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Luna Robledo

Hello, my name is Luna Robledo, I am a Junior at Deming High School, and I am currently a member of the art club. I am truly amazed that I am a part of this Broadcaster and that I have been chosen among other talented people at school. So, I hope you like these drawings I created with my own hands and time in each one of them. Some things that I like apart of drawing is listened to music, especially the different types of Lo-fi, read fiction books, watch speed paints (digital / traditional), the starry night sky, and be in home, especially my room. The materials that I use the most today are watercolors, colored pencils, markers and although I rarely use pencil. Also, many people have different types of inspirations for drawing, mine is the music that inspires me with new ideas or scenarios, and I also inspire many other cartoonists who encourage me to continue practicing this beautiful art. Really drawing is something that I have always liked and admired because it is like opening a window to the imagination and creativity of people where one can create what one wants without limits, it is something where people put all their dedication and heart to draw something unique before our eyes. So that the person who reads this I invite you to draw and discover that talent that can be hidden in you, create, practice, stain your hands, make a mistake to learn, destroy it and erase it to be able to start again for something much better.

Joaquin Kriegel

I am a sophomore student at Deming High School. I am a member of art club, the golf team, 4-H and the current Editor of the Broadcaster. I am also an active sophomore class member. I enjoy photography, video games, making music/movies and taking loooonnng naps. I became more interested in photography when I took Ms. Gomez's Digital Media class. I was able to take many of my photos with a vintage DuaFlex camera. My photos were featured in the Deming Art Center in the Student Art Show. I recently won a Best of Division ribbon and a Grand Champion ribbon for my photography at the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Best in Division at the Southwest New Mexico State Fair.

When I graduate from high school, I hope to major in Film/Music Production.

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Instagram - joaquin_kriegel


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Kamryn Zachek

Hi! My name is Kamryn Zachek and I am a 17 year old senior at DHS. I’m super honored to be featured in this edition of the broadcaster! I really hope you enjoy my art. Not many people know that art is one of my favorite pastimes, so I am really stepping out of my comfort zone by putting my work out there. You may recognize me from other activities such as volleyball, 4-H, or NHS, all of which I love to participate in. I have always enjoyed many different mediums of art, but the last couple of years I have really tried to focus on painting and become a better artist all around. During this time I have been stuck at home especially art has helped me pass the time and keep my mind at ease. I definitely suggest you try art as an outlet for stress and anxiety during these uncertain times, you might even discover a hidden talent! Lastly, a few quick facts about me is I have a soft spot for my pets (Ginger is the super cute old lady dog in that picture with me), I’m a total horror movie fanatic, and my favorite holiday is Halloween! I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and I hope to see all my classmates again soon once it’s safe to go back to school.


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