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The Life of a Crow
By: Anonyms
They say crows remember faces, those who are kind and those who are cruel.
I do wish this weren't true.
My fate is cruel and not very accurate: I was locked up in a cage with very little food.
Oh, how I wish it weren't true.
But it is, tried and true crows remember faces. Oh, how I wish it weren't true.
For I hope it was all a ruse, but yet it wasn't, and he wasn't true.

Mysterious Mansion
This cold story is based on a scary mansion legend told that whoever walks into this scary old mansion doesn’t come out. This mansion is said to be 150 years old. No one knew how and who built it. Their neighbors are too frightened to even get around this scary mansion. One day, though, a little girl stumbles upon this house and, luckily for her, a neighbor. I saw her walk in and immediately called the police, and when they heard the call about the house, they called special swat NYPD the army because everyone was spooked and knew what could happen when you got near it. When everybody pulled up to the house, they were super cautious. One police officer opened the Door of the mysterious mansion, followed by more police officers. Out of nowhere, Door slams. Everyone gets shaken up and marches to the Door. When they open the Door, everyone is gone. From that point, everyone calls the Mayor and requests that this mansion is supposedly haunted and needs to be torn down. The next day, the Mayor approves this move and sends a bomb squad to destroy this house once and for all. When dynamite is planted, the bomb squad activates the bombs and boom. Goes the mansion with a deafening screech of horror, which shakes everyone in Las Vegas. Everyone’s souls leave their
bodies and drift into the Mysterious Mansion; thus, this is repaired. Eat the end of the story.

Mysterious Mansion:
Jonathan Chairez
On October 30th, 1989, Joshua, 15 years old, was walking his daily route around 11:13 PM
when he came upon a mysterious mansion with overgrown, dead weeds, fallen vines
everywhere, a dead tree in the front yard, and fog coming out the windows all around the
house. Joshua quickly realizes this would be a perfect place to host a Halloween Party to invite
all of Deming High School, not considering whether the mansion was haunted. He then walks to the
mysterious mansion when he comes upon a gate that opens by the breeze of the wind or spirit,
whichever you believe. He comes to the door and notices the door is already open, so he
walks in bravely. Joshua observes the large open-concept living room and the kitchen filled with
spider webs, a couple of skeleton bones and heads, and an antique portrait of a lady holding an umbrella
staring at you above the fireplace, which was already on. Also, there was little light,
just a lamp in the living room sitting on a table, so it looked somewhat dark. Blood strays on all the walls, and a chandelier hanging with candles in the living room right when
you walk in. Perfect for the party, he is thinking in his mind. Josh then explores the mansion for a
few more hours. After exploring the mansion, Josh leaves and buys party supplies, beverages,
decorations, etc., from Walmart, Dollar Tree, Dolar General, and Family Dollar. He says this would
be a huge party in his mind. Five hours later, he finishes decorating and preparing
for the party; it is already the next day, October 31st, 7:45 AM. After a few minutes of realizing
this, he becomes a bit drowsy/lazy but eventually gets off the floor to look atat many
Halloween party decorations. That was weird because he did not remember anything, just a ghost
white-looking clear spirit coming to him. Unexpectedly, right after, he starts hallucinating creepy
clowns, Michael Myers and Ghostface coming after him, his family dying horribly under
gruesome unexplained circumstances. Joshua’s family’s lower eyelids bleed out gallons of
blood. However, the unusual part is that their eyeballs were clear white, with there was no sign of their
eyes. The hallucination lasted five hours. He thinks the ghost could have done something to him.
Performed a spell on him? Put a curse on him? Unfortunately, he does not know, so this
bothers, scares, frightens, anxious, and worries him for about half the day, leading to a massive
mental breakdown. He starts to lose himself and destroys all the decorations,
screaming, thinking horribly, awful suicidal depressive anxiety thoughts. In all this time, he hurts
himself while swallowing the decorations. Five hours later, he is feeling the same.
Joshua then decides to go to a mental hospital nearby, thinking that would be the right thing when
he slowly calms down. Joshua believes the hospital staff could help him. Therefore, he walks
to the local mental hospital. He gets there in approximately 3 minutes of walking. However, when
he walks in, it looks to be a very long wait time, assuming it is because of the packed waiting
room. Joshua thinks it’s not worth the wait and is at the point of leaving but eventually
realizes/questions himself if he wants/needs help. Is it worth the wait to receive help for this
past traumatic event? He decides yes; he does need and want help, and it is worth the wait
to receive the desperate help he needs. After 3 hours, the clerk calls him up to the front desk.
Joshua then feels relieved that the wait is over, but the clerk surprises him and hands him some
paperwork to fill out because he is a new patient in the facility. Sadly, he walks back to his

