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Verity by Colleen Hoover
By: Melanie Jurado 

You are hired to continue the book series bestselling author, Verity Crawford, was unable to
finish because of her injuries. However, when you arrive at their home to sort through Verity’s
notes and outlines to find material to get started, you find an autobiography no one was meant
to read. Page after page of Verity’s confessions, including the one about her daughter’s death.
Should you reveal the truth of the manuscript? Or should you stay quiet to not devastate
Verity’s husband even more?
This is what the book “Verity” by Colleen Hoover is about. Only that it is Lowen Ashleigh, the
author hired who finds these sketchy manuscripts. The book gets even more intense as Lowen
starts to fall in love with Verity’s husband, Jeremy. She fights with the conflict of separating
Jeremy and his son from this horrible woman or leaving them so that they don’t go through
more grief.
Overall, this romantic thriller was just amazing. Colleen Hoover has truly a talent with words
that will leave you hooked the entire time you read this. As a reader, you connect with Lowen’s
fears and develop the same doubts about Verity, especially the doubts about if Verity might be
faking her injuries. I completely recommend this book as it is a read that will keep you at the
edge of your seat with a breathtaking ending and a shocking plot twist.

Take One
By: Jaleel Keller 

Hourly Night’s, I am one with the sun. Ease to the surface where there is nothing but fun. Watching all the people jump so high, wishing amongst the star’s where the sun sit’s high. Hourly night’s where the crowd is fun, yet nothing is more peaceful that the scorching sun. So just run. Take one.

Moment in time
By: Jaleel Keller

Nothing is better than a spin through time, except a memory, where the sun still shines. A moment in life is a moment in time, hourly conditions never rewind. Yet, as those that see must come bind, in the mist of every moment there is always a memory or moment through time.

Choose To Shine
By: Jaleel Keller

Forth the moon and in line to shine. My spirit floats with what’s claimed as mine. Be one with me like strong turbines and tunnel my heart to where it still shine’s. Yet, you’re like the moon but I see moon shine so come forth with me and just be mines.

Come Along
By: Jaleel Keller

Come before my departure where the bee’s nurture. You’re the sweetest thing to puncture. “Don’t brag along”, but “just come along and I’ll bring you the best as you sing this song”. Though all along, you knew this song, you came to me and felt me be. Like a hummingbird or a dazzling bumble bee, you still have one chance, to set us free.

Field of Lily’s
By: Jaleel Keller

Compare but no contrast. A field of lily’s is a like journey to
blast. So many spots but neither will last, with no comparison,
there is no contrast. The mood of it is something to cast like the
beauty of color’s which will never surpass. The field of lily’s is
something of it’s worth but will forever be precious as it was
made since birth.

Daffodils and Daises
By: Jaleel Keller 

Daffodils and Daises, small like babies. Through definite beauty, they can never reflect so snooty. Only through their essence which give’s off so fruity, that their only cue to greatness, is be called one’s cutie.

A Place of wonder

by Jaleel Keller

A place of hope, a place of grace, a place of wonder can be a beautiful place. Away from a glimpse with a dream through space. A cloud of ease with a swift of pace. Nevertheless, without one minute, a dream can be said to yonder as one would love to think and just ponder. A place of hope, a place of grace, a place of  yonder is a place of wonder can be a beautiful place.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Book Review
By: M. Jurado 

    A world in which status is divided by the color of your blood. Those born with red blood are
doomed to a lifetime of serving those with silver blood, whose supernatural abilities make them
resemble gods. In this society, the main character, Mare, steals what she can to help her family sustain
themselves until the day she is supposed to enlist in the army. However, like any good story, a twist of
fate happens where she is led to the royal palace and discovers she has supernatural powers of her own.
The only catch is that her blood is red not silver.
    This book was actually released back in 2015, but gained popularity again because of Book Tok.
Well earned popularity if I may say. It is a very entertaining book to read with a plot twist most will not
see coming. The characters are also very easy to get attached to, especially the princes of the royal
family. Cal and Maven are totally the good-looking, nice guys anyone would want, Mare included in the
list. After the King forces her to be betrothed to the youngest price to cover up the impossibility of her
having powers, Mare fights with her feelings towards both royal brothers. Something the author did
great here is that even as a reader one struggles to find who we prefer.
     Aveyard’s style of writing is so good, that I forgot I was reading in many parts of the book. She
also adds this notorious foreshadowing throughout the story that helps us feel what Mare felt after the
plot twist. Personally, I was expecting the plot twist because I had read other stories with similar tropes;
however, it still made my jaw drop and my heart break when I read it. This book is an overall 4 out of 5
stars, and it is luckily available in the school library.



