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Black History Month

We celebrate the history and contributions that African Americans have given to our country.  We also honor the trail blazers who forged the way for the freedoms of many. 

Rosa Parks

by Jocelyn Cardoza

Rosa Parks stood up for herself by refusing to give up her seat to a white man on the bus. She helped Martin Luther King free black people, and she was brave enough to sit in the front of the bus. She fought for civil rights, and she believed that everyone should be treated the same and have freedom.

She was known as “the mother of the civil rights movement. She fought through her life of racial equality and women’s rights. All she wanted was freedom for black people and she wanted everyone to be treated equally.

Martin Luther King Jr.

by Heidi Fernandez


Martin Luther King Jr. Day is an American federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Martin’s birthday is in January 21’s. It’s a public holiday, it’s a day off for the general population and schools and most businesses are closed. It’s a day that they promote equal rights for all the Americans regardless of their background. He was important civil rights activists. He was leader of movement to end racial segregation in the United States. One of his most famous address was “I have a Dream” speech. He became the youngest man to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Assassinated in 1968.

Black History Salute

Music from and inspired by artists who performed at the Harlem Cultural Festival in 1969.

The Forgotten Forerunners

 "Mo Rocca tells the stories of three remarkable people who changed history - but whose names you probably never heard. They are the pioneers before the pioneers. Before Rosa Parks, there was Elizabeth Jennings. Before Jackie Robinson, there was Moses Fleetwood Walker." 

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DHS Clubs and Activities

Tiger Badge

DHS Tennis- Practice beginning January 14th from 4-5:30 (looking for boys!)

DHS Cheer- Cheer Competition February 23rd

DHS Skills USA-

DHS Mariachi- February 14th Music Dept. Event

JROTC- competition in Las cruces Feb 23rd

Child Development- Going to My Little School and working with the kids.

GRADS- Santa Fe 4th and 5th for the legislative session

Pro Start- boot camp 4th and 5th at NMSU.

National Honor Society - judged science fair projects at Memorial Elementary and Red Mountain Middle School - assisted with Spelling Bee on 2/4 - Memorial

 2/9 - assisted with dinner at the Cancer Ball 


Time for the fourth annual Valentine's Day LIMERICKS OF LOVE competition!!


Pen your most romantic thoughts in LIMERICK format.  It can be a single LIMERICK or several LIMERICKS together to form a narrative.


Sign your LIMERICK OF LOVE indicating it is your original work.


Turn your LIMERICK OF LOVE into the special LOVE box located inside InformationNation!


Feel free to enter more than one LIMERICK OF LOVE.


Deadline for entries: Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Prizes awarded: Thursday, February 14, 2019


For guidance in writing a limerick and several excellent LIMERICK examples, click on the google search link below.



What's  Happenin'at DHS?

Prom 2019

April 13th

Learning Center


More information on tickets coming soon....

Photos courtesy of

David Monjaras

Spain and Portugal 
Summer 2020
See Mrs. Kriegel for information 
Spain and Portugal 
Summer 2020
See Mrs. Kriegel for information 
Student Art Show
Deming Arts Center

Till Feb 14th

The end of an era

By Anyssa MAESE

Teachers say goodbye to DHS Campus as they move into the newly remodeled Hofacket Campus.

When word spread that Deming, New Mexico was getting a new high school, many individuals were filled with excitement and joy as they were ready to see Deming grow with the times. A new high school was being built filled with the latest technology, amazing architecture, and over fifty new classrooms ready to be filled with new memories. Parents were in awe as they saw blueprints and heard others talk about the future of this school. Students were excited to step foot into a new building filled with so many neat tools and cool collaboration spaces. Teachers were relieved as they finally got to advance in the world as they entered rooms filled with the newest technologies and amazing layouts. It all seemed good. It all seemed like this was exactly what everyone wanted, as there was a little something for everyone, and it does, but one thing is in fact missing.