chair to do the paperwork, frustrated. The paperwork then takes him five minutes more. After
finishing the paperwork, he turns it in. Now, Josh is the only patient waiting to be seen by the
doctor, as all the other patients before him have already left. The clerk shows him to examine
room 5 and tells Josh, “The doctor will see you in a few minutes.” Knock Knock is heard on the
door, and then the doctor comes in, greeting Josh politely and asking him what is happening. When
Joshua replies what occurred at the mansion?
Doctor- “In my psychological and mental doctoral expertise, I have not seen, read, researched, or
heard of anything close to what you’re experiencing. This is very unusual for me not to know
what a patient is going through. I apologize, but I don’t think I can help you. The symptoms
could become better or worse. Whatever happens, we will try our best to care for you.”
“All right, Doctor,” Joshua responds with an “ugh” and sad sigh. Feeling a bit upset, the doctor
does not know what is going on with him.
Doctor- “I am also giving you a referral to stay with us for five weeks. Just for safety and
precaution concerns.
Joshua sighs sadly again but understands this is the best for him.
Three weeks in, hallucinations and mental health worsen, and there is still no medical explanation
for what Josh is currently suffering through. He has learned to live with all these ailments and
make the best of his life.

The Stranger on the Subway
By: McKenzie Trejo
There, he was covered in blood. Underneath lies a man, one that could only be described as
twisted, crooked, and one that knows no boundaries when killing and gutting a man.
He will not hesitate to do so as the opportunity presents itself. As I got onto the subway, I looked
back to see he was gone; a chill ran down my spine, and the air felt fantastic. The subway started down
the tracks into the tunnel. The lights went out; it was pitch black. The subway hauled to a stop. I
couldn’t see my hand if it was right in front of my face. Again, that familiar feeling was
the goosebumps on the nape of my neck, followed by chills rolling down my spine. I could feel
him, his presence, the familiar scent of what was and will never be again; I may never see
the light of day if I don’t get off this subway.
The subway inside was glowing red after the emergency lights went on. Adina was
consumed by fear. She knew what would go down, and it wouldn’t be pretty. Think. She
needed a way out. She knew there was no exit, no crack she could escape; he would be
one step ahead of her. So, she sat and waited for him to come to her. It was the only way. She
knew there was no fighting chance, but she had the knife in her pocket; she wouldn’t
play fair to a killer. Especially this killer.
There she was, Adina. It had been three years since I last saw her. I know what this looks like me
stalking her, her getting on the subway, me following her onto the subway. Part of that was
genuine, but it was a coincidence that I found her here. Let me guess, she told me I was a killer? A
psychopath with a license to kill. The way I see it, what I do heals the world. One more scumbag
the world doesn’t have to deal with. Again, this may seem like I am tracking her down like a
hunter would a deer, but quite the contrary. For I am protecting her, I need her. To be safe, she is
my key to escaping this god-awful place, with its rat-infested subway stations and pyramid
schemes. It would be much better if this city burnt to the ground.
It’s Halloween, the easiest time of the year when I can do my work peacefully without anyone becoming wiser. With the booze bags out and about, I can make my mark and the rest will
think it’s an elaborate costume, then you can drag them into the closet alleyway, and well, I’m
sure, you can fill in the rest.
Elias followed shortly after onto the subway and swiftly through to the front,
where the subway was controlled. In one swift movement, he took out the conductor. He ensured he was in the tunnel, and the lights went out. The emergency lights went on, casting the
inside in an eerie red; he liked to make a flashy entrance. Elias went to the back of the
subway and stopped at the last door. He knew she was in there. She would not
come quietly. None of the passengers moved to look at him, even with the blood on his hands and
splatter on his clothes. It was Halloween, and half the people in that cart were covered in blood or in
a costume that was too revealing for Elias’s taste.

