope Plants

1. Aries – Venus Flytrap: Interesting to look at but will kill you

2. Taurus – Lavender: Taurus are lavender because they smell good and they are a remedy for a broken heart

3. Gemini – Orchid: Gemini, like orchids, need a lot of attention and are very sensitive.

4. Cancer – Lotus Flower: Lotus flowers are delicate and thrive in water, Cancers are also delicate and thrive in the tears of their enemies.

5. Leo – Sunflower: Per usual, Leo’s stand out and are the center of attention like sunflowers.

6. Virgo – Color Pansies: Like the colorful pansy, Virgos can be very extra and easy to entertain and maintain

7. Libra – Mint: Libras are controlling and bossy but have good intentions like mint who will overthrow any garden with its spawn.

8. Scorpio – Air Plants: Do Not Need You. They thrive on themselves just like an air plant.

9. Sagittarius – Dandelions: Spontaneously appear but are fun

.10. Capricorn – Ivy: Capricorns can be very mean but are organized and like the ivy they are basic but beautiful.

11. Aquarius – Aloe Vera: They can be healing and comforting to others.

12. Pisces – Jasmine: Like Jasmin, Pisces require a lot of attention and not all are sweet but they are exotic.

Shoe Review

The shoe I will be reviewing is the Air Jordan 1 high Zoom Racer Blue. There is nothing but good things that I can say about this shoe. This shoe is a collab with Air Jordan and Zoom. The colors this shoe has is white, grey, and blue. The sole of the shoe starts with a pinkish color on the top, in the middle it fades to a purple, and then it fades to a blue color. This makes the shoe pop out even more because it looks good and it is different. It has these colors on the soles because this is part of the Zoom collaboration. The original laces are white, but they also come with an extra pair. The extra pair of laces are a pinkish orange color. I personally think the white looks better and goes better with more outfits. I also think that the pinkish orange color looks good if you have something to match with it just right. As far as the comfortability, these shoes are very comfortable and can be worn all day. At times they can get a little tiring especially if you are walking a lot, but overall, they are just right. If you get a chance to buy these shoes, I would totally recommend them to anyone.

Curology Progress Review

I got the curology in the mail on February 26, 2021. I can say the packages were smaller than I expected them to be. I washed my face in the morning and used the cleanser, then I used the rich moisturizer and sunscreen after I washed my face. At night I wash my face with the cleanser again, put on my custom maid formula, and then I put on the rich moisturizer after washing my face. My first week using it my face felt more moisturized because I have dry skin but other then that my face was breaking out more then usual. My face mostly broke out around my cheeks because I noticed my acne gets the worst there. On March 4, 2021 I took a progress picture I did my dark spots were starting to fade and a little less acne. March 7, 2021, I did get an update from Ravich my provider, he told me it does take at least 6 weeks to work and blackheads may look more obvious at first and then they will begin to clear out. I was at the stage where it is to early to tell how my skin was responding. Closed comedos and microcomedones (the blocked pores that were just beginning to form and were too early to be visible yet) take weeks to work themselves out. It will take months to see the full benefit of the treatment. It is April 12, 2021 and this is honestly the best my skin has looked, it is not 100% clear, but I can see that it is working. I did get my second package of curology it comes every 2 months, the moisturizer and cleanser is 2.7 ounces and the body wash is 6.8 ounces while I wish that the face wash and moisturizer could be bigger

because that’s what I use the most and it could last longer. The body wash is just to big for me I have not even got to the second bottle yet so for my next order I did take off the body wash. because that’s what I use the most and it could last longer. The body wash is just to big for me I have not even got to the second bottle yet so for my next order I did take off the body wash.

By: Kaitlyn Warczinski

Before Picture 


After Picture 

LA sweets chocolate covered strawberries!

By Kaitlyn Warczinski

          We all know valentines is right around the corner and what a great idea of chocolate covered strawberries, but these are not just regular strawberries these are decorated and made with love. LA sweets are all about valentines and is ready for those valentines’ orders. She doesn’t just make valentines strawberries, but she also makes them for anniversaries, birthdays, and any special occasions. I know I love chocolate covered strawberries so I would for sure recommend this for your special someone or even for your friend to give to valentines, these are so pretty, and pricing depends on the order. If your interested visit and place an order for valentines or any special occasion you have.

