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Emma Dix

Wavy 3D Net_edited.png
Wavy 3D Net_edited.png

I am senior and a new student here at DHS. I moved here from Florida at the beginning of the school year and I'm so grateful for how welcoming everyone has been and for the opportunity to use all of the cool equipment that this school has to offer. I have always loved photography and art, even at my last school, I was part of photography club, art club, and yearbook. I currently am the social media manager for the Broadcaster and a member of media club. I mostly did portrait photography but after my study abroad year I became interested in travel photography and documenting what I see.

Instagram- emmadxx

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Wavy 3D Net_edited.png
Wavy 3D Net_edited.png

Joaquin Kriegel

I am a senior student at Deming High School. I am a member of art club, and an award winning movie director. I was previously editor of the Broadcaster. I am also an active senior class member. I enjoy photography, video games, making music/movies and taking loooonnng naps. I became more interested in photography when I took Ms. Gomez's Digital Media class. I was lucky to be given the opportunity to make a movie for a movie festival and I won audience choice award, which meant that people from around the world voted on my movie. I was also able to take many of my photos with a vintage DuaFlex camera. My photos were featured in the Deming Art Center in the Student Art Show. I won a Best of Division ribbon and a Grand Champion ribbon for my photography at the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Best in Division at the Southwest New Mexico State Fair.

When I graduate from high school, I hope to major in Film/Music Production.

Check out my YouTube page and photography 


Instagram - joaquin_kriegel


Itza Guzman

Wavy 3D Net
Wavy 3D Net

Hello my name is Itza Guzman, I am a senior, the president of media club,  production manger and editor of the Deming broadcaster. I helped film an award winning short film last year. I designed the poster for Deuce as well. This year I will be filming a documentary with the vice president of media club Armando Pacheco. I like taking pictures because it helps take my mind off things. I like hanging out with my family and friends. 


Check out some of my photography below!