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Literary Review: Can’t Hurt Me

By: Axel Moncada

I recently read the book titled Can’t Hurt Me by former Navy Seal David Goggins. In this book, David Goggins outlines his life story, especially the hardships he had to endure growing up and how that shaped him as a person and his mentality. As stated by Goggins, the most important consideration he had when writing the book was not to share his life story, but rather the adversity that he has endured throughout his life and the different processes he went through in order to overcome these hardships. To me, one of the most important aspects that the book covers is being able to take ownership of one’s current situations and acknowledging that only we can change our current situation. I found very important the concept of ownership and it is something that has helped me overcome adversity in different situations and allowed me to be a more responsible person as well. In addition, David Goggins also covers the aspect of one’s mentality. The mentality that one has in difficult situations and when dealing with adversity can impact the desired outcome. When having to deal with adversity, people tend to lean toward having a negative mindset and this can alter the desired outcome, as it leads people to not see an achievable goal, which causes them to become overwhelm and give up more easily on a goal. This aspect was also important to me as it has also helped me when being in difficult situations, as having a positive mindset will allow me to look for possible solutions to the problem and persevere through the challenges. Overall, this book covers many aspects that will allow you to have the mindset of overcoming any challenges and achieve your desired goals. I would recommend this book to those who know they are having difficulty with their performance and are not achieving their desired goals or having the desired outcomes. With this book, you may not only connect to the life of David Goggins, but also be able to learn and apply the concepts

covered in this book to overall improve your performance and better your outcomes when dealing with adversity. covered in this book to overall improve your performance and better your outcomes when dealing with adversity.


Literary Review of Black Boy

By Maria Nunez

In Richard Wright’s literary novel Black Boy, the struggles of living out the perfect American Dream haunt him as a young boy. His parents divorced, his mother sick and the discrimination against him and his people. Wright surpassed many events like becoming a bar-hopper at a very young age, handling his father’s abandonment, his mother’s illness, and the unjust treatment he underwent because of his race.

In the novel after his father leaves them everything goes downhill from there his mother who now had to take on more responsibilities must give them up for adoption since she can no longer take care of them. After the adoption process she regrets it and comes back for them but after a short time she falls ill, and they move away to be with family. After all that they have gone through Wright struggles to understand how and why all this would happen to him but the thing that he could not get through his head was why did the white men not like him because of his color. Throughout the novel his character grows along with him and he shows this growth later by staying out of trouble but also fighting for his rights.      

Throughout the novel Wright develops character but also encounters many different obstacles. These obstacles are as common as divorce, illness, lack of funds but in his case, he faces the obstacle of race and being looked down upon based on mere racism. At a young age you cannot tell why something is wrong or right and that was his case he didn’t understand why he was treated that way but then learned that he had to work to achieve the things he wanted even with these people looking down on him. He made it possible to do what he wanted; he gave himself the American Dream he truly desired.

A Night In the Mountains

By Maria Nunez

Illustrated Mountains

On a warm summer night, a girl and her six friends, four girls, three guys decided to drive out to the mountains and watch the sunset and hang out. When the friends drove out to the mountains, they parked the car, and all got out. They made their way up the hill leaving the car behind and going deeper into the mountains. On their way up one of the friends looked at her phone and noticed she did not have service, then the next and the next until they all noticed none of them had service. They reached a good place to watch the sunset and hang out. When the sun went down and they finished the food they had brought with them, they decided to go explore the mountains. They all made their way up, the three guys leading and the four girls following. The girls were getting tired of walking so they sat down on some rocks, but the guys kept going.

            “The guys didn’t even notice that we stopped” Kiara said rolling her eyes and laughing.

“Dude I know, we should just stay here until they come back, I’m SOO tired and my legs are hurting.” Maribel replied as the other girls agreed. 

“They don’t even care if we get kidnapped or eating by wolves” Hannah said, and they laughed.

The four girls sat there waiting for the guys, but they had lost sight of them, they decided to go back to the spot where they were eating to grab their belongings and wait for the guys.

 Then Daniela said “We should hide with all the stuff and see what they do”

All the girls agreed and took the stuff and hid, they sat there for a while until they heard voices and it was the guys.

“Hey, we are leaving you if you don’t come out!” Andrew yelled out.

They looked around for a while then Jesus said, “Alright we are leaving, see you another day it was fun!”