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

Effectively Balancing

Work and Life

By Axel Moncada

As students and upcoming adults, we often strive for independence in ways such as having a job and beginning to make our own decisions and creating our paths. This, however, can be a difficult task as there are many responsibilities and new responsibilities we must manage. Primarily, as students, we focus on school and that is one of our most important responsibilities at the moment. When we then have a job, that is also a new responsibility. In addition, our everyday lives, like family and social responsibilities also come into play. A good way to begin to manage these responsibilities, is by ensuring that there are times set and to have good time management. It is important to have a schedule where you know what you should be doing at a certain time and dedicating that time to the activity, no matter what activity it is. Although the schedule may seem to be all work or school, it is important to make time for ourselves and have times where we do something we like, a hobby, as well as time to rest. According to the article “Tips to Balance Working Full-Time and Going to College” by Jess Scherman, it is important to “become a master of your time” and “take care of yourself” with items such as planners, timers, and schedules in order to successfully manage time. Personally, what has worked best has been to prioritize tasks, however, always making time for hobbies and activities that I have more of an interest in. I will set times where I will focus on schoolwork and avoid other distractions for that set amount of time. This is followed by the time where I take a break and go for runs or exercise, which is something I enjoy. Then, I will continue with schoolwork for another set amount of time if I have the day off from work or I will go to work if I am scheduled for the day. Additionally, what I have found to work better is to go to sleep earlier than I used to rather than stay up on social media, in order to wake up earlier and have

more time throughout the day to get more done and to have more time for my hobbies or any other responsibility or activity I have throughout the day that is not related to work or school.

Image by Simon Abrams

New Year's Resolutions

Yes or No? You Decide.

Image by Brooke Lark

Why 2021 New Years Resolutions Might not be a good idea.

By Kaitlyn Warczinski 

2020 brought so much doubt and fear that might want you to jump into 2021 fast. 2020 was unlike any other year, do resolutions even deserve a place in 2021. A lot of people make a list of resolutions for good health, self-care, but after a year where everything turned upside down should not, we do something more useful then resolutions. The last thing we need is more pressure or setting a goal that might not be realistic during a global pandemic. Things can become a problem when you feel pressure or obligation when feeling like you have to set a New Year’s resolution. According to Dr. Lazarus a psychologist she suggests “evaluating how big the change is and if that kind of change is actually reasonable and realistic right now.” What she means by this is do not set a big goal and resolution and you cannot meet it, so you start to feel more stressed and discouraged. People rarely stick to New Years resolutions even in normal years, but this was not a normal year it was a very difficult year. Dr Lazarus also mentions “we sometimes think its going to help us get more done or be more productive, she thinks it really tends to increase stress and make things worse.” I do agree with this because this year has been very hectic, but if you have a bust schedule already why would you add more stress? If your thinking about fresh starts or need something to change start small. For example if you want to start eating healthier, try limiting all the junk food and bad foods you eat day by day instead of completely stopping and forcing yourself to eat nothing else but vegetables and healthier foods, which can take a big impact on your stress levels and your body. Consider why you are making this change because you will feel happier? Or because you feel like you have too? Instead of focusing on bad habits or fixing what’s wrong in your life, in times of stress we focus on what’s wrong.

New Year’s Resolutions

By Valerie Pacheco

It is the beginning of the year and most people want to better themselves in the year coming. This is a good thing because it shows that people need change and are willing to change. But sometimes change is hard and many of us humans fail at something we are not used to. For an example, a common new year’s resolution is for people to lose weight. At the first of the year, it goes well but once someone gets tired of it or does not have as much motivation, the diet fails. This may cause for people to get mad at themselves for not completing something they really wanted to do at first and this can lead to other situations. Although at the beginning of the year it was a fail, it does not mean that it will be a fail again if you were to give it another try. It is okay to fail and try something at another time when you feel ready and confident enough to achieve your goals or something you have been wanting to do for a long time. By at another time I mean later on during the year or even the next year. I personally do not really like new year’s resolutions because I feel like I do not have to wait until the new year to try and better myself or wait for something else to change so I can change. New years resolutions are hard and may not always go as planned but I think if you do not give up and keep trying you can accomplish anything that comes your way.

