Spring Fun
Spring is just around the corner and with the temperatures beginning to rise people are starting to look for more ideas on what to do or where to go. Especially with your friends, it’s that time of the year where the streets are full of people and enjoying the warm climate, and not all the time have things to do, well here are some fun, creative ideas:

  • Have a picnic at the park: Picnics are always fun, especially with friends, good company, and an amazing view of the sunsetting.

  • Eat outside: Go to different restaurants and explore all the wonders of food. Experiment with flavors and see if you come out with a new favorite meal and even better outside in the nice warm weather.

  • Visit the zoo: Seeing animals is always fun, animals you don’t get to see that often. Take all yourfriends and family and have a nice evening with them.

  • Plan a Spring vacation: Leaving your homeplace van sometimes be very much needed, go on aweek vacation by yourself od loved ones and watch how all stress goes away and you escape reality for a bit.

  • Go out and explore nature: Some alone time is always the best thing to get your mind andthought straight. Have some time on your own.

  • Take a hike, a run, or walk: Exercising is always a great idea and comes with many healthbenefits.

  • Garden: Plant yourself a garden at your home. Decorating your house with flowers, fruits, andvegetables, is always a fun idea.

  • Go to an art festival: Having fun while enjoying the great art the festival can offer can always be a fun experience and maybe can turn into your favorite hobby.

  • Grab your camera and go on a picture scavenger hunt: Running wild looking for great,interesting things to take pictures of and create new memories with someone while your at it.

  • Dye easter eggs: With easter around the corner you can have some fun quality family time bypainting and decorating some easter eggs.

By Autyana bollier

  • Chinese New year By: SALES

  • Wait A Minute! By: willow smith

  • Summer time sadness By: Lana Del Ray

  • Riptide By: Vance Joy

  • Rude By: magic!

  • Royals, lorde

  • Counting stars By: One Republic

  • Wake me up By: avicii

  • We are young, Fun Ft. Janelle Monae

  • Animal By: Neon Trees

Best and worst dress at the Academy Award 2022
By: Erika Hernandez 

    After two years of canceled, toned-down, or scaled-back red carpet events, the Academy Awards have returned with a bang, bringing together a host of stylish celebrities putting their most fashionable foot forward in Hollywood on Sunday night. But while the majority of guests at the Oscars that were there to impress with their outfits. However, among the fashion hits were some disastrous fails, with Kristen Stewart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and singing sisters Chloe and Halle bailey all suffering some serios style
misses. Billie Eilish led the list of worst-dressed star at the 94th Academy Awards in a voluminous black gown, which featured an enormous, ruffled tail, that made her look completely shorter than her actual size.

    For best dressed we have Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain in an extravagant, drag- queen-adjacent style in this colorful, flamboyant Gucci gown. Then Kodi Smit-McPhee in bottega Veneta in this aquamarine double-breasted custom tuxedo but we truly flipped for the gigantic footwear. It’s such a modern silhouette and boundary-pushing style without being overly flashy. True male elegance. Zendaya in Valentino she and her master stylist Law Roach made magic again by pairing the quarter-shirt with a gorgeously shimmering skirt with an enormous, dramatic flounce. It was cool and hot and modern and classic all at the same time.

The ‘secrets’ of Disney land
By Autyana Bollier

  • Pirates of the Caribbean ride used real skeletons instead of fake ones because it looked more realistic. The only skeleton in the attraction is the skull on the headboard on the bed!

  • Musical chairs do happen around 2:30 PM at the cake corner on Main Street. Hosting Alice and the mad hatter with an occasional surprise guest for a round.

  • On the mad hatters ride the lavender colored cups spin the fastest, giving you a more fun and dizzier ride.

  • Disney holds over 200 feral cats that live in the parks to keep rodents away. People are lucky enough to see them from time to time if you look out carefully.

  • Disney land has different areas that spray out perfume all through out. Each area has its own scent to get people attracted to either rides or food. Some places smells like cookies to even pumpkin around Halloween.

