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Marie Curie


Anthony Bennett
Marie Curie was the first woman to ever win a Nobel prize and was also the first person  to win two 
Nobel Prizes. She is the only person ever to Nobel Prize in two scientific fields. She discovered the 
elements radium and polonium and contributed to finding cures for cancer. She changed our whole 
perspective on how to use radiation and developed our medical field to basically what it is today. If it 
wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be able to use X-ray machines and Radiation as we do today. If you have ever 
had an MRI or any scan on your body just know she helped us to get where we are today with these 
machines. She helped and saved so many people’s lives in the war with her advancement of 
radiation and the machines even helping the soldiers by using radiation to find the bullets and 
shrapnel in the bodies and even remove them. 
This was over 100 years ago and the fact she even won the Nobel Prize at that point in time is amazing 
to imagine having all the odds stacked against you just because you were a certain gender and overcoming 
those odds and during that process helping millions of people. She was born in 1867 in Poland and died 
in 1934 in France. She lived her life to the fullest and devoted herself to helping other people to survive 
and even today she helps every single one who has ever broken a bone or who has had any 
disease. Now that is a legacy almost hundreds of years after you die and something she invented is still 
being used is amazing and shows how advanced she really was!

Nationals Women’s Month

Angel Fraere
Women’s history month was not originally always 
a whole month. In 1981 it was declared by 
Congress and the president that starting March 
7th, 1982 it would be “women’s history week”. 
Throughout the next 5 years, congress began to 
pass more and more, by 1987 congress named 
march entirely to be officially women’s history 
month. The month itself highlights the amazing 
contributions and achievements Women in the 
United States has achieved throughout the American 
history. Over the course of time, women have 
accomplished many extraordinary achievements 
from Amelia Boynton Robinson is on the front 
lines of the civil rights movement to our first 
the female of color madam vice president Kamala 
Harris. Throughout the years there have been 
hundreds to thousands of amazing 
accomplishments women all over the world have 
achieved and this month is meant to highlight 
them and all women alike.

known feminist movements
The suffrage movement
Fought for the right of women by law to vote in national or local elections. National and international organizations formed to coordinate efforts toward women voting. In recent centuries where women are selectively given, then stripped of, the right to vote. The first province to continually allow women to vote was Pitcairn Islands in 1883.

Women’s Liberation Movement
It was a movement to combat sexual discrimination and to gain full legal, economic,
vocational, educational, and social rights and opportunities for women, equal to those of men. Activist demanded that women should receive equal pay with men who did equivalent work and have equal opportunities in the job market. This movement started in the 1960’s.
Black Feminism
Centers on the experiences of African American women, understanding intersectionality between racism, sexism and classism, as well as other social identities. It highlights and engages with the many aspects of racial inequities along with gender inequality. African feminism started in the early 20’th century.
Riot Grrrls
Is a subcultural movement that combines feminism, punk music, and politics. They
believe in girls actively engaging in cultural production, creating their own music and fanzines rather than following existing materials. The bands associated with Riot Grrrl used their music to express feminist and anti-viewpoints.
Ariana torresdey

American women’s quarters program
Linda-Rae Uzueta
The U.S mint recently released quarters highlighting impowering American women. It is a new 4-year program that celebrates the female pioneers of America, this program will go from 2022-2025. But for now, here are the 5 women who are on the quarters currently and what they did to be chosen for this program.
-Nina Otero-warren:
Nina Otero was a New Mexican woman who was a leader in the suffrage movement, focused her attention on the necessity of using Spanish during the movement. She was the first women to be superintendent in the Santa Fe public school system. She later in her lifetime lobbied for the 19th amendment in NM.
-Maya Angelou:
Maya Angelou was a famous writer and social activist. Maya was very active in the civil rights
movement. She was the first African American women to speak at the presidential inauguration. Some of her achievements include more than 30 honorary degrees, being honored with the presidential medal of freedom, the recipient of the Literation Award, and many more achievements though out her lifetime.
-Dr. Sally Ride:
Sally ride was a physicist, astronaut, and educator. On her first space mission she would be the first American women to go to space. In her second space mission she made history again with having two women crew members. She would inspire young women to pursue careers in science. She would be inducted into the astronaut hall of fame, national women’s hall of fame, and aviation hall of fame.
-Wilma Mankiller:
Wilma Mankiller was an activist for native American and women’s rights. She would be the first woman elected principal chief of the Cherokee nation and would be reelected years later by a landslide. she would lead the creation of community water systems and rehabilitation houses. During her second run She would triple her tribe, build new housing/health centers, and more. She would also later receive the presidential medal of freedom and was inducted in the national woman’s hall of fame.
-Anna May Wong:
Anna may Wong was the first Chinese American film star in Hollywood. In her lifetime she has been in more than 60 movies including silent films. In Hollywood she would face discrimination and later move to Europe to pursue her dreams there. She would be known as a trailblazer for representing all Asian American actors. She would have the honor of being put on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Dress code

