The broadcastHER section aims to provide a feministic point of view on social and political issues. To be a feminist is not to think women are better, but rather an attempt to transcend from stereotypical gender roles. Intersectional Feminism accepts and fights for other social issues such as people of color and the LGBTQIA community. We must "lift as we climb", as explained by Angela Davis.

by Autyana B.

Kesha was raped by her producer Dr. Luke at Nicky Hiltons birthday party in 2005 and has sued Dr. Luke in 2014 and wanted to get out of the contract she had with him. But in 2016 her request was denied by the judge saying that Kesha should have known what was going to happen to her that day. Turned out that the judges husband worked for Dr. Luke's company, and no one did anything about it. Sometime later Dr. Luke posted a picture of Kesha sleeping on twitter and later deleted it. Kesha is still stuck in a contract with Dr. Luke, and she is still currently in a legal battle with him even though she has been fighting in court with him for 8 years.

Artist that supports or worked With Dr. Luke:
Kim Petra's worked with him and has defended him multiple times
Doja cat worked with him on planet her and he took the credit for producing it where 0% of it was Doja

Artist that have supported Kesha:
Taylor swift donated 250,000 to help Kesha's legal bills
Jack Antonoff and Zedd offered to produce for her
Adele gave Kesha a shout out during her Brit awards speech
Lady gaga personally met Kesha and used her socials media again to show support
Hasley also gave Kesha a shout out during her concert, while performing “Hold me down’’
Kelly Clarkson showed some support to Kesha by talking about her experience working with Dr. Luke in a
radio interview and how they black mailed her



Don’t say gay bill
By: Autyana Bollier
Information and Opinion

The don’t say gay bill is officially called the parents right to education bill. This bill banned discussion of sexuality and gender identity in school classrooms which queer advocates said it’ll erase queer history culture and its students. Joe Harding said that the bill is about defending the most awesome responsibility ability a person can have being a parent. The Bill is blocking teachers from talking about queer topics because it wasn’t seen as ‘’Age Appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.’’ This bill will have schools out students within six weeks. They will have to inform parents of their child’s sexual orientation and put a deadline on how soon they would have to tell the family. The amendment does not specify how this will affect the student and if they would be protected. The bill has found it possible for the child to experience abuse, neglect, or abandonment when their LGBTQ status has been given to the family. Many LGBTQ advocates have shown their voices and how much they support the LGBTQ kids who are affected by this bill.

This bill is not about parental rights. Is not about maintaining a safe educational environment. Is not about limiting sexual health education and is not about having kids focus on their education.
This bill is indeed homophobic and transphobic, bigoted, and discriminatory. People say that kids become apart of the LGBTQ community by simply being around its topic and are being negatively
influenced by it and that’s completely wrong Raise your voice for what’s right.

The History Changing Supreme Court Nominee
Information and Opinion
By: Danielle Rodriguez

Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson made history on February 25th, 2022, when President Joe Biden nominated the first black women to the Supreme Court, Kentaji will replace Justice
Stephan Beyer who had announced his retirement. Kentaji Brown Jackson was Justice Stephen Beyers law clerk she learned from him how critical it is for a Supreme Court Justice to reach out to the public and speak to a common understanding of the Constitution. If nominated she will be the first former public defender to serve on the Supreme Court. Kentaji is making history with just a nomination but imagine what she can do as a Supreme Court Justice. She has an extensive background in law she graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law she was a federal judge for over a decade, the formal vice chair of the US sentencing commission, an attorney in private practice, and a formal public defender Kentaji Brown Jackson is well qualified for this position and will continue to make history once she is nominated onto the Supreme Court.
Kentaji will make history as the first black women to be nominated on to the Supreme Court, but she won’t be the last. As time’s are changing for the better women will hold important jobs just as much as men. Joe Biden nominating Kentaji Brown Jackson is a step in the right direction and it shows with how well Kentaji carries herself and how she is passionate about her career I hope we see Kentaji Brown Jackson nominated on the Supreme Court later on this year.