  “Bye” Followed Ethan and Andrew

The girls thinking, they were joking stayed in there hiding place, then they heard Andrews car taking off and realized they had left them there. They all ran to the trail and saw the lights move further and further from them. They tried to call but realized that none had service, so they began to walk to try and find service. At one of the curves there was a parked truck when the girls were walking by the lights turned on and they all freaked out and ran. When the were walking one of them finally got service and called one of the guys.

            “Hey dude what’s up” Answered Jesus.

“Uhhh WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT’S UP, COME BACK FOR US NOW!” Exclaimed Kiara through the phone.

“That’s not possible dude I am already home sorry, you should call Andrew he lives close maybe he will go back, alright well got to go talk to you later.”

“No don’t you dare ha- “then phone hangs up and she looks at the girls in disbelief. “I can’t believe the audacity.”

They keep walking and as they are going over the hill they see the car lights and know it’s the guys furious but tired the girls keep walking and as they are walking they hear sounds coming from the mesquites. They flash their lights around but do not see anything they shake it off and keep walking. Kiara and Mireya are in the front and Daniela and Hannah are behind them. Suddenly Kiara and Mireya hear yelling and look back to see the girls running from something not knowing what is going on they start running too no questions asked. When they are at the bottom of the hill they look back to see what it was that scared them and out come Ethan and Andrew from the dark mesquites dying of laughter.

“You should’ve seen your faces it was so funny” said Ethan laughing his heart out.

The girls go up to them and start yelling arguing in this moment Jesus rolls up in Andrews car “I came back all they way from my house just for you guys.” The guys felt so proud of their prank and apologized to girls still laughing.

“We are very sorry but to be fair you scared us first we thought you were kidnapped or something you guys just disappeared out of nowhere.” Andrew said to them while hugging each one. They all jumped back in the car and drove back into town. They went to get ice cream and all laughed together.

Changing Colors

Axel Moncada

With the approach of autumn and the culmination of the summer weather, the atmosphere begins to shift. As you begin to look around, the colors begin to change. The once luscious green trees begin to show a yellowish fade. The colors become more vibrant as there is now a mix of yellow and green covering all the plants and trees in sight. There is now a cool breeze that dances through the leaves along with the rustling of the leaves as they begin to dry up and begin their descent to the ground where they will pile together. The sun appears to fade away, becoming more distant in the horizon. Brighter mornings but darker nights accompany the hours that pass, as the days shorten. The cool breeze now lingering through the day and running down the spine as you step outside to catch a ray of sunlight, which seems slightly more distant. The clouds begin to roll over the once light blue clear sky with more prominence and now linger. The mountains in the background now begin to become opaque with the clouds casting the majestic shadows over the peak and the sides. The light blue sky still peeks from behind the formation of clouds and the rays of sun still make their way down to earth from above. As you look outside in the morning and notice the window fogging up, as it is warm inside, and the cool breeze has been blowing all night and into the morning. The bright orange, yellow, and greens still visible through the fogging glass as the colors keep changing. The golden colors that begin to fill the Earth and the bright sunny mornings, made even brighter with these golden colors. The smell of the Earth in the early morning dew as the sun rays beam down on every droplet and reflect the colors that change.

We'll Be Alright

Danielle Rodriguez

Image by Mak

I want to walk around NYC on a fall day, write about our love in central park, Grab coffee from our favorite shop that’s by our apartment we once shared. Ride the subway once last time while listening to songs that remind me of you, Look through our photos from the very first week. Smell the same scent I became so familiar with instead I’m on the train to New Haven on this rainy morning that reminds me of the soft laughter we shared in that coffee shop. I turn to the window as I press play on the last voicemail you sent. I close my eyes and imagine the hurt in your eyes and the tremble of your lip as you continue to talk. The way I left wasn’t fair to you as I left like a writer in the dark you were curled up in a ball asleep on the couch with your disheveled curls in your face and in that moment I knew I couldn’t leave you. The way I couldn’t watch your eyes tear up because of me. I gave you one last kiss on the forehead and I was gone with the rising sun. I let the tear roll down my face as I hear the sharp intake of air as your voice cracks “I think I may have loved you... but I need to let you go, goodbye Callie” I open my eyes as the tears roll down my face I wipe them away with the sleeve of your favorite sweatshirt I couldn’t bear to part with. My once warm coffee now cold shows signs of despair as I wallow in self-pity.


