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Valentines Articles

gift ideas for your signicant other or friends

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to tell that special someone how you feel about them. But that leads us to another question, how do you do that? There are many different ways to express your feelings to that special someone, but if you are short on ideas and creativity, feel free to use some of these ideas and pass them on as your own.
1.) One of the first on our list may seem old-fashioned but a great way to get your feelings across is to write a heartfelt note, I think that as long as your wording is correct whoever it is to whom you dedicate this will greatly appreciate this gesture. 2.) Buying them a special gift that is special to them for a certain reason could greatly express to someone without words. This gift varies from person to person and it could be dracisticly different depending on who you giving these gifts to
3.) The best way by far in my opinion is to make a poster. Poster ideas for Valentine's Day are all over Pinterest find one that finds your personality. I think that this gesture is by far one of the best ways to express your feelings.
4.) Gift baskets. Gift baskets don’t have to be expensive and along with the gift baskets, you can add more gifts to show the special someone that you thought
I hope that some of these ideas helped you out in your search to find a way to express your feelings this valentines Day.
High Hopes and the best of luck .

Valentines date ideas
If you don’t know what to do for your significant other on valentine’s day but want to do something special for them to appreciate what they do for you I’m going to help you find the perfect date ideas. You could do a valentines day photoshoot at JCPenney their photoshoots are cute and kind cringy so it would be perfect for a couple with a really funny humor and really comfortable with each other, you could recreate a memorable date that you guys have had before or recreate your first date together to show how much that moment with them meant to you, you could also plan an indoor picnic if you don’t like to go out much, you could also do double dates with your friends, and you can make a playlist for each other to show each other what songs remind you of them to show how much you truly love them and how when they hear those songs it makes them happy because
their thinking of you, and you can also make a scrapbook of your relationship of all the special moments, dates, and even the hard times in your relationship to show how much you have grown and accomplished since those times.
Ideas from:

Feburary’s deserts
Valentine’s is not too far away so here is some desert ideas to give to your family and friends. Deserts are a great gift to give to your loved ones, and they are very quick last-minute ideas to put together. Frosted sugar cookies are so good, they’re very popular for the holidays and baking them would be easy. Triple chocolate cakes are good, especially for Valentine’s Day since it’s very sweet and perfect for people that like chocolate hearts. Sparkle sweetheart cookies are also cute if they love chocolate hearts. You just put some cookies to bake and put a chocolate heart on top as
soon as it comes out, so the chocolate doesn’t melt but stays in place. Soft Cream Cheese Cookies with Nutella Glaze are delicious! I love Nutella and cheesecake so it’s a perfect combo. White chocolate red velvet cookies, they’re tasty and put on top some melted white chocolate like a cake! Talking about cookies, strawberry and crème ones are perfect for this holiday. They’re chewy and crispy on the outer layers, they almost give off a summery vibe. Chocolate lava cakes are another one of my favorites! Especially since you can put ice cream on top.

Valentines desserts
A good dessert to make on this special day is a classic Red Velvet cake. A Red Velvet cake is much more than a vanilla cake tinted red. This recipe is ne of my favorite red velvet cake recipes. This cake is absolutely delicious moist, velvety not overly sweet. The best part its super simple to make. You only need a bowl and a whisk.
First whisk all together the dry ingredients then add the eggs, oil buttermilk and red food color. Next add boiling water to cocoa powder along with some coffee. The hot water blooms the cocoa powder and really brings out the chocolatey flavor. Fold into the batter and you are ready to bake. I recommend to top with cream cheese frosting to have the best combination without making the cake to sweet.