Women's History Month 
By: Danielle Rodriguez 

March is when we celebrate the many amazing contributions that women have made and continue to make. Every year we celebrate Women’s History Month but every year we fail to include all women which is heartbreaking because every woman deserves to celebrate and to feel celebrated during Women’s History Month. “Feminist AF: A Guide to Crushing Girlhood” by Brittney Cooper, Chanel Craft Tanner, and Susana Morris has brought me insight on topics I thought I was well familiar with but the more I read the more I learned how feminism can be alienating to many women of color, black, brown, and indigenous women. When we think of Women’s History Month, we think of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who helped bring awareness to women’s rights in Seneca Falls, New York and yes, these women are important for the women’s rights movements, but we don’t here about Maria Stewart who was a women’s right activist and fought to end slavery she became a teacher, journalist, lecturer, and abolitionist. This Women’s History Month the theme is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope” which is a node to the frontline workers and caregivers but it’s also honoring the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history. Hopefully this Women’s History Month you take away the theme for the better because all women need support and need to be recognized for there brilliant contributions to history so provide healing and promote hope this March for all the women especially for those who can’t.

Normalizing Periods
By: Danielle Rodriguez 

   With the recent controversy over “Turning Red” I think we should discuss how periods are still talked about in whispers and how it’s kept taboo. With “Turning Red” being the first Disney/Pixar movie that shows menstrual products and to have an underlining theme of puberty I think it’s an important time to talk about how periods shouldn’t be kept hush hush. If you didn’t know there is more than 5,000 words or euphemisms for the word periods and that is fascinating but also infuriating because we can’t even say the word periods without it being a problem. Many of you probably call your time of the month variously different names such as Aunt Flo, shark week, the red sea, that time of the month and the list continues but why don’t we call it what it is a period.

   From a young age depending on when we are “blessed” with our menstrual cycle we call it anything other than periods before we even know what a period is we know the many different names for it. So why is it that us women are ashamed of saying the factual term for menstruation which points me in the direction of society anything that has to do with a women’s bodily fluid is frowned upon or is kept taboo. Which frustrating because many young girls don’t get the talk about puberty and how that affects them for some, they don’t even know what a period is until they get it. If we normalize puberty and periods, then we can help so many young girls and boys understand what goes on during puberty. It’s easier said than done trying to normalize periods because many think that we shouldn’t talk about it freely, but we need to in order to not fail the newer generation. We need to show younger girls and women that menstruation shouldn’t be shameful.

   Being able to talk about periods freely shows young girls and women that periods aren’t something to be embarrassed about or even feel shame for having a period. Talking openly about periods creates a more gender-equal society it breaks the stigma of periods. Some steps to  destigmatize the way periods are talked about would be have open conversations, give an overview of how menstruation products work, don’t exclude boys and men from the conversation by doing this we can be better for the next generation.

Why “Turing Red” Shouldn’t Be So Controversial
By: Danielle Rodriguez

   When I first watched the newest Disney/Pixar movie “Turning Red” I thought it was about a girl turning into a red panda and nothing more but as the movie gained popularity many
people took to the internet to point out that it was actually a metaphor for going through puberty but more specifically about periods and how teen girls adjust into womanhood. But the problem isn’t about teaching kids about puberty it’s about how many parents complained that its “sexualizing” the teenage character’s but that is not the case if you find something sexual about teen girls expressing themselves then there’s a major problem. Teen girls can’t express themselves without them getting sexualized, but this movie does nothing but bring light to how teenage girls feel during puberty and having to deal with life changing. The film perfectly portrayed growing pains and how difficult that they can be when growing up.

