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DHS Spotlight

Teacher and student highlights

Senior Class Interview – Cesar Ramirez (Class President)
Your class is very special in that you guys won the float for the three years you participated, why do you think that is?
Our class has always been very creative and during our meetings, everyone has always had an input of ideas. Everyone has been willing to participate and put in the effort. We have always been a community and that shows in our float and our class spirit in general. Graduation is 3 months away, you were elected as the leader for your classes’ final year of school together, why do you think your class elected you for this position?

I feel that I’m very vocal and able to speak for the class as a whole, some people have felt that they
don’t belong or that they don’t have a voice and I try to be able to give them one. I also feel like I am a very hands-on person, I like to lead by example.
How do you feel your last year together as a class has been going?
Honestly, our senior year hasn’t gone as planned. We started off strong with homecoming week but I can see a division within our class. I think this because people want their senior year to be what’s best for themselves as opposed to what’s best for everybody. People have been letting their pride get in the way and that’s what has kept us from having the senior year that we planned.

This is my 6th year working at the High School. I have always loved history, especially when I was in college taking classes that went into specific parts in history. History is just one of those classes that is a core subject but feels like a fun elective. I went to Deming High school! I graduated in 2011! I am from a family of teachers; my childhood was spent in classrooms and school yards, so I feel like it is in my blood. I knew I wanted to stay in Deming to teach history and I was lucky that there was an opening since back then it was difficult to find a teaching position for history. I love teaching history! Teaching a diverse group of students, attending school games, participating in spirit weeks, and enjoying my summers is what I love about being a teacher. I get inspiration when students gain a better understanding of a new topic by the end of each class. I really enjoy when the students learn something new, it means I am doing something right.

Mrs. Odell - History Department


Teacher Spotlight 
Mr. Escareno


About Him:
Mr. Escareno attended Highschool in Deming NM he lived here for all his life and graduated in 2004, Mr. Escareno was a part of many activities for the school such as soccer, Mesa, Spanish club, Honors society, National History and Chess club. Once Mr. Escareno graduated high school , he was considering a career with science being that his favorite subject throughout high school was science. He has been teaching for Deming Highschool for 6 years going on 7.
Goals- His goal is to get students to be interested in science and he hopes to encourage his students to explore and be curious when it comes to science and what it has to offer. He also hopes to get a science club afterschool.
First Year at Deming High School- His first year at Deming high
school he was teaching math saying it was completely different he waited until an opening in the science department saying that his experience being a math teacher was a lot more challenging and interesting and was thankful for the experience but also thankful that he only did it for a year. He was transferred his second year of teaching to science and was excited to start the new journey
Achievements- Out of many achievements Mr. Escareno has received throughout his life his most outstanding and unique achievements as a young student was being a scholar for UNM, while also Publishing a scientific paper, and being a Student contributor for USMLE first aid
Thank you to Mr. Escareno for motivating students and continuingto encourage students to go above and beyond we are lucky to have such an outstanding teacher here at Deming Highschool


Ms. Lucy Ramirez
Student Council Sponsor


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Teacher Spotlight
Mr. Fox


 I went to NMSU and graduated in 2019 with my bachelor's in history. I plan to get my PhD in Classical History one day and be a professor. I grew up in Mimbres NM and went to Cobre High. I currently teach New Mexico History. I enjoy traveling, working out, reading history, and playing video games. I plan to visit all seven wonders of the world and I will be traveling to Peru this December!

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