When I finally gained the courage to open the door and confront Adina, she looked at
the ground, sitting still; it made me nervous. The vicious killer I’m sure she pegged
me to be. That’s why I need her. She can get me out of this city undetected without going
to the ones in charge.
I felt him drawing nearer from the start of the second box car; his presence was enough to send
shivers down my spine. Though I still sat and waited, thought out my attack, I will wait for him
to strike first, then go from there. Always suspect the unexpected, my father would say. He used
to teach me self-defense as a kid till he had passed of cancer when I was twelve. It still hurts to
this day.
I did not expect him to sit down next to me and draw me near with a simple arm
to the shoulders. What was he getting at? “Don’t run, please just trust me.” “How can I trust you
after all you have done? Not just to me but to others?” “Oh, don’t act like you haven’t done
worse. I know what you have done, and in my opinion, it seems much worse than taking a
few drunks and druggies off the streets.” His words cut like a dull blade into my stomach. It was
true I have done some things. I bet you didn’t see that coming. I couldn’t stand his words
anymore; in one swift movement, I threw Elias to the ground to make a run for it, but he was
“You have nowhere to run, Adina! No life, no friends, no family! I am all that you have!” She
couldn’t take it anymore; with the knife in hand, she jammed it into Elias’s stomach and twisted.
What had she done? She had publicly executed someone on the subway. She bent down to
bring him comfort. There was nothing that could be done for him. Looking into Elias’s
eyes, she didn’t see the man that had been unfolded to her slowly, but the Stranger she met on
the subway so many years ago. She sat there and waited for her fate; she would confess the
whole thing and reap the consequences. Elias was right; she has done worse than he, which
added to the list.

Goodbye, Elias.

Scary Story
Once upon a time, in a small town, there was a mysterious maze that appeared overnight. It seemed to
whisper secrets, and its twisting paths led wanderers deeper into its dark path. Legend had it that those
who entered never returned the same. Curiosity got the best of the group of friends, and they decided
to venture into the maze one moonlight night. As they stepped inside, the air turned cold, and a sense of
forebidding filled their hearts. With each turn they took, the walls seemed to close in, and the whispers
grew louder. They realized they were trapped. They tried screaming, but they only heard themselves with the echo. There was laughter from the maze; one friend tripped over a symbol. As they pressed or leaned
against the maze, it seemed alive, changing its paths and coming up and down. They feel like it is
eyes; with every move, they feel like they are watched. They soon realized there was no escape
from the path; they were terrified. They now assumed they were crazy; there was no end to the maze; being tortured by the maze was now their forever nightmare.

Cursed Corn Maze
Halloween Night is when everyone goes out, leaving many kids unsupervised. When kids are left unsupervised, no one truly knows where the kids are. A few years back, a few kids went out to trick or treat, as kids do and were supposed to be home in 3 hours.
There was a corn maze that everyone went to on Halloween as a tradition. The kids never went home that night when they were supposed to after trick or treating. It is now 1987, and everyone is getting ready to go out and trick or treat. A few middle school kids met together in a group before they went out. They made their way to the corn maze and made a few detours to trick or treat. We all got together in front of the corn maze and told the
legend of the "Cursed Corn Maze."' Since those kids went missing a few years back, everyone says the corn maze is cursed. Those three kids haunt the maze and try to get other kids to add to their collection. The group of kids went inside anyway. There were about 10-15 kids, and they all piled into the corn maze. They went through a corn maze of all
kinds, going separate ways, trying to get to the end. About 10 minutes pass, and most kids pile out besides three. Everyone began to search for the three kids and looked in the corn maze and around it. After no luck finding the three children, the kids just went
home, and the missing kids just fled home. After people realized those kids might be missing, they filed missing persons' reports and did an extensive search, hoping to find them, yet nothing. After no luck and they did not find them, everyone remembered them and tried to continue with life. The maze is cursed, yet people still visit it even when it causes danger. The curse is accurate, and three kids go missing due to the corn maze
every year.