  • You can find hidden mickeys all throughout Disney lands and even in some movies!

  • People have thrown their loved one’s ashes in the haunted mansion

  • Security is always watching your every move

  • Sometimes workers get a little to upset with children, resulting in a kid getting chased by someone in the Pluto costume.

  • Walt Disney hired spies to spy in on guests

  • Disney runs a underground tunnel system

Senior year coming to an end
By: Aya Alsheikh

Thinking about how different life is going to be and the drastic changes that are going to happen within the next few months is almost as scary as it is exciting at the same time. Graduation is in exactly a
month; I feel extremely excited and sad at once. While spending our last days as high schoolers, I think about how I’m going to look back at this exact moment, but then, it’ll only be a memory. To me, it is
unbelievable that everything in my life will be different. After May 20th, class of 2022 will be starting a whole new chapter in our lives, a fresh start with different people and probably a different place. Although we technically only had about full 2 years of real high school experience, caused by covid, I feel like most of us are ready to move on to the next
chapter and make more memories.


Disney employees have walked out to protest the company’s failure to condemn Florida’s ‘’don’t say gay’’ bill. The employees started a week of a 15 minute daily walk out along with a day long walk out on
March 22nd. Disney star Raven-Symone also joined in on the walk out and even spoke out. Employees say that the goal is to stop Disney from donating to officials who sponsor Hateful Legislation! People say that they need to do better in representation and their diversity. Disney employees finally broke their silence and went up against Disney.

CelebreTEA with Erika Hernandez

Erika will dish on the latest celebrity gossip.

Kin Kardashian, Pete Davidson, & Kayne West


Kanye West disses Kim Kardashian for Kissing Pte Davidson in front of him on “SNL”, unlocked revelations. The rapper told Hollywood Unlocked Jason Lee that he was offended when Kim Kardashian, kissed Pete Davidson during a Saturday Night Live sketch when she hosted for the first time in October 2021. At the time, West was in the audience to support his estranged wife. Kanye said “How you gonna bring me to SNL and then kiss the dude you dating right in front of me? Although the relationship was confirmed till late November of 2021. They had only been seen together after SNL.

Actors Who Are Jerks In Real Life

According to the internet

· Charlie Sheen: one of the highest paid actors on TV, has a very high ego. His unruly behavior got him fired from several TV shows and other projects. Best known for his addiction to drugs, bad-mouth other celebrities, and even physically abuse his romantic partners.

· Reese Witherspoon: Thought to be sweet and likeable but totally different. She has an egoistic attitude and thinks the world of herself.

· Tommy Lee Jones: Seemingly grumpy roles fit this actor, maybe because he is grumpy in person. He can also come out as rude and will not care if your feelings get hurt with what he says.

· Justin Bieber: When one fan tried to snap a selfie with Justin Bieber, he told her that her lack of respect made him “sick”. He also yelled at fans for talking during a 2016 concert. We’ve always seen how controversial he is.

· Adam Levine: He one day allegedly said that he doesn’t give autographs to ugly chicks. He is not always nice to his fans.

Are you a fan of the school account on social media?

Recently we have been seeing new school Instagram accounts. Many students do not like the idea of said accounts because many are exposing and causing bullying amongst fellow classmates. Others think they are just for fun and are to have a good time. These accounts include the latest tea with the students or other accounts posting pictures of kids who “eat too much”. It all started with the first account created “Dhs caught you sleeping” after that multiple accounts were made. What do you think? Is it fun, appropriate, just for a good laugh, or harmful? We’ll leave that to you.