When the time came to start moving out of the old high school into the new high school, majority of the teachers were excited to start a new school year off within a new environment. Sounds good, right? New year, year school. Well, unfortunately some classrooms weren’t quite fully developed yet. These classrooms that were still under construction were the bigger classrooms: Culinary Arts, Sculpture, JROTC, Health Care, etc. These teachers and classrooms were asked to reside in the old main campus until the rooms were ready to be filled with students and materials. To these teachers, another five months in the old campus wasn’t going to do any harm as most of them have been there for at least twenty years.

Now, the time spent in old main is coming to an end, as the last five classrooms located in old main, move over to the new school and complete the transition.

As I previously mentioned, many teachers were extremely happy and relieved to move into a school new, while to some, losing the old high school meant losing memories and parts of them that have grown while they have resided within the old campus. These teachers have taught in their classroom for at least twenty years as I mentioned earlier, and as cliché as it might sound, they have made their mark on each of those classrooms creating memories that will last a lifetime and stick with them as they continue to grow in their new work spaces. For teachers like Mrs. Mary Anderson, and Mr. Jesse Kriegel, losing their classroom means a lot more to them as they were once students sitting in the exact room as they now teach in.

Mrs. Anderson, who teaches health car science and Skills USA, has been teaching for 45 years in the old main campus. She has moved around and about, from portables to parts of the science building, but she has loved every second that she has spent there. She was once a student that resided in the classroom as she now teaches in. One of Mr. Kriegels favorite memories was in fact being a student who once sat in the same classroom he now teaches in as well. What exactly is he going to miss most? “I think I’m going to miss the fineness and environment they have created over the past 30 years. Paintings on the walls, flavor this room has…”. Ms. Munoz said that the classroom she is currently in was the first classroom she ever taught in and she has had so many great laughs doing projects and caterings. These teachers are incredibly excited for what the new classrooms have to offer to both them and their students, but it’s obvious that the connections both individuals have with their old classrooms is simply irreplaceable.

When word spread that Deming, New Mexico was getting a new high school, many individuals were filled with excitement and joy as they were ready to see Deming update with the times. Parents, students and teachers were all filled with excitement and joy as a new high school was exactly what Deming needed. Although losing the old high school means losing outdated classrooms and interesting smelling hallways,

the one thing students and teachers alike will never forget is the memories that were made within those very classrooms and halls. Moving the last five classrooms in the old campus over to the new school may not seem like a big deal to some, but to others, this is the end of an era.

What's Happening in our Classes?

immigration in the united states

by: Claritza rangel


Immigration remains to be an important focus here in The United States. During a recent research by the Census Bureau, they were able to determine that over the past ten years the arrival of immigrants into the States has dramatically increased as to any time period. It is estimated by the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the countries security from any threats and border control, that a number of about 11.3 million immigrants entered the country since the early 2000’s, only 1.8 million were legal entries. Many Americans make the issue a to be a great problem for the country and for the security of our nation, but is it really? The question I ask myself is “Is immigration as bad as many say it is?”

Although the majority of immigrants that enter the U.S don’t have much schooling and live in poverty, they in fact do work. It is estimated that 67% of them are in the workforce, 28% are not working but seeking further education and the 5% left isn’t in the workforce. The Center of Immigration Studies has said that the claim “they are taking our jobs” referring to immigrants taking American citizens jobs is false. This is because only 6 out of 474 occupations are mainly taken by immigrants. Besides the jobs that immigrants are mainly employed are: agriculture, housekeeping, construction, janitors, and other blue-collar occupations. The thing is, why are so many American citizens complaining if 98.73% of the jobs are still available. Recently, since the rate of deportation increased, a farmer in California struggled to find workers for his avocado farm to harvest and pick up the products. When he posted up ‘help wanted’ signs no one showed up. Now, where are all those people that claimed their jobs were being taken?