10 New Year Resolutions for High School Students

New Year Celebration


Monthly Obsessions

By: Danielle Rodriguez

My Current Obsessions for November 2020 consist of the same categories such as music, movies, and Tv shows but instead of TikTok being one of them Pinterest has slowly taken over my life. In the past month I think I’ve spent more time on Pinterest than I have on any other social media platform which is utterly amazing because I have such a short attention span when it comes to apps like Pinterest. I have made at least 4 new boards on Pinterest and its kind of becoming a problem. I use Pinterest daily which is good but then I now want to give my room or wardrobe a huge makeover because of all my pins I’m saving and it’s kind of problem that I probably won’t deal with since I’m in love with the app. If I’m not doing schoolwork or watching Netflix, you can catch me on Pinterest, and I’ll scroll for hours looking at different pictures. I think it’s good for me as a person with a vivid imagination because it’s like I’m living a whole different life. It’s like an escape from reality which I desperately need in our current state.

          Listen up you hopeless romantics if you aren’t interested in Pinterest then I have a movie for you. This month I finally got around to watching Little Woman directed by Greta Gerwig and all I got to say is I should’ve watched it sooner because it’s easily one of my favorite movies. The way Greta Gerwig directed this movie was phenomenal and the way she played with time in this film using seamless transitions from the present to the past to mirror events and themes in the story was truly beautiful. Not to mention the color palette going from a light, yellowish, dream like feeling when flashbacks occur to a cool, darker, more hardline palette that extenuates dark blues during events that are happening in real time. The one thing I will continue to talk about is how I felt a great injustice for Jo and Laurie and how their relationship was developed and set up to seem almost as if they were soulmates only to find out that Jo rejected Laurie’s proposal. This scene was directed quite phenomenally because I felt as if I was intruding on a moment between the two characters but from the first time we meet Laurie you can tell he was quite fond of Jo and it seems almost off the bat that he was in love with her and to find out Jo didn’t feel the same way was utterly heartbreaking. The scene was hands down one of my favorites in the film because of how well the cinematography set up the scene and how breathtaking it looked on screen. Ok but seriously I’ve probably watched Little Women at least 4 times this past month so I highly recommend watching it.


          If you are more into tv shows, then I always got you covered because I’m a way too obsessed with shows. My current watches are Young & hungry and New girl. If you need some laughs, then you’re in luck because young & hungry and New girl with have you on the floor. These two shows are similar but so different in the best way possible. I absolutely love Young & hungry the storyline is so funny yet heartwarming because it follows along with the main characters Gabi and Josh. The way it show’s there “complicated” relationship while still having this comedic side is such a perfect combo. Not to mention my favorite character’s Yolanda and Elliot and their witty banter that literally make the show. I literally watched young & hungry for a month straight and finished it which was literally so sad because I had nothing else to watch until I started watching New girl. If my mom let me I would literally watch New girl all day but she doesn’t because apparently “I need fresh air” like what the heck mom I just want to watch my favorite show in peace but no seriously If It wasn’t for my mom not letting me watch Netflix all day I would probably be a hermit. New girl literally has me laughing at almost every episode. It could be 7 am or 1 am and I would literally be laughing my butt off. Nick is literally my favorite character, but I would literally trade my whole family just to be able to be friends with the characters in the show, but in all seriousness this show is getting me through the second lockdown.