Rhianna and A$AP Rocky Expected Parents
Rihanna is pregnant, expecting her first baby with her current boyfriend, rapper A$AP
Rocky. Rihanna is looking forward to her new journey as a momma as well as Rocky excited to
be a dad and live this new chapter in their lives to the fullest. Rihanna in an interview with
People magazine said “Having a baby is something she was never focused on but being with
Rocky opened her up to the idea. She couldn't be happier and is so excited to be a mom," the
source says. "She's loving all the changes to her body during pregnancy and has always
celebrated pregnant women in her runway shows for Fenty.
The couple was photographed out in New York City over the weekend, where Rihanna
debuted her baby bump while wearing a long pink jacket. Her oversized outerwear was
unbuttoned at the bottom to reveal her bump adorned in a gold cross with colorful jewels. Rocky is over-the-top romantic and sends her rooms full of flowers all the time. She's never felt this way before, and this relationship has changed her

Recipes with Rhiannon

Valentine's Day Recipes
With Valentine’s Day coming around everyone may be last minute and want to get something for their
significant other, friend, or even a family member and what better way is there to express your love for
someone than making them something sweet. Some examples of cute, fun treats would be strawberry
cookies, heart shaped macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries and so much more! Today I will be
sharing two of my favorite Valentine’s Day recipes with you!
Strawberry cake mix cookies
Materials needed: parchment paper, a mixer, cookie scoop.
Ingredients: 1 box strawberry cake mix, 2 eggs, 1/3 cup melted, 1 1/5 cup white chocolate chips or
1. First preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper
2. Combine the cake mix and eggs in a medium sized bowl after mixed well add in the butter and
mix again
3. Add in your chocolate chips or m&ms and stir till combined with the mixture
4. Grab your cookie scoop and scoop the mixture onto the cookie sheet and put in oven for 8-10
5. Let them rest till cool and enjoy!


Cupid floats
Materials needed: ice cream scoop, cups, straws, ribbon
Ingredients needed: vanilla ice cream, strawberry soda, whip cream,
1. With your ice cream scoop, scoop up ice cream into your cup to your preferred liking
2. Slowly add strawberry soda
3. Add whip cream on top and add in your straw
4. Last tie the ribbon around the cup and make it cute and enjoy￿
Those are just two of many simple cute valentines’ recipes, hope you have as much fun making them as I
do and enjoy them.


Puppy Love as A Teenager

By Alyssa Carbajal

My article is going to be about true love and fake love but in other words as the title points out its
“puppy love turns into toxic love”. Its technically about real love and fake love in all in one and how it
really feels.
Puppy love is a part of an immature relationship without the long-term commitment that comes with
mature relationships. A toxic relationship is on that makes you feel unsupported, misunderstood,
demeaned, or attacked. Real love cannot happen in a toxic relationship.
Puppy love is kind of romantic love we feel as teenagers. The purpose of is on feelings usually your
own, which can change quickly without explanation. Puppy love happens when young people are newly
dating. They know very little about each other. True love is not a feeling because feelings change. All
feelings always come and go. True love is a conscious, thoughtful decision and commitment, it means that
you decide to love someone, and you stick by it. Love grows over time. A crush doesn’t have to be on a
peer or someone of similar age. When you have a crush, you are romantically fascinated or obsessed with
another person, but he or she still seems to be a seat removed from you. When you’re in love, it’s
something that can happen without you intention or consent, and its not something you can walk away
from. You’d take a bullet for him or her. Being in love with someone means you want to spend the rest of
your life with that person, and you don’t see yourself being with someone else other than that person.
When you love someone, it just means that you don’t to see anything happen to them, and that you
always want to know that person/family or friend is happy. Sometimes we are so in love we don’t see it
is all one-sided. The break-up comes swiftly and without total surprise. Real love takes time to develop
and grow and doesn’t happen overnight nor does it grow over two weeks or two months, real love takes
Some teens do struggle to move from teen relations into mature relationships. Most of their ‘’relationship
education’’ they get from friends. If you as a parent keep conversations channels open, never overreact
to the stories they tell you, it will give them the confidence to discuss the good and bad on their relations
with you. You want to be the go- to parent not the one a teen rebel against. Before you ban your teen
from staying single till they turn 40, consider having a conversation with your teen about your
expectations and rules regrading dating if your teen talk to you LISTEN. Most parents have a hard time
listening to their teens about their relationship problems. They want to jump in quickly and fix things,
driving your teen away. Your teen must feel accepted unconditionally before they will share deep feelings
with you. Make sure you create that safe space with your teens.