Sergio Tijerina
Hallway of Horror
In the creepy halls of Deming High School, the students rumored about an eerie legend that came around each Halloween night. It has been said that this ghostly figured human person roamed the
school at night seeking revenge on his classmates who did him dirty. His close friends didn’t dare to believe he was walking the school, so they put it up for the test. They decided to sneak into the dark, scary school on Halloween night. As time passed, the group of friends waited till the clock struck midnight, and strange things started to happen around the school. School lockers began opening and slamming themselves, and unknown, loud footsteps echoed throughout the halls. The group decided to stick together and roam the halls to see where the peculiar footsteps came from. They didn’t find anything and just when they were going to give up a light started flickering at the end of the hall revealing a strange tall human-like figure. The figure then extended its hand to point at the group and vanished as the clock struck midnight. The group of friends ran out of the building, knowing that the ghostly secret was too real.

Cursed Corn Maze-
It all started a week before Halloween when my friend Olivia asked me “Do you want to go to that new corn maze that’s in town this year. I heard very good things about it” now I was a little skeptical of it because I overheard some kids who went never came out. I assumed it was a rumor till this guy in my biology class was there one day and never came back. I agreed anyway because what could happen at a corn maze little did, I know it would affect me forever. So, Halloween rolls around, at 9:00 I met up with Olivia to go to the corn maze. We got there we didn’t really bother dressing up this year because we were juniors in high school. The gate man was creepy dressed up with a pig mask on with what I thought was fake blood on it. Midway through the corn maze we heard a group scream. We thought
it was just a jump scare but when we got to that point in the maze, we realized it wasn’t just a jump scare. It was all a blur but next thing I knew I was alone running from the same guy at gate, but he had a chainsaw. Next thing I knew another guy popped up dressed the same and then the final one they all looked the same dressed the same and told me “Why are you running from us?” I froze, couldn’t move or say anything. I somehow got out of there and it was so foggy I couldn’t see a thing, there was a person standing a little way before me “Olivia?” I call out “Hello are you okay?” I called out again, no response. Eventually I get tired of being ignored I got up to her and I find that she was killed by those guys. They turned her into a scarecrow. I managed to get out and call the police. Some people say that the maze people
are still out there and that they will comeback to finish what they

The asylum
By: y.c
As I sit here in the dimly lit room of the asylum, my mind is a whirlwind of confusion and fear. I've been trapped within these walls for what feels like an eternity. Lost in the labyrinth of my own thoughts. Shadows dance menacingly across the peeling wallpaper, whispering secrets I can only hear. The air is heavy with the scent of despair, a constant reminder of the darkness that surrounds me. In this twisted existence, I am no longer sure of who I am or how I ended up here. Memories flicker in and out of focus, like fragments of shattered mirrors. The doctors tell me that I did something terrible, something that led me down this path of confinement. The specifics elude me, concealed within the depths of my fractured mind.

My daily routine is a monotonous cycle of medication, therapy sessions, and the occasional glimpse of sunlight filtering through the barred windows. The other patients, their haunted gazes mirroring my own, become both companions and specters in this desolate place. I am trapped in a purgatory between life and death, unsure if I am merely existing or if I have already slipped into the realm of the deceased. As the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months, a glimmer of hope begins to flicker within me. Fragments of forgotten memories start to resurface, like whispers in the wind. I piece together the puzzle of my past, slowly unraveling the truth that has been hidden from me for so long.

It became clear that I was not merely a victim of circumstance but a pawn in a sinister game. My presence in the asylum was not a result of my own actions, but rather a carefully orchestrated plan to silence the secrets I unwittingly held. The deeper I delve into the dark recesses of my mind, the more dangerous the truth becomes. With newfound determination, I forge unexpected alliances with fellow patients who share a similar quest for freedom and redemption. Together, we navigate the treacherous corridors, evading the watchful eyes of the asylum staff. Each step brings us closer to the heart of the asylum’s malevolence, where the answers we seek lie in wait.