          I promise I’m not forgetting about the music lovers don’t worry I’m not only obsessed with movies and tv shows I have some sanity left. My current favorite artist has been Louis Tomlinson his music is so underappreciated his album Walls needs the same recognition as Fine line by Harry Styles there is said it. Louis has this upbeat dance around your room type of music and I absolutely love it. My favorite songs from him have to be Miss you, Too Young, and Just like you these songs are my go-to when I’m doing homework or literally anything in general because they have this feel good feeling to them which I love. His music is literally so good, and you can tell he puts so much effort into his writing because his songs feel as if there’s a story behind each one. I’ve also been obsessed with Hozier Cherry wine and Like real people do are currently on repeat and will be on repeat until my ears start bleeding. Hozier is so soft and has this melancholy feeling which I love when artists give off that vibe. I put him on when I need to write because his songs just make me feel as if whatever I’m writing is important. Along with The Lumineers they have also been on repeat I feel as if just by listening to there songs it feels as if your going on an adventure and living this fulfilled life. The Lumineers are great storytellers and you can gather that from there songs because it makes you feel nostalgic for memories you haven’t even made yet. My favorites from them are sleep on the floor, Stubborn Love, Angela, and Cleopatra. I love listening to them when I’m laying down reading a book because the vibe is immaculate their music is just so good. Music is what keeps me going so I hope these artists make you feel the same way I do.

          If you don’t like Movies, Music, and Tv shows then I got one more thing for you my current book obsession has to be If I stay by Gayle Forman. This book off the bat is a tragedy and honestly, I’m not ready to finish it because I know how it ends and I will literally cry. The beginning is worded beautifully and the events that take place get your heart pumping. The author did a fantastic job with writing this book because you can almost feel what Mia is going through which is literally heartbreaking. If you don’t want to read the book like me then I suggest you watch the movie but not without a box of tissues and some ice cream nearby because this movie will have you ugly crying or that could just be me.

Healthy Lifestyle

By Valerie Pacheco

            Everyone wants to be healthy and live their best life to the fullest. Although many of us do not like to take the steps it takes to be fully healthy and to live that lifestyle. To have a healthy lifestyle it includes a person to eat healthy foods, exercise, and to stay busy throughout your life. This can be very hard for many people and many people have unhealthy lifestyles that can cause problems throughout their lifetimes.

            Food is a very important factor in having a healthy lifestyle. Some foods that can help with this are fruits, vegetables, green foods, whole-grains, fish and many more. Junk food is not an option to be healthy but that does not mean you cannot have some of it. As far as junk food, it is better to have less of it and have more healthier foods when you are wanting a snack. Another step to a healthier lifestyle is to exercise and to have more movement in your days. For more movement it can help to go for long or short walks, running, weightlifting, and workout routines. Also, if someone wanted to do an exercise for a day and did not know how, many exercises and trainers are online and can help and guide you to reach your goals. Food and exercising are two of the most important for a healthy lifestyle but many other things such as drinking, smoking and other bad habits a person could have. Even though these habits can be hard to follow and stick with, it is still possible to have a healthy lifestyle with lacking some of these factors. Although these are the steps to take to increase your ability to be a healthier person and to live the best life a person can live.

Healthy Habits

By Iliana Marinez

I came from a family that lives with a lot of major health issues from both my fathers and mothers side. The importance of a healthy lifestyle is often overlooked and not truly a major concern until something significant happens that changes your lifestyle for good.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a very difficult thing to do however it is not an impossible thing to accomplish once you are in a positive state of mind. Healthy lifestyle behaviors are important for you to promote on a daily basis. By doing this you are not only improving your overall health you are expanding your life expectancy. Most people that lead a healthy lifestyles are at a lower risk for heart disease, obesity, substance abuse, diabetes. Healthy habits make a huge difference when it comes to your heart it is said that by living this way stress levels have decreased. Incorporating daily physical activity with your family and friends will also a way of helping others lead a  healthy lifestyle they will take back the knowledge they have gained from you and show others in their circle. Adopting a healthy lifestyle could reduce premature mortality rate and prolong life expectancy in both adults and children.

