The broadcastHER section aims to provide a feministic point of view on social and political issues. To be a feminist is not to think women are better, but rather an attempt to transcend from stereotypical gender roles. Intersectional Feminism accepts and fights for other social issues such as people of color and the LGBTQ community. We must "lift as we climb", as explained by Angela Davis.

How the media negatively depicts women’s bodies

By: Danielle Rodriguez

The Beauty standards for women is extremely high we are expected to have tiny waits and flat stomachs everywhere you look they are promoting the next ideal body type no matter where you turn and the media doesn’t help. Scrolling via Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and several other social networking platforms, we see these models with flat stomachs and slim waists that are pictured the majority of the time, but we don't see that, we see this unattainable image that we look at as a "ideal" body, which is unfair to us because most of our body shapes and builds would not be able to accommodate that and be safe. But it doesn’t stop their magazine’s and tabloids make these headlines about celebrities bodies that are extremely toxic and negative and it’s so much worse when a the media is involved because once the comment is made then everybody points it out. For example the Khloe Kardashian situation with her unauthorized photo that was posted to her social media without her permission and she spoke about how her life in the spotlight and how the media affected her negatively she says, “In truth, the pressure, constant ridicule and judgment my entire life to be perfect and to meet other's standards of how I should look has been too much to bear." Khloe also opens up about her body image and how the comments she’s gotten about how she is “the fat sister” or how she is “the ugly sister” is just so disgusting because she is a human that has feelings and just because she’s in the spotlight doesn’t mean these horrible headlines and comments are ok. Growing up in the media as a woman has to be so hard because of how everyone constantly has an opinion on what you should look like. Which is so sad that the media has this huge impact on our body image because of how much time we spend obsessing over how the media want us to look. So what I’ve been doing to stop myself from being to obsessive over the way I look or if I find myself comparing myself to unrealistic body types then I will unfollow people that I’m comparing myself to just so I won’t and so that I can get into a better mindset. I also take social media breaks and delete the apps so I can focus on myself more and just truly decompose which I feel like everyone should do because of how much time we spend on internet.

Why Legally Blonde is a Feminist Film.

By: Danielle Rodriguez

Like everybody recently I re-watched Legally Blonde due to Netflix adding it to the site (finally!) but as I was watching I realized this isn’t like every other 2000’s movie but a feminist movie. After re-watching this movie, I noticed that, strangely, Legally Blonde was actually my first introduction to feminist cinema.When I was seven, I was ecstatic to see Reese Witherspoon becoming a powerful lawyer, and now I understand why. Unsurprisingly, I still think Elle Woods is a major girl boss that definitely influenced the person I am today.Yes, Elle Woods originally agrees to attend Harvard in order to reclaim her ex-boyfriend, which isn't a particularly feminist storyline, but she eventually discovers a love for law and abandons her desire to reclaim her ex (Thank God!) , which does suit the feminist narrative. Elle faces challenges that most women face while trying to be taken serious in a situation where women can hold power. Nobody thought that Elle should be taken serious because of how she was a “girly-girl” and fit the stereotype of a “dumb blonde” which is far from true in Elle’s case she literally was able to get into Harvard law only for the sole reason of getting her ex-boyfriend back if that isn’t determination then I don’t know what is. But in the end, she ends up proving them all wrong by studying hard and working her way to the top which is such a feel-good moment to watch her go from self-doubt to self-confidence.Not to mention,

Elle and Emmett's romance is such a great subplot that does not detract from Elle's main objective in the film. It’s literally so perfect that we don’t even know if they get together until the end also Emmet is the perfect supporting character for Elle, he doesn’t want her to change he wants her to succeed by being herself.Elle also repays the favor by assisting Emmett and his employer in a big court case. I'm happy it held a subplot otherwise it could've been another cheesy romantic comedy where the glamorous professional woman finds all she wants is to fall in love with a mansplaining prince charming and I’m glad that it didn’t and showed us how Elle can be the perfect main character. This movie was way ahead of it’s time especially since it came out in 2001 due to the fact feminism wasn’t the coolest during the time, not like how it is now. The 2000’s was the time for romantic comedies such as The Notebook and The Wedding Planner not for feminist films especially during the early 2000’s it was literally like the dark ages American’s didn’t care about how there weren’t many roles given to powerful leading women in mainstream film but somehow Legally Blonde was ranked #22 in the US Top Grossing Films of 2001 and I think it was because we were excited to finally see a female in a role that overcame such an obstacle while still being her true self and not changing herself for prince charming.