My Top 10 Rom-Coms That You Will Love Too
By: April Sanchez
♡ Fools rush in – A romantic comedy where opposites attract, they find themselves in a situation where they must learn how to settle their differences.
♡ How to lose a guy in 10 days – An advice columnist tries to see her limits with how fast a man can leave you in 10 days, which is a new piece she is writing. In enters
an executive who is confident in his flirting abilities he believes he can make any woman fall in love with him and he has 10 days to prove it.
♡ When Harry Met Sally – a warm, funny, and intelligent exploration of the stereotypical friendships between men and women. A story of two lost souls who
have their own beliefs in what love is but later realize they were wrong.
♡ Sleepless in Seattle – After the death of Sam Baldwin's wife, he moves to Seattle with his son, Jonah. Jonah calls a radio program to find a new wife for his father. An engaged reporter, Annie Reed, hears Sam on the radio. She is conflicted between her fiancé and Sam.
♡ About time – Tim Drake finds out that the men in his family can travel through time, He uses time travel to improve his life. when he meets Mary and wins her
heart while using time travel. Tim realizes that time travel can't fix everything.
♡ 10 Things I Hate About You – A cute teen rom-com where it all starts with a bet and the girl finds out. This isn’t like any rom com though, there is drama and amazing chemistry between the two main characters.
♡ 13 going on 30 – A teen girl who is tired of all the cliques of junior high wishes she was “30, flirty, and thriving”, well she got exactly that. She wakes up to the glamorous life she has always wanted but realizes it's not everything she thought it would be. Her best friend, Matt, isn’t her best friend anymore, even worse, he's getting married. She wishes nothing
more than to return and fix everything.
♡ My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Being an unmarried 30-year-old woman is a hard life to live, especially with a Greek family. After agreeing to work at her aunt's travel agency, she falls in love with Ian Miller. One problem, he isn’t Greek.
♡ Crazy, Stupid, Love – Cal Weaver lives the perfect life, kids, a good job, and a beautiful home. Just one problem, his wife filed for divorce. Being 40 and single, entering the dating world isn’t going to be easy, that’s where Jacob Palmer comes in. A young 20-year-old takes Cal under his wing and helps him with the ladies.
♡ Because I said so – Daphne is a loving mother to three girls, her youngest, Milly, has a history of always choosing the wrong guy. That’s when her mother decides to take matters into her own hands and places a dating ad online for Milly.

Valentine’s Day Basket Gift
A cute Valentines Day gift for your friend, significant other, family
member is a valentine's basket. It is a basket with cute things that the
receiver of the basket likes or wants. The basket does not need to be
expensive the price can vary. Remember whoever you are giving it to
loves you, so you do not need to impress them. This is a cute and
effortless way to show your love. Have fun with the basket, decorate it
however you want.
Making the basket is easy, you will need a basket oof some sort (the
basket is your choice). You will need some sort of filling whether it be
tissue paper or precut crinkle paper. Some more things you can add are
a stuffed animal, make sure it fits inside your basket. A few snacks like
candy, chips, a drink, and a few random snacks that they like. A cup is
always nice to have and there is always holiday ones, there are a few to
choose from. Add a few things they like, whether it be makeup, art
stuff, skin care, games or just anything you think they would like. Thats
a simple and cute valentines gift.

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Zodiacs as lovers

Jaylene Jaquez


an Aquarius in love is like having your best friend around all the time.

Pisces are known to be the most romantic and emotional partner of love.

Aries tend to be chasers when it comes to relationships.

Taurus like to express their love physically through art, gifts, luxury, intimacy, and food.

Geminis are responsible and very affectionate when it comes to love but lose interest quickly.

Cancers are very loving and tend to be loyal.
Leo- Leos love the idea of falling in love but are not the most loyal.

Virgos are good with love and are very committed to their relationships.

Libras are very affectionate and tend to be clingy.
Scorpio- Scorpios are occasionally lovers but tend to lose interest quickly.

Sagittarius are fun loving and loyal and will be very committed.

Capricorns will deeply fall in love fast but can also be clingy.

Internatinal Cuisine

New Year Same Me
It is a new year, yet I do not feel a need to “better me” wanting to
make a new year resolution is stupid. Just because it is a new year, I do
not need to change anything about myself. Yes, having a new year
resolution may help you but after about a month no one sticks to what
they said. Making a new year resolution is good but not something you
stick to all year. So, I say new year same me because I feel good with
I will continue to feel this way because I have never once made a
new year's resolution or tried to change something about myself each
year. The things that might change this year about me are my physical
features and how I look. I might dye my hair, get new piercings, change
my style, but my mental mind will stay the same. Some people may say
I need to change my attitude and be nicer but i mean they obviously see
that side because of something THEY did. Most people that would want
me to change are people that have messed with me and found out. That
was no one's fault but their own, so I say new year same me because I
was hardly ever the problem.

Sergio Tijerina 

Tales from Abuela's Kitchen: Exploring Hispanic Cuisine and Recipes 

Our first dish would be enchiladas verdes, and the roots of enchilada date back to the Aztec Empire. Its long history goes way back to pre-Columbian days when eating foods wrapped in a tortilla was the most popular way to eat in the Aztec Empire, particularly in the region of Mexico by the Yucatan. Enchiladas Verdes start with a homemade green enchilada sauce of roasted tomatillos, onions, and serrano chilis. Once cooked, these vegetables are blended with garlic, lime juice, cilantro, chicken stock, and a little sour cream until smooth and creamy. 

