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“If you were born with

the weakness to fall you were

born with the strength to rise”

Book Review

By Amber Peacock

Milk and Honey written by Rupi Kaur talks about how she dealt with sexual molestation, love, loss and abuse. This book is an inspiration to so many women in America. This book was first published in the year 2014, but became more and more popular over the years. This book has 4 chapters; The Hurting , The Loving, The Breaking and The Healing. This was written from the point of view of a women who was abused sexually as a child and an adult.


The first chapter really shows us, the readers, the sexual abuse she endured by her father and various other men in this women’s life. In the second chapter, the women is telling us about her adult life and her relationship’s she has with men. But she does focus primarily on one man she falls in love with and begins a relationship with.


In the third chapter however, that relationship comes to end. But, in my opinion, this chapter is the most powerful chapter in the book because the woman really starts to talk about the sexist treatment women are given from men.

Finally, the last chapter is all about the women healing and overcoming everything she has been through and creating new friendships with other women. I absolutely love this book, it is one of my all time favorites. This book is very empowering.










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Spoken Word  Performances

Student's viral poem asks 'Why am I not good enough?'

I swear

I love

My Somalian Queens

they made it

out the mud


are exquisite like scenes.

They went thru so much you see

  A war in 92

.Swept most of them clean .

They escaped hard labor


wanted a clean slate .

So their kids

can appreciate hot food

on a clean plate

That’s when They decided

to come to the STATES


made it CLEAR

They wanted to stay the same .




they went through more pain,

Then their kids were learning different ways .



You’re moma keeps crying

“Ya Allah I Raised them without their dad”

She busts in the kitchen

spending the money she has

but you prefer mcdonalds and wendy wraps . She starts to lose her cool

when she sees her baby boy coming from jail and not school .




CAN you please pray to god,

bc you never know when your going to die

it can happen out the blue .


that’s strange ,

but she’s tryna keep you away from the shaytan;

THey’ll lead you astray .

shes just your moma

She just wants you

successful with commas.

-Safiya Sharif

Call it Brilliant and


Book Review


By Shannah Rudiger


Coming of age stories taking place in the 80’s are stories that shape who we are even if people believe they are overused. They are stories that stay with us and become stories we retell later in our lives. The novel Call Me by Your Name takes on a new way of a coming of age story within the 80’s. It is a very mature novel and you can see yourself within characters of it.

The novel by Andre Aciman tells the story of 17-year-old Elio a boy who learns about himself and his own sexuality with Oliver, a summer guest at his family’s mansion on the Italian Rivera. Elio is a very intelligent young man who understands so much with the world but not about himself and his own needs. Elio is very bright as he understands multiple languages and understand various subjects that most his age wouldn’t understand. Oliver is an American college graduate who is working on a manuscript and is invited to Elio’s home in Italy to complete it.

At the very beginning of the novel there are tensions between Elio and Oliver. It seems that Elio doesn’t know what to make of who Oliver is other than a typical American who is there for the luxuries that Italy has to offer. Elio does soon realize he is there to work and enjoy his time in Italy and soon notices things about Oliver that only really a lover would notice. You see Elio’s personality in that he is someone who can notice all of this about Oliver and begin to realize his attraction to him but deny it at the same time. Elio doesn’t know what to make of his attraction towards Oliver which I feel makes him all the more relatable. It is because of this that you see Elio for the young man that he is in that he is still unsure of who he is.

The beginning of Elio and Oliver’s relationship is very slow in that Elio tends to avoid Oliver seeing as Oliver is confusing Elio’s feelings. When they do interact at first Elio is offering to show him around as a courtesy, they do interact in small ways at the beginning of Oliver’s stay such as when they all eat breakfast together or when they pass through their bedrooms that are connected. It is when they have small private moments that they really get to know each other and aren’t putting on an act of hiding somethings about themselves. They have moments when they flirt with each other, but when they do it they never realize it and they realize it is something they do to each other naturally. It is times like these that you know their feelings are mutual but they never fully disclose it. The relationship maybe a slow but from the moment you see them come together and be with each other it is something special.