The Welfare program in the department of Government Benefits recently has reported that “Immigrants are less likely to consume welfare benefits and, when they do, they generally consume a lower dollar value of benefits, than native-born Americans”. So, when people say that immigrants are taking all their benefits I say they are really helping this economy. Immigrants have made a significant change in the United States. For example, they are helping the economy by paying taxes. According, to The Institute on Taxation and Economy Policy; 11 million illegal immigrants payed $11.64 billion in state and local taxes. Immigrants are also acquiring higher education and getting jobs that also bring money into the country. As mentioned before 28% of those not working are studying for white-collar jobs.

Now concerning the issues as to why we should allow immigrants and refugees to enter the United States, we must point out there are events in history that have proved the Americans to be colonizers and invaders of a land that was not theirs. Why should we not allow people that are running away from famine, war, poverty, and persecution to a country that is considered to be “The land of the free” and “a land of opportunity”. We are supposed to be considerate of others and share what we have. Isn’t it natural to escape a circumstance that puts us in danger? Isn’t that what happened to the pilgrims, when they felt in danger to practice the religion they wanted on their own country? So, why are we so ignorant to the fact that these people don’t do any harm or disrupt the peace this country?

When it comes to the security of the country we must look at facts:60% of mass shootings in the country have been by white Americans, as well with murders and homicides. According to

Migration Policy, an agency that reports immigration statistics and news. Of the 153 reports of mass shootings none of those where carried out by black men, women, or undocumented immigrants. It is a huge stereotype to categorize immigrants as rapist, murderers, slothful, and ignorant. It is ironic how immigrants travel thousands of miles to come into the Unites States to escape malice that happens in their birth nations to come here where the situation concerning shootings, racism, slothfulness, and politics is even worst. Believe it or not the circumstance is even worst in our country but we are just to blind to see it.

Immigration is an issue that should be reviewed by those who we call “the leaders of our country”. It time for us, Americans, to consider the fact that immigration is not a bad thing to have in our country. We benefit from them while they are here. We need to come together as a country and the get rid of the feeling of ‘authority’ and ‘entitlement’ that follows us and have a pure and understanding heart to those our ‘brothers and sisters’ that are in desperate need of our helping hands.



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Donald Trump Visits

El Paso Texas In push for border wall

By Anyssa Maesse

On Monday February 11, Trump held his first rally of the year in El Paso, TX. Trump decided to hold his rally in El Paso, TX in order to support his idea of the border wall due to the close proximity of Juarez, Mexico.

Trump took the podium to talk about his border wall and the deal negotiators in congress have reached regarding the budget and the government shutdown. Congress stated that a deal had been reached to keep the government open past Friday which was good news to some.

Trump had previously threatened to call a national emergency as a way of speeding up congress’ decision for the funding on the wall. After stating this Trump then stated, “Just so you know, we’re building a wall anyway.” Outsiders are saying that “Trump is unlikely to find as much money through that route, and the approach with certainly draw legal challenges…”

President Trump believes that the building of a border wall will lessen crime, sex trafficking, drugs, and many other things while others believe the border wall will not lessen any of the crime, but instead force migrants to take a longer journey into the United States leading to other issues.

Some saw this presidential rally as the presidents first publicity stunt for his 2020 election. President Trump only took time to address one potential rival, Beto O’Rourke, who was also having a competing rally in El Paso on the same day.

Beto O’Rourke is a possible 2020 presidential candidate who is planning on going against current president Donald Trump in more ways than one. He stated that if given the chance, he would tear down the border barrier in El Paso. “Absolutely I’d take the wall down” he told news reporters. Beto O’Rourke had more than 10,000 people in attendance at his rally.

Beto and Trump have very differing points of view when it comes to the wall. Beto believes the El Paso is one of the safest cities but not due to the border wall, whereas Trump took to his audience to say, “They are full of crap when they say it hasn’t made a big difference.”

Both Donald Trump and Beto O’Rourke have different opinions on the future of our country but only time will tell just how things work out.

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