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The Broadcaster has been an integral part of Deming High School dating back to 1917. According to archived issues by Mr. Kenneth Leupold, former DHS teacher and advisor to the Broadcaster, it was a student newspaper that highlighted local activities and events. As we celebrate the 105 year anniversary of the Broadcaster, we will modernize this medium in the digital era as an online magazine. Gone are the days of digging in your backpack for a quarter to check out the latest Did You Know… and Horoscope.


We will continue many of the traditions and articles that date back to the early issues. The creative writing and poetry section will pay tribute to the Wildcat publication, The Sunburst. The Sunburst was a journal dedicated entirely to poetry, creative writing, and short stories.


We will also strive to stay up to date on the latest school news, events, and trends. Our main goal is to remain a platform for students to exhibit artwork, photography, music, and comment on current events.


We have great ideas planned for the issues ahead, but we need your input. The Broadcaster is a class, but we also welcome contributions from all students.  We are looking for enthusiastic and committed students to join our team. What articles are you interested in reading or writing?


Whatever your interest, you can be a member of the Broadcaster crew. You can email us at

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By Danielle Rodriguez


Our Final Moments.

As the seasons change from winter to spring, we too can feel the seasons of our lives also changing for some the changes will be as simple as transitioning from a freshman to a sophomore, a sophomore to junior, or a junior to senior. But for the Seniors it won’t as easy as transitioning to the next grade level we are each closing out our chapter of our high school
careers and preparing for the future, we will soon walk the stage and be off on different endeavors that life brings. We learned many lessons some more than others, made friends and lost them, we shared laughs and memories that we carried with us for the past four years and we will continue to carry them with us for many years after. When we look back on our high school
lives we’ll remember the prep rally’s, the bonfires, and of course the football games but another thing we will remember is the way we each came together to form the class of 2022. As a proud member of the class of 2022, I’m proud of us and how far each of us has come we each had different struggles and obstacles to overcome, and we did some easier than others. I hope to look
back on my senior year with fond memories and a sense of fulfillment as many of us wish to, but some will look back with regret and sorrow that “we weren’t more involved” or with “how short our time was”. We still have many milestones to complete before senior year is officially over like prom and graduation but until then we need to cherish our final moments with one another. As for the underclassmen cherish the moments you still have these moments may not be your last, but they are just the beginning. You each will have a time where you look back on your freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior year and think about how fast time moves on one
moment you are entering the doors for the first time and the next moment you are walking the stage at graduation. Don’t take advantage of the time you have and make the memories you want to remember like making new friends, learning a few lessons along the way, and sharing a laugh with your fellow classmates. Put faith in how things will turn out some for the better but some for the worst life will throw you constant curve balls but it’s up to you how to handle them. You will face many obstacles and challenges during your high school careers but each one of you will overcome them and some of you easier than others. We each will face the season of change and
we will each handle them differently some better than others but one thing we will all have in common is being able to overcome them in one way or another. We will learn how to swap out our sweaters and beanies for our T-Shirts and shorts as the springtime brings a new season to each of our lives. The Deming Wildcats are resilient I believe we are, and I believe we will
overcome the challenges we may face as we are the “Mighty Wildcats”.



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