   Personally, I loved the film and the way we actually see menstrual products in the film which is a big “traditional” breakthrough for normalizing menstruation in a Disney/Pixar film, but another step forward is that this is the first film written and produced by women which isn’t surprising if you’ve seen the movie. But “Turing Red” isn’t just about puberty it’s about
discovering oneself and who you are in the world without your parents influence and we see Mei-Mei struggle with this as she is a big people-pleaser and doesn’t want to disappoint her
mother. Mei-Mei is the stereotypical Asian character that has good grades and does what is expected of her, but we see Mei-Mei struggle with keeping up her “double” life as she obeys and pleases her mother by doing everything, she is asked but on the other hand we see her be her true self with her girlfriends Miriam, Abby, and Priya. We see that Mei-Mei feels as if she is safe with her friends enough to be her true self and allows her friends to be the reason, she can find peace with her red panda metaphorically and literally.

   Throughout the film we see Mei-Mei and Ming’s relationship shift with each other as a new conflict arises. On one hand Ming wants what’s best for her daughter but it’s also restricting
towards Mei which can be harmful for her future self. Ming doesn’t have a great relationship with her mother as we see later on in the film and how the conflict connects with Mei-Mei as Ming projects insecurities and how she doesn’t want to “lose” her daughter. Which is an important lesson to talk about when children are growing up because it feels alienating on the
way we push away our parent’s while growing into ourselves and parents probably feel just as bad when we grow apart from them. We see Mei- Mei tackle generational trauma when she
decides to keep her panda despite her family’s views on what’s “best” for her. Another thing that I thought was something that was crucial to the storytelling was that in the end of it all Ming
apologizes it shows that Ming is ready to consider how blind she has been towards Mei-Mei and how unfair she’s been. Which shows the more unrealistic part in a Disney/Pixar movie is that the conflict is resolved with a simple apology because we know in real life It wouldn’t be that way and wouldn’t be magically fixed.

   The thing I love the most about “Turning Red” is that it is written and produced by women which is also so exciting because it accurately shows how teenage girls act while also
being just a regular Disney/ Pixar movie without the hidden meanings. I loved the way that Disney/Pixar is breaking the traditional mold and breaking off with there newer movies. Turing Red is an essential film that we need for the younger and older generation it’s shows things we need to normalize such as growing up, periods, distancing, and not having to be perfect all the time. Turing Red also shows a diverse friend group and background characters which is just nice 
to see representation on screen and I just loved the fact that It’s the first time the studio has put such female-focused issues in the spotlight, and it also happens to be its most diverse film, yet which is amazing. I loved the fact that it took place in the early 2000’s and you can definitely tell from the way they include the boyband obsession and Mei-Mei’s Tamagotchi. But you can also tell from the various pop culture references such as the band aid we see on Tyler’s face a homage to Nelly. But the thing that made the film so enjoyable was the witty humor that all ages could appreciate especially the way Mei-Mei and her friends would talk and fantasize about their favorite boyband 4-town and it didn’t feel out of place at all it felt so natural.

   Turning Red is a great film overall and is crucial for the newer and older generation it brings light to important topics and starts new discussions that can bring awareness to serious topics that we haven’t normalized. This film doesn’t just have one set meaning it can be about puberty, breaking generational trauma, healing your inner child and some it can be a simple movie about a girl turning into a red panda and nothing more it’s all up to you and how you interpret the film. So if you are wanting to watch “Turing Red” but have been iffy on it you then this is your official recommendation to watch it

TW: Domestic abuse/sexual assault

Take Men Serious
By: Danielle Rodriguez

   As a society when people make accusations such as Domestic violence/abuse and sexual assault we don’t believe them because we don’t fully believe that people are capable of those
actions. But we don’t believe men or women when it comes to victims coming forward with there stories. Society barely believes women when they come out with stories which is absurd because everyone should be taken seriously when it comes to these situations no matter what gender you identify as. Social media has a play in this because many people believe that women are “lying” and that men can’t be sexually assaulted or a victim of domestic abuse simply because they are men which is first off ridiculous and totally not true. According to the NSVRC (national sexual violence resource center) statistically 43% or men have reported some sort of sexual assault/ harassment in their lifetime which is a forty percent difference from the women’s 81% that have reported sexual assault/ harassment in their lifetime.