As we inch closer to the truth, the asylum fights back. Shadows grow more menacing, whispers turn into haunting screams, and the line between reality and delusion blurs. Our lives hang in balance, and the unanswered ending looms ever closer. Will we uncover the secrets that bind us to the asylum, or will we be consumed by the darkness that lurks within? As my fellow patients and I uncover the sinister plot that led to our imprisonment, we must confront our inner demons and make difficult choices. The line between friend and foe blurs and trust becomes a precious commodity in our fight for freedom. With each revelation, the asylum’s grip tightens, throwing obstacles in our path and testing our resilience. We refuse to be silenced. Together, we rally against the forces that seek to keep us captive, drawing strength from the bonds that were formed and the determination burning within us.

In a heart-pounding climax, we confront the mastermind behind the asylum’s horrors, facing our greatest fears head-on. Lives are lost, sacrifices are made, but in the end, justice prevails. The truth is brought into the light, and the darkness that plagued us is banished forever. As the final chapter concludes, we emerge from the asylum’s shadow, forever changed by our horrifying journey. We find solace in the newfound freedom and the knowledge that we have overcome the darkest of trials.

  All in my head
By: S.C

What am I doing here? Why does it look like I’m in a giant marshmallow? These doctors came in and asked me if I remembered my name. I said I knew my name was Monet. They looked at each other as if someone had died which I thought was a little dramatic. They asked me if I knew what had happened, I said no I don’t know anything. They gave each other the same look again. I was getting frustrated as to why they were acting as if someone died! They said slowly “You had murdered your mother.” I couldn’t believe it. I told them they were crazy and to get away from me.

            Then the next day, I had a visitor, her name was Sarah. She explained to me that I had been in this psych ward for five years for murdering my mother. The thing was I had never seen this woman in my life. If I remembered anything it was that I'd never known Sarah. I went back to my room frustrated because why was this crazy woman telling me I murdered my mother? I decided to go to sleep but was woken up by loud yelling “Wake up breakfast!” I got up and went to the cafe and while I was in line a girl behind me asked “Why’d you murder your mother? She loved you.” I turned around and no one was there.

            I was eating in the café, and I heard the same thing again. This time it sounded like a man instead of a woman. I thought to myself certainly I wasn’t crazy people were messing with me. They must be. I went back to my room and the doctors came in again. This time they were holding a giant needle I tried getting away, but I couldn’t. They put something in me and the next thing I knew I was back at my house. I get up and go look around to see my mom standing in the kitchen in the dark. There was something else behind her though a woman-like figure. “Why did you murder me? I loved you.” My mom cried. The woman-like figure behind her grew closer and said “Hi I’m Sarah.”

Insane Asylum

            My name is Kehlani Sky, and I am the first female serial killer. I have killed over 100 men and I don’t regret a single one. I was 6 when I was kidnapped by a man named Ben, he did awful things to me for two weeks. I was able to escape, and these two ladies helped me and that’s when I knew I couldn’t trust men. I only grew up with my mother, my father abandoned us when my mom was pregnant with me. When my mom got a new boyfriend, he would always turn out abusive and hurt my mom. I ended up despising men because of that reason. I don’t hate every man that walks on earth only the bad ones that hurt people.

            My first kill was when I was 17. I was at a party and this guy tried to take advantage of me when I said no, he tried to hurt me, so I grabbed whatever was next to me and killed him. They ruled it as self-defense. After that, I decided to take self-defense classes so I could protect myself and other women in danger. I was 21 when I started investigating kidnappers and men who got away with murder. I was technically a bounty hunter, but the thing is bounty hunters turn in their bounties, and I would kill mine. The second man I killed was a kidnapper and sex offender, he murdered 5 innocent little girls. I didn’t regret killing him because he deserved what was coming for him. I never got caught because I was always on the run.

