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Aryann Ferano

“My inspiration is derived from Audrey Hepburn and my mom’s 90’s grunge.” -Ayann Ferano

Minerva Chavira

“I always go on pinterest to get inspiration for my outfits. the color black is really classic and i like it. my style is both for comfort and style.” -Minerva Chavira

Marcos Porras

“I get my inspiration from a friend of mine who also brought me into the fashion world & exposed me to brands I've never even heard of.” -Marcos Porras

Alyssa Lane

“I decided to go with an edgy look today because I wanted to express how I was feeling. I am really happy with my decision!” -Alyssa Lane

Arely Gonzales

“My fashion would have to be Kim Kardashian. I mostly get inspiration from my friends & my cousins that live in Vegas.” -Arely Gonzalez

Elizabeth Chavez

“I was inspired to wear this outfit today because a lovely friend of mine bought it for me. My favorite stores are Hot Topic & American Eagle” -Elizabeth Chavez

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