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Five Tips before Graduation

By Kaitlyn Warczinski


  1. Keep up with schoolwork

We all know you want to have fun and enjoy graduation day, but make sure you are still doing your schoolwork and keeping your grades up.


  1. Get your senior pictures

Senior pictures are special and are for your family and friends to frame to remember your graduation day. They are not just for the yearbook.


  1. Send announcements

You will want to order invitations in advance before your graduation day. It is to let everyone know about your big day yay!


  1. Plan for the future

Even know it feels like high school is going to last forever senior year will be over before you know it and you will need to plan for graduation. This means planning for college, workforce, or traveling the world. If you’re going to college make sure to fill out FASFA or apply for scholarships.


  1. Plan your graduation party!

Whether it be a big party, or a small gathering make sure to plan in advance. A lot of people tend to plan ahead for graduation celebrations around the same time. For getting dinner after graduation make sure to reserve a restaurant because its going to be really busy.

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