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Starbucks Holiday Beverages

By Kaitlyn Warczinski 

Starbucks is ready for the holidays and I do not know about you, but I am super excited for the holiday drinks from Starbucks. My favorite part about the Starbucks holiday drinks this year is the them of the holiday cups the ribbon design embraces joyful elements of the holiday season, it also resembles a crown, tail and scales which has been repeated in the last several years. The dot cup shares the sentiment to “carry the merry” it is a reminder to enjoy the little moments of brightness around you, to bring hope during this pandemic. The sparkle cup motif is to resemble vintage holiday ornaments. The brand wrap is designed to remember designer street style. Not only is Starbucks trying to bring hope in this pandemic, but they are super focused on the health and well-being of customers and strives to exceed the standards outlined by the U.S. centers for Disease and Control.

Peppermint Mocha- it is made from Starbucks signature expresso, steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce and peppermint-flavored syrup. Topped off with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls (440 calories). This is the Starbucks 18th year serving this holiday classic. I really loved the flavor in this drink it definitely brings in the holiday mood.

Toasted white chocolate mocha- Expresso, steamed milk, caramelized white chocolate finished with whipped cream and holiday sugar sparkles and crispy white pearls (420 calories). This drink was sweet, and you could not really taste the coffee, but the appearance of the drink was for sure holiday material.

The eggnog latte- is made with steamed eggnog and signature expresso topped off with ground nutmeg (450 calories). This is one of my favorite drinks, I love eggnog and this drink reminded me so much of Christmas day.

Carmel Brul’ee Latte- An expresso steamed milk, caramel Brul’ee sauce, with whipped cream and caramel Brul’ee topping (410 calories). This drink was so good and tasted exactly like the popular crème Brul’ee dessert. I’m a fan of Carmel too so this drink felt like it was made for me.

Chestnut Praline Latte- combined with expresso, steamed milk, caramelized chestnuts, and spices topped with whipped cream and spiced praline crumbs (330 calories). I never tasted chestnuts before, and I was a little scared, but I was really surprised because it was the perfect balance between syrup and sweet.

Technology Update

Apple Update

by Maria Nunez

Apple is always surprising us with new things in their updates and releases. With the new iOS 14 update Apple featured shortcuts and has most definitely made everyone want to show off their new wallpapers. The new update allows for the user to create an aesthetic on their wallpapers which the users love. Many app creators have not wasted any time and got right to it to help the users find their perfect backgrounds. To create your own shortcuts there is many apps like Widget smith, Screen kit and many more. The process might be long depending on how many apps you have but at the end it will be worth it. Along with the iOS 14 update, Apple recently announced the release of their new phones the iPhone Pro/Pro Max 12 and iPhone 12 which their drop date is October 23 but are being sold for presale. These new phones have a A14 bionic chip and reach 5G. All the phones before have a had an exceptional camera and have never been one to disappoint, Apple says this new phone is “the most powerful iPhone yet.” The photo quality for these new phones is said to be next level. What else might Apple surprise us with in the future, we never know what the future holds


The New iPhone 12

By Angel Jara


Apple has recently introduced the new iPhone 12. The new phone is up for pre-orders on October 16, 2020 but will launch on October 23, 2020. Apple has released three options for the iPhone 12. There will be the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro max, and the all new iPhone 12 mini. Apple introduce the new concept of the iPhone 12 mini. They said it would fit in the palm of your hand. The design of the new iPhone 12 is very similar to the iPhone 11. We see the same three camera design. We also see the same face ID and minimal bezzle design. Although the iPhone 12 has the almost same design as the iPhone 11 we do see a major difference in design. We see a thicker and more rectangular shape and width of the phone but other than that we do not see much design change

Overall, the iPhone 12 is a new phone, but I would not recommend buying it if you already have the iPhone 11 because there isn’t much design change. Nevertheless, the new shape and mini design are different look on the iPhone.

Starbucks Drink


By Kaitlyn Warczinski

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino:


Ingredients- Whole milk, 3 pumps Frappuccino roast, pumpkin spice topping with whipped cream, 2 pumps pumpkin spice, and ice.

Review: I would rate this drink a 9/10 because it is really sweet, but I like sweet drinks and liked the pumpkin flavor.  