My Favorite Fashion Trends

By: Danielle Rodriguez
The beginning of the new year means the beginning of new fashion and with social media
such as Tiktok and Instagram we see so much more of the fashion and makeup trends. But my
newest obsession has been the ultra mini Ugg’s which is surprising because I’ve never been an
Ugg person I’m more of a doc person but the way I’ve seen the ultra mini Ugg’s styled just
makes them look so cute. Another thing I’ve been obsessed with have been wide leg pants I’m so
over the skinny jean trend that had a hold on us for years the newest trend of wide leg pants has
saved me not just metaphorically but literally. Wide leg pants are just so much more comfortable
and just better than skinny jeans especially for me because of my height skinny jeans would be
too long and I would have to roll up the bottom of my jeans which I hated but I also loved for a
period of time, but the wide leg jeans aren’t as long and they stop at the perfect length and they
look so much better with my doc’s and my converse’s which I love. All over tiktok I’ve seen the
social media girlies have such cute leather jackets from the classic black to the more fun colors
of reds and browns. My favorite fashion trends always come from New York streetstyle which is
interesting but also not because that’s all I see on Pinterest.
Speaking of Pinterest if you are having trouble with wanting to develop your style and
you have no clue what you want to wear then definitely get Pinterest it’s helped me so much and
it doesn’t just have to be used for fashion which is always nice. A new favorite fashion piece I’ve
seen all over my Pinterest is long colorful scarves and they way it just pulls together a simple
outfit to make it look more put together and it gives a cute touch to a basic outfit. The way the
leather jacket, ultra mini Ugg’s, and scarf combo has on me right now is crazy because the
combination sounds so mundane and basic, but it just looks so pleasing and aesthetic. The next

thing I’m gonna talk about is not necessarily a fashion trend but more of a makeup trend that I’ve
seen all over my Tiktok fyp and it’s the “clean” makeup look which sounds crazy but just give it
a chance. The “clean” makeup trend is basically minimal makeup, but it focuses on more on
skincare it’s essentially the no-makeup makeup look which is achieved by dewy skin; makeup
that’s strategically placed to make it look as if you’re not wearing any; fluffy, feathered brows;
and flushed cheeks. Which I absolutely love, I love the look of “model off duty” essentially, it’s
simple yet effortless. I love the recent obsession with minimal make-up it’s something that is
very neutral and goes with anything. Another favorite of mine that’s not essentially a fashion
trend but more of a beauty trend is almond shaped nails, I love almond shaped nails so much
they are just so pretty and simple. Almond shaped nails are my new favorite obsession which I’m
totally ok with because of how pretty they are especially the ones with simple designs or colors
for example a white French tipped almond nail is my new favorite thing which is crazy because
I’m usually the more just one solid color and let’s call it a day type of girly but it’s just
something about the almond shaped nails that have a hold on me. Pinterest is my holy grail when
it comes to finding inspiration for fashion/beauty trends because Pinterest has everything, and
it’s all curated to you and what you like depending on what you pin and save to your boards. So,
if you are wanting to find your newest style or need help developing your own style, I would
definitely suggest Pinterest it’s literally the best app.

                     Mental Health and Social Media

                      By Aya Alsheikh


Aside from the regular things that has effects mental health such as poverty, one of today’s
largest topics that negatively affects mental health is social media. According to an article written by McLean (Harvard medical school affiliate), 69% Adults and 81% teenagers use social media. Seeing how high the numbers of teenagers and adults that use social media platforms, from snapchat, Instagram, tiktok, Twitter, or any other platforms that hasn’t been listed, you can picture that there’s probably many negatives that are continuously spreading on these platforms.
Being on social media as teenagers and seeing everybody including celebrities living happily
causes a lot of emotional damage and it could lead to many mental health problems such as body
dysmorphia, depression, and eating disorders. What we as teenagers don’t understand is that people can easily fake everything about their lives on social media from parties, traveling and just being happy in general. Many kids are starting to get exposed to social media at a very young age. Some parents may not understand, but this could lead to severe issues with their child’s mental health in the future.
I interviewed 6 student (3 girls, 3 boys) and asked them the following questions:

  • Have you ever compared your looks to someone you’ve never met but have seen on social


  • Did you ever ask yourself “why not me” when viewing someone’s story?

