Deming High School Art Department held its yearly student art show at the Deming Arts Center. This year featured a new style of art based on the new Digital Media Course, taught by Ms. Gomez. 

Ms. Gomez has a professional and educational background in Fine Art and Photography. She hopes to modernize the Deming High School Art Department. She offers a new medium for students to highlight their artistic talents. 

Student Art Show

Featured Artist

Monique Perez

"I am a Junior and I really like to do portrait artwork. I would love to continue working in art after high school."

Monique's art teacher, Jesse Kriegel commented that "Monique is very talented. She works primarily in colored pencil and graphite. She is developing as an artist and beginning to branch out using different mediums.Her work has caught the eye of local community members and she has been commissioned to create several pieces."

Featured Artist

I’m Chris Clyde. I do art of many forms. I’m an illustrator, a designer and a writer, dabbling in photography and filmmaking.


Outer-space, minimal aesthetics and the surreal are all fascinations of mine. Whether it’s a monochrome drawing of something bizarre, or a vibrant photograph of something ordinary, they’ll often reflect one of the three.

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Guadalupe ART 2 street view

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