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Joaquin Kriegel

I am a sophomore student at Deming High School. I am a member of art club, the golf team, 4-H and the current Editor of the Broadcaster. I am also an active sophomore class member. I enjoy photography, video games, making music/movies and taking loooonnng naps. I became more interested in photography when I took Ms. Gomez's Digital Media class. I was able to take many of my photos with a vintage DuaFlex camera. My photos were featured in the Deming Art Center in the Student Art Show. I recently won a Best of Division ribbon and a Grand Champion ribbon for my photography at the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Best in Division at the Southwest New Mexico State Fair.

When I graduate from high school, I hope to major in Film/Music Production.

Check out my YouTube page and photography 


Instagram - joaquin_kriegel


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Kamryn Zachek

Hi! My name is Kamryn Zachek and I am a 17 year old senior at DHS. I’m super honored to be featured in this edition of the broadcaster! I really hope you enjoy my art. Not many people know that art is one of my favorite pastimes, so I am really stepping out of my comfort zone by putting my work out there. You may recognize me from other activities such as volleyball, 4-H, or NHS, all of which I love to participate in. I have always enjoyed many different mediums of art, but the last couple of years I have really tried to focus on painting and become a better artist all around. During this time I have been stuck at home especially art has helped me pass the time and keep my mind at ease. I definitely suggest you try art as an outlet for stress and anxiety during these uncertain times, you might even discover a hidden talent! Lastly, a few quick facts about me is I have a soft spot for my pets (Ginger is the super cute old lady dog in that picture with me), I’m a total horror movie fanatic, and my favorite holiday is Halloween! I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and I hope to see all my classmates again soon once it’s safe to go back to school.


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