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Bill Cosby 

by Lorenzo Madrid


Bill Cosby was sentenced in the sexual assault trial held earlier this month. Cosby is one of the first celebrities to go to trial in the era of the #MeToo Protest. #MeToo has been a huge topic the last couple of years. It all started with Cosby and other people in his industry.  Different industries from news anchors to Hollywood movie stars have all participated in the me to protest whether it’s as an advocate for those who have been assaulted or some have even come out with stories of their own. Cosby is one of the first celebrities to be found guilty of sexual assault. His case started a whole movement; women all over have been coming out and telling their stories from various industries. Cosby is now 81 years old and is now in prison for these crimes. For a conviction like this it usually calls for at least 3 years minimum. His declining health and old age was not taken into consideration and jail time was evident. He will have to undergo monthly counseling for as long as he lives. Cosby will be deemed a sexually violent predator. 

Cosby was sentenced 3 years per count of assault he will now serve 10-12 years. He will be eligible for parole in 5 years. Cosby was also ordered to pay a fine of $25,000 plus the costs of prosecution — a total of $43,611 — as part of the sentence.

Evolving Costumes for Women 

by Katelyn Seats 

Halloween costumes throughout the years have varied in many different ways. Especially women’s costumes. In the way that they have slowly become more and more revealing. Nowadays when searching the internet, it’s hard to find Halloween costumes that aren’t sexist. Costumes as basic as a nurse, cop, doctor, or teacher. Have now become, known as the sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy doctor, or sexy teacher. The outfits have gotten shorter while showing more cleavage and addressing sex appeal.

When did costumes start to change. Why do women continue to wear them? Do women wear them because that is the only variety of choices that the companies have to choose from? Or do women simply wear them for their own purposes. If a women chooses to wear this type of costume for herself, because it feels good, is it still giving into the sex appeal of men. What you choose to wear should be your choice. Not because that’s the only thing that you could choose from. Or because you think somebody else would like it. Whatever you choose to wear should be of our own decision. It should be something that makes you feel good. So, this Halloween, when picking your costume, don’t think of what others will think of your costume. Choose something that will make you feel comfortable and good about yourself.

Mary Wollstonecraft

By Amber Peacock


Do you know Mary Wollstonecraft? Mary was born on April 27th of 1759, she was an English writer and super passionate about social equality for women. Wollstonecraft taught in schools, worked as a governess and was an adviser to Joseph Johnson. These things are what inspired “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” which is all about equal education rights for BOTH women and men. “Virtue can only flourish among equals”

Mary Wollstonecraft met Caption Gilbert Imlay and soon after became pregnant. She then gave birth to her first child Fanny Imlay in the year 1794. After traveling all around for Mary’s writing, Imlay and Mary’s relationship came to an end. Mary named her first born after her best friend. Sadly, Fanny died of suicide in 1816. Mary found new love with a man named William Godwin. Mary, again became pregnant and gave birth to their second daughter, Mary Shelley in 1797. (You know, Mary Shelley, the famous writer of the classic masterpiece Frankenstein!)

Sadly, 10 days after the birth of her second child, Wollstonecraft died because of complication she endured while giving birth. Her work made such an impact on the feminist community, and we will never forget it. 

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