By Maria Nunez

As the sun begins to set and the leaves on the trees are falling a girl sat on the edge of the river while letting the air flow through her hair. The girl sat legs crossed, tears in her eyes and a glass of wine in hand. Knowing that the sun is setting the girl begins to collect her things and to head towards her cabin out of the corner of her eye she sees a figure walking in her direction. She looks up and stares in disbelief, “could it be?” she thinks to herself; she drops her things and runs towards the figure who is a man in his early twenties. The girl wraps her arms around the young man to which he responds by dropping his suitcase and hugging her back.“I’ve missed you so much, after all this time of writing letters to you I thought it would be so long until I saw you again.” With tears in her eyes and joy in her heart she smiles and just for one second forgets of all the troubles in the world. The young man feels alive once more and his heart fills with joy after seeing the woman he loves. They gather their things and head inside of the cabin. Excited and still in disbelief she makes some coffee for them both. “Tell me Mireya, I want to know everything that has happened.” They talked, laughed, and cried for hours making it feel as if they had never been apart. The thought of them being together again seemed so surreal, David has a moment of silence looks at Mireya and sees her smiling glancing at him.“You know every time I was ready to give up on my training I would just think about that beautiful smile of yours, nothing made gave me more strength than thinking just a couple more months and I’ll get to see her smile. When I was deployed the only thought that went through my head was I should have gone to see her just to give her a kiss, just one to remind her that I love her, and now after all this time here I am. There is no place in the world I rather be than here with you.”

Mireya hugged him and took his hand, “I love you too David, always have always will. When you left, I thought it would be the worst but, I received a letter from you and that gave me hope. Every time I would write back the nerves would always take the best me thinking you would not get my letter, or maybe something bad had happened to you. The last letter you sent made it seem like would be so long until I saw you once again but here you are, at last in my arms.”The breeze hits again and she wakes up, looks around and realizes she is still outside the letter in her hand full of tears. She sits up, looks at the letter again, and reads the last part of it. “I still think about you calling me your favorite army boy, it makes me smile every time. With love, David.”


By: Autyana Bollier

Why are my nights so sleepless?

I go to bed at a decent time every night and feel tired but when its time I just cannot sleep.

Is it the demon in my closet or is it the thought of silence?

Is it the baby crying or is it the tv flying away like a airpla-...I’m seeing things-Go to bed.

Don’t worry about the paralysis demon.

Don’t worry about your alarms.


Sleep is important.



Why every night?


Oh well time for a other night.

Creative Writing Prompts

The Beach

By Kaitlyn Warczinski

Around 6:00 P.M. the waves clashed against my skin it was the summer of 2015, the sun was out so brightly I could feel the heat everywhere. I went into the water it was so cold, and the sand between my toes was soft and for a moment I felt safe like this is where I belonged. It smelled so fresh and relaxing. I looked up at the sky and remember how stressful the world could be, just being away for a week it felt like I needed more of this. I look the other direction and there is this little boy with a striped shirt and yellow crocs, he was building a sandcastle he looked so peaceful. He was so concentrated, and the sandcastle was getting so big castles built by castles. I space off and wonder what it’d be like to live here all the time with the relaxing waves, and the smell it’s everything I would want. I start walking down the shore looking for seashells, and I found this big beautiful seashell it was pinkish, and I held it up to my ear and I heard the sound of the ocean. I sat down on the sand and look at the sky, the sunset was coming out only this time the sunset was different it was purple and orange, it was so amazing to watch. It started to get breezy and cold, so I decided to go to this little grey beach restaurant, I walked up and went inside. The restaurant smelled so good, it was fancy, and people were dressed up everywhere. I got embarrassed and walk into the patio seats and sat down at a table, I still could see the sunset going down, I ordered Salmon. The waiter brought me a heater next to me because it was cold, he then brought the salmon, and it was pink and nicely cooked with butter and garlic, it tasted so good. I just kept thinking about how when I get older and finish school, this is where I would want to live, it just felt so right.

The Lonely Ghost- Chapter 1

By Katelyn Diharce

The day started like any other day with the girl ghost roaming around each town trying to find someone. Anyone. She just wanted to be seen and talked too, laughed with and especially she longed for someone to hold and hug her. It had been one month since she woke up in the cemetery with no memory of how she got there or who she was. When she got up, she started to walk around, and she found a town named the other side. As she got closer into to town she saw people but the more she tried to talk to them she realized they could not see her, so next thing she tried was to touch them which it didn’t work either she went right through them. From that day forward she considered herself a ghost and since she did not know her name, she called herself Boo.  She did not even know if there were other people out there like her. As boo goes on about her day, she starts to realize that see must find out a way to get back into the human world.