Salted Carmel Mocha Frappuccino:


Ingredients- Whole Milk, 3 pumps Frappuccino roast, caramel drizzle with whipped cream, smoked sea salt topping, 2 pumps toffee nut syrup, 2 pumps mocha sauce, and ice.

Review: The flavor is interesting at first the drink mostly tastes like hazelnut; I really like this drink and I’d give it a 10/10.

Pumpkin Spice Latte:


Ingredients- 2% milk, steamed foam, 2 shots expresso, pumpkin spice topping with whipped cream, 4 pumps pumpkin sauce.

Review: I’d rate this drink a 5/10 because it had a really strong flavor of pumpkin and had a weird after taste.

White Mocha:


Ingredients- 2% milk, steamed foam, 2 shots expresso, whipped cream, and 4 pumps white chocolate mocha sauce.

Review: I would give this drink a 7/10, strong vanilla taste, this drink was okay but not the best drink.

Pumpkin cream cold brew:


Ingredients- Ice, pumpkin spice topping, 2 pumps vanilla syrup.

Review: I’d rate this coffee a 2/10 it depends if you really like strong coffee, but for me this coffee did not taste like pumpkin and was way to strong.


By Maria Nunez

As exciting as having a summer job when you turn of age might sound, some have other plans for their future. One of our very own wildcats, Lynae Rincon has started a blossoming business at the age sixteen. When Rincon started her business, she only sold lip products i.e. scrubs and glosses but as her business became more profitable, she started to add more products like stickers, song glasses, keychains and many more items. However, by adding more products Rincon was now changing the course of her business which had started with the name of Luscious Lips but then changed into Lovely by Lynae. Rincon began posting TikToks and more and more began to find her page coming to love her products causing her to get orders from more than half of the nation.  Now, what only started as a local business has turned nationwide. In hopes of getting more information about her business we asked Lynae some questions.

  • What encouraged you to start your business?

    • I was set to have a job at an office this summer, but due to Covid, my plans for that fell through. Due to my very weak immune system, my parents didn’t find it well for me to look for a job someplace else for I would have to be around a lot of people and it wouldn’t be safe for me. At first their decision made me gloomy but then a friend from California gave me the idea to start selling lip scrubs. However, this idea seemed crazy at the time I talked to my boyfriend and parents about it and they had faith in me and said I could make it work. I started with $50 and ordered everything that was needed and began selling. My main goal when starting was just to make some extra cash to buy all the random things I wanted and to keep myself busy, since I was going to be stuck at home for so long. In all honestly it did extremely well since day 1 which has allowed me to expand and add products to my business! There have been times when I want to just stop but my family always reminds me that I can do all things I set my mind to, which only makes me want to work harder! My mom is my biggest supporter and I could not do any of this without her.

  • What do you see for the future of your business?

    • I have been working day and night to make sure my business keeps going and succeeds. I see myself adding lots of new products and hiring someone to help me with things. There is so many ideas in mind and I cannot wait to bring them to life. I am currently in the process of turning a back room in my house into a workspace where I can keep all my stuff. As mentioned, I plan on hiring 1 or 2 people who will be helping and working for me to sell a lot more.

  • What does it feel like to be a young business owner?

    • If I could pick any word to describe the feeling of being a business owner, it would be rewarding. Seeing the progress and growth that my business has done especially since I started at 16 it has come as a surprise to many people. Since the beginning people doubted and talked down on me considering my age but I pushed through and ignored it all so I could get to where I am now. The success of my business not only reflects on its growth but on the sales, which has now had over 1,000 sales in just 3 months and shipped to 43 states. Doing this just gives a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you have succeeded and done something so big and such a young age is very rewarding.

  • What advice would you give anyone who is starting their own business?

    • The biggest piece of advice that I have learned is to just do you no matter what others say. You are going to have friends or even family that will not support your ambitions or visions, but you must work even harder to show them that they were wrong. You need to work hard every single day and never give up. I am not going to say it is easy because it is one of the hardest things I have done, but if you push and work hard, it’ll pay off in the end.