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The Voice of Deming High


Who We Are

The Broadcaster has been an integral part of Deming High School dating back to 1917. According to archived issues by Mr. Kenneth Leupold, former DHS teacher and advisor to the Broadcaster, it was a student newspaper that highlighted local activities and events. As we celebrate the 102 year anniversary of the Broadcaster, we will modernize this medium in the digital era as an online magazine. Gone are the days of digging in your backpack for a quarter to check out the latest Did You Know… and Horoscope.


We will continue many of the traditions and articles that date back to the early issues. With DHS history in mind, we will dedicate a section to Wildcat Alumni. Where are they now? What occupations did they pursue? How did Deming High School shape their lives?


We will also strive to stay up to date on the latest school news, events, and trends. Our main goal is to remain a platform for students to exhibit artwork, photography, fashion, music, and comment on current events.


The creative writing and poetry section will pay tribute to the Wildcat publication, The Sunburst. The Sunburst was a journal dedicated entirely to poetry, creative writing, and short stories.


We have great ideas planned for the issues ahead, but we need your input.The Broadcaster is a class but we also welcome contributions from all students. We are a lunchtime and after school program based solely on student interest. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed students to join our team. What articles are you interested in reading or writing?


 Whatever your interest, you can be a member of the Broadcaster crew. Listen to the announcements or stop by Mrs. Kriegel’s class (Rm. 908) for information on meetings. You can also email us at

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Editor’s Desk

By: Karen Gutierrez

Well yet another school year has begun!! Let the stress and procrastination begin!! Just kidding guys do your work and stay on top of it, come to school and do great. I’m now a senior and before I know it, I’ll be outside on the football field standing in a white cap and gown with the rest of my class ecstatic to get our diplomas that will just lead us on to the next couple years being spent in college!?


Oh my! It scares me just thinking about it, never mind, moving on to the next topic. Homecoming is next week, time to see everyone dress up for spirit week showing off their creativity skills which I have loved seeing these past three years during homecoming week. Throughout these two weeks we’ll be seeing many guys with posters asking out their girlfriends or special someone to homecoming. Thank God for guys and having the courage to ask because us girls are something else. Throughout homecoming week we’ll be having different activities during lunch!! Thursday September 12, there will be a homecoming parade, Powderpuff game between Seniors and Juniors at 7 and a bonfire at 8:30 p.m. Friday will be spirit day (literally my favorite day) because well who doesn’t have school spirit!? Not this girl, I’ve always dressed up for spirit days, maybe not the cutest but its something right? Friday night the Wildcats will be playing Artesia Bulldogs, who will win who knows? But I’m thinking Wildcats will. LET’S GET’EM WILDCATS!!! Saturday the guys will be out and about washing their car, cutting their hair and stressing about whether his dates parents will like him. The girls on the other hand will be too busy getting dolled and glammed up for the night.

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