  • Have you tried taking a break from social media when you were feeling down?

Unfortunately, all three girls and two of the boys answered yes to the first question. Comparing
things that are not under your control, such as your looks, causes a large effect on mental health
because you start questioning if you’re pretty enough, or skinny enough, or tall enough. You might also
start targeting one part of your looks that you start hating just because you’ve seen a celebrity that you think looks better because they don’t have that so called “flaw”.
All 3 girls and 3 boys answered yes to the second question. No matter what it is that you are
comparing to your own life, thinking that someone is having fun just because you’ve seen it on social media is not okay. I have personally faked having fun on a vacation before. I was really on a vacation, but it wasn’t as fun as I made it look. What you see on these platforms shouldn’t be trusted and you shouldn’t let it have an enormous impact on you.
2 girls and 1 boy answered yes to the last question. Many experts suggest taking a break from social media, or going “ghost”, when you feel like these platforms are having large affects on you. It is okay to deactivate your accounts when you feel low, in fact it is probably the healthiest way to deal with any type of negativity that you see online.

Virgil Abloh

By Emily Otero


Virgil Abloh was a well-known creator who inspired so many people, his death was something that impacted people who were close to him very hard. He was loved by so many people, his fans, friends, and influencers/ industry figures, they paid a tribute to Abloh on their social media accounts. Abloh had a big part in the fashion industry and made such a huge impact on how we define luxury and influencing this generation through his talent. Abloh broke “white-washed” barriers of fashion, even though how he put together outfits may not have  caught the eye of many people he inspired many artists such as, Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, and many others. Abloh was the creative director of Kanye West’s Donda, Abloh also created Off-White, which took him to the top and had a show at Paris Fashion Week debuting his seasonal men’s and women's line.

Virgil Abloh made such a huge impact on todays streetwear and luxury brands, he is such an inspiration for so many people and will always live on through his work and accomplishments and will forever be missed by all his family, friends, and fans. Even though he wasn’t the first to make streetwear look luxury he was the one who did it successfully in luxury fashion. Virgil will always be remembered and will live on even after his passing, with his great success in fashion.

Paris Fashion Week 
By Yameika Barreno-Tarin

At Paris Fashion week, Julia Fox is officially Kanye West’s Muse. After a few try’s nights out on the town,
Julia and Kanye officially made their fashion week debut in Paris on Sunday. After some nights they
hade made officially their Fashion Week debut in Paris. In the red carpet they wore debut in matching
denim outfits. Later that night, the Uncut Gems actor was spotted in a fiery red one shoulder dress and
blinding over the knee boots next to West's all-black leather outfit. For the Schiaparelli spring couture
show on Monday, West once again let Fox's corset dress shine alongside his masked look. Fox has worn
one polarizing trend after another throughout her trip to Paris, and we can only expect more from a
woman like her she is inspiring, her outfits are always on point, she always makes sure to look good and
she is always expecting the same from people. For a night out in Paris, Paris being romantic around
French people she finished her night by wearing, metallic over the knee boots from Balenciaga. The
same pair of boots Kim Kardashian was wearing over 5 years ago. As soon as the pictures dropped the
fans couldn’t wait any longer and started comparing the matching outfits. The Kenzo fashion show on
Jan. 23 marks Ye and Julia's first official event together since meeting in Miami in December. Julia calls
her new relationship ‘’redemption story," with the rapper Kanye West’s.