student opinion

By Ariana Torresdey

  Why can’t we wear crop tops? Who are we offending? What can we wear without being seen as objects? My intentions aren’t bad, yet my reason is being justified by the way we as (women) dress. How is that okay? The fact a man can wear a muscle shirt to school, but women can’t wear anything showing collarbone, shoulders, or skin in general. People view certain women’s clothes as expressional art, and that is our intention. We want to showcase our beauty through something we see as beautiful. We don’t want to be seen as an object or someone’s easy target. The dress code is extreme and makes us feel like we are less.

Do you believe in women’s rights?

By Ariana Torresdey

Women’s rights are the rights and entitlements claimed
for women and girls worldwide. They formed the basis
for the women’s rights movement in the 19th century
and, the feminist movements during the 20th and 21st
centuries. In some countries, these rights are
institutionalized or supported by law, local custom, and
behavior, whereas in others, they are commonly
associated with notions of women’s rights that include
bodily integrity, autonomy, sexual violence, voting,
family law, to work, equal pay, reproductive rights, own
property, and education.

On Monday (Nov 7, 2022) a New Mexico town called Hobbs, without exception they
passed a directive law designed to ban abortions, regardless of the procedure being
legal in the state. The so called "sanctuary city for the unborn" ordinance blocks
abortion clinics from operating and a passage by the Hobbs city commission marks a
first for a town in a state controlled by the “Democratic Party” according to anti-
abortion. “Whole Woman's Health” is one of the largest providers of abortions in the
United States, news agencies heard it was interest to have an opening clinic in Hobbs
or nearby Clovis.

Same Sex Marriage now legalized in all of Mexico
By Autyana Bollier
Tamaulipas was the last state to vote in Octoberto legalized same sex marriage which became Mexico’s last state to legalize it. Winning 23 votes in favor against 12 and two abstentions. president of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar said “The whole country shines with a huge rainbow. Live the dignity and rights of all people. Love is love,” he said on Twitter. Some states took a while to adopt the law confirming with the ruling since the Supreme court declared state laws preventing same sex marriage saying it was unconstitutional. Mexico City was the first area of the county to legalize same sex marriage back in 2009 then following in after it was Argentina which was the first Latin American country to legalize nationwide. With Protests and Happiness and support, Mexico has made history for its people. Same sex marriage is now legal in all 32 states in Mexico!
There are currently 32 countries where same-sex marriage is legal: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Columbia , Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal,
Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Uruguay. This is making history for millions of the people apart of the LGBTQ+ community. But even till this day we are going back down the hill and are having same sex marriage talking about getting taken off or even some are taking away gender confirming care. Help them not go back into time by speaking up and fighting for the basic right of marrying who you love.

Unapologetic Activist Actresses

By Keira Block

1. Jameela Jamil - Using her platform and status, Jameela stands up for body positivity, women’s rights, equality, and any other form of activism she deems important. She shows her fans that she is a real person and not an untouchable celebrity. She is a woman who says what she really means.

2. Mayim Bialik - Another woman who uses her social standing for activism. She encourages science and equality for all. Mayim is a person of outstanding education that focuses on the rights of people and the real issues that people often ignore.

3. Emma Watson - Emma Watson is an activist for all rights. She is a spokesperson on women's rights and was named “Voice of a Generation”. She gained her popularity early on and uses her influence to advocate for people that need to be recognized.

4. Cher - Being one of the most influential artists in the world, she has a big impact on the people of the world. She uses her wealth and fame to donate and speak about political issues. She is a singer, actor, and a notable activist on social media and through her philanthropy.

5. Zendaya - Zendaya is an accredited actress who also uses her esteem to advocate. Her political involvement is something that she translate to her roles on screen as well as on social media nd other ways of communication. The actress has said that she is proud to label herself as anactivist.

Information on creating safe places in schools.

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