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Weekly NFL Updates With Gavin Grattan

This Week in the NFL
Week 7
Gavin Grattan
Injury Report
Frank Clark is out on a suspension for 2 games, he violated the substance abuse policy.
JC Jackson is going to be out for the season with a ruptured patellar tendon.
Mike Williams is out for a few weeks with a high ankle sprain.
Jets rookie RB Breece Hall (ACL) and LG Alijah Vera-Tucker (Triceps) are out for the season.
49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk underwent finger surgery and is expected to miss a few weeks.
49ers WR Deebo Samuel is day-to-day with a hamstring injury.
Bengals star receiver Ja’Marr Chase is likely to be put on injury reserve with a hip injury.
Transaction Report
Colts QB Matt Ryan is going to be bench for backup QB Sam Ehlinger.
Eagles traded for DE Robert Quinn.
Chiefs traded for WR Kadarious Toney.
Cowboys traded for DT Jonathan Hankins.
Jets traded for RB James Robinson.
49ers traded for RB Christian McCaffrey.
Award Standings
MVP: Josh Allen
OPOTY: Josh Jacobs
DPOTY: Micah Parsons
OROTY: Dameon Pierce
DROTY: Sauce Gardner
CPOTY: Saquon Barkley
COTY: Brian Daboll

Game Predictions
Ravens beat the Buccaneers
Jaguars beat the Broncos
Cardinals beat the Vikings
Dolphins beat the Lions
Cowboys beat the Bears
Raiders beat the Saints
Falcons beat the Panthers
Patriots beat the Jets
Eagles beat the Steelers
Texans beat the Titans
Seahawks beat the Giants
49ers beat the Rams
Colts beat the Commanders
Bills beat the Cardinals
Bengals beat the Browns
Game of the Week
This week’s game of the week is the Steelers who went up against the Dolphins. This game was not a
high-flying exciting game, but it was something important. It was the return of Dolphins QB Tua
Tagovailoa after his major concussion that changed the protocol. This game began with a Tua
touchdown, he threw an 8-yard pass to RB Raheem Mostert. The Dolphins continued their run with 2
more field goals in the first. Once the second quarter started, so did the Steelers. The Steelers went on
and score 10 points, 7 of them with a George Pickens touchdown and the rest with a Boswell field goal.
The Dolphins did respond with a field goal to end the half. This game was 16-10 by halftime and it was
also 16-10 to end the game. The Dolphins won the game in the first half and with this Tua made a full
recovery in this bounce back game.
Game Results
Cardinals beat the Saints on prime-time football, 42-34.
Ravens win a close game against the Browns, 23-20.
Bengals blow out an injury riddled Falcons, 35-17.

Cowboys beat the Lions in Dak’s return, 24-6.
Commanders upset the Packers, 23-21.
Panthers win with the new biggest upset of the year, Buccaneers lose 3-21.
Giants win by inches against the Jaguars, 23-17.
Titans beat the Colts in a division fight, 19-10.
Josh Jacobs and the Raiders run over the Texans; Raiders win 38-20.
Jets best the Broncos, 16-9.
Seahawks continue their great season with a win over the Chargers, 37-23.
Chiefs destroy the 49ers, 44-23.
Patriots throw 2 interceptions in a loss to the Bears, 33-14

Weekly MLB Updates With Anthony Bennett

This week in the MLB 10/21/22-10/28/22

Heading into this week the World Series is starting. The teams that are in the World Series are the
Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston Astros. The Phillies won the first game of the series with the
winning score being 6-5 it was a pretty even game and it could’ve went either way. The pitchers who are
Aaron Nola for the Phillies and Justin Verlander had a very similar games with Aaron Nola playing a little
better than Justin and they are both pretty good pitchers.
The Second game of the World Series the Houston Astros won the game with the final score being 5-2.
This game was pretty one sided with the Astros having a much better game than last. The dominated
the Phillies and if they keep playing like this I will be a hard series for the Phillies if they don’t pick it up.

By Adam DeCrescente

Football is a very fun sport to watch, and the NFL is the biggest way to watch pro football. There is
college football which is entertaining to many people to watch and root for. Betting on sports football is
one of the bets on sports in America. Football is a very physical sport. Football is very fun to play Aswell.
Football is very fun and a very active sport. This Sport can lead to breaks, sprains etc. The game has
many positions. Some of the positions are linebacker the linebacker is a linebacker being the leader of
the defense and hides the responsibility of calling defensive plays while providing cover for the
defensive backfield, blocking passes and reading the movement of the opposing offense with
extraordinarily sharp instincts, among other things.
Another position on the field is the quarterback. The quarterback is the leader of the offense and is
often responsible for calling the play in the huddle. The quarterback also touches the ball on almost
every offensive play and is almost always the offensive player that throws forward passes.
A recent prospect in the NFL is Patrick Mahomes. He plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. His number being
15. Patrick Mahomes is only 27 years old. The goat is still Tom Brady in many fans' eyes. He did lead the
patriots to Superbowl 7 times.
Football is a very dangerous sport, and it takes dedicating yourself. The sport has a lot of running to
make touchdowns and passes. The NFL is constantly being watched and viewed by millions. The NFL sits
at $132billion.
The NFL is super crazy having highlights left and right like Odell Beckham JR with the one hand catch. A
lot of people love to watch them. Betting on these games is a huge thing that many people do. You can
make serious money off these games.
It's not a men's only game the NFL is but the fans are women too. The women fans watch bet I don’t
think as hard as men though.