Our second dish would be Aguachile ("chile water" in Spanish), which is a Hispanic dish made of shrimp submerged in liquid seasoned with chiltepin chilies, lime juice, salt, slices of cucumber, and slices of onion. Raw vegetables such as cucumber are usually added. Aguachiles' cultural significance is the freshness and proximity of the ocean. Our third dish would be menudo; in Hispanic cuisine, Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made with cow's stomach, known as pansitas, in broth with a red chili pepper base. Hominy, lime, onions, and oregano are used to season the broth. The cultural significance of Menudo is that it is usually prepared by the entire family and often serves as an occasion for social interactions. 

Baking with Zack and Yesi 

who has helped shape your life?

Breanay Chavez
I have some people who helped me to shape my life, but the most important one is my mom. My mom has taught me to be a good person, and yeah, the regular to be responsible and all that stuff but she has taught me to believe in what I want and stand up for what I believe. She made me look at things differently and to be mature about situations. I feel like mother and daughter’s relationship especially if it’s the oldest daughter, which I am. Is the hardest thing because I feel like she is learning but at the same time I am learning too so it can be very hard when communicating about stuff because your mom can’t really help if she has never been in a situation to help. But it’s a very cherishing thing to have with your mom, growing together and finding ourselves with each other. I feel like I, myself, have helped shape my life as well. Learning from stuff by myself and progressing from the mistakes I have made. Since the eighth grade I have made poor decisions that led to horrible outcomes, but instead of letting it defeat me. I managed to get out of my bad habits and started taking in life differently. Since I’ve been changing my mindset, I realized that not many people have blessings like I do and that I should start taking advantage of living life. I am still trying to find peace with myself and it feels good to know that I have changed mentally for myself.

Leilene De Los Reyes
Someone who has shaped who I am today is no longer in my life. It happens, that the people who helped us find ourselves the most may no longer be present in your life. An ex-friend, ex-lover, and even family members can all shape who you are today. In my case, it was an ex-friend, or maybe a little more than that but it was a close bond. We were so close yet so different it helped me realize so much about myself. Although our connection didn’t continue, he showed me to follow through with my plan because my outcome would be worth it. He helped me build a stronger mentality for myself and not let people break down my walls so easily. Coming into this bond I really thought I'd get nothing out of it. He showed me the bigger picture in life. I’d always go to him with a worry that I was scared to fail that I wouldn’t reach my goal, and just so much
overthinking about my future, he would then always reply to me that I have my whole life to go. To enjoy what I’m doing now and what I have now because later in life reality will come. I just wanted it all to fast, to grow up and become who I want to be, but it will come eventually maybe not now or not here in Deming but somewhere bigger and better. He would always mention that there is more out in the world than just this small town that we live in. There is more out there than just this because “The World Is Yours”.

Kiley Ziller
Two people I can say have shaped my life into the way it is now are my father and mother. Let us start with my father. My dad has helped me become the person I am by pushing me to my limits, pushing my buttons, and messing around with me, and I can say I have benefited from that by knowing how to joke around and be
serious when needed. He has toughened me up a whole lot and I thank him because being in high school is stressful at times and people will tend to disrespect you and being tough helps it not get to you. I can say my mom has helped me by supporting me, comforting me and such she is the person you could cry or complain to. My mom has been there through all my tough times,
and I highly appreciate it. My parents, even though they are not together, they are my role models. They work together and put their past behind them to put me and my siblings first no matter what.

Ivette gonzalez
someone who helped shape my life would have to be my mom because of the stuff she had to sacrifice to give us the stuff that we wanted and needed being a single mom and going back to school with 5 kids can really have a big effect on someone’s life and lifestyle and I couldn’t thank her enough for the sacrifices. One of my favorite childhood memories would have to be when I went to Knott’s Berry Farm with my family, and we just had a fun day riding roller coasters getting wet, and eating all the good food from there. What I’m mostly looking forward to after I graduate high school is to start working before I go to college because I plan on saving money for little things that I’m going to need or want while in college because I plan on majoring in an ultrasound technician or to be a lawyer.