            It’s been 10 years and that’s when the police caught me killing my 154th victim. They didn’t shoot me because they told the judge I looked insane. My lawyer used that and said I should plead insanity. I thought the insane asylum would be better than jail, but I was completely wrong. Some people saw what I did as a good thing, but other people saw what I did as a bad thing because “I destroyed families.” They didn’t see that the men I killed did worse. It’s the current day, I’m 33 and I’m about to kill my last victim. It’s the main doctor and I found out he’s been taking advantage of some of the patients. They give you medication that makes you go crazy, I never took any of the medication. It was my turn for him to come see me. I knew he was going to try something so when he did, I simply killed him. The cops came and I told them what happened, they thought I was crazy, but I told them I was perfectly fine. I ended up getting life in prison without bail or parole.

      The End

I made my way down to the living room where I noticed all the things happening the other night. I looked around for anything suspicious when I noticed a bookshelf out of its place. I looked around it and saw what looked like a door. I felt the sudden urge to open it and when I did, I got the feeling of being watched as waves of cool air passed through my body. I never knew there was a basement here. Maybe this was responsible for all the strange things that have been happening in the past few nights.

As I step down, I get more scared as I go further, not sure what I am going to encounter. I eventually walked down all the stairs and stepped into a huge open space with a carpet that looked oddly placed. Since I was investigating, I decided to move it uncovering something shocking. It was a satanic symbol used as a sacrifice back in the day. Did I just uncover what could be making these weird things possible? As my curiosity grew, I knelt to touch the symbol which is when I got a vision. It showed my old relative getting sacrificed in this room along with hints about it happening again. I felt an uneasy presence with me as I walked back upstairs and into my room searching for an explanation why I had just found that.

I sat down at my desk and searched the address to my house along with the relative's name which showed a bunch of information about when he died. It says he died on September 24th, 1980, at 3 am. This date seemed a little too familiar which is when I remembered today's date. It’s September 24th, 2000. Could this be what I think it is?  Could there be another sacrifice waiting to take place tonight in that very room? I was worried now, not knowing how or when this would happen until I read an article about sacrifices and what they have done to people's homes. It said, “Sacrifices are an evil way of worshiping someone or something. There is a lot of bad energy involved which can cause strange things to happen in your home since it has the possibility of being haunted.” Reading this was enough for me and I came to the simple conclusion that my house was haunted, and it was nothing to worry about, so I calmed my nerves and went to sleep.

I woke up to multiple loud bangs coming from the living room where the hidden basement is. I checked my clock and it said 3 am. My mind could be playing tricks on me since I was very paranoid earlier, but I didn’t want to risk my and my family's lives even if they were hiding this big secret. I went downstairs to the basement door when I saw a shadow figure walk up the stairs towards me. I started to back away but the more I did the closer it got to me. I attempted to make my way up the stairs back to my room, but the shadow figure started to drag me down the stairs and into the basement. Maybe I was the next sacrifice needed to keep whatever sinister activity was going on here. I couldn’t let myself end up like this, sacrificed in my own home so I started screaming for help. I thought I screamed loud enough to where my family could hear me, but I didn’t hear them rushing down. As the shadow figure started to drag me deeper into the basement, I noticed 2 people dressed in black cloaks holding candles and a book. There were also candles lit around the symbol. There was a table in the middle with straps which I assumed were to hold me down.

I didn’t want to end up dead in my own home, so I fought my way out of the shadow figure's hands. I moved my legs and arms as aggressively as I could, and I got away. I was free. I started to sprint up the stairs when I noticed another person standing at the exit. I thought this was my parents coming to save me, but I was wrong. It was another person in a black cloak but before I could realize that I was hit on the head leaving me unconscious. I woke up to candles all around me. I recognized this setting quickly and realized I was strapped down ready to be sacrificed. I screamed for help again when I noticed the 3 figures in black cloaks coming towards me. I demanded to be set free and told them my family would be here any second to save me. As I said this, they lifted down their hoodies and revealed a shocking truth. The people in the black cloaks were my mom, dad, and brother. Before I could beg them to stop, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and realized my family had just stabbed me. This was the start of the sacrifice and what must have been the family secret.

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