   A lot has been going on with the fact that society don’t believe men when it comes to serious claims such as sexual assault/domestic abuse. In recent events many men have came out with their stories dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence, but some have received the up most support while others have faced immense hate. Three men have come out publicly with their stories and while each one got different responses, I think it was important for the way that they opened up and are bringing awareness to each of there personal experiences. Joshua Bassest, Jack Wright and Johnny Depp have all been in the public eye either from acting, music
careers, and tiktok they each all have spoken up about what they have gone through.

   Joshua Basset came out in a GQ article about how he is still processing events that occurred when he was younger and how that it resurfaced unexpectedly but when the article came out, he got hate for it many people online said that “men can’t be sexually assaulted” which isn’t true at all and is very hurtful to those that have been affected. Joshua released a song called
“Set Me Free” which is him opening up about his trauma surrounding sexual assault. His GQ article so more in depth and so does his Zach Zang interview which is something that you guess should definitely check out.

   Many of us know Jack Wright from Tiktok and many of us know what went down between him and Sienna Mae. Three months ago, Jack Wright came out with a video titled
“What Sienna Mae Did to Me” which is an emotional video that shows him crying while explaining what went down between them. Jack opens up about how Sienna Mae constantly
touched him without consent and how he was uncomfortable with how she acted around him to the point where he told her that he wanted her to stop. But Sienna Mae didn’t respect his answers and kept doing it which led to the video that popped up on everyone’s “For you page” of Sienna Mae on top of Jack Wright while he’s unconscious and many of his close personal friends came forward to say that they didn’t support Sienna’s actions. From the moment the video surfaced Jack Wright got immense support from the media many and many close friends have publicly bashed Sienna for her actions towards Jack along with the people on the internet. But the thing that people are livid about is that Sienna still has her platform and how she doesn’t take accountability of her own actions. But the one good thing is that a lot of people support Jack and are continuously supporting him.

   I saved the most popular for last because as of lately everyone is familiar with the Johnny Depp V. Amber Heard trial. In 2017 Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got divorced but the defamation lawsuit wasn’t filed until 2019. The reason for the defamation lawsuit filed against Amber Heard was because of an op-ed that she wrote about domestic abuse in 2018 which is
when Johnny had irreversible damage to his career due to the claims Amber was making at the time. Johnny Depp lost his Role in “The Crimes of Grindelwald” he was also dropped from the sixth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film after the publication of Heard’s op-ed and many brands stopped working with him as well but when the tables were reversed, and Jonny spoke up about the abuse that Amber put him through she didn’t lose anything and kept her role in the newest Aquaman movie. This case is all anybody Is talking about, and everyone is watching while some support Amber the public and the media Is on Johnny’s side which is surprising to many but not surprising to most. The way the case is playing out at the moment it doesn’t seem like Amber is winning. Johnny Depp should be taken seriously when it comes to something as serious as domestic violence.

   These topics are something that we should talk about because it brings importance to topics that aren’t talked about enough. If we bring the discussion up more even though it’s an
uncomfortable topic so that in the future, it brings awareness to those affected and how we treat victims. It’s fairly simple men and women can be victims of sexual assault and domestic
violence and the sooner we can except that the sooner we can help treat the way the media and society perceive the stereotypes for the victims and aggressors. If you or a loved one have experienced Sexual assault the national hotline is 1-800-656-4673 and the national domestic violence hotline is 800-799-7233.



Is “Euphoria” Glamorizing



Drug/Substance Abuse?