I think what this book so special is that creates this story you can actually see happening, it isn’t far-fetched unlike many other romantic novels. When I first read it, I had knowledge that it was a same sex love story, but if I hadn’t known that I would’ve thought I was the story of two people falling in love. This whole story really shows a young man and discovering himself, a true coming of age story. Elio is confused with himself in that he doesn’t understand his attraction to a man, but as he grows through the book he accepts himself and runs with it. Accepting one’s self is something that takes time and Call Me by Your Name helps show it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. The novel shows the transition of a young and precocious boy to a boy accepting himself and everything that comes with it.

The novel is very philosophical and teaches you at various moments. Such as teaching you to love yourself as you are to teach you languages like Italian and German. One of my favorite lines from this novel has German in it “zwischen immer und nie, for you in silence, somewhere in Italy in the mid-eighties.” The whole entirety of the novel is beautiful and while my review probably doesn’t make full sense I do recommend people should read it so they can understand. I will say that after reading it the word later will never be the same to you. The whole thing is a great coming of age story so don’t miss out on it. You might even relate to some of the characters like I did with Elio. It a brilliant novel and really teaches you about yourself and longing and will really touch you.

call me by your name.jpg

Poetry- short stories - creative writing- book reviews

~My Love For You~


If they were to ask

how much you mean to me,

I’d say the world

As I take a walk out in nature

The trees see me swaying and saying

I love you more than I love blueberries

And more than I love chocolate covered Strawberries

I can say we go together like the moon and stars

If this doesn’t tell you how much

Meaning you have in my life, then I don’t know

What will, if you happen

To pass by those trees at the park

By a pink bench, they will let you

Know, your meaning towards me.


Things That Make You Go Hmmm.....

Is Your Intuition Real? 

By Guadalupe Sanchez

Do you ever have a hunch that something is going to happen before it does? Do you ever get a feeling someone likes or hates you, and you end up being right? Do you get goosebumps when you enter a dangerous situation, or get a feeling someone’s watching you, and sure enough someone is staring right at you? That is your intuition, or gut feeling as many reference it. But is it real? Is your conscious mind making quick decisions, or is there something already instilled in you that gives you all these strangely accurate hunches? 

Western philosophers such as Plato, Carl Jung, and Descartes all referenced intuition as real. Although in different ways; Plato referred to intuition as “a fundamental capacity of human reason to comprehend the true nature of reality” whereas Descartes and Jung believed intuition was more of a spiritual matter, defining it as “pre-existing knowledge” already instilled within us. 

Other philosophers such as Sigmund Freud, like many, completely discarded the notion that intuition is real and backed up by facts, claiming it as a ridiculous theory. Freud believed all knowledge was based off of observations, or an “intellectual manipulation of carefully made observations”. Many people in our modern society believe something similar. They believe intuition is fake, and group it with things like zodiac signs or ghosts. But intuition has a surprising amount of studies and research behind it defending its stance that it is in fact, real. 

According to science, it’s very much real. The infamous card deck experiment proves it. Subjects were asked to pick cards from two stacks; which were rigged. One stack had cards that gave you major wins but also major losses, and the other stack gave you small wins but nearly no losses. Subjects started to report a hunch after picking around 80 cards, however, that was reported by their conscious knowledge. 

Intuition is much quicker and smarter than our conscious senses will ever be. The subject’s palms started to sweat when they reached for the rigged stack after only 10 cards. 


On top of that, research has also shown that people are happier with decisions made quickly and by their intuition. Cars, spouses, clothes, are all more satisfactory when picked by our gut feeling. But our intuition serves a greater purpose other than just making you buy a sweet ride; intuition is a basic human survival instinct still in us from our early evolutionary days. When you are faced with danger, or a situation where your life is at risk, your intuition thinks miles faster than your conscious self ever would, and ends up saving your life. Next time you are doubtful about a decision, go with your true gut feeling. You might end up in a relationship with the right person, or it might even end up saving your life. 





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