The Internalized Misogyny of Medusa

By: Danielle Rodriguez

We all know the story of Medusa and how she came to be but if you don’t then here’s a mini lesson. The legend states that Medusa was once a beautiful, avowed priestess of Athena who was cursed for breaking her vow of celibacy. When Medusa had an affair with the sea god Poseidon, Athena punished her by turning Medusa into a hideous hag, making her hair into writhing snakes and her skin was turned a greenish hue. I grew up to believe that Medusa was evil, and that Athena was right for turning her into the monster she was. But years later I realized Medusa was actually innocent which came to a shocker to me because my middle school years were filled with the Percy Jackson series and the depiction of Medusa made us believe she was the villain when all along it was Poseidon. We were all taught to believe that Medusa “Seduced” Poseidon when in reality she was raped and was punished for it. You would think that Athena the goddess of wisdom would protect her high priestess from Poseidon her rival. There are multiple versions to this some say Athena punished her, but some say she protected her, so no man was able to hurt her again. Or that Athena punished Medusa because she couldn’t punish Poseidon. But with the background knowledge of how Medusa became a “monster” it’s sad no matter what version you here because Medusa was a victim, yet we are taught to believe she was the “villain”. It is believed that the

symbol of medusa on any form of a building is a safe heaven if you are fleeing an abusive relationship and that is it used to protect from and ward off the negative, much like the modern evil eye. In the end we still idolize Athena and Poseidon, but Medusa is still the villain of the story and always will be. Which is where the internalized misogyny comes in because even if Athena punished her or protected her in the end it will be Medusa who was in the wrong even if Poseidon was the true villain all along.

DOCTOR. Jill Biden

By: Danielle Rodriguez

On December 11 ,2020 an opinion piece came out about our future first lady regarding her doctorate and I’m here to offer my opinion. If she were a man Joseph Epstein wouldn’t have questioned her doctorate and I truly believe that. This story would have never been written about a man and Epstein’s  misogynistic views towards Dr. Jill Biden are appalling but the fact he is even disregarding her achievements is something that many women face on a daily basis no matter what title they hold. The article is not just sexist but ignorant it isn’t a problem when men used the title as they earned it after long years of studies. It should not be a problem if a woman earns it the same way. Getting a PhD isn’t easy and takes years of hard work she has every right to own the title without being criticized. Not to mention WSJ is defending Joseph Epstein’s opinion piece calling it “fair comment” when he referred to her in a demeaning and unprofessional name such as kiddo is disgusting. Women have been facing skepticism for their achievements for there whole lives and that needs to end the misogyny in professional setting needs to end. In the words of our future first lady Doctor. Jill Biden “Together, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated, rather than diminished.”

The First Woman Vice President

By: Danielle Rodriguez


Kamala Harris is the first woman vice president elect which is history in the making. It’s been a hundred years since we got the right to vote and to be able to say a woman (and the first Black and Asian American) was elected vice president of the United States is truly astounding. Her first speech to the nation was truly aspiring and something I will remember for the rest of my life “But while I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.” This nearly made me cry because her words probably inspired so many young girls including myself and that just made me so happy. If you told me a year ago today that we would have a women vice president I wouldn’t have believed you because the white house has only held a male vice president so to have a women vice president it is very exciting and brings so many aspirations to young girl across the world. Society needed to have a Women Vice president it was overdue and it is truly history in the making. This will change our future maybe the next president of the United States will be a woman.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

Summer of Protests

Protest Sign

Who is Amy Coney Barrett? More info. here.