Isabel Jimenez
My mom has helped me shape my life. Some people don’t have a mom that they could look up to and I am very thankful I do. I think I act exactly like my mom; we say the same things and do things
the same way, and that is all because I've learned everything from her. I feel comfortable telling my mom anything. I think that’s how she influenced me. I tell my mom almost everything and she always
helps me through it and makes me feel better about myself. Me and my mom love to watch movies together. My mom doesn’t like to go out and watch movies so we have to wait like 2 weeks so we can
rent it. We also like to go shopping; my dad always gets mad at us because he says we always get stuff we don’t need. Me and my mom always buy stuff that’s useful, sometimes. It is so funny because my mom always says that we watched each other grow up because she had me at a young age. My mom was never alone in raising me, my grandma was always there to help her when she needed it, so I am also very close to my grandma as well. People have always told me that me and my mom look alike but I don’t really see it. My mom thinks the only reason I don’t think we look the same is because we don’t have the same hair, but I just don’t think we look the same
at all. Another thing that is really funny is that my mom thinks we look alike but I don’t and I think we have the same attitude but she doesn’t.

What Are You Most Looking Forward to After
High School?

Brittany Smith
After High School I just want to focus on money and being able to
build my cars. I’m getting my Second car soon I hope, and it’ll be a
1990 Nissan s13 240x. I don’t want boring cars, so I need money to be able to modify my car and work on it when needed. I want to have multiple sports cars and not just one. So, when I graduate, I’m going to make sure I keep a steady paycheck and I’m going to make sure I have a house and everything else needed before I start with my car. I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my car engine wise, but I know how I want it to look. I must do well in high school so I can have enough money for everything I want to do. My car is going to be black and it’s going to have a black and purple interior. Black will be the main color, but purple will be the accent color. I know that I’m actually getting this car soon but I can’t get a job yet so I cant work on it. I cant wait to get more cars to work on but my cars will be the main thing stealing my paycheck.

Ryan Mohammad
When I graduate High School, I want to go to college to study, and become a teacher. I’ve never thought about being a teacher when I
was younger, but many friends say that I would make a good teacher. If I do end up studying to become a teacher, I’d for sure
become a math teacher. I’ve heard that it’s hard teaching and not everyone enjoys it, but I think I can be a fun teacher and good at
teaching it. Math is my favorite subject so I’m for sure going to make that class fun.

Zachary Andujo
I think what I’m excited about after high school and when I graduate is finally starting life. Like getting a job or getting my own place is what I’m really excited about. Hopefully my lovely girlfriend will be there by my side. But whether I decide to go to college I look forward to what’s next. Now it may sound bad, but I really look forward to being able to walk into a casino without being harassed to step away from the machine and play. But I’m more scared than excited, times moved so fast and I’m already going to be done with high school and soon move away from my home and my parents. It’s scary and I always thought I had more time, but it’s all gone by so fast and now I’m going to be an adult. Life offers so much happiness, but it all depends on where you find it. It can also offer pain like debt and worrying if you’re going to end up on the streets. Because there are so many stories of people living in a good house in their 20’s and in their 30’s or 40’s, they’re homeless
with nothing to their name and in some cases. It’s all because you lose your license or I.D. It’s a dark note to end on but I’m excited none the less for life and its challenges, Hopefully I can start a business and it takes off and I can live comfortably for the rest of my life.

McKenzie Trejo
have now approached my last four years of school, and now I am thinking of what is beyond my high school years. As I approach the end of an era in my life I am brought up with the question, what are you looking forward to the most after high school? The question may seem like an easy question, but it raises so many more questions. Questions such as, what are you going to do in your life? Who do you strive to be? Do you know what career path you want to take? But we won’t get into detail about that let’s focus on our main question, what are you looking forward to the most after high school? The One thing I am looking forward to after high school is trying out for college softball. It may seem like a long shot to some, but I want to try and succeed at something that makes me happy to be doing.
After college:
College isn’t forever what about after college, after softball? What then? Hoping to graduate college with the required degrees, I want to go on to become a biologist and I think I am very much looking forward to that. Becoming a biologist in the field of somewhere along the lines of studying a certain type of animal I hope that it can take me to incredible places where I can meet incredible people who are just as passionate about their work as I would be. Being a biologist would mean that the outdoors would be my office, I wouldn’t have to be in an office space that confines me in one room, I would be able to go study nature and be able to be where I love.

Ivette gonzalez
someone who helped shape my life would have to be my mom because of the stuff she had to sacrifice to give us the stuff that we wanted and needed being a single mom and going back to school with 5 kids can really have a big effect on someone’s life and lifestyle and I couldn’t thank her enough for the sacrifices. One of my favorite childhood memories would have to be when I went to Knott’s Berry Farm with my family, and we just had a fun day riding roller coasters getting wet, and eating all the good food from there. What I’m mostly looking forward to after I graduate high school is to start working before I go to college because I plan on saving money for little things that I’m going to need or want while in college because I plan on majoring in an ultrasound technician or to be a lawyer.

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