Normal People by Salley Rooney

By: Danielle Rodriguez

Oh, how I love this book. I'm not sure what to say. As an 18-year-old girl with a
newfound outlook on “adulthood”, I found the novel to be extraordinarily delicate, irreversibly
interesting, and, well, mildly depressing, much like the two major characters in this book. This
work depicted an on-again, off-again love tale between two (I'd say) damaged but thought-
provoking characters in a wonderful and unexpectedly, uniquely RAW manner. As with many
novels, I liked it for the way it made me feel, but I liked it much more for the way it made me
think. For those who prefer the written word to the story conveyed within the pages, Salley
Rooney's approach is intriguing. We experience the same emotions the characters feel the hurt,
sorrow, and growing pains depicted in the book by Rooney’s approach. As we feel all the
emotions with Marianne and Connell, we wish to see them finally have what they want... each
But as we continue following along with Marianne and Connell, we see a different fate
for them we see this complex and genuine relationship between them as they navigate who they
want to be. The way Salley Rooney goes from the present to the future is something that is really
intriguing with how Marianne and Connells relationship develops we see them in love but then
we also see them without one another and how they each still hold each other dear to there heart
despite them falling off again. The most infuriating thing between this couple is that we see that
they both holds flaws in the relationship such as the communication between each other and
most of the problems can be easily fixed with communicating their feelings. We the readers see
each character struggle with their own issues, but we also see how deep the love is. Which makes
it even more thought provoking because all we want is to see them live this fairytale ending of

happily ever after, but we don’t see that because it’s supposed to the realities of how even though
the are soulmates they let other things get in the


The Hating Game by Sally Thorne Book Review
By: M. Jurado

Considering we are getting closer to the day dedicated to love and friendship, what a more
perfect review to do than that of a romance book. “The Hating Game” is an enemies to lovers
novel that follows the developing relationship of Joshua and Lucy. This book has been very
recommended on TikTok, specifically BookTok (which is where I found it), so I gave it a try.
Overall, it was an ok read. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it was horrible, but I have
trouble understanding the hype. Yes, it does portray an enemies to lovers relationship, but not
a very great one, being honest it seemed quit unhealthy to me. My main problem relies on the
character developments. Throughout the whole story it seems that Lucy’s personality relies
only the fact that she is short and cute, not to mention she made me cringe several times. This
might also just be me, but Joshua is a bit toxic, which combined with Lucy’s personality, it
makes their relationship hard. At the end, everything did kind of work out and Joshua and Lucy
have their “happily ever after”. However, not hating on anyone who loved this book, I sadly
have to admit that to me there are better romance reads than this one.

Maya Angelou

By Emily Otero


Maya Angelou is the first black woman to be put on a quarter, she’s a leader in the civil rights movement, a poet, professor, dancer, and first black woman to be a cable car conductor. Maya Angelou is a woman of
many achievements and very inspirational to other African American Women. Maya being the first African American woman on a quarter is something that is very historical and is very huge especially when after all
that has happened with the Black Lives Matter movement and people being openly against it, I believe this is a big win for the black community and women in general. For a long time, the work of women has been
underappreciated and not acknowledged just because many people (men) see women lower than them especially if they are someone of color, and the fact that more women of color are getting recognized for
their achievements is such a big deal and an accomplishment itself. As a society I feel like people should be more aware that women do so much and they deserve to be awarded for all the work they do and in this new
year I really do hope we get to see people get recognized for their accomplishments.