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

By: Danielle Rodriguez

A Catholic conservative taking the seat of a feminist icon, Judge Amy Coney Barret is currently undergoing the confirmation hearing to be appointed Supreme Court justice but how would her views lead her to rule on issues? Amy Coney Barret has made Catholicism central to her intellectual identity which raises questions about how she would rule on cases such as abortion and LGBTQ+ rights but she’s made it clear that “I have an agenda to stick to the rule of law and decide cases as they come.” but is that really her motive? If Amy Coney Barret is confirmed to the Supreme Court, she will raise the number of Catholic’s currently on the courts to six which could have the potential to override Roe V. Wade. She even stated in 2013 that she believes life begins at conception so what does that mean for women?  If you haven’t had the chance to watch the confirmation hearings, I’ll summarize it for you. Sometimes what a nominee won’t say is as telling as what they do say. Barret’s silence further proves she has no indication to protect abortion rights. She was willing to say loving was correct, that just signifies the significance of her refusal to say the same about the same-sex marriage case, Obergefell v. Hodges? What does that say about her? Should a Supreme Court justice have bias due to their religion?

 Amy Coney Barret would be the youngest justice (48) and could serve for many decades. If she were to be confirmed, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights would be in jeopardy. Not to mention her take on Climate Change Senator Kamala Harris asked Judge Amy Coney Barret a series of questions such as if she thinks the coronavirus is infectious and whether smoking causes cancer which she did agree on but then asked her about climate change “climate change is happening and it's threatening the air we breathe and the water we drink” Barrett’s response was rather a controversial one, even if she meant for it not to be in simpler terms she didn’t express her view she stated “a very contentious matter of public debate, and I will not do that, I will not express a view on a matter of public policy, especially one that is politically controversial”. Climate change is real and in effect scientists say that climate change is caused by people burning fossil fuels and it is getting worse. A climate change case is already on the Supreme Court docket and will come before Judge Barrett if she is confirmed. Would that be too “Politically Controversial” for her to decide on?

Amy Coney Barret's Confirmation Hearing 

Do You Know?

Ida B. Wells

By Autyana Bollier

Ida B Wells was a black woman activist, journalists and researcher back in late 19th early 20s. While alive she battled things that we today still struggle with on some notes, which are sexism, racism, and violence. Born on July 6th, 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi and was strictly born into slavery do to the Civil War.  She lost half of her family to the yellow fever in 1878 in her hometown.

Three of her friends who were black shop owners who competed with white shop owners were killed because of high popularity. Ida, being tired of everything, exposed everything happening in America to the rest of the world. While losing both of her parents and infant brother to yellow fever she took on a job teaching to help take care of her brothers and sisters. Eventually, she moved her sibling to Memphis, Tennessee while she continued to work her job teaching.

In 1884 Wells-Barnett filed a law suit on a train car company for unfair treatment. She has been thrown off from the first class cart even though she did have a ticket and even though the case was not open, it was heading to a federal court case. After she was finding out about the violence against black men she was threatened so bad she had to move away to Chicago Illinois.

In 1893, she joined other African American leaders calling for boycott of the world’s Columbian exposition. They accused them blocking the African Americans and negatively the black community and later in 1895 she married a famed African American lawyer Ferdinand Barnett having four children. She now traveled internationally sharing her stuff about lynching on foreign audiences. She remained a woman activist and became the founder of the national association of colored women’s club which was made to address civil rights and women’s right to vote. Sadly, her named is not mentioned in the official founders and sadly she passed away on March 25th, 1931. 

Activism Art by DHS Alumni

"Art has a long history with activist movements of every kind and, in many cases, the art created to spread information and awareness are what linger when the day is done and protesters head home. According to Tate Galleries, the activist art is created to offer a “form of political or social currency, actively addressing cultural power structures rather than representing them or simply describing them.” Ai WeiweiFavianna Rodriguez, The Guerrilla Girls, Shepard Fairey, Paul Nicklen, Nan Goldin, Dadaists, Keith Haring, Diego Rivera, Kara Walker, Edgar Heap of Birds, and many more artists and artists groups have created such currencies through their art, visual and otherwise."


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Kaila Paul

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