By: Danielle Rodriguez



With the arrival of season two coming out it also comes with the controversial topics that
the show intentionally tackles along with the way it continues to talk about topics that are
shedding light on darker themes such as drug use, domestic violence, toxic masculinity, and
body image issues. But the one real topic that everybody is forming opinions on is if “Euphoria”
is showing a glamorized version of drug/substance abuse due to the way the portrayal of the
highs of each drug used in the show. The show depicts the “highs” with highly saturated purple
and pink neon lights and glitter that makes it seem as if it’s “magic” we see these images Shot in
rich, saturated colors and we see how Rue played by Zendaya essentially comes to life when
using, but then we also see the aftermath of how it affects her appearance. As we watch the
show, we suspend our beliefs as we try to sympathize with our favorite character “Euphoria's”
ability to keep you caring about often-unlikable characters on such cruel and terrible journeys is
a credit to the episode's distinctly creative voice. An article that gave me perspective was from
The New York Times about two young recovering addicts that watched the show and saw
themselves in Rue from using drugs in the school bathroom to going to rehab and relapsing and
how some scenarios from season 1 such as the scene when Rue is forced into taking drugs from
the drug dealer Mouse “realistically that would’ve ended so badly”. But even though it showed
the reality into addict’s consequences it also showed a glamorized version of how heavy
drug/substance abuse is normal which made these young addicts worry if “Euphoria” is exposing
people to the themes of the show that wouldn’t have been exposed prior to watching.
Even Zendaya had to issue a warning on social media before the show released the
second season of “Euphoria” but a quote that stuck with me from The New York Times article is

“If you’re going to get influenced, you’re going to get influenced - it’s all about the kind of
person you are” which is truly something I believe in because as I watched Rue struggle with
addiction and her sobriety nothing seemed appealing I saw the ugly truth of how drugs work they
change the way one thinks and we see that with Rue but others see the glamorized version of
Euphoria they see the saturated colors and the next makeup trend. We see this with the trends
that appeared on TikTok after the show came out no one was talking about the reality of it and
social media played a role with making glitter tear filters that resembles Zendaya’s character Rue
being high. For months on tiktok all we saw was the saturated colors and glitter we didn’t see
awareness about the reality of drug addiction/abuse which another quote, I took away from the
article was “Usually people that care about you the most become your worst enemies, because
they stand in the way of you destroying yourself” which we ultimately see through the mother-
daughter dynamic but we also see this with Fezco (Angus Cloud) and Rue’s relationship when he
no longer wants to sell to Rue which is were the TV show aspects comes in because of how it
show’s that someone is looking out for her but in reality she wouldn’t have anyone.
So, with the background information I gave you “Is “Euphoria” glamourizing
drug/substance abuse?” on one hand it shows the glamorized version of heavy drug use and how
it’s normalized but on the other hand we see the ugly truth of how it affects these characters and
the consequences they face due to their addiction. From scene to scene, episode to episode, and
season to season some of the themes are unsettling to watch but the episode that makes me
uncomfortable to watch had to be Rue’s special episode it shed some light onto her character that
we hadn’t seen before, and we get to see more of her mentor/sponsor Ali (Colman Domingo).
It’s heartbreaking to watch this episode due to the fact we the audience know that Rue isn’t clean
and has no intention of getting clean. What makes it hard to watch is knowing from personal

experiences that addiction isn’t a joke, and it truly does change a person it showed me the reality
of what some addict face with sobriety. So, if you are planning on watching Euphoria this season
make sure you consider the type of person you are if you know you’re going to be influenced by
it then don’t watch it don’t expose yourself further with the graphic scenes from “Euphoria”.
Know your limits before watching and search up the trigger warnings for the show so you are
aware of the themes it will deal with. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug/substance
abuse, call this hotline for help 1-800-662-4357.

It is important to respect other people’s pronouns

By Tobi

Here are some pronouns examples and how to use it when referring to someone!



I like his hair! He seems like a cool dude, and I love his shirt!


She looks like a princess, and I like her dress but make sure not to touch that because its hers.


They are tired so let’s leave them alone in their room.


She looks very nice in their tux!


He likes the book you gave them!


People can also go by a set of neo pronouns which are a category of new (neo) pronouns that are increasingly used in place of “she,” “he,” or “they” when referring to a person. It works the same way as the others when talking about the person!


Everyone has a set of pronouns they go by and its always ok to ask!

Understanding gender identities.

Information on creating safe places in schools.